You're Gonna Feel It Later (Frerard)

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    ^I was starting to think you had feel off the Earth's surface. Glad to have you back!
  2. Been busy with show week :] But SUNDAY [I promise this time] I will have more time to comment and PM people and get back to my antisocial-internet-life. ;D
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    @Miz Erie :$: I will try to hold it together! LOL! So excited for this wedding! It's gonna be so cute!!!!!! More soon! :w00t:
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    ~new reader~
    Hi I have just started to read this and it is super good it is a story that I enjoy nd wish to read more can wait till the next update
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    I first need to apologize that it took me over a week to get this chapter done. In my defense, I have been working on "wedding plans" and other nuptial related things. Who knew there was so planning (aka research) to do before a fictional wedding. Anyways... THANK YOU so much for you patience and for keepin' on keepin' on!

    Chapter 50

    So,” Gee places a quick kiss on Frank’s lips, “last night, I asked Frank to marry me.” Without hesitation, Frank speaks back up.

    “And I said ‘yes.’”

    The cheers erupt from the crowd of family and friends once again, only this time many of them stand. Knowing everyone is going to rush them to speak with them, Gee and Frank hurriedly make their way back to their parents. They are the first people both want to speak to first. Both mothers grab their individual sons, lavishing praises and kisses on both boys. Within moments, the mothers switch boys bestowing blessings on the upcoming nuptials. Finally managing to break free, Frank and Gee turn to Mikey and Donald.

    “I knew it,” Mikey states coolly through his smug grin, pulling all three of them into a hug together. Gee can see his father waiting patiently over Mikey’s shoulder. Donald appears close to tears of joys. Mikey releases Gee and turns his attention to Frank.

    Gee anxiously takes a step towards Donald. Both just look at each other for a moment.

    “Dad…” Gee says, unsure himself if it is a statement or a question. Donald wraps his arms around him in loving embrace.

    “I’m so proud of you son. Frank’s real… no, you’re both really lucky to have each other,” Donald whispers in his son’s ear, squeezing him slightly tighter before letting him go.

    “Thanks, Dad.” Gee realizes Frank has stepped up beside him as his father begins address Frank.

    “Welcome to the family, Frank… officially, I mean.”

    “Thanks, Donald,” Frank says, his huge smile spread across his face.

    “No, no, no. Call me ‘dad’ now, just like my boys do.”

    “Okay, Dad.”

    “Well,” Linda cuts in, “when’s the big day? You two have any ideas, yet?”

    Gee and Frank exchange a glance. Gee chuckles nervously, turning back to answer the question, but before he can, Donna cuts the conversation short.

    “I think you two need to go address this large crowd. They are all clambering to get to you to speak.” Gee nods, grateful he doesn’t have to tell the mothers they aren’t going to get to plan the wedding event of the century.

    Gee and Frank spend the remainder of the evening speaking with nearly every individual that was invited to the get together. Frank notices some champagne being passed around. Unsure of how it got here or who brought it in, a twinge of fear grips him, but he does his best to shake it off and continue speaking with the remaining friends and family.


    As the crowd begins to disperse, Frank realizes Gee has gone missing. He begins to make his way into the house, getting stopped by his mother to bid him a good night. He hugs her once more, placing a quick kiss on her cheek, before resuming his search for Gee.

    As he steps into the kitchen, he can hear laughter and reminiscent conversation coming from the living room. He recognizes Gee’s voice immediately, but Gee’s voice carries a tone Frank hasn’t heard in a while.

    As he rounds the corner into the living room, he finds Trey, Kai, and Jamie, long time friends of Gee’s, all cutting up with Gee, who is slightly swaying in his spot on the sofa. Frank stands for a minute watching the horrendous scene before him…

    Gee is drunk.

    “Frank…” He’s not sure which of them spoke; all he knows is Gee’s frame goes motionless, without even the movement of breathing. Frank is trying hard not to loose his cool, to give Gee the benefit of the doubt, but he feels his blood reaching a boiling point. The same voice calls out again, “Frank, come have a drink with us.” Frank sees Gee’s body physically flinch at the word ‘drink.’ Gee slowly twists his body at the waist to face Frank from the sofa.

    “Frank…” His voice is small. Frank looses it.

    “What the hell, Gee?! I mean, just what the f**kING HELL?!” The other guys’ faces drop to match the look on Gee’s face.

    Trey steps up, “Frank, it wasn’t his faul…”

    “NOT HIS FAULT?! Did you force him to drink? Did you put a gun to his head to make him drink it?”

    This time it is Kai that speaks. “It was just some champagne, Frank. Don’t…”

    Just some champagne,” Frank repeats incredulously. Gee again flinches at Frank’s suddenly frighteningly dark tone. Frank lets out a vehement chuckle. “Just some champagne,” Frank repeats again, barely a whisper to himself, shaking his head. He eyes the three of Gee’s friends, his voice low and seething “Alcohol is alcohol. How dare you bring any type of alcohol into this house.”

    “Frank, he tried to tell us… honestly, Frank. It’s not all his fault.” Gee just sits on the sofa. He knows he and Frank will discuss this after the guys leave. He hangs his head shamefully, unable to look at Frank any longer.

    “So you knew he was sober, you knew he didn’t want any, but you what? Kept picking at him until he gave in?” Frank shoots the three guys now huddling together a look. “Get out of our house,” Frank demands in the same low and seething voice as before. The three stand still, not out of defiance but fear. “GET OUT!” This time the three quickly exit the house.

    Silence hangs between Gee and Frank for a couple of moments. He stands and takes a few slightly unstable steps towards Frank. He’s barely tipsy but barely is more drunk than he should be, and he knows it. Finally Gee gathers the courage to speak.


    Frank sounds exhausted suddenly. “Just go to bed, Gee. Sleep it off, and we’ll talk about it in the morning.” Gee doesn’t miss the undertones of disappointment hidden beneath the exhaustion in Frank’s voice.

    “Are… are you comin’… with me?”

    Frank just stands there, not answering Gee. After a minute, Gee’s head drops once again as he turns for the bedroom. Frank collaspes down onto the sofa, his head buried in his hands.


    I know you guys have comments. I mean, the fairytale ending just had a hiccup. So let me hear them...

    I Love all you guys!! Miz
    I dispise fairy tale endings... and by the way.. this chapter was written, VERY, well :]
    You got the anger across amazingly.. I was a little bit scared of what Frankie was gonna do...

    Excited for the next chapter, Love.

    Much Love to you xx
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    Abbs, sweetie, did you really think I'd let them live "happily ever after" and just run off to get married? I mean, the wedding's going to happen. But life's not all peaches and roses!
  8. Good >:] Who would want a story where they live happily ever after? Boring! Mwahahahah!
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    You know my response -files nails-
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    :'(NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...OOOOOOOO!!!!!! GEE!!!!!!! What the f**k!?!

    I don't think I can bear Gerard going through another withdrawl. That was horrible! Those bastards...making Gee drink even though he was sober!

    I'm very upset:>_<:, which means they had better have an amazing 'make up' smexy scene. And an awesome wedding scene! No champagne and lots of coffee! That sounds like something they (well, Gerard mostly) would have at their wedding! :yes:

    Amazing update and more soon when you can! :p
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    ^ I think you mean that sounds like what both Mikey and Gerard would have at both of their weddings.
    I remember a blog Gerard put a couple years ago on the mcr site that talked about him stealing a coffee maker from his brother (and he bought it as a present for him :lol: )
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    :O sorry for being such a neglectful reader, feel so bad :( but just so you know, 1 of the first things I did when I got back was read every updated I missed. :p

    1st, the rings are :O so beautiful! :p
    There's so many things I want to comment on but I can't think of them all and it's confusing so instead I'll just say that every update was amazing! So well written as always, I love this fic! <3 :D
    Now chapter 50, despite my great disappointment in Gee for drinking and all the crap it will lead to, I think it was best you put that in, it makes it more real and I love it, especially as its so well written. Frank being angry scared me slightly, it felt like he was angry with me if that makes sense...? :p

    Anyway, everything is amazing so far and I can't wait for more! <3 Update soon please cuz I'm going away again soon. :(
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    I know I just updated, but that one was so overdue... And I just can't wait to post this one! It's completely one of my favorite ones! Nothing really happens, no one speaks to the other really, both of them just love each other in their own ways... Just read the thing!

    Chapter 51

    Gee jerks awake. He feels like his heart is thumping against the inside of his skull. The throbbing pain doesn’t bother him as much as the realization Frank still hasn’t come to bed. He knows it’s well into the night, and probably very early morning. He throws his feet over the edge of the bed and drags himself off of it. Why did he let them talk him into drinking anything with alcohol in it? Besides the fact it took way less than he remembered to get him drunk, probably because I’ve lost my tolerance to it, it has created a problem between him and Frank he wishes he can erase.

    He stumbles into the living room, his head hurting even worse from forcing himself to move during his first hangover in what seems like forever. He spots Frank sleeping restlessly on the sofa, looking like he had finally just fell over from fatigue. Gee takes a few more steps closer to Frank. Frank is clutching something in his sleep. Gee squints his eyes to try to focus his vision a little better. A piece of paper, Frank is holding a piece of paper to his chest.

    Letting his curiosity get the better of him, Gee slowly lifts Frank’s limp hands off the paper far enough to slide it out with his other hand then, just as slowly, lets Frank’s hands rest on his chest again. He takes a step back and watches to see if Frank stirs. When he doesn’t, Gee turn his attention to the piece of paper. It looks vaguely familiar. As Gee turns it over and his vision adjusts a little more to the dark, Gee heart drops out of his head and down to the bottom of his stomach.

    It’s not just a piece of paper. It’s Gee’s drawing, the drawing from so long ago that Frank values so dearly. Gee shifts his gaze over the top edge of the paper to Frank’s sleeping face. Wishing he could fix this whole damned situation and wash the pain off Frank’s heart as easily as he washes his charcoal off his fingers, an idea comes to him.

    He quietly crosses the living room to his drawing table and sits down on the edge of the chair. He picks up one of his charcoal pencils and scrawls on the bottom corner of the page. Once done, he places the pencil back down and looks at the newest addition. Perfect. Just perfect.

    Trying to maintain silent motion, he crosses back across the living and replaces the paper in Frank’s embrace. He goes into the spare room, gathers a blanket, and carries it back out to where Frank is. Using painfully slow motions, Gee lifts Frank’s legs onto the sofa, and then he drapes the retrieved blanket over Frank’s sleeping body. He starts to leave him but stops after only a step.

    Gee turns to look at Frank once more. He knows he is risking awaking Frank if he touches him again, but the urge in him is too strong to ignore. Gee closes the distance between them and leans down to Frank’s face, pressing his lips lightly to Frank’s cheek and then whispering, “I love you so much, Frankie, and I’m sorry about tonight.”

    “I know,” Frank mumbles from his sleep. Gee freezes at Frank’s words, afraid he has indeed awakened him. He watches Frank’s face for a moment, seeing the motion of REM sleep in Frank’s closed eyes. Gee’s silently sighs with relief, knowing that Frank wasn’t really replying to his inadequate apology.

    Gee makes his way back to his room. Climbing into bed alone, he realizes how accustomed he has become to having Frank snuggled in next to him at night and how big and empty the bed seems without Frank there.


    The early morning rays of sunlight gently wake Frank from his slumber. He tugs off the blanket and sit upright on the sofa, stretching his limbs that are sore and stiff from sleeping on the old sofa last night. As he stands to head for the bathroom, he remembers he didn’t have a blanket when he fell asleep last night. A small smile graces his lips, knowing Gee had come to check on him at some point throughout the night. But the smile is quickly lost to the concern for how Gee is doing this morning. Frank quickly grabs the blanket and begins folding it up. The drawing falls softly to the floor. Frank finishes folding up the blanket and picks up the well-worn piece of paper without looking at it.

    He makes a fast trip to the bathroom, and then he heads quietly into the bedroom. Gee appears to be peacefully sleeping yet lonely, tightly hugging Frank’s pillow to his chest. Frank slides open the lower nightstand drawer as silently as possible to safely tuck away his cherished possession. He glances down towards it and then does a double take at the fresh charcoal markings on the bottom.

    Embarrassment of being caught with it in his sleep last night begins to mix with elation as he reads the newly written words of Gee’s.

    “I do. A million times, I do.”

    Frank can feel the remaining bitterness of last night’s anger give way to forgiveness. He knows he and Gee must still have a conversation about it all, but also knows this is an apology of sorts from Gee. It is a sign of Gee’s remorse. Frank places the drawing carefully back in the notebook where he keeps it safely stored and slides the drawer shut.

    He pulls his clothes off and climbs into the bed, carefully wedging himself into Gee’s arms as a replacement for the pillow. As he settles in for another hour or so worth of sleep, he looks at Gee’s face closely. Frank can see the dried remnants of tears on Gee’s cheeks and pillow. Subconsciously, Gee pulls Frankie in closer, his face relaxing as if he’d been having a nightmare that has finally ended. Frank’s heart skips a beat.

    “I love you, Babe,” Frank breathes forgivingly as he snuggles into Gee’s warm body and closes his eyes.


    So, any redemption for Gee yet? Like I said, I LOVE this chapter. I believe how you act towards someone when they aren't aware of it says how you really feel about someone...

    I Love you guys!! Miz
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    Awe it's so adorable!!!! -squeals with happiness- I love it
  15. Awwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :3
    -Fangirls- Thatwassofreakingadorableohmyfrankinggerard!
    N'awww! :]
    Adorable. Simply adoable.

    Much Love!
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    Awww! That was so sweet :3 I felt like I was gonna cry out of happiness! So so cute!
    Actions speak louder than words, so true! <3 :)
    I loved it! :)
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    I do! A million times, I do!
    I just love this! So beautiful! I'm glad they 'made up'. So precious! SQUEEEE!!!!!!!

    More when you can! Xoxo

    @Hemera COFFEE ON DEMAND!!!! YES! I so totally f**king printed that blog post out and wrote a fanfiction story based off of that!!!! I just loved that soo much!!! You should read my story. It's called 'The Grand Quest'. Seriously you will see the influence that blog post had on the story! I loved that post!
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    Chapter 52

    Gee snuggles closer to Frank’s warm body after looking into his perfect face for some time. He’s not sure when Frank came to bed, but Gee’s somber mood was lightened to find him in bed when he awoke. Frank’s gentle, rhythmic breathing brings a quiet serenity to the room. Gee can still smell the different perfumes of all the people that had hugged them both the previous night lingering on Frank.

    Last night… Gee recounts telling everyone the big news and how everyone was so happy for them. He’s relieved to not have any of the feelings of panic or horror he had expected to have this morning. All he feels is peace. Maybe it is everything that happened and the realization Frank had in fact came to bed last night after all… maybe it is just Frank’s peaceful sleep permeating Gee’s being… whatever it is, Gee’s grateful for the tranquility. Gee slides his hand under Frank’s limp hand resting on Gee’s hip. He lies still treasuring the skin to skin contact of their bodies and just trying to etch this entire scene, this entire moment in his memory forever until Frank begins to stir.

    Gee is suddenly afraid to speak. Is Frank still mad? Have I messed everything up too badly? Gee knows he was only slightly intoxicated last night; he can remember ever agonizing minute of it. If he had been truly drunk, it would all be hazy… if he remembered it at all.

    “Thank you for the blanket last night,” Frank speaks softly to Gee. Gee smiles shyly, his fears suddenly washing away.

    “You were cold. I could see you shivering.” They lie tangled together in silence for a while. Gee finally gathers the strength to speak again. “I’m sorry about last night, Frank. I ruined the whole night for you.”

    “Gee…” Frank tries to interrupt, but Gee doesn’t let him.

    “I didn’t think just one glass would break me. But they kept pushing me, and I wasn’t strong enough to tell them no. Before I knew it, I wasn’t trying to resist anymore… I just… Frankie, I was so wrong to ruin last night for you.” Gee is staring off at a random spot on the wall behind frank.

    “I know, Gee.” Frank places a chaste kiss on Gee’s lips, drawing Gee’s gaze to Frank’s after he breaks the kiss. “I know you’re sorry. I know those guys can be aggressive sometimes. I know emotions were high and you were somewhat vulnerable, too. And it’s okay, Gerard… it really is. You slipped up and learned a hard-earned lesson. And I’ll tell you a little secret…” Gee continues to look hard at this, right now, flawless man lying with him. “…I have faith you’ll be stronger next time.”

    The only response Gee can muster is to kiss Frank. Frank doesn’t resist, his lips melting into Gee’s. The soft, thankful kiss deepens into a more passionate one. Frank begins giggling against Gee’s mouth. Gee finally breaks the kiss and looks quizzically at Frank.

    “What?” he asks gently when Frank doesn’t volunteer what’s so funny.

    “We never got to do this last night,” Frank says through his smile, biting his lip ring afterwards.

    “So how ‘bout now?”

    Frank giggles innocently. He reaches into the nightstand drawer for the lube. “Now sounds good…”

    Frank lays the lube on the bed in front of Gee’s chest. Gee pick it up and shifts onto his back. With his unoccupied hand, Gee lightly grasps Frank’s still growing length and begins delicately caressing it, his eyes locked on Frank’s. Frank understands what Gee is implying. His smile widens slightly. Gee knows Frank gets the idea and holds the tube back out towards Frank. Frank takes it and flips open the cap.

    Repositioning slightly for better access, Frank presses two fingers into Gee. Gee whimpers a little but doesn’t stop the motion o f his hand against Frank’s now hard being. Frank slowly moves his fingers around, eliciting more grunts and deep sounds from Gee. Once the sounds become more like moans, Frank slides a third finger in. Gee’s eyes momentarily roll up in his head, his hand finally ceasing its motions.

    After only a couple more minutes, Gee’s entrance is relaxed. Frank rubs some lube on them both and positions himself between Gee’s thighs. Moving with slow, cautious movements, Frank pushes himself into Gee’s body. A throaty sound escapes Frank’s lips. He leans down and kisses Gee, playfully running his tongue over Frank’s lower lip.

    Kissing his way down to Gee’s neck, Frank begins moving his hips. They are in no hurry.

    “Oh, God… I love you, Frank,” Gee murmurs, his voice slightly hitching in cadence to Frank’s slow pace.

    “I love you, too, Babe…” Frank presses his lips heatedly against Gee’s. For what seems like hours, the two bodies writhe gently together, the sound of moans and breathed-out names filling the air. For only the second time, they make sweet love instead of straight, lust-filled f**king. Waves of ecstasy finally wash over them both, and Frank collapses onto Gee’s chest.


    I know this is somewhat short and you guys are used to longer and more detailed smutty boysex, but I've had so much going on and the guys have had more sex in the last dozen or so chapters than they have in all the rest of the fic. Plus, I didn't want hard-core, rough, f**king like animals sex this time; I wanted sweet, passionate love making...

    I'm shutting up now. I hope you liked it!
  19. I liked it :3

    It was nice to read that it wasn't 'f**king' but 'love making' :]
    And Frankies faith in Gee is amazing and adorable :D

    Good chapter. Can't wait for more <3
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    Absolutely beautiful! I actually really loved that they made love too! (As opposed to just f**king each other.) It was just a lovely moment! Thanks for the update!!!!!


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