You're Gonna Feel It Later (Frerard)

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...
    [Hands out skittles so nobody hurts me.]
    I loved this :]

    But... [Hides behind Frankie and Gee]

    You know how I feel about them getting married... Just, make sure you don't fall into the 'happily ever after' thing... because as sweet and adorable as it may be... It's so overly used.

    But I know how awesome of a writer you are... and how you're going to keep us guessing... right? ;]

    Anywho... I do have to say though, I did have a fangirl moment during this chapter xD

    Much Love :] <3
  2. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    Hi, beautiful readers!! I need some help... well, extras, if you will!

    Call me what you will... I hate coming up with names, and I seem to be having this announcement gathering and large party soon for a certain couple. I need some guests to attend these functions. If anyone is interested, please leave a comment with the name you'd like me use at these functions.

    First names are fine, as I won't be using last names. I will adding them to characters I have already written that remain nameless as of now. If I get more names than I need, I promise to make a space for everyone at at least one event (and try for both events)!!

    Anyone want an invite to the biggest event in MCR fic history? (hehehe, MCR fic history...)
  3. crescendo.

    crescendo. il mio amore

    You could use Alexia or Marissa for girls or Brandon or Tyler for boys -files nails-
    Or maybe even Kathryn ;)
  4. USE ABBY :]

    I love how it said "An invitation formy dearest Abby."
    I was like.. What o_O
  5. ~Toxic-Bliss~

    ~Toxic-Bliss~ Member

    Why thank you for the invitation, I feel honoured :3
    You could always use my name (which is Katrina btw) ^_^
    I also like the names Amber and Eleanor for girls and also the name Tom for a guy, I know it's kinda simple but it's nice. :L (just some random suggestions, use them if you want) :)
  6. crescendo.

    crescendo. il mio amore

    If you ever need it I can do bios and stuff for your newish characters
    I also like


    -files nails- Just some suggestions
  7. ~Toxic-Bliss~

    ~Toxic-Bliss~ Member

    I feel dumb asking but when you say you love the name, do you mean mine? :S
    Also some random unique names like Esmeralda for a girl and Kai for a boy are good. :p
  8. crescendo.

    crescendo. il mio amore

    Yes, your name. I like the name Katrina :)
  9. gerardschick

    gerardschick New Member

    As I have said earlier...I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can I be the one snotting her face off in the background that nobody even knows?

    Or the one that dies...(don't care about the reason, just think it would be fun)

    ...or both?

    My name is Kristen! Thanks!!! Xoxo
  10. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    Thanks, you guys! You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'll be using Kathryn, Abby, Katrina, and Kristen. That's a lot of "K" names. I'll choose a few random guy names to stir in.

    @GerardsChick, I knew you wanted to go. That's where I got the idea to ask you guys. I might be able to accomodate the "snotting her face off in the background that nobody even knows" part. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm killing anyone at Gee and Frankie's wedd-- umm... I meant "upcoming occasion." I'd hate to put a damper on the celebratory mood. *in baby voice* I'm sorry!
  11. gerardschick

    gerardschick New Member

    Alright, I guess I can live with just being the blubbering idiot. Lol! I feel so honored that I gave you the idea. Makes me feel like I helped with story some! Yay!!!:) Can I hug Gee...or is that too much?
  12. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    I'm so excited! I have struggled to get it together, but last night I sat down and it just started to flow out of me like it used to and I got two whole chapters written!

    Chapter 48

    Frank scampers around the kitchen putting the groceries up, other than the ones Gee is current working with. Considering the number of people invited to the get-together this evening, they have decided to grill hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone. Gee is patting out hamburgers at the counter. Frank has a hard time with anything remotely having to do with preparing or cooking food. His last attempt to cook breakfast for himself resulted in having to use a fire extinguisher and a trip to the store to buy a new toaster.

    His eyes keep being drawn to the small, dark grey bag with silver embossing sitting in the center of the table. As he goes to grab the last bag of groceries to put up, he stands for a moment looking at it. He is rapt with what he knows is in the bag. He recalls their trip to the jewelers this morning.

    “That might not be the best place to keep those, ya know?” Gee interrupts Frank’s memory. He snaps his head around. Gee has finished patting out the burger patties and is standing holding the wrapped platter of them.

    “This is real,” Frank stammers out, almost sounding as if it half a question. Gee places the platter in the refrigerator and moves over to wrap his arms around Frank’s waist. He places a chaste kiss on Frank’s lips.

    “Yes, it is. And if you leave those just sitting there, everyone is going to know our big secret before we can make the announcement ourselves.”

    “Yeah, you’re right.” Frank pulls Gee closer for a moment then lets go, turning to face the bag. As if it will vanish, Frank cautiously picks it up. His eyes flick up to Gee’s for a moment, and he smiles a contended, love-filled grin at him. Then he carries the bag into their bedroom.

    In the bedroom, he pulls open the nightstand drawer to place it in for safe keeping. As his arm extends the special package towards the open drawer, he has a sudden pang to see them once more. He pulls the two black velvet boxes from the bag. He places the bag down on the bed and opens one of the boxes slowly. He can’t stop a smile from growing on his lips.

    He pulls the white gold band from its resting place, placing the empty box and the one holding Gee’s ring down onto the bed next to the bag. He meticulous studies the intricate engravings carved in the band as he little by little turns it around in his fingertips. He glances over his shoulder to make sure he’s still alone, and then Frank slides the ring onto his finger once more. He holds his left hand with his right as he watches how the sunlight coming through the window dances and reflects off the band.

    “It’s absolutely perfect, Frankie.” Frank jumps slightly from the startle Gee’s voice causes. “But you know you can’t officially wear it until next week.” Gee presses his chest to Frank back, wrapping his right arm around his waist and running his left hand down Frank’s left arm and up under his palm. Gee flexes Frank’s wrist up slightly to admire the gold wrapped around Frank’s finger. He nibbles gently at Frank’s neck. Frank hums in satisfaction and leans his head away from Gee. Gee places a final kiss over Frank’s pulse. “You need to put it up and get ready. People are going to start arriving soon,” Gee whispers in Frank’s ear.


    Frank stands in the room getting dressed after a quick shower. He hears the door bell ring and Gee calling out as his footsteps move across the floor. He pulls his shirt on and it buttons up. He can make out Mikey’s voice. Of course Mikey would be the first to arrive. The tucks his shirt into his skinny jeans and fastens them and his favorite studded belt. He grabs his shoes and makes his way out to the living room.

    “Hi, Mikes,” he calls, interrupting Mikey asking Gee if he could do something to help. Mikey turns towards him.

    “I suppose pestering you is gonna be as effective as it was with Gee, huh?” Mikey replies, embracing Frank.

    “Yep.” He turns towards the noise Gee is making in the kitchen. “Baby, you okay in there?” Gee steps around the corner. Frank notices that at some point Gee has changed his clothes and is considerably dressed down from himself.

    “Yeah, but, Sugar, you might want to go grab a t-shirt. You’re a bit... I mean, you look hot, but a little too dressed up for a backyard barbeque." Frank looks down at his clothes and back up to Gee. His cheeks blush slightly.

    “Um, yeah. Probably,” he stutters. He heads back towards the bedroom, Mikey following every step of the way.

    “So,” Mikey starts. “Must be important if you dress up for a barbeque.” The slight blush still in Frank’s cheeks darken to a deep red.

    “I’m not taking away Gee’s thunder, Mikes,” Frank says playfully. He quickly throws on one of Gee’s vintage band t-shirt. He doesn’t care if people get ideas from him wearing Gee’s clothes. They are about to announce everything anyway. Plus, he likes the way Gee’s smell, and his shirts smell like him.

    “That’s okay. I’m close enough to the two of you to know the ins and outs enough to figure things out.” Mikey smiles innocently at Frank as he continues, “I’m pretty sure I know your little announcement.”

    "Where’s Felicia?” Frank attempts to change the subjects.

    “She got called into work. She sends her love.” Mikey sounds a little bummed at that. Once again, the door bell rings.


    Okay, I promised, so here is the ring that Gee and Frankie picked out...


    Comments please, people! On the story and on the rings!!
  13. crescendo.

    crescendo. il mio amore

    Amazing as always dear :)
  14. gerardschick

    gerardschick New Member

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!! I love their rings. Absolutely breathtaking!!!! Can't wait to see how this unfolds. I hope their parents are going to be there. That will be funny! LOL! More soon pwease!!!! Xoxo
  15. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    Despite the lack of comments (Thank you Kat and Kristen!!), I shall still post another chapter for you! I'm just that awesome...

    Chapter 49

    Frank looks across the large crowd in the back yard. Apparently Gee has invited everyone in their closest circle of friends and even some people they are close to from the record label tonight.

    Gee has everything set up for the party already. In the kitchen is a buffet style setup. On the counter, the plates, napkins, and plasticware start the line, followed by all the condiments and toppings someone could want for a burger or hotdog and chips of all varieties. On the table, cups of ice are waiting with several varieties of soda. Out in the yard, a multitude of tables and chairs have been set up.

    Everyone mingles with each other as Frank makes his way through the crowd, trying to speak to as many people as he can. He briefly speaks to Abby, a long time friend of the band, instrumental in helping get gigs together at the beginning of it all.

    Nearby, one of the equipment managers from the studio, Kathryn, greets Frank and casually hugs him. “I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better. We were so worried about you when we heard.” Frank smiles sheepishly at her.

    “Thank you. Yes, I am doing better. How have you been?” he asks. He eyes the crowd briefly looking for Gee and finds him making his way across the yard towards him. He has given up his position as cook to Mikey and Ray. Frank turns his attention back to Kathryn.

    “I’m doing well. You remember the guy I was telling you about?”

    Frank nods, “Tyler, wasn’t it?” Kathryn smiles brightly, surprised Frank remembers his name.

    “Yeah. We’re getting kind of serious now. I wanted to thank you for your encouragement a few months ago.” Gee makes his way up, discreetly sliding his arm around Frank’s waist.

    “Hi, Kathryn. I hate to do this, but I must steal Frankie from you”

    “Oh, that’s fine.”

    “You’re very welcome,” Frank replies from her statement a moment ago. “Please make yourself at home. I believe we’ll be eating soon.” He looks up to Gee.

    “I’m pretty sure Mikey or Ray is pulling the last of the burgers off now.” Gee begins to pull Frank away. “Your mom just arrived,” he whispers in Frank’s ear. Frank’s face light up slightly. Gee leads Frank over to wear his mother is sitting, chatting with both of Gee’s parents.

    “Mom,” Frank calls.

    “Sweetie,” Linda responds. She embraces Frank tightly.

    “Hi, Donald. Donna.” Frank nods his head once respectfully.

    “Frank,” Donald replies, standing to shake Frank’s hand.

    “How have you been feeling? You getting plenty of rest?” Linda questions her son.

    “Yeah, Mom. Gerard’s taking good care of me. I’m feeling back to my old self already.”

    “Good, good.” She kisses Frank’s check.

    “If he doesn’t,” Donna speaks up, “you let me know. I raised my boys with manners, and he better use them.”

    “Yes ma’am.”

    “Ma,” Gee squeaks embarrassed. He turns his attention to Frank. “C’mon. Let’s get this party going.”

    “Alright.” Frank nods his head once more towards the table of parents. “I’ll be back later.”

    Frank and Gee walk up to the front of the yard near the house. “Everyone...” Gee somewhat shouts. A few people quiet down. “Everyone, if I could speak please.” This time everyone goes quiet. “Frank and I would like to welcome you this evening. We’re so glad everyone could be here...”

    “Except Felicia,” Mikey calls from in the kitchen. Gee giggles.

    “...except Felicia,” he calls towards Mikey over his shoulder then addresses the crowd again. “We have burgers and hotdog for everyone. For those of you rabbit food eaters,” Gee winks at Frank, “there is a plate of veggie burgers in there as well. Once everyone has gotten a plate, Frank and I will speak to you all again to address why we have brought you all here. So please, come help yourselves.”

    Quickly Gee pulls Frank into the house and back towards the bedroom. Once inside, Gee shut the door in the same hurried manner, pushing Frank up against it. His lips crash against Frank’s. Frank kisses Gee back hard. Finally breaking the kiss to breathe, Gee mumbles, “Oh, I needed that. You are so cute and amazing and... just Goddamn hot. I couldn’t wait any longer to do that.”

    “I hope there’s more of that to follow tonight,” Frank suggests seductively. Gee just smirks a lustful, crooked smile. He smoothes his and Frank’s shirt and pulls the door back open. Stepping back out of the door, both wipe their face of the remaining saliva.

    They return to the kitchen to learn most people have made their plate. Both quickly make a plate, knowing it probably wouldn’t be eaten for a while, and make their way out to share the table with their parents.

    “Gee, couldn’t we eat a little bit first. It would let people settle first, and plus, I’m starvin’.” Gee settles into the seat next to Frank.

    “I’m hungry too. I suppose we can. Just be quick.” He leans close to Frank’s ear as to not let anyone else hear. “I can hardly wait any longer or my heart is going to explode.” For the umpteenth time tonight, Frank’s face flushes.

    “Me, too,” he whispers back as he places a kiss on Gee’s cheek.

    None of the parents speak as they watch both boys eat their food quickly. They are aware something is going on. All three of them are beaming with pride, almost as if they know. Mikey joins the table soon after Frank and Gee have begun eating.

    “So any word on this ‘big announcement’?” he once again prods.

    “Patience, Mikey. Patience,” Gee replies. He throws Mikey a quick grin and then crams another bite of his hamburger in his mouth.

    Within just a few minutes, Frank meets Gee’s gaze. “You ready?” he mouths to Gee. Gee just nods his head affirmatively. Both wipe their mouth with their napkins and stand from the table, taking the same place they were in before.

    “Family, friends...” Gee waits for the din to go silent. “I suppose we should start at the beginning, since only a very few of you know anything about any of what I’m...” He looks down at Frank. “...what we’re about to tell you.” Frank looks back up to Gee. Gee can see the euphoria glowing on Frank’s boyish features. He has never been so sure something is right. “A few months ago, I got lost in a moment at one of our shows. I’m sure you all have seen the internet video of that moment, but just in case you haven’t, let me fill you in. I kissed this man next to me,” Gee pauses and looks down at Frank. His minds briefly wanders back to that hotel room after the show and how calm Frank was about all of it. He smiles at Frank then looks back out towards the awaiting ears. “That kiss set into motion something I could never have dreamed, and it all led to us sitting here this evening.” He looks to Frank to continue.

    “As many of you know, I have had a thing for Gerard for some time. But most of you don’t know that he and I have been dating for a good bit of the last few months since that kiss.” The group of family and friends begin cheering, and Frank waits for them to settle back down. “But that’s not all we have to say this evening. Gee and I have grown quite close. We’ve shared a good number of things together, including Gee sobering up and my suicide attempt.” As if rehearsed, Frank stops for Gee to continue.

    “In all that we have faced, I have come to understand how much Frank really means to me. So,” Gee places a quick kiss on Frank’s lips, “last night, I asked Frank to marry me.” Without hesitation, Frank speaks back up.

    “And I said ‘yes.’”

    This is the longest chapter yet, I believe, at over 1,300 words. I hope you all liked their coming out. I wanted it to be real and special at the same time.

    PLEASE leave your comments! Or I might not post the rest of the engagement party...
  16. crescendo.

    crescendo. il mio amore

    Whoo!!! I love this chapter it's really cute
    Patience, Mikey. Patience, Haha Mikey's an impatient little f**ker but we already knew that
  17. Hydro_Insanity

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    (Fangirl scream!) :w00t: omg i loved this one! Mikey already saw it coming huh.
    aww! you made me get wierd looks from my brother for saying that out loud.

    :scared: NO! Im sorry I havent commented I thought I did. And that would be evil :no:

    lease update soon I want to know their reactions :w00t:
  18. gerardschick

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    @Anonymous Poison Hahahaha! I love your profile pic!!!!!!!

    Anyway, GAH!!!!! That was sooooo sweet!! And you MUST post the rest of the engagement party! I haven't had my guest appearance yet! Come on! Who doesn't want to see me crying and snotting all over the place!!! LOL! It was good, more soon when you can! :tongue: Xoxo
  19. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Future Violent Staff Member

    ^No crying and snotting until the wedding! C'mon now, hold it together, girl!



    Right. You mentioned my name >:] and I felt very special. Anywho... Yes, this chapter was "Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." I had a fangirl attack at the end over the extreame cuteness. [And you know how much I dispise happily ever after endings.]

    I liked this chapter, not as much as some of the brutal and heartbreaking ones, but I still liked it. :]

    Oh and thanks for slipping the kiss in there... It made this chapter that little bit better for me ;]

    Much Love! Abby x

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