You're Gonna Feel It Later (Frerard)

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  1. HOLY poop.
    Woah, what if Frankie DOES say 'No'? ... Would they still be an item... or would everything f**k up? ... Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiat. You have some creative freedom there ;]
    Not that I'm implying that they shouldn't get married or anything... Although I'd like to see what'd happen if Frankie doesn't want to...
    *Hides from all the other people reading this fic*
    DON'T KILL ME. xD <3

    Loved the chapter :] My Bestfriend always says 'My scars remind me my past is Real.' and it sort of made me think about it when you were talking about Frankies one.

    Nice work! Much Love Hun!
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    Omg omg omg omg ahhhhhhh!!!! Yay yay yay yahhh!!!! say yes say yes say yes!!!!!!!!!!!! LET THEM BE MARRIED!!!

    .....sorry...I got alittle over excited there.

    And, I know I haven't been commenting, but I have been reading, I just never know what to say, so I don't really say anything, though I do love this story.

    Great update, more when you can please
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    -new commenter, not new reader (I started reading this a few days ago)-

    My thoughts?

    :drool::swear2:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAY YES, witch!
    I love how Gerard has trouble dealing with their relationship (don't yell at me for saying that) because it just makes it feel more real. Sometimes fanfictions often seem a lot like fiction, like the characters are living in a fantasy world. But this story (a lot like Nukyster's 'Crazy Like You, Lollipop') feels very real to me and is just so imperfectly perfect it's f***ing insane!!!!! I love you for this! I also loved the little skinny dipping bit. I had so many dirty thoughts throughout that chapter (oh come on, I wasn't the only one! ;))...well almost all of the sexy scenes, but that's not the point! I just really really really really really.......really LOVE this story! Thank you bunches for writing this! I am in your absolute debt for this! Anyway, I'm gonna go sit patiently (Yeah, right!) in the corner by that Starbucks and drink a shitload of coffee as I wait for Frankie to say yes. AND HE BETTER SAY YES!!!!! :angry: Anywho, noodles!!!

    My name is Kristen, btw. Xoxo
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    Wow! How five little words can create such a stir! Okay, let me reply to comments...

    Toxic Bliss, So glad I could make a bright spot in your day. If you almost cried at the last chapter, please get some tissues. This one might do it. (Or I think so...)

    Abby, will you make up your mind? Do you want him to say yes and they get married or do you want him to say no and crush poor little Gee's heart?

    Blackrose, it's okay to get over excited. I do it too. And I'm fine with justthe occasional comment! Thanks for reading!

    Gerardschick, Hi new reader!! *waves excitedly* I can't believe new people are still starting to read this. Thank you for the compliment! My intent has always been to make his feel real, feel like it could actually have happened. And compairing my story in ANY way to Nuky's Crazy it just such a compliment! While you're at Starbucks, could you grab me a Vanilla Bean Frappe? Thanks!

    To everyone, My beta seems to have gotten lost (I'm worried about her :(), so I hope this isn't crap...

    Chapter 46

    Frank knows what he wants his answer to be. Yes. Yes. A million f**king times YES! But his mouth won’t form the one simple word. Thoughts similar to earlier today, earlier when Gee asked him to move in with him, echo in his mind. Why now? Why all of a sudden? Does he mean it? Is he just acting on impulse? If I say yes and it’s just an impulse, can I handle that rejection again?

    “Frank?” Gee voice cuts into his thoughts. He blinks out of his stare and focuses his eyes once again on Gee. “Frank, will you answer me? Please?”

    “Ah... I... um...” What should he say? He takes in a deep breath and tries to continue. “Gee, I don’t know what to say.”

    “Why not ‘yes’?” Frank can see a hint of hurt starting to show in Gee’s gaze.

    “A-are you sure? I mean... Gee, it’s been a long day... for both of us. I just got out the hospital this morning. Plus, we went, you know, swimming. And we’ve had sex. Twice.” Frank runs his hand over Gee’s cheek and around to the back of Gee’s neck. “Baby, I have wanted you to ask me that, well, for a long time.” He pauses, afraid to say anymore. He’s afraid Gee will take his question back. “I’m afraid. I’m afraid you’ll live to regret it someday.”

    This time Gee takes the deep breath. Frank watches carefully as Gee processes what Frank has just said. Gee knows Frank is right. It has been a very long day. But he knows what he is asking. He has thought it through. Repeatedly. Sitting in that hospital room watching Frank sleep, he thought about it more than once. Even today when Frank was napping, he gave it more thought. And he knows it’s what he wants. More than that, he knows it’s right.

    “Frankie, Sugar, I love you. I want this so badly. As things stand right now, I could never regret marrying you.” Gee see a small change in Frank’s demeanor. He doesn’t want to push Frank away any further, but he knows he has to convince Frank. “I have given this a lot of thought. I know I normally don’t think about this stuff, I just do things.”

    “And this?” Frank questions Gee’s words.

    “When the tour starts back up, we have a show in Massachusetts and another in Connecticut. We can get married in either of those states. Legally. And both shows have a day off before and after them. And here at home, New Jersey law will recognize our marriage.” Gee’s voice has taken on a pathetic pleading tone. Frank sighs softly. His gaze shifts to the floor for a moment. Gee lets him look away and try to think about all of this.

    “It’s just... just so sudden, Gerard,” Frank states as he brings his gaze back to Gee’s. “And those shows... they’re not even two weeks away. How can we get everything planned out in time? Where would we even get married?”

    “Do you really need a big ceremony?” Gee giggles to break the tension. “I didn’t realize I was asking a girl to marry me...” Frank smirks back at Gee’s humor.

    Frank sits just thinking about it. If Gee has this much already planned out, this is definitely not one of his impulsive actions. Frank wants to say yes, even more than before. He steals a sideways glance at Gee. Gee has settled back into the sofa and is watching the flickering of the TV once again. He knows this, too, is a sign that Gee truly means what he is asking of Frank. Gee is only patient for things he is willing to wait for, things of importance to him. He is not normally patient with his usual rash decisions.

    Frank snuggles into Gee’s side a little closer. Gee puts his arm back around Frank’s small shoulders, still not rushing Frank into a decision. He doesn’t want Frank to regret this either. Gee understands where Frank is coming from. Just a week and a half ago, he was desperate to rid his mind of thoughts of Frank. He was focusing on how this wouldn’t work. Only one thing has changed since then, but this one thing makes all the difference. His point of view. If only he could explain that to Frank.

    Frank is still lost in his thought when Gee finally speaks again. “Sugar, why don’t we go on to bed?” Frank doesn’t hear him. He is questioning his own doubts now? Why can’t we get married in next week? And both shows are so close by that any family that wants to be there can be. I have wanted this with Gee for years now. “Frankie?” Gee calls a little louder.

    “Y-yeah?” Frank stutters, breaking free of his deep contemplation.

    “It’s getting late. Why don’t we go on to bed? You can sleep on it.” Frank stretches a little, not realizing until now how tired he has become. He simply nods his head and starts to untangle himself from the comforter covering him and Gee. Before he can stand up, Gee scoops him up off the sofa. Carefully Gee carries Frank into the bedroom, gently laying him down on the bed. He walks around the bed and climb in next to Frank’s warm body. Gee wraps his arms around Frank’s smaller body and pulls him in close. Frank snuggles his head into Gee’s neck. Gee can feel Frank’s steady, warm breath over his collarbone. He places a soft kiss on Frank’s forehead.

    Gee lies still until he’s sure Frank is asleep. He takes a finger and brushes the hair from Frank’s face.

    “Hey Baby?” Frank barely whispers.

    “Yeah?” Gee breathes.

    “Ask me again.” There is moment of quiet between them. Gee presses his lips to Frank’s. Frank hardly presses back from his near sleeping state.

    “Will you marry me, Frankie?”

    “Yes, Gee, a million times.”


    So what's everyone thinking? Please let me know!!
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    *Screams with excitement and happiness!*
    I had to re-read that last bit like 5 times to make sure I wasn't dreaming (tell me I'm not dreaming, maybe pinch me) :L
    You were making me feel so doubtful all the way through and then *bang* Floods with happiness! :D
    I LOVE this fic and LOVE you for this chapter!!!!! <333 :D

    As always update when you can, I'll just camp out with my skittles waiting excitedly :3

    We haven't spoken for days And I come back to this?!?!?!?



    Shmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiily faces :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    I like it :]

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    Abby, I'm afraid to ask... is that a happy reply or an upset reply? Or both? I'm not sure how to interpret "this?!?!?!?" in that statement. And a simple period on "WOAH" isn't much help either...
  8. I ment it as in


    ^That's good. Could you not tell by the shmiley faces? :]
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    I was just making sure! After all, I'm afraid to continue after your comment about them living "happily ever after" being cliche'. I was afraid you'd be upset. But you ought to know by now that I'm going to keep it real. I don't do fairy tales.
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    crescendo. il mio amore

    Sorry! I'm not lost (except in my own mind) I'm here.
    Love the chapter dear
  11. ^ I love you for putting my thing in your sig :]

    And Miz Yeah.. I was sort of "mehhhhh." about the marriage idea as I've told you before, but I know you're going to make something f**king amazing happen... so S'all good ;]
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    No pressure there, Abbs! Really.

    *note to self: scratch the traditional wedding plans, work out somthing f**king amazing* Hahahaha!
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    THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm soooooo happy for them, it's insane!!!! Can't wait to see how that turns out!!! Thanks for the warm welcome! You are so nice! And, btw, I love Vanilla Bean Fraps too!!!!! Xoxo
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    Hi all my wonderful readers!! I haven't forgotten about updating; as a matter of fact, it's about all I have thought about the last two days (aside from trying to get registered for my classes for fall semester)!!

    I am having a little trouble writing the update, but I have sent Kat (my beta) a PM with what I've got written so far and asking for a little help. Hopefully I can get chapter 47 finished tonight and posted in the morning.

    Loves to all!
  15. There's no rush!
    Awesome to know there should be an update soon!
    Not so awesome that you're struggling with it.
    I'm excited anyway. Much Love :] <3
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    So a couple of things first... I know Mikey's real-life wife's name is Alicia. I just have a thing about including wives into the party. The guys try so hard to keep the spotlight off of them. That explains the "Alicia/Felicia" thing, because she's about to be mentioned again.

    Toxic Bliss, I hope you're not out of skittles! And consider yourself pinched; you're not dreaming. I was glad I was able to do what I wanted: play with your emotions! :devil:

    Abby, as always, you're my favorite reader! Thanks for the comforting words! I know you'll always be waiting for the next chapter!

    GerardsChick, I love your enthusiasm! You're so welcome! And thanks, I try to be nice to everyone, especially if they read my fics! Haha

    Chapter 47
    Gee’s excited, giggly voice pulls Frank from his slumber. He lies still just listening to Gee trying to be quiet and excited at the same time, something Gee’s not that great at.

    “Yeah, Mikes! Just come over this evening.... We’re having a barbeque.... just because... yes ‘just because’... Fine! Yes, we have something we want to tell everyone, so make sure you and Felicia are here, say around 5? I’ma call Mom too! And I’m sure Frankie’s mom will be here.... I’m not answering your questions, ‘cause then you’ll figure it out!... Love you too, Mikes! Bye.”

    Frank hears Gee close his phone. “Come back to bed, Baby!” he whimpers in an imitation whine, never opening his eyes. “I wanna wake up snuggled next to my beautiful, wonderful, warm, sexy fiancé.” Frank hears the phone clatter onto the night stand as Gee giggles and climbs into bed without uttering a word. Frank snuggles up close to Gee’s side, nuzzling his head into Gee’s shoulder. Gee wraps his arms around Frank. They lay there tangled together for a couple of moments.

    Frank draws in a deep, content breath and looks up at Gee. Gee has been looking at Frank since he climbed back into the bed. “Good mornin’, my fiancé,” Frank greets with a warm smile spread wide across his face.

    “Good mornin’,” Gee replies, pressing his lips to Frank’s. Frank slides his tongue into Gee’s mouth. Gee allows Frank to taste him for a while before breaking the kiss. “I have planned a party for us tonight. I figure we have limited time, so we need to announce ourselves to our friends and family soon. I figured tonight would be good."

    “I love you!”

    “I know, I’m great!” Frank pulls his pillow from under his head and smacks Gee with it. Gee giggles. “Okay, okay! I love you too! Truce?”

    “Kiss me again, and I’ll think about it!” Frank retorts with a smirk. Gee giggles again before kissing Frank once more.


    "A bit, if that's all I can get this morning... then I'll guess it'd have to do," Frank sighs playfully before making puppy dog eyes at Gee. Unable to hold it he starts to laugh at himself.

    “You wanna hop in the shower while I try to make us breakfast?” Gee begins climbing up from the bed. “Oh, and I washed your clothes this morning. They’re in the dryer now, so you have clean clothes to wear when you get out.”

    “Now I’m the one marrying a girl,” Frank mumbles loud enough for Gee to hear.

    “...mental note: burn Frankie’s toast. Got it...” Gee quips as he walks out of the room.


    “This isn’t the way to the grocery store, Gee.” Gee told Frank they needed to get the food for the barbeque. Unless Gee has begun using another grocery store on the other side of town, he's driving in the complete wrong direction.

    “I know. We need to make another stop first.”


    “You’ll see.” Gee continues driving, leaving Frank wondering what Gee is up to. After driving for close to twenty minutes, Gee pulls in the parking lot for a small, but expensive looking store. Frank’s eyes grow wide.

    “Gerard, this... is a... a jewelry store.” Frank sounds a bit stunned. Gee offers Frank a loving smile then a small kiss.

    “Well,” Gee begins, “I do have to put something on your finger next week.” Frank is still somewhat shocked. This is all real. This is really going to happen. His shock begins to give way to euphoria.

    Frank lets out a small shriek. “Really? We’re picking out rings?” Gee once again watches Frank’s child-like enthusiasm, one of the things Gee loves about him so much.

    “Any one you want, Sugar.”

    Once inside, Frank hesitates. He looks down into the glass case full of shiny, round symbols of love. He’s afraid to look at them, afraid to start picking one out. He feels like if he puts one on his finger, he’ll realize this is just a dream that he’ll awake from soon.

    Gee slides his hand around Frank’s waist and places a kiss on Frank’s cheek. “Which one do you like, Sugar?”

    “I-I don’t know.” Frank shifts his gaze to meet Gee’s. A smile creeps across his face. “You sure?”

    “Yes, Frankie.” Gee presses his lips to Frank’s. “I’m absolutely certain.” Frank’s eyes light up. He turns back to the case of glistening wedding bands.

    “Gee, look at this one. The black and silver Tungsten one.” Frank points at one of the rings in the case.

    “May I help you gentlemen?” a sales lady asks as she approaches them.

    “Yes ma’am. Could my fiancé,” Gee winks at Frank, “see this one.” Gee points to the one Frank was just looking at.

    “Certainly, sir.” She reaches into the case, pulls out the ring, and hands it to Frank. Frank carefully slides it onto his finger. “So when is the big day?” Frank smiles so big his cheek fill with a rosy blush.

    “Next week, actually,” Gee answers. “We just can’t wait. We’ve waited long enough already to make this right.” He squeezes Frank closer in his arms. Frank admires the ring on his left ring finger.

    “What do you think, Baby?”

    “I like it. Did you see this one?” Gee points at one a little further away from Frank. Frank’s breath catches. He pulls the black Tungsten ring off, handing it back to the sales lady.

    “Oh... Gee...” Frank breathes out. “It’s perfect.”

    “Frankie, don’t you want to try it on first?” Frank’s smile widens. Gee doesn’t believe Frank’s smile can get any bigger.

    “I’ll try it on, but I know that’s the one, Gee.” Frank takes a deep breath as the now watery eyed sales lady hands him the ring. Gee takes it instead and slides it over Frank’s finger. “I love it,” Frank whispers, “almost as much as I love you.” Frank holds out his hand so he and Gee can both admire the piece of gold wrapped around his finger. “Which one do you like, Gee? I mean for you to wear...”

    “I think I’m gonna get the same one. You’re right, it’s perfect, just like you!”


    For those of you who want to see, this is the first ring Frank looked at:
    You will get the see the one they actually picked out in the next chapter! I have to have some suspense, don't I?

    Comments? Anyone?
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    crescendo. il mio amore

    Miz darling you did perfect! Even if I didn'te get to see that last little part you did great. I love it!
    They are gonna have a partah and tell everyone!
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    My sister looked at me funny for having a fangirl moment lmao. Yes! they're gonna get married!
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    GAW! That was so cute! I just love how happy and mushy they are! Man I wanna be in that wedding...or just at it! I would so cry throughout the whole thing and die of super cute, happy-mushyness!!! Just so adorable!!! MORE SOON!!!!!!!!!:w00t:
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    I still have plenty of skittles ;) and ouch *rubs arm were you pinched me* :/
    Is it weird that I like it when you play with my emotions, it somehow makes this feel more real. :p
    Anyway... Awwwwwwwwwww! So sweet, cute, amazing! I love franks enthusiasm, he's like a lil kid going into a sweetshop. :3 Whatever you write I always love. :) <3
    Your slowly building up my confidence that their marriage will happen, but why do i get the feeling your planning something bad... :/
    Update when you can, I wanna see everyone's reaction at the party! ;P

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