You're Gonna Feel It Later (Frerard)

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    Skinny dipping is always full of win :)
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    But remember
  3. God, I have no idea what they could do! Feel like filling me in on one of your ideas? I'm completely lost... ;]

    Can't wait to read it by the way... xD
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    ^ Honey I will always be way more informed than you
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    lmfao on their little dash out of there. i think they're will be some sexiness later. am i right?
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    Love the sarcasm, but unfortunately I have to say no. I only give that information to my beta, Kat.

    I still love you though! And you're still my favorite reader!
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    witch, I'm your favorite reader
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    You two are crazy! Each of you have a speical spot: Abby, you are my favorite reader! Kat, you are my master and I am your witch! Okay? Everyone happy?

    Does any other reader need a special spot?
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    Kat's never happy, like she said. Hahaha.

    My thread had better not get locked due to off topic posts or I'll be really upset. I might even cry.
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    I decided to update sooner than a week, isn't that great? I think we all know what's coming though...

    Chapter 44

    Both laugh until their sides hurt. Slowly they make eye contact. Still shivering, Frank drops his clothes he’s still grasping and reaches his arm around Gee’s midsection. Gee follows suit.

    “You gonna drag me out swimmin’ and then have me standin’ here freezin’ my nuts off, then you can at least offer me some warmth,” Frank half jokes through badly shivering lips.

    “You know, if you were a little bigger, either direction, you might not be so cold, Sugar.” Gee tries to stifle a giggle. Frank cuts his gaze up to meet Gee’s. Gee’s gaze only lingers for a moment, then his lips quickly meet Frank’s in a hard kiss. Without hesitation, Frank opens his mouth and pushes his tongue past Gee’s lips. In return Gee presses his hips into Frank’s. He can feel the heat of Frank’s already hardening dick.

    Without warning, Gee pulls Frank over to the table. A few dishes from dinner are still laying on it. In one swift motion of his arm, Gee sweeps them into the floor. Their eyes meet again. Frank can see the burning desire in Gee’s look. Gee’s breathing is already growing rapid. He gently lifts Frank and sets him down on the table, pushing Frank’s back down onto the table top. Frank shift for a second, reaching behind his back. His hand reappears holding a fork.

    “That would’a hurt...” Frank dangles his hand over the edge of the table and just drops the fork on the floor with the rest of the kitchenware littering the floor. “Speakin’ ‘a hurt,” Frank breaths out, “lube?” Gee rolls his eyes with a ‘duh’ look on his face. He dashes for the bedroom, leaving Frank lying and exposed on the table.

    Frank can’t help but grin to himself. Everything is perfect right now. He’s here. Gee’s here. Gee has even become the aggressor tonight. Frank feels content to know that Gee is more than okay with all of this, with this relationship, with having fun and being together, with Frank loving him and loving Frank back. A small pang of fear grips Frank’s stomach when he thinks about them having to share their relationship publically. Not because he’s doesn’t want to, but because he knows this scares the living hell out of Gee. He mind begins to wonder how their fans will react, but his thought train is interrupted by Gee returning from the bedroom, tube of lube in hand.

    Before Gee can cross the floor to reach Frank, he is flipping the tube open and pouring a little in his hand. He tosses the tube down on the table next to Frank and massages what’s on his hand onto his now throbbing self. Frank reaches for the tube. Gee gives him a questioning look.

    “I can’t exactly jack off with water logged hands, now can I?” Frank asks, somewhat sarcastic.

    “I’d be happy to it for you,” Gee answers, still looking confused.

    “So you can hold my legs up and jack me off? I didn’t realize you were Superman...” sarcasm dripping off of Frank’s words. Enlightenment suddenly strikes Gee’s expression. “Yeah,” Frank chuckles, flipping open the lube and pour a little into his hand.

    Gee can no longer stand still. He feels like his abdomen is about to explode. He quickly grabs Frank’s legs, laying them up his chest, Frank’s feet dangling on either side of Gee’s face. Gee keeps his arms firmly wrapped around Frank’s knees.

    “Ready?” Gee pants. Frank just nods. Not giving Frank time to change his mind, Gee plunges himself deep into Frank. Frank lets out a small whine accompanied by a small wince. Gee rubs his hands up and down Frank’s legs, waiting for Frank to relax. Finally Frank relaxes, and his hand reaches up and wraps around his own member. This is all the signal Gee needs. He begins thrusting in and out of Frank’s warmth. Frank just enjoys the sensation of Gee filling him for a short while.

    Gee picks up the pace of his motions. A small moan escapes Frank’s throat, and he begins stroking his own dick. At first Gee doesn’t notice. Once he sees the movements of Frank’s hand, it spurs him on more. He can’t stop a moan of his own from crossing his lips. For a brief second, their gazes meet from under half closed eyelids. Frank’s half open mouth curls into a blissful smile. His head quickly falls back onto the table with a thump as his back arches violently. His hand begins moving in a fast and uncoordinated fashion. Gee knows this is a sign Frank is close. For the first time since running into the house, he has a single clear thought, I love him. This is amazing.

    Gee begins pumping in and out harder and faster. His lips long to touch Frank’s. All he can do is place small kisses on the side of Frank’s shins. Suddenly, Frank stops stroking his own self, lifting his head to watch Gee’s orgasm. As if on cue, Gee thrusts forward hard causing his back to curve sharply and fills Frank full of his own fluids. Frank watches Gee’s face go through the stages of what looks like pain then pleasure. Gee braces his trembling body with Frank’s legs and finally opens his eyes, looking directly at Frank. Frank slightly smirks and starts stroking his length once more. His body has begun trembling as well. Trying to maintain eye contact, Frank strokes hard and faster. As his own member starts to erupt in ecstasy, he can’t hold the gaze any longer. His eyes roll up in his head, his eye lids trying to close around them.

    Gee can’t stop himself from climbing on top the table over of Frank. Bracing on his hands and arms as to not crush Frank, he gets the kiss his lips have been longing for.

    I need some comments!! I'm begging to know what you think!!
    Thanks as always for reading!
  16. .... Wow.

    Well, my day is now complete. xD
    Loved this chapter [as if you couldn't guess already] and I like how you dropped the part about their relationship being public in there. It just sort of made it all fit together better. Once again... Awesome chapter...

    Much Love! Abby x
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    Thanks for telling me about the update, I had already read this when you posted it, but hadn't had the time to comment. :( but that reminded me to and I can comment now :D

    Anyway, first of all NOOMM!!! sexy, kinky, just what I love and you write it so well ;) <3
    Your fic always puts me in a good mood, even on the crappiest of days, thank you for that! :D x
    As always LOVE!! I don't know what else to say, somehow, I can't find the right words to describe just how much I LOVE this fic! and how WOW that chapter was!! :D <3
    Keep updating *sits on the edge of my seat with a bag of skittles patiently* (take your time, no pressure, I know how masterpieces like yours take time) ;D <3 x

    P.s. sorry if I went on a bit there ^^.
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    Love it!! :lol:
    I love this chapter :)
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    So, I've been struggling with this lately, to be completely honest. I've kind of been lost as to where to go (hence the skinny dipping) and the guys have been no help telling me where to go (I think they are content where they have been.) Anyways, I got a memo from Frank and Gee, so I wrote you an update.

    Chapter 45

    They are sitting on the sofa, snuggling close together under a winter comforter Gee had pulled out of the spare room. Both are still naked. They prefer the skin to skin contact. They have flipped the TV on, but neither of them is really watching it. Some late night comedy flickers on the screen. Frank’s eyes are looking at the screen, but he isn’t watching it. He is dreaming of the future, his future with Gee. He is dreaming of being able to cuddle like this with Gee for the rest of his life. He knows he is getting ahead of himself, but this is what he has wanted for some time.

    Gee is also thinking. He is thinking he wants to make this all official, no matter how that scares him. He shifts so he can wrap his left arm around Frank’s shoulders. His right hand reaches out and takes Frank’s left one, lacing their fingers together. For a moment, he pauses and looks at the slightly raised, pink line on Frank’s wrist. The visible proof of Frank’s love. He gently strokes his thumb over it.

    Frank watches Gee face change, wondering what’s going through Gee’s mind. As Gee runs his thumb across this line on his wrist, he wants to shrink away from the shame. How could he have been so stupid, slitting his own wrist like that? Then just standing there watching it pour out his blood onto the floor?

    “I shouldn’t have done that,” he whispers, not really to Gee or himself. Gee turns his gaze to Frank. Frank can feel his gaze and turns to meet it.

    “I’m glad you did,” he quietly replies. Frank looks at him puzzled.

    “I actually could’ve died. I did die! I was just lucky enough for them to be able to bring me back.”

    “I wasn’t glad at the time,” Gee adds. “I wasn’t glad when you were still in the hospital. But I’m glad now.” He smiles softly at Frank. Frank’s eyes seem to still be questioning him, so he continues. “I’m not sure I’d ever have come back if you wouldn’t have. I was so focused on how this wouldn’t work to see how much I love you.” Gee places a tender kiss on Frank’s soft lips, lingering for only a moment. “That first night, when everything was so... when there was still a chance you wouldn’t make it...” He sighs softly, trying to find the right words, “I was too overwhelmed to think about anything else. You were all I cared about, all I could think about. Not the band, not what our families would think, not even what the fans or the rest of the world would think.”

    Gee’s eyes flick down to that little line on Frank’s wrist as his thumb again traces over it slowly. “For me,” he starts again, “this is a permanent reminder of that realization. Whenever I start to let things get to me, I know I can look at it and remember this feeling I have right now.” He brings his eyes back to Frank’s. Frank can see the tears brimming in Gee’s eyes.

    “Gee, I never meant to hurt you. It was never my intent.”

    “I know, Sugar.” Gee places another soft kiss on Frank’s lips. “My brother always says, though ‘you can’t not hurt somebody,’” Gee mimics his Mikey’s voice, “you can only leave ‘em better than you found ‘em.’” Frank starts to giggle. Gee looks at him like he’s lost it officially. “I swear, he says that!” Frank only laughs harder.

    “I know he does,” Frank struggles to say through his laughing.

    “You’ve heard him say it?”

    Frank shakes his head, trying to steady his laughter and breathing. Taking a final calming breath, he says, “That night in the bus, after you passed out in the shower, you ‘member that?”

    “Some of it...” he answers, somewhat nodding his head.

    “Mikey was giving me hell over f**kin’ you and getting all this started. I promised him I wasn’t gonna hurt you.” Frank smirks at Gee. “That’s when he said that to me. About you. He made me promise.”

    “And you have, Frankie. You have made me better, in so many ways.” He looks deep into Frank’s giggling eyes, a smile curving his lips up. He can see everything he has ever wanted in those two green eyes. “I want to tell the world about us, Frank,” Gee states abruptly.

    “Well, the tour is about to start back up. I’m pretty much back to normal. You can shout it to the rafters at every show, Baby.”

    “No, Frankie. You don’t understand. I want to marry you.” He takes his free hand and places it on Frank’s cheek. “Will you marry me, Frankie?”


    So, I need lots of nice replies or Frankie might say no. It might turn into a big arguement.
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    My face was like this when I saw you updated >> :DDDD
    This is my fav fic and your updates are always amazing! :3 <3
    That was so sweet and sad, I almost cried at one point :O :)
    And :O *gasps* don't leave me hanging like that! I literally just squealed when I read the last bit xD Frankie needs to say yes!! :D <3

    Update soon pwease :3 (still no pressure), but I need to know what happens!!!! :D :D :D

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