You're Gonna Feel It Later (Frerard)

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    Title: You’re Gonna Feel It Later

    Rating: 18+ (For Language, Adult [Graphic/Sexual] Content, Alcohol Abuse)

    Genre: Slash, Romance, Drama

    Characters: Gee, Frank, Mikey, Ray

    Pairing: Gee/Frank

    Summary: After losing control of himself and kissing Frank, Gee tries to resist Frank’s advances. Deep inside, though, he longs for what his heart knows only Frank can offer him: true love. (This is based on the first ten chapters. The summary might change slightly once it is complete.)

    Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with My Chemical Romance or the guys that make up the band. No part of this is true; it purely a fictional story. Any part of this story that resembles real life is only coincidental.

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    Chapter 1

    Gee paces in his hotel room. He wants to set the record straight, but should he? Would things be better off unspoken? After all it was just a kiss. Oh, but it was more than just a kiss. He wasn’t even sure what had come over him. He was wrapped up in the energy of the show, wrapped up in the lyrics of kissing another man’s lips. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Frank looking at him. A sudden rush of passion had filled Gee, and he kissed him. And not just a peck. Frank had just stood there. Gee quickly dashes into the hallway; he has to say something.

    As he forces himself to take each step, he’s not sure what to say, if Frank would even open the door. Suddenly he realizes he was standing in front of Frank’s door. He knocks on the door, feeling like a schoolboy about to be punished.

    “Frankie, it’s me, Gee,” he calls out.

    The seconds ticking by seem like an eternity. The door finally opens, but Frank is already heading back into the room. He sits down on the far side of the bed, his back to Gee.

    “Look, man, tonight…” Gee’s voice breaks. “I don’t know what came over me.”

    Frank’s gaze drops from the window to his hands. He begins tracing one of the E’s inked on his fingers. A flash of panic sinks in Gee’s gut. He wants to run; he knows he was wrong.

    “I just wanted to apologize. I mean, um, I know…” his voice cracks and breaks. He clears his throat and tries to continue, “Frankie, what happened back there…”

    His thought process is interrupted by Frank standing up. Gee watches Frank in his peripherals, afraid to make eye contact. But something about Frank’s body language begins to put Gee at ease. He takes a deep breath and shifts his gaze upwards. Frank is now standing right in front of him, looking up at Gee slightly. As they make eye contact, Frank reaches up and put his hand on the side of Gee’s face. Instantly, waves of adrenaline course through Gee’s veins.

    “What took you so long?” Frank half whispers.

    Suddenly Gee understands. He understands why Frank had just stood there on stage. He understands the look now on Frank’s face, the sensation Frank’s hand on his cheek has caused. The abrupt clarity makes Gee want again to run away, and his body subconsciously follows the lead, turning away from Frank. Before Gee can turn away, Frank other hand catches Gee’s wrist, coercing Gee’s body to stay where it is.

    “Look, I figured since you made the first move,” Frank hesitates, “I’d show you where I stood on things.” Again, Frank pauses, not wanting to provoke the situation too much. “If you just want to forget it happened, we can just go back to the way things were. Or…” Frank’s voice trails off.

    Slowly, he lifts his heels off the floor, somewhat compensating for the height difference. Frank leans in, just allowing their lower lips to touch. Gee can’t control himself; he leans into Frank, sealing the kiss. This time, though, Gee is more aware of the sensations. First the warmth of Frank’s lip-ring, then the warmth of Frank’s lips themselves. He could smell the musk of Frank’s sweat mixed with the smoke of the show’s pyros. As their lips begin to part, Gee opens his eyes, looking right into Frank’s. He could see the restrained desire in Frank’s eyes, in his whole expression.

    “I somehow thought you’d take the ‘or’,” Frank said, almost giggling. He turns to walk away, giving Gee a moment to process what has just happened. Again. But the moment is interrupted by a thunderous knock on the door.

    “Frank,” yells Mickey through the door, “Frank, have you seen Gerard? Is he in there?”

    Quickly, Frank whispers in Gee’s ear, “You’re pale as a ghost. Go in there and let me get rid of him.” He nudges Gee towards the bathroom, and turns his attention to the door. Still trying to completely comprehend the last few minutes, Gee heads to the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

    Gee stands in front of the mirror, his hands and arms propping him up on the counter. He can hear Mikey and Frank’s conversation.

    “Have you seen my brother?” Mikey asks, sounding a bit exasperated. “He’s not in his room.”

    “Naw, man.”

    “Frank, don’t take what he did tonight… just… forget it happened, okay? I think he might be drunk again. I’m just tryin’ to find him so I can make sure he’s alright.” Mikey sounds somewhat worried.

    “I’m sure he’s fine,” Frank says, trying to reassure Mikey. “You know better than anyone he likes to make a spectacle of himself sometimes. I saw him after the show in the hall; he seemed fine,” Frank lied, continuing to try and smooth out the situation. “I don’t think he was too drunk tonight, but he’s probably passed out on his bed. Just let him sleep it off, like always.”

    “If you think so,” Mikey didn’t sound completely convinced. “I’ll see you in the mornin’.”

    “Night,” Frank calls out as he shuts the door. Gee slowly emerges from the bathroom door. Frank walks towards the bed, sitting in the same place as before. He motions for Gee to come sit beside him. Gee lingers in the doorway for a moment then sits down next to Frank. Frank put his hand on Gee’s thigh.

    “Man, listen. If this turns into something, great! If not, the crowd got their money’s worth tonight. I’m good with just letting things happen.” He flashes a half smile at Gee, then settles back onto the bed, flipping on the TV. Gee pauses for a minute, relieved and somewhat amused. He looks over his shoulder at Frank. He is truly a remarkable friend, Gee thinks to himself. Frank glances over and flashes a big silly grin at Gee. Gee climbs up beside Frank, adjusting the pillows to sit up on the bed with him.

    “In the mood for some ‘Masters of Horror’?” Frank asks, like nothing had happened.

    “Of course!” Gee smiles.
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    That was cute :3

    This is a cool start. I enjoy how their situation lacks that dreaded awkward feeling. It certainly makes it easier to read(=

    I'm interested.
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    Chapter 2

    The next morning, Gee awakes slightly unsure of where he is. Trying to focus his eyes, he looks around the room. The TV is flickering some low budget horror movie. Suddenly, it all rushes back to him. The kiss, Frank, their conversation, the second kiss. His body jerks at the memory, causing Frank to stir a little. poop, Frank, Gee thinks. He doesn’t remember falling asleep the night before. And in Frank’s bed. Gee turns to look at Frank and assess the situation, trying to see if he can make a quiet escape. Good, Gee thinks. Only Frank’s hand is touching him, resting softly on his shoulder. He starts to slide off the bed slowly.

    “Get me some coffee,” Frank mumbles, stirring from sleep.

    “Huh... what? Oh... you want it black?” Gee stammers back, trying to sound calm.

    “Yeah, whatever’s fine. What time is it?” Frank says through a stretch, blinking his eyes in sunlight.

    “Almost eleven. I’ll be back.” Gee walks towards the door as he responds, every fiber of his being wanting to escape. He grabs the door handle, realizing as he does his hand is trembling. He pulls the door open, darting quickly into the hallway, and pulling the door closed behind him even quicker.

    Gee just stands there for a minute. Oh my God, Oh my God, he thinks over and over. What have I done? He begins walking towards the lobby, only half aware of his surroundings. He knows the coffee shop is just past it, but his mind is preoccupied with other thoughts. He had been drinking the night before, so he wonders how much of his memory he can really trust. And a drink, yeah, a drink would be nice. He suddenly remembers Frank wanted some coffee.

    At the coffee shop, Gee curtly orders two coffees. He is still lost in thought while waiting for the coffees when he hears a voice from behind him.

    “Gerard. Gerard!” the voice interrupts his thoughts. Gee shakes his head a little, looking around for the voice and finding it. “Gerard, what the f**k, man?” Mikey questions, barely audible through his clenched teeth. “What the hell, kissin’ Frank like that? And where did you disappear to last night? Answer me!”

    “It’s hard to answer you when you ask question after question without pausing between them,” Gee sneers back. “And what are you, my keeper?”

    “No, but somebody’s gotta clean up your messes, and it never seems to be you. And now you went and pulled Frankie into the fire with you! You got no right...”

    “Sir, your coffees,” the barista interrupted.

    Gee turns and scoops up the cups. As he turns back to leave, Mikey looks at the two coffees and steps in Gee’s path. His eyes are dark, nearly filled with rage.

    “Don’t you dare go find him. Don’t you dare make this worse, Gerard!” he mutters, once again through clinched teeth.

    “He asked me to bring him some coffee,” Gee says, forgetting Frank had lied to Mikey last night.

    Mikey’s face shifts from anger to panic. “No... you didn’t... Gerard, please tell me...”

    “I don’t think that’s your business, any of it... but if it helps you any, no I didn’t,” Gee snaps back in an amused tone. He’s not quite sure what Mikey thought he had done, but right now he only cared about getting a drink. He steps around Mikey and walks out of the coffee shop.

    On his way back to Frank’s room, Gee makes a stop at his. Making sure the door was closed behind him, he rifles through the mini-bar full of empty bottles looking for something he can pour in his coffee. He finally locates a bottle of Jack, pouring it into the cup and nearly overflowing it. His only concern is getting some alcohol in his system, not how well it will taste. Gee snaps the lid back on the cup and lifts it to his lips. He turns the cup up, practically gulping down the first half of coffee. The familiar burn of the alcohol going down his throat immediately begins to calm Gee down, even though he is again thinking about the events of the last 24 hours. He walks back out of his room, heading to take Frank his requested coffee.

    Once at Frank’s door, he tries to knock still holding the coffees. The door cracks open just slightly. Hesitant, Gee steps into the room, half pushing at the door behind him. The bathroom door is half open. Gee can see Frank is standing in front of the mirror, which is now misty, wearing only his low cut jeans. He wants to look away, knowing he should say something to let Frank know he is back, but he unable to. He notices a drop of water from Frank’s recent shower slide down the side of Frank’s bare arm. He’d never before noticed the slightly defined muscles Frank has beneath the tattoos. Gee’s eyes wonder over to Frank’s back and notices it too has the same muscle definition. He just stood there, rapt in the movement of Frank’s muscles.

    “You been in here long?” Frank’s voice cuts into Gee’s thoughts. Gee realizes Frank had left the bathroom and is now standing in the room with him. Frank had to have seen Gee looking.
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    I really like this,i just feel a good vibe coming from your story,so yeah,i can't wait for more:)
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    Chapter 3

    Frank watches Gee looking at him for a moment before breaking the silence. He has always wanted Gee, but Gee has never known of Frank’s attraction to men, and especially to him.

    “You been in here long?”

    Startled by Frank’s voice, Gee’s gaze immediately shifts up to meet Frank’s.

    “Here’s your coffee,” Gee stammers, handing Frank the cup that was still full. “Mikey was in the café. He seemed rather pissed. I probably shouldn’t stay in here too long. I don’t know what he thinks I would do, though.”

    “What’d he say?” Frank asks, afraid Mikey might have given away his secret.

    “Somethin’ about me telling him I didn’t do somethin’. I really wasn’t listenin’,” Gee replies nearly sarcastically, waving his hand dismissively. “I think he thought I would piss you off or something.”

    “Oh.” That’s not it; he knows me, Frank thinks to himself. And Mikey knows Gee’s kiss wouldn’t piss me off. “Maybe we should go out for a while, in case Mikey comes lookin’ for either of us,” suggests Frank, hoping Gee’s mental state would encourage him to accept.

    “Yeah, yeah. I’m not in the mood to deal with him anymore right now.”

    “Good thing we’re on the first floor,” Frank half jokes, grabbing a t-shirt from his duffle bag and pulling it over his head. “We can slide out the patio unseen.”

    Both head towards the sliding glass door leading to the patio. Gee cautiously looks out before stepping out. Frank understands his caution, after Gee’s first encounter with his brother this morning. Deep inside, Frank knows he should tell Gee the truth, or at least part of it; he should keep his desire for Gee to himself until Gee has gotten past the shock of his own behavior. Obviously, Gee has never thought of Frank in that way. But Frank aims to change all that.

    They both get into Frank’s car. Neither has spoken since inside the room. Frank turns the key in the ignition, breaking the silence between them.

    “Where should we go?” Frank asks, more to himself than Gee.

    “Somewhere sorta quiet. I’m a little hung-over. And my head’s poundin’ right now.” Gee is oblivious to the rhetoric in Frank’s question.

    “You hungry?”

    “A little.”

    “Let’s find somewhere to grab a bite. I’m starvin’.”

    Frank backs out of the parking space. He pulls up to the street, stops for a second, then turns out onto it. Frank wonders what Gee is thinking about. He is staring out the car window into oblivion, off in his own little world. Frank could see Gee’s lips moving just slightly, like he was trying to ask something, but didn’t know how. That’s so adorable, Frank thinks to himself, turning his attention back to the street.

    “What do you think Mikey meant? I mean, I’ve always done dumb poop, so what do you think he was so scared I’d do, Frank?” Gee words seem heavy. To Frank, it is obvious this is as good of an opportunity as he’d get to tell Gee about his attraction to other men.

    “Mikey knows something about me a lot of people don’t know, Gerard.” His given name pulls Gee’s attention back into the car; he shifts his attention to Frank, looking slightly puzzled. Seeing Gee’s expression, Frank tries to explain, “You have to remember, Mikey and I were friends before the band. I have a secret, Gerard, and Mikey knows that secret.” Gee continues to look at Frank confused. “Listen, you remember what sorta I asked you last night?” By the look on Gee’s face, Frank can see he’s struggling to remember. “I asked you ‘what took you so long?’”

    “I thought you were jokin’...” Gee voice trails off a little.

    “I like women and men, Gerard. I have for a while.” Frank pauses for this new information to settle into Gee. Suddenly, a flash of lightning crosses Gee’s face.


    “Yeah. Mikey thought you had f**ked me.” Gee shifts his gaze back out the window of the car. Frank drives on for a several miles, just letting him think. “You want me to take you back or somethin’?”

    Gee sits silent for a moment longer, then seems almost relieved by this new information. “What about that bite to eat?”

    Frank smirks to himself. Gee took that better than I thought he would.
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    i like this :) you gonna continue it? pretty please write more xx
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    I've got 17 chapters already. I've been posting it on another forum for a little while, just testing "the waters." It's my first fanfic, other than a few one-shots (of which, I've only posted one.)

    Thanks everyone for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy it!
  9. So Frank is a switch hitter? Well all know where he's headed next and that's Gerard!

    Great updates - keep up the good work!
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    I really enjoy reading this,it gives me a great feeling:)
  11. sounds awesome :)
    next chapter soon?
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    Sure, why not?

    Chapter 4

    They pull into a parking lot for a small sandwich shop. “This okay? I know you said you were a little hung-over?” Frank asks pulling into a parking space.

    “Uh, yeah.” Gee could care less what they eat. Knowing Frank likes men makes some things clearer to him.

    Frank switches the engine off, and both get out the car. Gee follows Frank towards the door, subconsciously admiring his small frame, remembering the sight of Frank freshly showered from earlier and the rush of adrenaline Frank’s touch had cause the previous night. A small shiver ran down his spine. They enter the shop, and Frank heads towards a booth in a back corner, certain Gee would want to discuss all of this further. They take a seat, and, when the waitress comes over, both order a sandwich and soda.

    Frank watches Gee, as if trying to read his thoughts. He is staring down at a napkin he’s twisting in his fingers. Frank is consciously aware of Gee’s scent, a mix of last night’s alcohol, sweat, and the show. He can feel his body beginning to react ever so slightly. Slowly aware of Frank’s gaze, Gee makes eye contact.

    “You okay?” Franks asks cautiously.

    “Why didn’t you say somethin’ before now? Hell, I don’t care who you f**k.”

    “Just never came up, I guess.” Gee shifts his gaze back down to the napkin. He sits there silent, his mouth once again moving like he’s trying to say something, but can’t find the words. Finally, he speaks, never looking back up.

    “What about last night?”

    “What about it?”

    “We didn’t... I didn’t... f**k you... did I? I mean, bein’ honest, I was drunk.”

    “Nah, we talked a little and watched some “Masters of Horror’.”

    “I remember kissin’ you again...” Gee stops himself before admitting he remembered liking it too.

    “And?” Frank asks, as if reading Gee’s thoughts.

    A slight smirk crosses Gee’s lips, answering Frank’s question without words. Frank resists but is unable to stop himself from grinning back.

    “I could do it again,” Gee admits. His eyes are drawn to Frank lips for only a second, then distracted by movement in the sandwich shop. The conversation is briefly interrupted by the waitress bringing their sandwiches and drinks. Both thank her politely, but neither of them is really interested in the food anymore.

    “You ever been with another man?” Frank asks Gee suggestively.

    Gee can read the look in Frank’s eyes. He knows what Frank wants, and, surprising himself, he wants it, too. Gee shakes his head no, pauses hesitantly, and then responds with the only thing he can think of, “Let’s hurry up and get back to the hotel.”

    Frank’s faded smile brightens back up. He is finally going to have Gee.

    They eat rather quickly, the only conversation in the occasional glances to each other. Gee can’t stop himself from remembering yet again the look of Frank’s muscles flexing under his ink with his movement this morning. Another rush of adrenaline floods Gee’s veins, causing him to shudder ever so slightly. Frank stands up from the table, as if taking cues from Gee’s body, tossing some money on top of the check.

    “You ready?” he asks Gee. Gee is already standing up from the table, too.

    “Let’s go.”

    The car ride back to the hotel seems to be taking forever. Frank’s skin is crawling with anticipation. He can feel every hair on his body standing up on end. He has dreamed of being with Gee for a while, but he is aware he must be cautious and not come on to strong. He doesn’t know how far Gee will let this go. At the same time, he can’t stop himself from stealing glances of Gee.

    Gee is once again staring out the window. This time, there is an air of nervousness surrounding him. Intellectually, Gee knows he likes women, but subconsciously he can hardly control these new desires toward Frank. He feels like he would let Frank have him right here right now.

    As the car rounds a curve, the hotel becomes visible right in front of them. Gee glances at it, then to Frank. Frank returns the glance, quickly returning his eyes to the road. A smile creeps across his lips. Soon, they will do what Mikey fears has already been done.


    It's just a short chapter, though... leaves you hangin' too, doesn't it? ( :devil: Hahahaha)
  13. Oh snap! This is good! I like it, more please!
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    I'm loving the sexual tension build up in this. Great writing, and I don't usually go for slash.
  15. this is f**king amazing :DD
    can't wait for the next chapter!
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    Good morning! I have tons to do today, so I shall post a new chapter before I start my day. Enjoy...

    Chapter 5

    Gee has barely gotten the door shut when Frank’s lips meet his. The sensation causes Gee’s body to tremble. He can feel Frank’s lips curl up into a smile in response. His hands move up to pull Frank’s shirt over his head, as if acting by themselves. Frank breaks the kiss to allow his shirt to be pulled off, then follows suit with Gee’s. Once his shirt is off, Frank grabs Gee’s hand, pulling him towards the bed and pushing him down on it. He straddles Gee’s lap and kisses him again, this time letting go of some of his previous restrain, forcing Gee’s back down onto the bed. Teasingly, Frank runs his tongue over Gee’s lips, not quite entering his mouth.

    He pauses, barely breaking the kiss. “You ready for this?”

    All Gee can do is try to focus his eyes on Frank’s. His body is still trembling, and his eyes keep rolling up in his head. He can’t remember ever being this aroused. If Frank doesn’t do something soon, Gee fears he’ll have to “help” himself.

    Frank knows Gee is on the edge of insanity. He unbuttons Gee’s pants, pulling them and his boxers off. He reaches his hand over and cups Gee’s balls, gentle rolling them in his hand. A small moan escapes Gee lips, forcing a smile on the corner of Frank’s. Without warning, Frank slides his mouth over the head of Gee’s throbbing penis. Another moan escapes from Gee. Frank slowly starts to slide his mouth up and down. Gee’s body tenses, and he grabs a handful of the comforter beneath him while the other hand pushes Frank’s head down further. Frank moves his head up and down a couple more times, then uses his tongue to trace around the head of Gee’s penis, licking up the precum now flowing freely from it.

    “Holy shi...” Gee mutters, barely able to form words.

    Frank thrusts his mouth back down, taking in all of Gee, then sucks hard on his manhood, as if trying to suck the semen from his body. The change in sensation causes Gee to arch his back. He wants to cum, and Frank knows it. Frank begins moving his head up and down again, maintaining some of the suction.

    Gee begins moaning uncontrollably. “Oh... my God... Frank... Oh, poop... ple--please... Frank...”

    Gee’s words add fuel to the fire in Frank’s own body. He thrusts faster, using his tongue to trace the line on the underside of Gee’s penis. Suddenly Gee arches his back again, his man juices forcing its way into Frank’s mouth. Frank swallows it, then uses his tongue to clean up the little dribble that had escaped his mouth. Gee’s body goes limp on the bed, panting heavily. His eyelids are barely closed around his rolled up eyes.

    Frank gets up from the bed to grab a hand towel from the bathroom, wiping his face as he comes back towards the bed. He lies down beside Gee, kissing him again. Gee can taste the remnants of his own juice in Frank’s mouth, which begins to turn him on again.

    “You like that?” Frank asks him through a seductive smile.

    “Oh, yeah...”

    “Now it’s my turn. You get to please me...” Frank trails off, the unrestrained desire clear in his voice.

    Gee sits up on the bed, preparing to mimic Frank’s recent actions.

    “Nah-ah...” Frank says, sitting up and opening a drawer in the nightstand next to the bed. He reaches in and pulls out a bottle of lubricant. “...on your back.” A small pang of fear enters Gee’s gut, showing plainly on his face. “I promise, I won’t hurt you... much,” Frank whispers to him.

    But even without Frank’s reassurance, the fear in Gee has already begun to melt into want. He follows the direction from Frank, watching Frank’s expression of approval as he does. Frank opens the bottle of lubricant, squeezing some out on his fingertips. Rubbing his fingertips together just slightly, Frank positions himself between Gee’s legs, then resting one hand on a thigh. Gee doesn’t resist as Frank presses two fingers inside of him, preparing Gee for what’s to come. After only a moment, Frank withdraws his fingers and reaches for the bottle of lubricant again. He knows Gee isn’t quite ready to be penetrated yet, but he can no longer stop himself. He squeezes more onto his fingers, rubbing it all over his painful erection, then Gee’s anus. He grabs the towel he had retrieved from the bathroom a few minutes ago, wiping the remaining lubricant off his hands.

    Gee can see Frank has let loose all his inhibitions. Another wave of fear catches Gee’s breath. Frank checks his positioning, and then leans over to be face to face with Gee. Frank kisses him hard, this time letting his tongue explore his for just a moment. He breaks the kiss and places his lips next to Gee’s ear, wrapping a reassuring arm around the top of Gee’s head.

    “It’ll only hurt a minute, I promise,” Frank whispers then kisses him once more on his cheek. With that Frank moves quickly, pressing the head of his penis against Gee, pushing himself nearly all the way inside of Gee’s warmth.

    “Aahh,” Gee whimpers in pain; his eyes shut tightly. Frank leans back over him again, kissing him ever so softly, as to kiss away the pain, and waiting for Gee’s body to adapt to the sudden change. As Gee’s muscles begin to relax, Frank slowly starts moving his hips, again allowing Gee to adjust. As he begins to speed up, he can feel Gee begin to thrust back against him. He likes it, Frank feels pleased.

    “Faster... harder...” Gee gasps between breaths.

    Frank slows for a moment. “You sure? You’re gonna feel it later.”

    “Just do it... please, just do it!” The desperation in his voice makes Frank’s muscles tense, and he grins deviously.

    “If you say so...” Frank says as he begins thrusting harder and faster. Gee inhales sharply, with a mix of pain and pleasure. Frank giggles just slightly and licks Gee’s nipple, drawing another sharp breath from Gee. At that sound, Frank is unable to control himself any further. He grabs both of Gee’s hips, thrusting deeply in and out of Gee repeatedly. A small moan slips past Frank’s lips. Without warning, Frank arches his back, burying himself deep inside the warmth, releasing his ecstasy inside of Gee.

    Frank collapses on top of Gee’s chest, both of their chests heaving heavily. Frank’s head is light from withholding his pleasure for so long. Finally, finally, I had him, he thinks contently.
  17. That is so hot! I like Frank being the aggressor.....keep up the good work!
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    a.. maze.. ing very well written but i cant help but wonder what mikeys gonna say xx
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    Chapter 6

    “You might want to grab a quick shower. We’ll be headin’ back home soon,” Frank says, trying to get Gee moving. Gee is still just lying on the bed, breathing still slightly erratic. A thousand thoughts are running through his mind. Did that really just happen? What have I done? Does this change things between me and Frank? What if the guys find out? Why did I enjoy that so much? This can’t be real; I’m drunk. I want to do that again...

    “Gee, did you hear me?” Frank asked, sitting back down on the bed facing him. Gee turns his gaze towards Frank. Frank can see the mix of emotions flooding Gee’s thoughts. He sweeps Gee’s sweat-drenched hair from his forehead, kissing it softly. “I’m gonna jump in the shower again. You need t’ think about doin’ the same.” Gee nods his head, mentally unable to say anything. Frank smiles, somewhat amused. “And pack your stuff so we can head out.”

    Frank jumps up off the bed and walks into the bathroom. Gee hears the shower start running. He looks around for Frank, but he had shut the door completely behind him. Slowly Gee pulls himself up and slides his legs over the side of the bed. His body continuing to tremble with the same mix of pain and pleasure, and even a little from the immense emotions he’s feeling. He drags himself up off the bed. As he turns to leave, he notices spots of bright red on the sheets but doesn’t give it much thought.

    He grabs his clothes, quickly throwing his jeans and boxers on. Something inside of him is telling him he needs to get out of there before Frank gets out of the shower. Still fighting with his shirt, Gee pulls the door open and steps out into the hall.

    “Gerard,” a voice calls. Gee freezes in the middle of pulling his shirt over his head, an overwhelming fear knotting his stomach. “Gerard,” the voice calls again. He could hear the calm in the voice, so he knows it’s not his brother. Pulling his shirt on over his head and down where it belongs, he tries to keep his emotions from showing on his face. In front of him, Ray is holding his bags, an almost smug grin on his face. Gee is aware he’s been caught, but tries not to act as if anything had happened in the closed room behind him.

    “You ‘bout ready to go, I see,” he tries to sound calm, but failing miserably at it.

    “Frank finally gotcha, huh?” Ray’s tone showing his amusement. “He’s wanted you for a while.” Gee shifts, uncomfortable in this conversation. Ray chuckles softly, “Look, man, I don’t care what ya’ do, as long as it doesn’t include me or the band. But you might wanna get away from his door and cleaned up before your brother finds you here like this.” Ray flashes a grin at Gee. “You reek of ‘Eau de Frank’,” Ray jokes as he walks on down the hall.

    The mention of Mikey causes Gee to remember their run in this morning. He quickly glances back and forth down the hall, then dashes for his room. He slides into the room, shutting the door, and leaning back on it. He is relieved to have been caught by Ray instead of Mikey. He looks around the room. He needs a drink, a strong one. He had used the last of the alcohol from the mini-bar this morning. His goes for his duffle bag. He always keeps something in there, just for this sort of occasion. Well, emergency. Finally, under his crumpled clothes he finds his hidden bottle of Jack. He unscrews the lid, dropping it on the floor. He looks at the bottle, wishing he didn’t have to drink it. But his body needs it. He doesn’t even bother with a cup. He turns the bottle up, filling his mouth with the warm liquid and swallowing it by the mouthful. He stops for a second to breathe. Again, the alcohol burn calms him just slightly.

    He grabs the cleanest clothes he can find in his bag and heads for the bathroom, still clutching the bottle tightly. Frank and Ray had told him he needed a shower, so perhaps he should take one. He reaches in the shower and turns the water on to warm up a little. He looks down at the bottle. For as much as he tells himself no, his hand doesn’t listen, bringing the bottle up to his lips, drinking more just the same as a moment ago. As he lower the bottle, he realizes he has drank nearly three quarters of the bottle, then drops it with a loud thud as the glass bottle collides with the tile floor. He climbs into the shower with his chest towards the water, enjoying the warmth of the water relaxing his muscles. He turns around to let the water flow over his back.

    Suddenly the relaxation of the water is replaced by a searing, burning pain. Gee’s mind flashes back to Frank’s body leaning over him, the enormity of Frank’s penis inside of him, Frank’s reassuring words and gentle kisses trying to make the pain better. He leans out of the shower, the alcohol beginning to take full effect. He staggers, nearly falling out of the shower trying to reach the bottle of Jack on the floor. He finally reaches it, turning up the bottle to finish it off, actually getting some of it down his throat. He feels it begin to pour down his chin, then all he sees is darkness...

    Not trying to pat my own back, but I love watching this story unfold in my head. I'm working on chapter 20 right now...
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    please please et gee be okay
    who's gonna find him?
    someones gotta find him :'(

    amazing writing descriptions update when you can :) xx

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