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    Thank you guys SO much for commenting! I asked Ash to move it back for me, so I could update. 8D
    Jo’s POV

    I woke to the sound of my alarm going off at 7:30 am. I rolled over and turned it off and stepped out of bed. Jamia was in the kitchen fixing waffles for breakfast, while Frank was still asleep with the dogs.

    “Good morning.” I yawned.

    “Morning, Jo.” She said. “I made you breakfast.” She said motioning towards the waffles.


    I grabbed a plate and sat and ate. When I finished, I put the plate in the sink, rinsed it, and went back to my room, to dress for today.

    I picked out my black skinnys, tie dye’d shirt, and my vans sneakers. I wasn’t usually the one to dress up.
    I headed to my bathroom to apply my makeup, brush my hair, teeth, and all that stuff. I put a thin line of black eyeliner on my top and bottom lids. I brushed my hair, and flipped my bangs over to my right side, like I always did. I sprayed on my bubble gum perfume and walked downstairs and found Jamia feeding the dogs while Frank was eating a plate full of waffles.

    See, this is why I loved Frank. He had all this fame, money, yet he acted like a normal human being. He played with his pets, went shopping, and goofed around. Unlike other rockstars, who are all about the money and the fame. And care nothing for their fans. Frank.. Was completely devoted towards his fans, as well as the rest of MCR. And that’s what made them awesome.

    “Morning, Frank.” I said.

    “Morning Jo.” He said with a mouth full of waffles. “I’m almost done, so I’ll be able to drive you to school.” He said. I nodded and went to play with the dogs.

    “Hi Nessa!” I said nealing down by the small little lap dog. It looked at me, sneezed, and laid back down. I gave a small giggle/sigh and pet its head.

    “You ready to go?” Frank asked, putting his dish in the sink. I only then noticed he was already dressed. Similar to me, I might add. Black skinnys, red shirt, and old beat up converse.

    “Yup.”I said standing up and grabbing my bag, which was already packed and waiting for me at the door.

    I followed Frank out the door to his car sitting in the garage. The radio played random rock songs all the way there. We sat and just listened, not talking at all. Frank would hum along to the songs he knew. I just smiled to myself, still trying to believe that this is all happening to me.

    We arrived at the school, some minutes later. I grabbed my bag from the back, and opened the door.

    “I’ll pick you up around 3. Is that ok?” Frank asked

    “Sure.” I smiled at him.

    “Oh, and let this be a warning. The kids here can be cruel. Trust me.” He said.

    “Uhm.. Thanks Frank.” I smiled at him and shut the door. I gave him a wave before turning around and walking towards the building.

    Inside, I was greeted by a long, bare hall way with a bunch of random kids. I looked around for the office, until I found it, by the bathroom. Odd.
    I walked in and went up the lady who was probably the secretary of the school.

    “Er.. Hi. I’m Jo. Er.. Iero. 8th Grade. I uhm.. Need my schedule.” I said.. Feeling kinda awkward

    “Ahh yes.” She said, going over to her computer and typing something in. “Your schedule is printing, over there.” She pointed to the big printer sitting on the table in the corner. I walked over and looked at it.

    First Period - Math (Room 386) 8:15-9:05
    Second Period - Language (Room 186) 9:10-10:00
    Third Period - PE/Health (PE: Mon. Wed. Fri; Health: Tues. Thurs.) (Gym/Room 235) 10:05-10:45
    Lunch (Cafeteria) - 10:50-11:15
    Fourth Period - Elective 11:20-12:10
    Fifth Period - Science (Room 252) 12:15-1:05
    Seminar (Room 776) 1:10-2:00
    Sixth Period - Social Studies (Room 347) 2:00-2:50
    Seventh Period - Break (Room 418) 2:50-3:00
    Locker #23 - 36, 24, 12

    “Uhmm.. Miss. This says Fourth period, elective. Er.. What is my elective?” I asked

    “Oh yes, the electives are; Band, Weight Lifting, Art, and Keyboarding.” She said

    “I think.. I’ll take art.” I said

    “Very well. May I see your schedule?” She asked

    I handed it to her, and she wrote something on it.

    “There you go. The art room is in Room 287.” She smiled at me and handed me back the paper. I thanked her and went to find my locker.

    Finally I found it. It was right the math room. I put in the combination and opened it. It was.. Not the best locker.. But it was okay for now. I set my stuff in, deciding I would decorate it later.

    I walked into math and sat in the back of the room.

    “Ew, another emo.” Said a blonde. Who looked.. Extremely fake.

    I gave her a glare and sat down.

    “Isn’t she that one guy’s daughter? The one from that one band?” Another girl asked.

    “The fag? I think so.” She laughed at me as the teacher came in.

    “Okay Savannah. Settle down.” He said.

    I sat there and listened to the lesson, righting down things that I though I might need later on. The bell rang some time later. I stood up to leave, but the teacher called me back.

    “So, I understand you’re the new girl?” He asked


    “Okay, well, I’ thought I’d give you these.” He said, handing me a math book, cover, and a ruler and a protractor. “Just to let you know, this school is obsessed with keeping their books represent able. So, keep a book cover on each one, and you’ll be safe.” He said.

    I smiled and thanked him, as I walked out the door to my locker.

    “So your Frank Iero’s new daugher, eh?” I heard someone say behind me.

    I turned around and found a girl with long black hair with red and blue streaks that went half way down her back, standing there, dressed in skinny tripp capries, with black and blue checkered vans, and an MCR Shirt. I smiled. Finally, someone who’s not a prep.

    “Yea, that’s me.” I said.

    “I just wanted to say, you are probably the luckiest girl alive!” She said

    I gave a smile. “I know. I was really excited when they decided to adopt me.” I exclaimed.

    “My name’s Jenny. You’re Jo, right?”


    “Awesome! What’s your schedule?” She asked.

    I opened up a folder that I had my schedule in. She scanned through it quickly and looked up back at me.

    “We have third, fourth, and sixth period together, including lunch.” She said

    “Awesome.” I Smiled. “You should sit with me at lunch, and like.. I don’t know.. Tell me about the school.” I said. She giggled

    “Of course.” She said. “Well, I’ll see you third period.” She waved and walked off.


    Sorry for the size! You might only get 2 updates a week on this one, because, I am officially trying to manage 3 fics. xD But thanks again for reading! *gives out cookies*
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    That was fun!
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    Aw maaaan, this makes me so jealous, I wanna be adopted by Frank! xD
    Gah, I hate it when people call me emo, I'm not emo ><'
    I can wait for updates btw :)
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    Yaya for Jo!
    I feel like Jenny is using her though... >>
    But that's just me :p
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    Oh noes!
    Jenny is a bad guy! She's using her! NO!
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    -New Reader-
    I loved it, but she has to becareful who her real friends are.
    Just incase people will use her to get to know the band or something.
    Good writing skills.
    I loved the story!
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    Yay! An update!
    It does kinda seem like Jenny is using her, but maybe not... Maybe that was a conversation starter or something.
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    Oh, yeah *new blood*
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    Eeep. o_O I totally forgot about this! xD Thanks for bringing it up again o_O I have an update almost written x]] I shall post soon :D

    Ohh.. and welcome, btw. *gives new reader cookies* :D
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    I'm glad I reminded you!!
    I really do love this fic!!
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    Jo’s POV

    Jenny told me quite a bit at lunch. Everything about it’s history, and Gerard and Frank’s history. They seemed to be very popular.. Well, in detention that is. They were always getting themselves in trouble together. Going around, spray painting the lockers, unscrewing the teachers’ chairs, and all things like that. I couldn’t help but laugh. I asked her how she knew all this. Turns out her dad went to school with them. They didn’t hang out much, but they talked occasionally.

    After school, Jenny met up with me so she could meet Frank. I told her he was picking me up and she begged me to introduce her. I finally gave in and said yes.

    We sat there, waiting for Frank to arrive. She squealed when he turned the corner. I laughed at her and stood up.

    “Hey Jo.. And uh.. Jo’s friend.” He said.

    “Hey. This is, Jenny. She wanted me to introduce you to her.

    I looked over to Jenny who was standing there, motionless, lifeless, staring at Frank. I smiled at her expression.

    “Go on. He’s not going to bite.” I said, winking at Frank.

    “Ahh, I wouldn’t be so sure. We are vampires remember?” He smiled.

    I rolled my eyes and returned his smile. Jenny walked up to him.

    “Uuhh.. C-.. could.. I get an autograph. And. A picture?” She asked.

    “Of course.” Frank said, getting out of the car. “Do you got a pen?” He asked.

    Before he could take another breath, she took out a pen and a notebook paper and handed it to him. After he signed it, she took out her camera.

    “Uhh.. Jo?” She said

    I raised my eyebrow. Then I understood. “Oh.. Okay.” I said taking the camera from her

    “Say cheese.” I said. They both smiled as the flash went off.

    “Thank you.” Jenny said. I nodded

    “Right.. Well, we better be going Jo. Jamia’s excited to hear about your first day.” Frank said.

    I hugged Jenny good bye and got in the car. I waved to her as we drove off.

    “So. How was the first day?” he asked.

    “It was.. Interesting.” I said

    He smiled. “Learn anything new?”

    “Er.. School wise? Or past wise..” I said

    He shook his head. “Oh god. What did you learn about us?”

    “That you and Gerard were probably the kids who got in trouble the most.” I said

    He laughed. “That is true.”

    The rest of the ride home was silent. When we finally made it, I grabbed my bag and headed inside.

    “Hey sweetie. How was the first day?” Jamia asked as I walked in

    “It was fun.” I smiled. I told her about Jenny and what she told me about the boys.

    She laughed. “Yea.. Well Frank and Gerard still can be quite troublesome.”

    “Hey, I’m not that bad.” He said.

    Jamia rolled her eyes. “We were planning on taking you out to eat tonight. But after you finish your homework.”

    “I’m sure she doesn’t. Usually, when it’s your first time, they don’t give you homework until they think you’re smart enough.” Frank said. “Unless, they changed the rule.” He looked at me.

    “Nah, it’s still the same.” I said.

    “Great. Well, the restaurant doesn’t open until about 6. So we can do whatever we want until then.” Jamia said.

    “Awesome.. Er.. Can we go to the mall?” I asked

    “Sure, hun.” Jamia smiled at me.

    Jamia put her shoes on and grabbed her purse. We walked out and got in our usual spots in the car. Jamia in the passenger seat, Frank driving, and me sitting right behind Jamia in the back.

    Ayyee.. Sorry for the shortness xD
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    - new reader - i love this ! that would be AWESOME, to be adopted by frank & jamia xD i really like the character development too. great update : )
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    Nice, I liked that Chapter :)
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    I really liked that!!
    Thank you!!
    More soon, please?
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    Oooh, the mall! Fun!
    Awesome update. This story rocks!
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    ANYWAY. I probably won't have an update for a while :(
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    :D i missed two updates, but i'm catching on.

    frank and gee must've been quite a handful in their day.


    update soon, please. :D
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    i like this alot and i am soooo jealous!!! i want to be adopted by frank and jamia! it would be immene! this story is graet so please carry on with it!!!!!!
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    nice chapter.... update soon please
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    *new reader* i love this!!! Gee and Lyn-Z would b 1st in my book but Frank and Jamia r 2nd! Cant wait to see where this goes!!!!!!!

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