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    “Mrs. Rogers?” It called.


    “Could you send Jo to the office?”

    “She’s on her way.”

    Thats the same thing they say at my school. Like exactly the same, exept the names.

    Awesome update.Poor Austin. Cant wait for more!!!
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    *new reader
    Loved it Jo2!!!!
    Can't wait for more
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    I would like pass out, if that happened to me.

    Great update.
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    "I HATE AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That comment is from Bethany *broken soul/life*

    She asked me to post that because her account is being gay.

    Exact words...
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    *New Reader*

    I like this so far! It's pretty cool. :)

    More when you can. :)
  6. OMFB! YOU ALMOST MADE ME CRY! That's a good thing by the way.This is amazing! More as soon as humanly possible
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    Loved it! and i would pass out too!
  8. Yoshi.

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    Hi readers :D

    Sorry there hasn't been an update. I've just been busy with some things. But I have time today :D So there might be an update tonight :D
  9. Yoshi.

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    Jo’s POV

    We pulled up to a large white house with a brown roof. I gasped. It looked amazing. The lawn was cut and a beautiful shade of green, there was a tall black fence, guarding the yard, and there were a bunch of dogs running around playing with a Frisbee. This place was better than I thought.

    I looked around and realized I was the only one the car. Jamia and Frank had proceeded to the trunk to get my stuff. I opened the door and stepped out.

    “Need any help?” I asked. I was kind of embarrassed. I mean c’mon, Frank Iero was carrying my stuff.

    “Nah, I got it. Jamia, why don’t you take Jo inside and show her around?” Frank suggested

    “Of course. C’mon Jo.” She walked over to the gate and unlocked the door. It squeaked as it opened and the dogs must’ve heard. All their heads shot up and they all turned towards me. Then, before I knew it, I was knocked on the ground by 2 big dogs. They were barking and sniffing me all over.

    “Jake, Duke! Get off of her!” I heard Jamia scream.

    “Oii. Sorry about that. They get curious about new people.”

    “It’s ok.” I smiled.

    She walked me inside into the living room where I saw a large flat screen TV hanging on the wall, with a plaque that Frankie won hanging on the wall right next to it. I looked down and there was a beautiful beige carpet with a brown suede sofa with recliners on either side of it. I walked around the whole house. Jamia showed me where my room was. It was the best room I’ve ever seen. There was already a bed in it, with a TV and computer, a large walk in closet and a dresser, and a beige carpet just like the one in the living room. ‘Wow’ I gasped.

    “Like it?” Jamia smiled

    “I love it.” I walked around and discovered more. There was a window seat next to my bed with a beautiful of the city, and a bathroom. ‘I think I’m going to like this place.’ I thought to myself.

    I walked back out to the living room where Frank had brought in all my stuff and was now relaxing on the couch.

    “So, do you like it?” He asked.

    “I love it. It’s amazing.” I said.

    He smiled and turned on the TV. I went and sat down on one of the recliners next to the sofa and stared at Frank. He must’ve noticed.

    “What?” He asked.

    “I just…can’t seriously believe..that you’re Frank Iero.” He smiled again.

    “Well, believe it, babe. It’s really me.”

    I continued to stare. He turned his head back to the TV. Must be something interesting on. I looked at the screen and saw he was watching ‘Steven’s Untitled Rock Show’ I smiled to myself. That was one of my favorite shows.

    I then remembered something. ‘My stuff’ I thought. I got up and grabbed my suitcases and walked to my room.

    “Need any help?” I heard Jamia call from the kitchen.

    “Nah, I’m fine. I can get it.” I called back.

    I put the suit case that had my clothes in it, on my bed. I unzipped it and started sorting out my shorts, shirts, and underwear. I put my shorts, underwear, socks, pajamas, and tank tops in the dresser. Then I put all my jeans, capris, and tee-shirts in my closet. Next, I opened my suitcase with all my shoes. It mostly consisted of converse, vans, sandles, and a couple of heals. I lined them all up in the bottom shelves of my closet. Next was my CD’s. I got out my CD case and hung it on the wall next to my bed. All my CD’s were in there places within minutes. Next were my band posters. Then I thought for a moment. ’poop, I forgot to pack all my band posters!’ Oh boy. Looks like I’m going to have to get new ones.

    When I was finished putting away all my clothes, I sat down on the bed and realized, that there wasn’t anything on it. I looked through the closet and searched for a comforter and some sheets and pillows. I found the pillows, but no blankets or sheets. I looked through my suitcases to see if they were in there. Luckily they were. I pulled out a black comforter, and my red sheets. I put the pillow cases on the pillows and made my bed. When I was finished with that, I walked to the doorway to see how everything looked. It looked pretty good to me. Then I noticed there was another door by my closet. ‘Oh yeah! The bathroom.’ I remembered. I walked over and opened the door. On the far side of the bathroom was a toilet and a sink right next to it. In front of that, was a shower and next to the shower was a washer and dryer. ‘Oh cool.’ I thought. ‘I get my own washer and dryer’

    I walked back out to the living room and saw Frank and Jamia playing with their dogs. I smiled at them and sat down on the sofa.

    “Hey, Jo. Did you get everything set up the way you want it?” Jamia asked while scratching one of the dogs’ bellies.

    “Yup.” I smiled.

    “Oh yeah, Jo these are our dogs. The one Jamia has is Nessa, this one here is Jake,” He pointed to one of the big ones that attacked me earlier. “ And that one is Duke.” He pointed to the other one.

    “They like new people, but it takes some time to get used to them.” He said.

    I nodded while Jamia stood up. “I better get dinner going.” She said walking into the kitchen

    About twenty minutes later, Jamia called us into the kitchen for dinner. I looked at what she was serving. Meatloaf. I almost gagged.

    “I hope you like meatloaf.” Jamia said.

    “Um..Actually, I don’t eat meat.” I said scratching the back of my head.

    “Oh, well that’s OK. Frank doesn’t eat meat either, so you can have what he’s having. Which is..?” She looked at Frank waiting for an answer.

    “Oh, um..I’m just having a salad, if that’s OK with you Jo.”

    “Yea, that’s OK.” I said.

    He walked over to the fridge and revealed a large selection of foods. It had, cake, Monsters, fruit, veggies, Milk, Tea, and all sorts of stuff. ‘Oh yeah. I definatly think I’m going to like this place.’
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    Oh my gosh. That would be so awesome.
    Great update, love.
  11. Alannah

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    Wow, Jo, she is soooo lucky, I wanna be Frankies daughter...
    Gah, I wanna be his wife...
    Nice update
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    MONSTERS!!! I want a monster! Pwease get me one XD
    Awesome update! Cant wait for more!!!
  13. Yoshi.

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    Jo’s POV

    It had been a week since I joined the Iero family. Frank said I could have a week off before I start school again. Looks like I’m going to the same school him and Gerard went to when they were younger. I was really excited.

    Frank and Jamia took me around Belleville and showed me where everything was. The mall, the grocery store that they go to, hospital, school, and even Gerard’s house. Frank said that he was on vacation, so we didn’t stop by. That was another thing I was excited about. Meeting the band. I have never been to an MCR concert before. So I have no idea what they’re really like. Well, except for Frank.

    Today was Sunday. That means tomorrow is my first day of school at Belleville high. I was nervous and excited. We already went school shopping for supplies and more clothes and…other ‘personal’ needs.

    During my week here with the Iero’s, I learned a lot about them. Frank was once popular in the 6th grade. Everyone liked him. But then, when junior high came, he became the loner kid, the emo, that no one wanted to hang around. Then in his last 2 years of high school, he became popular again. My exact response, weird. Then he told me about how he dropped out of college so he could join MCR. But I already knew that part.

    I learned a little about Jamia too. She was also a loner. She had a couple friends but they never really talked.

    It was almost time to have dinner, and Frankie and I were playing Xbox while Jamia was cooking.

    “Dammit! No!” I screamed as Frank attacked me.

    “Haha, DIEE!” He said.

    His character stabbed me with a pitchfork and I fell to the ground. He laughed.

    “What’s so funny?” I looked over to him.

    “I killed you.” He giggled. I smiled and hit his arm playfully.

    “Alright you two, time to eat.” Jamia said walking into the living room.

    Frank and I stood up and followed her back into the kitchen. On the table, was a small roast for her, with corn, mashed potatoes, and tofu. ‘Yummy’ I thought when I spotted it. I sat down and started filling my plate. Frank sat down beside Jamia who was sitting to the left of me.

    It was a quiet dinner. Untill Frank broke the silence.

    “So, Jo. Are you ready for school?” Wow, he sounded a lot like my real parents.

    “Yup. I can’t believe I get to go the same school you and Gerard went to.” I said.
    He smiled and continued to eat.

    15 minutes later, everyone was finished eating and we were all out in the living room watching TV. MTV Cribs was on, so we watched that. It got kind of boring after a while.

    I stood up.

    “Where are you going?” Jamia asked

    “To take a shower, before tomorrow.” I replied.

    I walked down the hall to my room and picked out a pair of shorts and tee-shirt to sleep in.

    I walked into my bathroom and closed the door. All my hair stuff was in the cabinets above the sink, so I opened them up and got out, my shampoo, conditioner, and my hair straightener. My soap was already out and in the shower.

    I turned the water on warm and stripped down and tossed my dirty clothes into the basket by the door. When the water was perfect, I stepped in and started to wash off.

    When I was completely clean, I turned the water off and stepped out. I turned my hair straightener on so it would heat up. While it was heating up, I changed into the clothes I picked out to sleep in. My hair straightener was completely warmed up when I was finished.

    I brushed out my hair and put the top layers in a pony-tail on top of my head. Luckily, my straightened is a Wet2Straight. Saves me a lot of time. I ran the straightened through my hair, listening to it dry it along the way.

    When my hair was completely dry and straight, I unplugged my straightener and put everything away back in their places. I walked out into my room and saw that the clock read 11:30 pm. I walked out into the living room to find Jamia watching Frank play with the dogs.

    “Hey, it’s late. I think I’m going to head to bed.” I said.

    “Ok, hun. Good night. Sleep good.” Jamia said.

    “Thanks, you too.” I replied.

    “Night, Jo.” Frank called.

    “G’night.” I called back.

    I walked into my room, and got under the covers of my blanket and quickly fell asleep, thinking about the next day.
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    This is so picturesque
    Amazing update
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    I have to admit, this story is pretty radd.

    Great update, love.
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    -new reader-
    This is SO AWESOME!!!
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    oh man this is awesome. i wonder what it feels like to be the kid of a real rockstar? but i don't even know how it feels to have a dad anymore. he died five years ago. and i'm also 13, like Jo.

    hope you update soon. I love this.
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    O.O Oh wow. xD That much that you commented after a looong while. Thank you sooo much 8D Idk.. I might start writing this again. If you want that.

    Again, thank you! xD That means a lot to me. Really.
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    You need to continue!
    With a juicy frerard on top?
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    I havent commented on this, but Ive been reading it, and I love it ^^
    Continueeee? ;D

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