You Told Me This Would Get Harder...

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by BriiBass, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    I go everyday, lols! Oh stupid homework, My mum makes me do it on saturday, though as i dont wanna find words in chromatography for science h/w, im doing it with my mum =P
  2. Holly

    Holly Active Member


    I've still got ...Geography and art...

    Geog. is making a poster about St Ives...

    And Art is writing a *beeep* essay about some *beeeep* artist, no one has a *beeeeping* clue who he is!

    *'suse the swearing xD*


    (as you can tell i am a LITTLE bit stressed lol)

  3. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    Lols, I dont have art, only FT and DT =P
    Fruit salad on tuesday...and continuing with our plastic photo holders on mon in DT, gawd >,<"
    I hate geography, my form tutor is my geog teacher and she shouts like...24/7
    She walked past me and shouted, BE QUIET, NINH (my form) then said to me, You dont misbehave!
    OMFG! How DARE she!! Lols
  4. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    My form tutor TALKS to herself!


    My geog. teacher ismy head of year sooo.. i betta do it properly lol

    *i've already finished it though haha xD just art left ;) *

  5. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    Yay! My head of year is also head of 8 and 9
    He is also an ART teacher and basicly EVERYONE hates him, he is strict
    You get an hour detention for one small bad thing or 30 mins
    Like my maths teacher
    1 missed homework = half hour detention
    ect =P
  6. damadone31

    damadone31 New Member

    umm like ......hi?:S

    ehehehe....yh just to say im not dead yet!soz bout breakin your convo but.....i kinda fell left out.......(yes bri even when i seem like a completely insane person i still have feelings!!!!)yh......NO IM NOT GOIN EMO!!!!yay nice update tho:):birthday:eek:n sat!
  7. TaintedxRose

    TaintedxRose New Member

    sorry, i missed a couple updates. i was grounded from the computer for a day. =[ update soon please!
  8. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    Pleaseee Update!!

    ONLY if you want to


  9. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    I always want to, Its mostly that I cant!! lols =P
  10. damadone31

    damadone31 New Member


    nobody actually cares about me do they?
  11. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    I care about you!!!

    *i'm Holly btw!*



    [Don't ever think no one cares ;) you'll end up like me!]
  12. damadone31

    damadone31 New Member


    thx holly!!:mmm:brigita wots up????omg where is she?
  13. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    Yeah, hello, lols =P
    Yeah, we do, TBP always does
  14. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    she's here...Somewhere!

    i'm gonna get in the shower...Cya sooon! xxx

  15. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    Im here, updating unless you want me NOT to and then you get nothingness! Try talking to me on msn, you'll see why im away
    Lols, On by the way, what she means is, cutting yourself and emoness =D
    She is an awesome person though!!
    Thats for the record...some people say if you cut yourself and are emo, something is wrong with you!
    Thats not true =P


    I love how you care about any random person...maybe not random (both best friends) but still =D
    Lots of love and care in this thread, YAY! G2G byeh
  16. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    Part Something... *Checks* SEVEN

    This is to anyone I've upset or w/e and anyone that was truly Not OKAY! Maybe isn't now, or once was!
    To anyone who cut themselves and if you were just living the words of "Im NOT okay!" =D
    This is mostly to you, too, If you've lost any of your family or friends, like for me, afew of my best friends and friends have died...My dad, he was just like me in interests and stuff (he loved Queen and, people say, MCR are like them!), i wish he didnt have to die when i was 5, He didnt have to have that illness (and no1 is meant to know this, so dont tell anyone this happened) that was like pills and hospital all day long, no wonder he hanged him self ='(
    I dont have a chance of getting this more then depressed illness, but my child's child's child (or something) does, i feel sorry for them, alot, though i feel like i kinda have a little bit of depression from it =(

    Frankie's POV

    Random fans wanted to see Gerard, I couldn't allow it, He was going through a bad time, He was crying alot too, They didn't want to see him like that! Im sure of it!!
    It was nearly my birthday but I don't think it will be the same without Mikey and Kat, and i felt sorry for both of them. It was like yesterday that we celebrated Mikey's birthday! I know how it felt to lose someone close, lots of people did but Kat and Mikey were like...his bestest friends ever, especially Mikey, he has known him since he was a baby, it is really hard to let go! He has only Bob, Ray and ME left, I'm sure he will turn into an overprotective parent soon.
    I saw a fan run over to me, "Hey! Im Brigita, you may not remember me, but i just wanted to ask, "How is Gerard? I feel so bad for him, I'm basically CRYING for him!"
    "He's sure not okay, He knows you well, I guess i could let you. Don't tell anyone, They'll properly kill me or something!" -- Brigita had a blank confused face -- "The fans, i mean!!"
    She laughed, it reminded me more of how cute Gerard's laugh is (her laugh is similar).

    Brigita's POV
    Oh wow! Gerard's face...I felt a tear rolled down my cheek, "Ge-Gerr-Gerard?"
    He turned around and smiled abit then more tears ran down his pretty face.
    "Oh, Bri, Hello, How are you?"
    "Im okay, i guess" I stared at my feet, "You matter more, much more," I looked at Gerard, trying to look happy, "You have to think, I have to let go, You got to say, "Its better if i STAY, So long and goodnight." I know, its hard, but when my dad died, I felt so sad, I could die, but I'm still here, aren't I?"
    "Yeah, You're right, I can't stay sad all my life, My fans need me, like i need them!"
    I smiled, i was happy for him, "I am not afraid to keep on living?"
    "Yeah, IM NOT! I have fans like you,"
    "Not forgetting Frankie...and Ray + Bob, of course!"
    "Thanks, You helped alot, Hey! Tag along to the next concert, Its near-by! Oh, thats if you can, OF COURSE," He smiled, "Thanks alot, You really helped me out!"
    "Just returning what you have done to me for so long, I do owe you everything!"
    "I guess I'll let you keep your heart for that, You'll need it to love us still!"
    We laughed.
    It was all good, I went to the other concert, I went on stage and every fan saw me, "She has helped me out alot, I wouldn't have been able to preform if it wasn't for her, So you have to be grateful!"
    It was school, I walked up to Ammie, "Hey!"
    "Hellooo...Doesn't Ryan look HOT!!"
    "Yeah, whatever," I said, creeping off.
    I went to Holly and Abbie (who was talking to her) instead, "Hey, and please, dont start with "Doesn't RYAN look HOT!" Like that GRRR Ammie, Even when she met Gerard, all she could say was, Ryan is too cute!"
    "HELLOOO! HI!!" That was the mental-est person you will ever meet, Abbieeee!
    I started at her with a OMG! look on my face for awhile, "What?" she said, innocently.
    "Hey, Bri-Bee!"
    (P.S. My mum's (f**king) partner walked into MY room when Gerard sang, "Im not o-f**king-kay" in "Im not okay" He just stopped, stared at me for abit then continued doing my table's draws, lols! It was just toooo funny!!)

    Uni (i know i said school before, but i mean they are acually in UNI =P), as retarded as ever! I wanted to go home, quickly, somehow, i had mcr's e-mail, and frankie and gerard's, I wanted to e-mail them, hehe!

    "To Gee-Wee,
    I was just wondering when you would come back to the UK? Hehe, Anyway, I wanted to...ask if i could meet up with you guys again when you did, I just wanted to talk to you, lols =D
    Lots of love,
    Brigita <3<3"

    I was just wondering, Maybe he was still in the UK, Anyway, they properly did need a replace for Mikey, right?
    If not permanently, maybe temporally!! (sp?)

    I hope you loved it, I kinda enjoyed writting it!! Well, of course i did, heh!
    Also, its kinda a mix of Frerard and Bri loving...Anyway =D *wink* You can guess who, anyway, Lols, Well, I'd better submit before it deletes (5 mins to go till comp auto-turns off)
  17. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    1) I am so so so so sorry ... You've had a tough time! <3

    2)That quote ^ made me cry...I love you, and i actually don't know what i would be doing right now if it wasn't talking to you

    3) I love you x <3

  18. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    DUDE i LOVE the update ;)

    <3 you're writing is WOW!

  19. Ammie

    Ammie New Member

    aww people.. i just wanna give you all a hug..

    well.. great update!
    but.. uhm.. do you hate me? cause.. i'm an aweful person in this story ^^
  20. BriiBass

    BriiBass Active Member

    I love you too, Lols <3<3 xx

    Oh, thanks, Yours is better! Whatever isnt yours is always better for some reason, i always feel like mine is always the worst! My writing is ACUALLY good?
    Im running out of ideas though!!

    Lols, no! I love you all!! Its just that I have to make you like that, well, there is gonna be another death that might actually make you NICE! *wink* Dont worry, its not anyone from mcr, only so i can make Ammie nicer, even from that, you can guess who is gonna DIE or DISAPPEAR! Lols!!
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