You Know You Listen To Too Much MCR When You...

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Robert Way, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. when your going to the carnival
    and you start singing "set this feerris wheel ablaze" from thisis the best day ever was really awkward
  2. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Black Mariah Staff Member

    I'm looking for the "like" button! This is TOO cute!! My hbsband would rather pull out his fingernails... :(
  3. When you start to make mcr related puns and stick your pinky out as much as possible when waving!
  4. ^guilty of the first ....veryyyyy guilty of the first
  5. redconverses

    redconverses New Member

    When you get given the subject to write about "Something you will never forget" in your English GCSE exam, and proceed to write about MCR and how they have affected you and how you will never forget them...

    My friend genuinely did that in our final English exam! I was thinking about it at first... but then thought not. XD
  6. MCRmyGirl4eva

    MCRmyGirl4eva New Member

    When you and your sister practically force her best friend to join this site
  7. -when you give your grandma every single song because she likes Sing.
    -when you automatically turn the volume all the way up in the car when a song comes on the radio.
    -when you have song lyrics written all over everything.
    -on any of the members birthdays you write "HAPPY BIRTHDAY (insert member name here)" on your arm
    -when all you do anymore is read fanfiction and watch interviews concerning the band
    -when your mom knows about Frerard
    -when your parents know the words to "I'm Not Okay(I Promise)
    -when you want to be buried in a mausoleum in Helena's dress.
    -when you shall be very scared if there's not a black parade to come get you when you die.
    -when you say yippiekiyaymotherf**ker on twitter like Frank does.
    -when Frank's laugh is your bestest friend Abbie did that
    -when you wish anyone of them was your father.
    -when you want to spend $200 on hand painted MCR Converse

    I am guilty of these....and almost everything mentioned in this thread.
  8. xxblackrosexx

    xxblackrosexx Member

    i did all of these but also when ever some one says one part of a song i unknowing ly start singing it

    one time i was talking to a guy who was going to ask my friend out and he was like..."well its not like im gonna go up to her and be like.....i dont love you or something" and in that second i started singing i dont love you and he just deathglared at me! lolz

    or when you have made your mom fall in love with mcr as well!

    -when you use a whole bottle of shaveing cream on halloween to write "Happy f**kin Birthday Frank Iero" across a road, almost getting arrested in the process
  9. when you atart getting your mom into some oft he songs when the most hard core thing she had ever listened to was the beatles.
    when you waste 4 cartrages (sp) of ink to print out mcr stuff (pictures, lyrics, sheet music, etc.)
    when you only get a dress because it reminds you of the ghost of you.
    when your grandpa can sing along to almost every song.
  10. When you learn something new in school and all you can think of is of a song/album/moment MCR related.
  11. MCRmyGirl4eva

    MCRmyGirl4eva New Member

    When you have two 2 page papers due for different classes on Friday, bot you're on here instead
  12. Moonlight.

    Moonlight. Member

    ^ tsk tsk, (but I sort of understand...)
  13. MCRmyGirl4eva

    MCRmyGirl4eva New Member

    When you've talked your friend into having her mother buy you CONCERT TICKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (I have to pay her back eventually though. And she needs a $20 down payment before the concert as insurance that she'll be payed back)
  14. xXxlozzaxXx

    xXxlozzaxXx New Member

    That was me XD
  15. MCRmyGirl4eva

    MCRmyGirl4eva New Member

    If I have to do that, I'm going to write about the concert I'm going to this summer!
  16. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Black Mariah Staff Member

    So, I know this is more fic related, but still... it's the same principle.

    When you're crying your eyes out with Frank and Gerard as the fic FINALLY wraps up and you're heart is breaking for them! When you have lived the fic for so long, you feel like you can actually feel them in the room the room with you, living their last few hours together! (She had better get that damn sequel written, and it had better be about Frank going to find Gerard! *screams to release excessive emotion*) I'm so broken. I can't believe I am crying over a stupid f**king fic!! (But it's that DAMN AWESOME! I still love "Crash..." and "Kissing..." but f**k! This is my new favorite!!)
  17. when you break your computre continuously with some viruses on youtube and other sites just for mcr related stuff
  18. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    Is it The Dove Keeper?
    Because if so, I've actually been there.
  19. Miz Erie

    Miz Erie Black Mariah Staff Member

    ^YES! Oh. My. God! Nuky told me about it! I have been reading it with ever chance I could get (or steal).

    I cried, like a damn baby. Through the last two chapters! And the sad part is I didn't start until Frank did!

    But I hated the ending. I wanted them to be together forever, defying the whole stupid fic! I mean all that talk of breaking rules and just living life?! For it to just all fall apart? So I got the whole dove thing and letting him fly, but still... And Frank's dad had just come around; what about him? UGH!
  20. MCRmyGirl4eva

    MCRmyGirl4eva New Member

    When you force your dad to buy you an MCR shirt, even though it's 2 sizes too big and it's not even what he went to the store for

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