You Know You Listen To Too Much MCR When You...

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Robert Way, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Robert Way

    Robert Way Guest

    Lock it if you must, but this poop's fun.

    The title's pretty much self explainatory, but I'll explain anyway.
    you name things that only a person who over listens to MCR songs a little too much would do.

    ill start off - you listen to too much MCR when you march down the hallways
  2. RIOT!

    RIOT! Active Member

    when you sing "mama" to your mother on mothers day with a grin on your face.
  3. Lyndsey

    Lyndsey New Member

    when you know exactly how every song sounds backwards
  4. Chrissy

    Chrissy New Member

    -the merest mention of chemistry causes you to tak about MyChem
    -you get excited when someone says WAY and immediately assume its about the Way brothers.
  5. aazombies

    aazombies New Member

    You snap your head up at the words "My" "Chemical" or "Romance" like someone was saying your name and say "What?! Where?!"

    (Sadly this has happened to me before.)
  6. Vampiress-x

    Vampiress-x New Member

    - when someone asks what you want to do for the day you say you want to go see 'the black parade'.

    - when you come onto this thread post and smile because you do everything everyones sugesting.

  7. Death Savior

    Death Savior New Member

    when you act out the theme helena in a drama play thats about space lol
  8. xovermyeyes

    xovermyeyes New Member

    -When you hear the name frank, bob, gerard, mikey, or ray you think of mcr.

    -All day you hum mcr songs.
  9. xovermyeyes

    xovermyeyes New Member

    when you have kids you name them gerard, frank, mikey, ray, and bob.
  10. Toasty

    Toasty New Member

    when you name your friends cat toro, after ray. but its a girl, so ray wouldnt fit.>.>

    you have extra burnt cd's of mcr, just in case your others get lost.

    when your CHURCH PASTOR asks you all what you can give up, and mentions you by name, saying
    "maybe kourtney'll give up my chem!"
    when you talk about them enough that everyone, even the ones who hate my chem, know their names,relationship status, and which ones you like better in order of age.
  11. xrr

    xrr New Member

    awww hell too many ways fr me xD
    but umm..
    - if you have like 90% of ur walls covered with picutures & posters of MCR
    - when you click ' shuffle songs' on ur ipod then every third song is by MCR
    - you love your outfit when it looks like sth the guys would or have worn
    - you have the words 'my chemical romance' scribbled absully everywere
    - you die when ur ipod gets empty
    - when you wanan rename ur old pets.. ya know what the new names would be..
    - when your new scetchbook is filled with drawings of the guys
    - when ur classmates run out of the class everytime you start to mention the band

    etc.... :D
  12. aazombies

    aazombies New Member

    Whey your friend says "That jacket looks like something Mikey Way would wear" you squeak delightedly and refuse to take it off all day.


    But it's a f**king awesome jacket!
  13. xMCR_fan

    xMCR_fan New Member

    wait h/o - there is no such thing as listening to too much MCR!!!! haha
  14. xMCR_fan

    xMCR_fan New Member

    XRR - everything u mentioned has happened to me lol <3
  15. Robert Way

    Robert Way Guest

    when you change your hairstyle to a mcr member's hairstyle for your myspace pics to prove your a mcr fan (i.e. i changed my hairstyle into Ray's afro)
  16. i_love_bob

    i_love_bob Guest

    lol. love that.

    -When you designed your whole myspace page(personal) after the band or after a band member...(im so guilty on that one)
    -when you remodel your bedroom with lyrics of their songs.
    -when you draw all over your notebooks and binders"I love MCR" or "I love Bob bryar"
    -When you set your setting one your myspace page to be one of the band members age, and bday.
    -Everyother sentence you say, you say My Chemical Romance, MCR,or Gerard or Ray.
    -When all you talk about is them :]

    Im guilty on all of those XD

  17. xovermyeyes

    xovermyeyes New Member

    how do you remodel your room with lyrics to their songs?
  18. i_love_bob

    i_love_bob Guest

    lol. I painting a bunch of there lyrics ALL OVER the walls. lol. I was surprised my parents approved :] lol
    and there will be pics relating to the
  19. xovermyeyes

    xovermyeyes New Member

    o tht actually sounds pretty kool. my parents would never let me do that. lol
  20. Kelly

    Kelly QUEEN

    haha definitely happens to me all the time



    these are so funny


    - when you would beat up the biggest kid in school just because they made fun of the guys
    - when you recite quotes from LOTMS
    - when you start laughing at something that reminds you of something on LOTMS or something else the boys did, and nobody around you gets why you're laughing

    i'll think of more!

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