You Cannot Destroy Me

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    I wanted to say I got a two B's and two A's in my classes! Woo! I was so worried.

    Update will be later tonight. I'm working on the beginning of Chapter 23 right now.
  2. Congratulations! I eargerly await for more
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    Chapter 23: Eye for an Eye

    Seated on the counter, Mikey kept an eye on his brother the entire night. Following the antibiotic shot, Pony and Dr. D wandered out of the room. Mikey refused to leave; I’ll leave if I start to effect his chances of getting better. He brought his knees up to his chin and rested the arches of his feet on the back of the fold-out chair while he watched his brother sleep. With every twitch, he gained a new worry. If he doesn’t get any better, I don’t know what I would do. I’ll take care of him until I am no longer able. Combing his fingers through his hair, he let out a deep sigh and yawned.

    “Mikey?” Gerard muttered glancing up.

    He hopped down and jumped over to his side, “Bro is something wrong? Are you thirsty?”

    “No, I’m fine. Go get some sleep,” he stated rising up.” I can’t breathe lying like that; it’s too flat.”

    “I don’t want to sleep.”

    “Go. Sleep. I demand you to,” Gerard pleaded lightly. “Please.”


    “Mikey, damn it, go,” Gerard stated glancing up at him weakly.

    Mikey stared at him for a moment, “I’m worried about you, Gerard. I wouldn’t be able to sleep out there and there’s no way to sleep in here. I’m fine.”

    “If you want to make me feel better, go get some sleep,” Gerard demanded pointing at the door. “We already have one person down; you’re stronger than me, now go.”

    “I’m f**king staying in here and there’s not a damned thing you or anyone else can do about that!” Mikey shouted glaring at his brother. “The only way I’m going is if someone killed me and they were carrying me out in a bag.”

    Gerard gnawed on his lower lip and stared at him, “Then sit in here and stare at me. I’m not sleeping either.” He gripped the edges of the counter on either side of his legs. “You know I hate to argue.”

    “I know that, but you’re stubborn,” Mikey retorted in a joking tone.

    Gerard shot a look in his direction, “Smartass.” He glanced around, “So f**king white in here. It sickens me.”

    “I can bring some color in here.”

    “No. Having one smartass in here is enough.” Gerard smiled softly.

    A soft knock came from the door. Neither of them answered it until a gentle voice asked if it was okay to enter. Gerard told them to come on in, and Grace appeared in the doorway. Closing the door behind her, she turned to face both of them with fresh tears in her bloodshot eyes.

    “What’s wrong, sweetheart?” Gerard asked softly. “Mikey, can we have a moment alone?”

    Mikey nodded and patted the young girl’s shoulder before he exited the room; even though he wasn’t leaving in the body bag he had asked for, he still understood that she probably wanted to talk. He still never blamed her for what happened to Gerard.

    “If it weren’t for me, none of this would have happened,” she sobbed. “I’m so sorry. If I would have hid better they wouldn’t have found me.”

    Gerard winced as he hopped down from the counter, “Come here.” He waved for her to approach him. He kneeled down and gently wrapped his uninjured arm around her small body. “Don’t blame yourself. I wasn’t being as careful as I should have.”

    “You wouldn’t have gone if it weren’t for me,” she cried into his chest.

    “Sh… It’s the dracs’ fault. They would have come after us eventually. Now we know what we’re up against.”

    “But you got hurt,” Grace stated softly. “It’s my fault.”

    “No one blames you for this. It was an accident, that’s it,” Gerard explained rubbing her shoulder with his thumb. “It’s not your fault.”

    “But Dr. Death said…”

    “He’s an idiot.” He fully believed what he was saying. “He calls me Party Poison for crying out loud.” She giggled lightly as he continued, “There’s that smile.” He wiped a few tears off of her cheek, “Only listen to us unless he sounds like he’s making sense. I think he’s a drunkard because I don’t believe that’s water in that canteen.” She giggled again. “See, you can’t listen to and believe everyone that talks to you because if you do, you’ll constantly worry about what others think and I learned long ago that you can’t do that. You know what I mean?” She nodded. “Good. Now, believe me when I say that this is not your fault. You were just an innocent bystander.”

    Gradually, a week passed. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. On the road to complete recovery, Gerard seemed to be doing better. His wound made progress and Pony’s antibiotics did the trick, for the most part. Yes, it would leave a major scar, but Gerard didn’t seem to mind, his mind was on other things. Not revenge nor payback, but he wandered about his family’s survival—Mikey was at the top of the list. After Gerard got shot, his brother changed dramatically. He talked less, spent a lot of time with him or alone, didn’t seem to be interested in anything the group was doing, and he didn’t eat much when they did receive a decent meal every now and again. Gerard asked Show Pony about it and he said it could possibly be post traumatic stress disorder, considering he saw a lot of people die and almost watched his brother die as well.

    “poop,” Frank muttered grabbing his gun and telling everyone to get back. “Korse is outside.”

    “What?” Gerard nearly shouted as he grabbed his gun too and told Dr. Death to take Grace out back to hide.

    “He doesn’t have a gun?” Frank stated keeping his aim on the pale bald man walking towards the door.

    “I want a truce, killjoys! Come out, I am not armed, nor do I have men with me!” he bellowed stepping in front of the window. “Keep your aim at me and exit with back up if it makes you feel safe.”

    “Do we trust his word?” Gerard asked the others, gaining shrugs and blank expressions. “Cover me.” Gerard cautiously stepped towards the door while Ray and Frank manned the window, Mikey and Pony followed Gerard outside.

    Keeping his gun pointed at Korse, he stepped towards him slowly and halted a few feet away from the middle-aged man, “What do you want?”

    “I came for a truce under strict conditions,” Korse stated turning to face Gerard.

    “What conditions?” Gerard responded through gritted teeth.

    “You leave our territory or stay out of our way; we’ll make sure no Draculoids harm you.”

    “Will you stop kidnapping us and creeping around our residents?” Gerard stepped towards him.

    “Sure,” he grinned. “If a draculoid dies by any of you; one of you will die as well—eye for an eye.” He glanced at the bandage the covered most of Gerard’s upper half. “Seems as though one of you almost died with that last mishap.”

    “You better shut your mouth while you still can,” Gerard threatened, taking another step he kept the gun pointed at the man’s head. “Would me shooting you now be eye for an eye?”

    “No. It only starts now, so all of the past casualties do not count against anyone, Party Poison,” he stated creepily as he extended his hand towards the redhead. “Do we have an agreement?”

    “No casualties count?”


    Pony stepped in between the two men, “Don’t trust him, Poison.”

    “Oh, Show Pony, how are you? How’s Death’s leg?” he purred lowering his hand to his side.

    “We told you to stay away from six; it’s ours, remember?”

    “Yes, yes. I wanted to become acquainted with the new killjoys.”

    Pony stepped towards him and quickly placed the gun between Korse’s eyes, “Leave. I never want to see or hear, or be attacked by anyone anymore. Do I make myself clear?”

    “Very well,” Korse stated giving him an ill stare. “Stay out of Battery City or you’ll be shot on contact.”

    “We have no intentions of coming back, butthole. Now, get the f**k out of here, you’ve done enough damage.” No one has ever seen Show Pony so defensive and angry.

    Korse stepped backed and began walking away. He looked back at Gerard’s wound then up at his concerned glare, “Remember. Eye for an eye.”
    Posted it later than I thought. Oops.
    Oh the tension and drama of this chapter even makes me excited. :)
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    Ahh. I f**king LOVE this.
    I'm glad that Gerard is getting better though.
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    I don't trust Korse at all!
    Poor Mikey, he should be happy again
  6. Eeeep I love this! It's so cool ^_^ please update again soon.
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    Ohhhh tension! >:D I can't wait to see what happens. :D
    Update soon!
  8. Update soon, please ^^
    I'm loving this story, it's so beautiful

    "He calls me Party Poison for crying out loud"

    I loved this part xD I would have laughed so much if the chapter wasn't soo tense
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    Chapter 24: You're Still Breathing

    It's kind of a filler chapter, but it's a chapter.
    Mere hours had flown by. Everyone seemed to be on their toes about the visit from Korse.

    Frank settled down in a small area of the floor with his feet propped up on the wall. The others were spread out through the building doing other things. He tapped his foot in the air as he hummed a song that had been stuck in his head. He didn’t even know what the song was, but it was music. A gentle clank caught his attention; he felt an extreme amount of heat engulf the room. Looking up, he watched flames licking at everything near and around the door.

    He quickly jumped to his feet and grabbed as many bags as he could, “Fire! Everyone out, there’s a f**king fire!” He rushed to every room he could find and pulled whoever stood there out. “Get your butt in gear!”

    Outside, he watched the front of the building go up in flames. Mindlessly, he glanced around and did a head count. Grace, Pony, Dee, Ray, Gerard… He scanned the area, “Dude, where the f**k is Mikey?”

    Gerard’s eyes grew wide as he started rushing towards the building—Frank was much faster, he was in the building before Gerard made it half way. “Frank!”

    Bursting through the door, he let his hazel eyes scan each room. Vacant bathroom, empty kitchen, neglected closet, and no one was in the main room, which had been taken over by smoke and flames. He rushed through the small hallway as the smoke commenced entering his lungs in large doses. “Mikey!? Where are you?” He opened the sterile room and found the tall, slender man kneeling down in the back corner of the room. “Mikey, come on.”

    “What’s going on?” Mikey asked as Frank grabbed his arm and roughly pulled him out of the room. “What happened?”

    “Someone through a fire bomb through the window,” he responded yanking Mikey through the small hallway. He covered his face with his bandana and motioned for Mikey to do the same.

    The back door was blocked by a few pieces of the ceiling. Frank quickly glanced around and found a small window. He jogged over to it and picked up a discarded pipe on his way. Using all of his force, he hit the small window a few times. The smoke started taking its toll on him.

    “It’s getting harder to breathe,” Mikey shouted over the loud crackling.

    Frank darted towards the door and stopped right in front of the flames then backed up, “We’re going to run and knock the door down.” Reluctantly, he forced himself to run as fast as he could and hoped Mikey would follow. His frame collided with the door, as did Mikey’s, and he wishes were granted; it fell over with them. They landed on their backs and watched people race towards them. All Frank could think about was how amazing it felt to not being breathing in smoke. He felt himself being yanked and pulled over the dirt towards the car, and saw Pony carefully pull his bandana off of his face.

    “Are you okay?” he asked waving his hand in front of Frank’s face.

    He nodded and glanced over at Dee kneeling down next to Mikey, “How’s he?”

    “Just worry about yourself right now, Ghoul,” Show Pony stated softly. “Sit here and breathe; that’s all you need to worry about right now.”

    Ghoul? He gazed at him questionably then heard Mikey cough. He always remembered his grandfather tell him If you’re coughing, you’re still breathing. Frank relaxed hearing coughs coming from his friend nearby.

    Once everything calmed down, he watched the others standing around watching their more than temporary home go down in flames. No one wanted to waste water to put it out. They had two backpacks that Frank carried out with maybe a case worth of bottled water, which would be plenty enough if they used it wisely. Frank weakly watched the concern enter and leave everyone’s face because they all knew who did this in attempt to exterminate them all in one sweep.

    Turning around Gerard, unzipped one of the backpacks and grabbed two bottles of water; he knelt down and gave one to his brother then ventured further back and sat next to Frank. “Don’t you ever scare the poop out of me again, Iero.” He handed Frank the bottle. “Never again.”

    “I had to save Mikey.”

    Gerard gave him a weak stare, “I truly appreciate that Frank. What you did was more than heroic and I thank you. “We could’ve lost both of you.”

    Frank took a few sips of water and sloshed it around in his mouth, “The fire wasn’t moving that fast, at least until we got to the back… The window wouldn’t break.”

    Gerard glanced down at his hands then back up at the smoldering building, “And Korse knew that.” He looked back at his friend, “How’d it begin?”

    “A fire bomb.”

    “The lit liquor bottle?” he asked as Frank nodded. “He has to be wittier than that, but those things can spread quickly.”

    Frank nodded again, “I think we should get out of here, just in case they’re waiting on us out front to rush out screaming.”

    “Maybe they’re hoping to walk in when it’s down to find our bodies?”

    Shrugging, Frank replied softly, “Probably. They almost found mine.”

    “Don’t say that.”

    Glancing at the bulkier part of Gerard’s shoulder, where his bandage was, he smiled weakly, “I’m sorry, man. I won’t say it again.”
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    Stupid Korse I knew that truce was untrue! Yay for Frank being the hero....I need more soon :)
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    N'awww he saved Mikey! :D Iero one letter away from hero! ;P
    Update sooon. :)
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    Chapter 25: Temporary Home Sweet Home

    Every person crowded into the van—the Trans Am was left at the Scarecrow Unit the night Gerard got shot. A few of them had to make themselves comfortable in the floor, while the others crammed into the seats. Gerard’s fiery bangs drifted into his face as the air blowing through Dee’s window. He held on to that moment of cool air as long as he could. It felt wonderful to him and it soothed the gentle pain that come from his healing wound.

    Frank fumbled around in his pockets and found a nearly crumbled package of cigarettes, and lit up one, which was the first one he had smoked in a few days. He could quit, but his philosophy about it told him he could worry about quitting when he runs out; he made sure to crack the back door so he wouldn’t smother anyone.

    Ray and Mikey had fallen asleep. Dee gazed outside of the window, Pony swiftly drove the van across the plains, and Grace was settled down in the seat next to Gerard; everyone made sure she was buckled in due to her being only ten years of age.

    Gerard rested his chin on his knuckles and stared out of the window. Nothing different about the scenery, all of it was dust and dirt. Every now and again, you could make out a small shelter that had been used by some lost soul, but the heat more than likely got to them, if Korse’s crew didn’t first. Just the thought of Korse frustrated him. Carefully, he scratched his wounded shoulder and nearly punched out the window from the pain that shot through his body. Too close… He felt everyone’s eyes glance at him as he settled back down.

    Frank kept looking up at him, since he was sitting in the floor, and did not receive a glance back. He examined the weak expression on his face and wandered if he made him angry earlier. Yes, he knew Gerard was appreciative for him going in after Mikey, but after he made the statement about them almost finding his own body in the smoldering ashes, Gerard’s emotions took a sour turn. Frank crawled to the back and flicked his cigarette out of the hatch then slammed it shut, then settled back into his spot on the floor.

    “Frank, why are you staring at me?” Gerard murmured so low that even Frank barely heard him.

    “I can’t see out of the window and I’m worried,” Frank muttered hoarsely.

    “Why are you worried? I’m no one to worry about,” Gerard snapped quietly as he commenced gnawing on his thumbnail. He looked down at Frank whom changed his gaze to the floor. “Frank?” He noticed Grace was now staring at him, “What?”

    “You need to shut your mouth, Mr. Way.” Her stare morphed into a weak glare. “You’re being mean to Frank. All he’s trying to do is show that he actually cares about one of his friends, and you’re being a butthead about it.”

    “I’m not being a butthead about poop.”

    Frank punched Gerard’s leg, “Don’t cuss at her, you butthole.”

    “I’m not being an as-, “ he gained another punch from his heavily tattooed friend. “What?”

    “You’re not making it any easier on anyone, Gerard,” Frank muttered glaring up at him.

    “Party Poison, stop being a sissy,” Dee stated scratching his head.

    “A sissy? I was shot about a week ago,” Gerard spat.

    “And you think you’re the only one that was hurt that day, don’t ya?” Dee turned around in his seat to look at him. “How do you think everyone feels about you being shot? You almost kicked the bucket because of the radiation poisoning, and your younger brother and one of your best friends almost smothered to death in a fire because Korse threatened everyone.”

    “If I wouldn’t have pissed him off, he probably wouldn’t have threw the fire bomb,” Show Pony mumbled keeping his eye on the plains in front of him.

    “No one is to blame; he would’ve done it anyway, Pony,” Dee stated patting his friend on the shoulder. “See, Pony has been the nicest guy towards any of you, especially you Party Poison and he hasn’t even asked for a thank you.”

    Gerard felt guilty, “Well, it’s a difficult situation, but I really do appreciate everything you’ve done for us Pony.”

    The man blushed and gave him a weak smile through the rear view mirror, “No problem. I’d hope ya’ll would do the same for me.”

    “See, genuine guy right here.” Dee patted his shoulder a few more times. “Now, set back and shut up. We still have a ways to go.”

    Gerard went back to staring out of the window and Frank lied back in attempt to get completely comfortable in the floor.

    It was nearing nightfall, as they hit something Dee referred to as a checkpoint. Everyone had fallen to sleep except for Frank, Dr. D, and Show Pony. He set up and stretched watching the two in the front seat climbing out of the van. Dee opened Gerard’s door and carefully draped him over his shoulder, muttering something about hoping his cane would support the two of them. Pony cracked open Grace’s door and asked Frank if he could carry her. He nodded and crawled over her, and climbed out of the door. He cradled the young girl and followed Dr. D into the small shelter. It had designs spray painted all over it and the inside looked larger than the outside. Dee carefully laid Gerard on a futon that rested against the back wall, while Frank watched him clear off a recliner in the corner. Frank laid her in the recliner and watched Pony lead in the two other passengers that were barely awake. Mikey yawned and glanced at Frank with a weak smile on his face.

    Dee seated himself in a chair that was located behind a desk with a gargantuan amount of equipment on it, “Home sweet home, for now.”

    “Frank?” a voice muttered.

    He turned to find Mikey standing there giving him an emotional expression, “What’s up?”

    “Thanks, dude,” Mikey muttered embracing him.

    Frank was taken by surprise, but gently patted him in return, “No problem. I know you would’ve done the same of anyone else.”

    “I’m so sorry,” he muttered vaguely. “I won’t do it again.”

    “It’s fine, Weezy,” Frank mumbled into his friend’s shoulder, whom was slightly taller than he was.

    Mikey giggled lightly as he let him go, “You guys haven’t called me that in a long time.”

    Frank smiled and patted his shoulder, “Go get some rest, Mikes.” His friend nodded and resigned to a small cot that Pony had set out for them to use.

    Dr. Death propped his feet up on the desk and tinkered with a few of the machines.

    “What are these?” Frank asked sitting down in the chair on the other side of the desk.

    “Radio receivers, inputs, outputs, music, and a microphone; don’t send a message out though. We have to be very cautious and sneaky for them not to find us through a radio signal,” Dee stated tinkering with a smaller radio. “Want some music? I have a huge collection here.”

    “Got anything that’s considered alternative?” Frank asked hesitantly, resituating himself in the chair.

    “Misfits? I’ll have to play it quietly,” he responded pulling out a large stack of CDs and eventually pulling out an album that clearly read, ‘Misfits.’

    “Any volume is nice.”
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    Gerard was being an butt
    But awesome chapter....anxious for more
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    f**king, Mikey is way too adorable for words. <33
    I really love this. I can't wait for more, even though I was spoiled and came over here to find two updates. :)
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    I totally have half of an update typed up, but it's on my laptop; I'm on my aunt's laptop at my grandparents' house. XD
    The update should be up tomorrow night

    Happy Holidays to all of you!
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    I just read the update. Guh, Gee is such a jerk. D:< I love how Grace tells him to stop being mean. XD Happy Holidays! :)
    Update soon. :D
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    Chapter 26: You Wouldn't Understand

    The two month anniversary of the explosion passed by like another forgotten birthday; it wasn’t something to celebrate. The day was spent planning and preparing for anything.

    “Ready!” Dee shouted from the wheelchair he found in the storage room. Gerard, Ray, Mikey, and Frank took aim at glass beer bottles at least twenty feet in front of them. All four of them had something covering the lower half of their faces. “Aim!” The four shut one eye and readied themselves. “Fire!” Lasers shot out of their guns and towards the bottles, only one fell down.

    “Good job, Fun Ghoul! That’s my boy!” Dee exclaimed laughing. “Rest of ya’ll are pathetic.” They shot looks at him, “Don’t be discouraged. Take aim and fire ‘til all four bottles are down. Frank, you can take a water break.” Frank nodded and jogged inside while the others aimed and shot some more.

    Another bottle fell down.

    “Kobra Kid! Water break for you!” Dee shouted pointing at Mikey, who followed Frank inside.

    Another bottle fell down.

    “Jet Star, wonderful! Water break for you, too!” he shouted pointing at Ray, whom also joined the others inside for a bottle of water. “Party Poison!” Gerard glanced over his shoulder and weakly stared at the man. “You’re not focused.”

    “No poop,” Gerard murmured to himself as he closed one eye to aim at the only bottle standing.

    “Take your time,” Dee stated wheeling his chair closer to the redhead. “Breathe…”

    Gerard’s hands trembled lightly as he pulled the trigger. The laser barely tipped the bottle over, “f**k.”

    “It fell over, what more do you want? Go get some water,” Dee stated turning the disgruntled redhead towards the shack and gave him a gentle push in its direction. “Did you want it to talk to you?”

    Gerard stood near the door of the old shack and glared at Dr. Death, “You wouldn’t understand, Dee.”

    “Why wouldn’t I understand?”

    “Because there’s not enough land in f**king California.”

    “What?” Dee made a face and attempted to decipher what he was talking about.

    “I wish this explosion never happened; I miss my family,” Gerard stated firmly.

    “Well, we can’t go back in time and stop it, can we?” Dee muttered pulling at his wheels to move himself forward.

    Gerard never said a word. He didn’t want to say anything following what his friend said. Storming into the shack, he wandered pass his friends and walked into one of the rooms in the back of the building. He didn’t want anything to do with anyone, even though no one truly did anything to him. Seating himself on a bucket, he combed his fingers through his hair and scanned through his thoughts. All he could see were images of his wife and daughter fading. He no longer remembered what their laughs or voices sounded like. No longer could he remember how they loved him. All he could remember were two vague faces that belonged to a woman and an infant that he loved and called his family. He knew he still had his brother, but feared for his safety.
    It's kind of short, but i felt like this chapter said enough for now.
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    Awww poor Gee, I feel so bad for him....
    More soon yes?
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    I shall try my best.
    Two weeks and some odd hours until I return to college.
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    *facepalm* I missed countless updates. Gahhhh.
    I just gotta say, I absolutley love Dr. D. He's just so...awesome. :)
    The fight between Gerard and him was one of my favorite parts. That, and Frankie being a hero and saving Mikey. Your a great writer, ya know.
    And I truly think Gerard needs to grow some balls. He's not a pansy but he whines more than the others.
    Oh, and Grace is adorable. I hate Korse. And I like how you gave Show Pony an important role instead of just being Dr. D's sidekick or something.

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