You Cannot Destroy Me

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    Ahh, even if we do have to wait, it's always worth it. No matter the length. <33
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    Aw. Thank you. =]
    I cannot wait until Dec. 7th; last day of the semester <3
    ("...and the peasants rejoice" as my sister says).
  3. Awesome they found Dr.D. Take your time cause I'm sure we all know what end of year feels like.
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    Yes! Dr.DD >:D Hahaha. Take your time. I'll be waiting as long as it takes. <3 :D
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    I shall update as soon as possible.

    My last Final Exam is Tuesday and I'm helping my brother move into his new house; gotta claim my bedroom just incase I want to run away one day ;)
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    Chapter 19: Light of Day

    "He burns my skin!/ Never mind about the shape I’m in/ I’ll keep you safe tonight!"

    Dr. Death Defying
    was harmless enough. He told them about how everything had come to be; the explosion and how BL/ND had come into play. That place seemed harmless enough until it seemed to have taken over everything and everyone. It first began with dog food, then medication, a nuclear plant, and a mysterious explosion took out most of the nation.

    “So the medication made the citizens mindless zombies?” Ray asked for clarification.

    Dr. Death nodded, “Sadly yes; emotions no longer exist.” He scratched his beard and sighed, “It’s very sad, but those people are now controlled to literally hunt down those with emotions; people like me and you four are the hunted.”

    The room had grown silent. Their new friend had filled them with all of the information they had been looking for and now they wished they did not know everything. Gerard stared at the floor not knowing what else to ask. He had no input.

    “Do we have a chance at getting Grace back?” Frank muttered with an exhausted expression on his face.

    The man shook his head, “That is up to your faith. If I answered the question honestly, I would have to say there’s a slight chance, but there are hundreds of these Dracs out there led by Korse.”

    “So he has a name?” Gerard blurted quietly.

    Dr. Death nodded, “I have a feeling you’ve encountered this fiend?”

    “Yes. They came to take Grace and some poop went down. He had the chance to kill all four of us, but he didn’t.”

    “He’s one to torture and boast about his leadership,” he stated sadly. “Next time may be the last time you’ll see him… And possibly will be the last time you see the light of day.”
    Another short chapter. I just got home from TN and I'm pooped.
    Homework all day tomorrow and my last final exam is Tuesday.
    :w00t: Vacation begins Tuesday evening. haha
    Oh, and the lyric may make more sense with the next chapter or two.
  7. This doesn't sound good.

    (have fun for vacation)
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    Great update! Can't wait for more:)
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    I can't get enough of this story.
    Also can't wait to see how SCARECROW fits in. It's my favorite new song of theirs at the moment.
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    Chapter 20: Scarecrow Unit

    The next day gradually unfolded. The four of them rested and got to know their new foe turned friend. Everyone’s nerves kept them on their toes, especially Frank whom kept to himself and barely moved. The others were antsy and kept walking around to nowhere in particular. The most anxious one of them all, Gerard, wandered around the broken down hotel and ran up and down the stairs.

    “You’re making me tired Party Poison,” Dr. D, as they have begun referring to him as, stated as he watched the red-head run around.

    Gerard gave him an odd look because he truly couldn’t wrap his mind around how he obtained this new nickname, “I’m sorry. I just can’t sit down.”

    “Sit down; you’re wearing me out. Smoke for Heaven’s sake,” Dr. D suggested pointing to a nearby chair next to Mikey. “Communicate…”

    Gerard took his advice and lit up a cigarette, “I’ll obey your request.” He seated himself next to Mikey, who had been staring at his gun for quite some time.

    “When are we going?” he glanced up at his older brother with a questionable gaze.

    Gerard didn’t even know how to answer, “I guess when the sun comes up.”

    “Ya’ll prepared for this?” Dr. D asked gaining looks from the others. “I mean, there’s going to be a poop load of men coming at you.” He scanned each of their faces, “How about we wait a little longer so you guys can prepare yourselves?”


    “Party poison, you’re antsy; Antsy won’t get you anywhere, sunshine,” the man stated taking a long drink from a canteen.

    “Stop calling me that.” He became really defensive really fast. “And how in the hell do you know we’re not ready?”

    “Walk out that door and show me that you are ready for this. Something out there might wake your butt up,” the man stammered knocking on a metal brace that was wrapped around his leg. “Ya want to know how this happened?”

    Gerard commenced walking towards the front door while Ray spoke up, “How?”

    “Trying to save one of my friends… I went to that place in the middle of the day and they shot at me. Of course, I was hit once, but I f**ked my leg up getting my butt out of there,” he explained staring at Gerard. “Come to find out, my friend had turned on me; turned himself into a mindless zombie to save his damned life. To me, I’d rather die free than die with a mask on.”

    Gerard stopped at the door and turned around, “Let’s try it before the sun comes up.”

    “There we go, Party Poison. Do this poop at night; I still think you guys ain’t ready,” he stated taking another drink.

    Gerard begun to believe that, that wasn’t water, “What makes you think I’m not ready?”

    “Where’s your gun?”

    “At my side?” Gerard glanced down and his holster was empty, but when he looked up Dr. Death was yielding it. “How’d you…?”

    “Trust no one.” He slid it across the floor. “Trust me. Grace might be worth saving if you’re this forgetful. Is she your daughter?”

    “No. She’s extended family,” Gerard stated gaining a weak smile from Frank. “If we’re not back…”

    “I’ll call up my peeps.” A smile made itself at home on his face. “They’ll be here faster than you guys shall. We’ll come after you in a few hours. Don’t worry.”

    Everything went pretty fast from then on. They hurried across the street and jumped into the Trans Am, and took off down the street. The vacant buildings were too lifeless; the city seemed to be black and white until… Lights were everywhere. A large gate surrounded a gargantuan facility. Barbed wire spiraled along the top. Gerard drove the car around to the back of the building—security didn’t seem so harsh. A few draculoids guarded the gate. They carefully exited the Trans Am and hid behind a stack of barrels that read, “BL/ind. Better Living Industries.”

    The draculoids were clad in their usual white suites and mad-vampire masks. Gerard despised their uniform. It signified nothing but zombified versions of the people that used to be so full of life. He hadn’t seen any women and hoped they weren’t disposed of.

    Frank slung a rock near the gate and dunked behind a few barrels, “Come on guys.”

    “Hey! Who’s out there?” a voice called from the gate. Gerard watched him reach for his radio and wanted to shoot at him, but Frank stopped him.


    “If you shoot, they’ll find us. If he calls for backup, they’ll be swarming this area; we should go through the front.” Frank’s idea was crazy and reckless but they seemed to like the sound of it.

    They crawled to the end of the barrels and found a hole in the fence. A smile grew on Gerard’s face, “Let’s go in from the side.” The others agreed then crept up to the fence. Gerard crawled through first and scanned the area long enough for the rest of them to crawl through. He had become the reckless one as he approached a glass door with the words, “Scarecrow Unit,” engraved in the center of it. Slowly he opened it and stepped inside to find a draculoid standing right in front of him. The masked man commenced reaching for his gun and radio, but before he had the chance to do anything Mikey grabbed the hair of the mask and shot the person in the chest. He gradually fell to the ground and his mask stayed put in Mikey’s hand.

    The man looked ordinary and normal. Pale skin, brown hair, and clean shaved, but on the inside, the man died long ago. Mikey only murdered his empty shell. Dropping the mask, Mikey glanced at his brother whom had grown silent because he just witnessed his brother kill someone. It finally hit him that this was real. Their guns are lethal.

    “Let’s go,” Frank muttered shoving Gerard and Mikey slightly. “Soon enough they’ll realize they’re one man less. Let’s go.”

    They obediently followed close behind. Gerard eventually found himself up front once again when he stopped at a corner and glanced around the corner. He found another mask; a black smiley face, like the ones on the BL/ind power pup food, with a black horizontal line below it. These looked more serious than the others, which meant that they had to be a ranking system. He heard laughter and glanced back around the corner to find Korse, the Boss. His filthy boots were propped up on the table and he had been laughing about something. Did Korse still have emotions?

    Gerard tensed up and went for his gun, Frank stopped him, again. A subtle footstep came up behind them. Ray turned around to find a man standing there with the newer mask.

    “Intru--!” Ray shot him before he could finish his cry.

    “What was that?” a voice bellowed from down the hall.

    “We’re f**ked,” Gerard stated abruptly as they stepped into the hallway back-to-back.

    Lasers flew left and right. Korse had escaped down a small hallway behind the group of draculoids he had been talking to; apparently, he didn’t mind leaving men behind. All four of them shot all of the men down, surprisingly. They grabbed their guns and wandered down the same hallway Korse disappeared through.

    Soon enough they found a glass room. An Asian woman dressed in a skirt and blazer stood with facing the window with Grace at her feet. A few draculoids sat at computers with multi-screens. Frank eyed the screen and found a video of themselves standing in the hallway and only one of the draculoids took notice. He instinctively fired through the glass and took both of the draculoids out with few shots. The woman spun around and rushed out of the room leaving Grace looking around in terror. Ray and Mikey stood back to cover Frank and Gerard, who rushed into the room.

    Falling to his knees, Gerard brought the young girl into a warming embrace. They’ve found her, but getting all five of them out alive will be a gargantuan task he wasn’t ready for.
    Decided to give you guys a longer chapter before I went to bed. My final final exam is tomorrow. ;) Snow is everywhere, but I must get there!
  11. Brilliant chapter! Good luck with your final exam!
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    I hope they don't die! I'll be sad if they die.....more soon hopefully
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    AH. I love you oodles of noodles. <3
    And I loved these updates!
    And. I love how listening to Danger Days made this even more exciting, which I didn't think was possible!
    ANYWAYS. Good luck at your exam. Kick butt, bby! <3
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    Chapter 21: Pain Like This Shouldn't Exist

    Images flashed through his mind. He felt as if he had lost a game and waited on the gargantuan words to scroll across his vision that read ‘Game Over’. They never appeared. He watched his friends commence waving before they rushed down the hallway with Grace. He had now fallen behind. Jumping to his feet, he jogged behind them and commenced shooting at every enemy that came into view. The exit was so close; Ray and Frank had raced out with Grace as they continued shooting at the draculoids that made it outside. Not too far away was Mikey, who also seemed to be heading towards the door, but waving for him to keep going. He couldn’t understand why his feet felt so heavy. Soon, Mikey had grabbed his arm and an overwhelming pain engulfed his body, but Mikey never let go. He never stopped pulling and tugging; he refused to.

    Outside, a van waited. Dr. D had the door cracked waving for them to hurry. Gerard felt as if his left arm was going to rot off. Mikey nearly slung him into the van before climbing in himself. Lying in the floor, Gerard swayed back and forth with the van’s movement. He could hear nothing but the pinging sound the lasers made as they bounced off of the van with the exception of a few that entered. All he could think about was the burning sensation in the left side of his upper body. Pain like this shouldn’t exist…

    Everything in the van had calmed down. Looking at Gerard, Dr. D sighed, “Damn. Drive faster. We have a code blue, Show Pony.” He eased himself into the floor with Gerard, “Eh, Party Poison. Look at me.” He waved his hand in front of Gerard’s face, “Look at me.”

    “Oh my God,” Mikey’s voice shuttered. “Is he going-“

    “Not if we get him help quickly,” Dr. D stated blankly. “Hey, Party Poison. Look at me. You’re going to make it; just hang in there.”

    Gerard clenched his jaw trying to ignore it, “It hurts.”

    Looking up at the driver—a man were a cut off tank top—and hissed, “Pony, drive faster.”

    “I’m going as fast as this piece of poop will take us,” the man up front snapped. “Are we going to base?”

    “No, they’ll find us there. Take us to zone 6.”

    “You’re pushing your f**king luck.”

    “The med kit is there, jackass,” Dr. D spat hastily before he began taking Gerard’s jacket off. “This’ll hurt very bad; I don’t sugar coat things.” He literally peeled the jacket away which gained multiple hisses from the red head. Making a face, Doctor ripped the sleeve off of Gerard’s shirt and tore the fabric open enough to see the wound. “It’s not close to his heart; good thing those sons of bitches are terrible shots.”

    With not so much detail, it was a large, singed hole where his collar bone met his shoulder. No blood escaped from it, but it still didn’t guarantee the risk of not getting any sort of infection. Gerard squirmed around while D attempted covering it up with a bandana that had been sticking out of his back pocket.

    “I know it doesn’t feel pretty, but with all of this dirt and radiation in the air, I’m afraid to leave it exposed,” he explained quietly as the others sat around with disparate stares on their faces.

    “I’d rather f**king die,” Gerard groaned squeezing his eyes shut. He gained a hard slap to the face from D.

    “Don’t you ever say that.”

    The van grew silent as Gerard glared up at D with tears forming in his eyes. He knew he shouldn’t speak like that, especially with his younger brother and Grace inches away, but he felt as if it needed to be said. D glared down at him and climbed back up to his seat; he was tired of reasoning. Gerard kept his eyes fixated on the man. He barely knew him and he already gained a new perspective, and a sore face.

    Pulling up to a dark building, Mikey tried helping Gerard out of the van, but D stopped him, “Let him do it on his own.”

    “You’re f**king sick,” Mikey snapped as he continued helping his brother out of the van.

    “You want him to live, don’t ya?” D retorted pulling Mikey away from Gerard, who tumbled to the ground. “Let him do it on his own.”

    Lying there in a heap on the dusty ground, Gerard never moved. He gave up. He needed help, but wasn’t getting it. Attempting to gather himself, everything went blank; all he had left was rage with most if it aimed at Dr. Death Defying. Sitting up, he crawled to his feet without using his injured arm and turned to face Dr. Death.

    “You have three seconds to let go of Mikey.”

    The others climbed out of the van and stared. Ray told Grace to go with Show Pony to get some water.


    “What are you going to do to me? Slap me?”

    “Two.” The tension grew rapidly as he clenched his fist. Without saying three, Gerard punched D as hard as he could in the face. Mikey almost fell to the ground with the man, but he pulled away at the last second as all four of them stared at the man lying on the ground. “Now, fix my arm and we’re leaving.”

    “Ask Show Pony; he’s the better doctor,” D stated spitting blood onto the dirt. “I’ll check in on you later.”

    Inside, the building looked no different than the others they had resided in, except for the back room. It looked as though none of the events had phased it, which made it the most sterile room around. Show Pony asked for Gerard to lay down on the metal counter that looked like it once served as a cutting block for a restraunt. The man then used a box cutter to slice through Gerard’s shirt.

    “This will hurt.”

    Staring up at him, Gerard grimaced, “Sugar coat it a little bit.”

    “This will hurt a little bit.”

    “That doesn’t make me feel better about this,” Gerard stated weakly.

    “It’s for your own good though.” He slid gloves onto his hands once he retrieved a large plastic bottle of rubbing alcohol. “I need to clean it before I even touch it.”

    “With that?”

    Pony nodded with a saddened expression, “I’m sorry, but yes. We don’t need or want you to die, especially from an infection.”

    “What would happen if an infection set up?”

    Pony stood back for a moment and poured a small amount of the liquid on his gloves, “If the radiation gets to it, which would be the first thing that would, you’ll get an extremely high fever. Large blisters will form around your wound, and you’ll dehydrate.”

    “How long would it take to… ya know?” Gerard asked hesitantly watching Pony aim the bottle of rubbing alcohol over his wound.

    Placing a cloth between Gerard’s teeth, “Bite down on this and to answer your question, it depends on how bad it gets. Sorry I cannot be any clearer. Concentrate on something more pleasant. Please.” His voice was serious and full of concern as he carefully poured the alcohol right on target.

    Mikey sat outside the door and heard only painful groans from his brother and subtle coos from the stranger. It tore his insides up as he began wishing he could trade places with his brother. No, he didn’t put the blame on Grace for his brother’s injury because it was truly the Scarecrow Unit that did this to him. He buried his face into his hands, praying that it would be over soon.

    “I’m sorry, Mikey,” a weak voice stated.

    Looking up, his eyes landed on a small girl, “It’s not your fault, Grace.”

    “If I would’ve hid better, you guys wouldn’t have come after me.”

    “No. It’s no one’s fault, except for the people that shot him,” Mikey muttered hearing a gut-wrenching sound come from the other room. “I wish it happened to me; he wouldn’t be in so much pain.”


    “Grace, come sit with me. Mikey needs some time alone,” Frank suggested lightly extending his hand towards her. The young girl followed Frank into another room, leaving Mikey sitting in front of the door.

    Pony finally exited the room and stood in front of him for a moment, “He’s asleep, but you could go in if you want. I tried to make it as easy on him as I could.”

    Mikey looked up at him and conjured up a weak smile, “I appreciate that.”

    “If it weren’t for you, he probably wouldn’t have made it out alive, kid.” He patted Mikey’s shoulder then disappeared into the other room to join the others.
    This chapter became longer than I expected it to get.
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    Poor Gee, that would hurt so bad.
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    Chapter 22: Radioactive

    The night was nearly over and no one had spoken a word. Show Pony advised for them to keep Gerard in the back room because the radiation would make him deathly ill and he seemed very concerned about the mere thought of his death. Mikey refused to move from the metal-fold out chair next to his brother, who never moved from the counter. His skin had grown a lighter shade and it looked sweaty. Mikey worried himself believing the radiation had already gotten to his brother. He turned and leaned his back against the counter so he wouldn’t stare at his sleeping brother.

    A cold hand gripped his shoulder. He quickly looked over his shoulder and saw Gerard staring up at the ceiling. Mikey believed he was just frightened or probably needed something. Standing up, Mikey took his brother’s hand and wiped sweat from his face, “You’re burning up. Do you want some water?”

    “And a bucket.”

    “Okay. I’ll be back in a few minutes,” Mikey stammered as he jogged out of the room. He rushed over to the box of water, grabbed a bottle, and found a bucket near the door.

    “What’s going on?” Show Pony asked cautiously.

    “I think he’s getting sick,” Mikey murmured heavily. “He can’t get sick.”

    “I’ll come and check him out,” he responded lightly following Mikey into the back room. He could see the sweat drizzling down the redhead’s face. “I didn’t think he was exposed to too much…”

    Both of them assisted Gerard up from the counter and sat him in the chair with the bucket between his knees. Mikey handed him the water and watched him take a few sips before he bent over to spit into the bucket. He wiped sweat away from his face and neck then gave Pony and Mikey a weak gaze.

    “I’m fine. I’m just nauseas.” His palm never left his forehead. “It’s so f**king hot.”

    “Do you have a sticky feeling in your mouth?” Pony asked worriedly.

    “Yes. It’s making it hard to swallow and breath,” Gerard replied honestly. “I’m also burning up, clammy, and nauseas.” He gagged, but refused to let anything come out. “I’m so thirsty.” He took a few sips of water.

    “Are you dizzy or weak?” Pony questioned with a more worried expression as he kneeled down to check Gerard’s pulse.

    “Kind of dizzy, not very weak feeling,” he replied setting the bucket on the floor and sipped at his water. Pony checked his wound. “What’s going on?”

    “Are you disoriented feeling?”

    “Just dizzy and burning up now; my nauseas feeling passed.”

    “It could be radiation poisoning… Everyone’s been exposed to it so much lately because of the explosion. Zone 6 has the highest levels of radiation; that’s why I was angry when D told me to bring you guys here,” Pony explained timing his pulse using a pocket watch. “Your pulse is a little high, but it’s probably from your nausea. I’m seriously going to start you on antibiotics right now. I’ll go out and get more tomorrow.”

    “What if that doesn’t work?” Gerard asked forgetting Mikey was standing behind him.

    “If it doesn’t work, we’ll have to go to extreme measures, but let’s not talk about that now,” Pony responded vaguely as he commenced rummaging through drawers. “I know I put them somewhere.”

    “What would have to be done?”

    “ARS, if not treated quickly, can kill white blood cells and destroy bone marrow. Other things that could happen is permanent hair loss amongst other things,” Dr. D stated shutting the door behind him. “Frank told me you were sick.”

    “What kind of antibiotics are you using?”

    “Are you afraid of needles?” Pony asked pulling a kit out of the bottom drawer.

    “Yes,” Gerard stammered looking back at his brother.

    “How about I say the only antibiotics we have are bee stings?” he replied hiding a syringe he pulled out of the kit and was now extracting liquid from a bottle.

    Gerard turned around to face his brother, “Do it without telling me.”

    “It has to go into your collar area because I’m pretty sure that’s where the poisoning is coming from,” Pony stated preparing himself to give Gerard the shot. “Think of something happier and pleasant.” Mikey grasped one of his brother’s hands and watched the needle get closer and closer to his brother’s shoulder.

    “Count it down for him; he has a gargantuan fear of needles,” Mikey stated softly.

    “3…2…” Pony pinched a small section of skin where Gerard’s shoulder met his neck. “One.” He inserted the needle, gradually emptied the liquid into his shoulder, and then pulled the needle out. “Not too bad, right?”

    “Not really,” Gerard stated in a defeated tone.

    “Now, Party Poison, you have to play bubble boy for a few days; can you handle that?” Dr. D stated grimly. “We’ll bring your food, which must be canned because I cannot afford to even risk anymore radiation exposure, especially with your injury.”
    =] I decided to put another chapter up. I was bored and remembered some more information on "Acute Radiation Syndrome"; I did some research on it with my brother a few years ago because he started working at the hospital. He fills me with random information on radiation and medication.
  18. Ah poop. He's gonna be okay right? I feel bad for him
    More soon okay?
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    Gee can't get radiation poisoning! I feel so bad for him...more soon?
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    I f**king love this.
    I really hope Gerard's gonna be okay. You wrote that perfectly, by the way, what with Mikey's concern and all. <3

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