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    BAM! I WANT UPDATES! Please? I just realised I stopped getting emails that told me there was a new chapter <shakes fist at sky>
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    Well howdy! This story is great I love it! More soon?
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    Chapter 35 - 'Tis the season - Part 2

    I realise I have been shitty on the updates.


    We have two chapters to go and I just.. To be honest, I completely abandoned this fic for my newer one, and I regret it so much.
    Here's the next update, don't kill me, Maryam ?? :wub:

    And NEW READER !! I'm sorry you had to join at the point I got shitty with updates !! Much love, I hope you enjoy what's left !! :unsure:

    Chapter 35 - 'Tis The Season - Part 2

    [Megan's POV]

    We arrive home half an hour later than expected, probably due to Maryam f**king around in the toy aisle, but what we are greeted with serves us just right.
    "Gerard !! Oh my god !!" Me and Maryam both scream in unison as he hands me coffee, and her hot chocolate.
    I hug him tightly before starting on the warm beverage.

    Christmas eve. One of my absolute favourite times of the year, by far.
    I remove my jacket and scarf and head for the sofa.
    Frank and Gerard have managed to splay themselves wuite magnificently across the entire thing.
    I slap them both on the legs before sitting down between them, sipping my coffee happily and grinning when Gerard pulls me to his chest.

    Frank flips channels twice before finding the movie he wants.
    A Nightmare Before Christmas.
    "It's always on. If not at Christmas, then Halloween. It's the best film, for the best two days of the year." He explains happily, before leaning his back on me and Gerard, swinging his legs over the arm rest and shifting to get comfortable.
    I glance at Gerard, who just smiles and shakes his head before kissing me on the forehead.
    The next thing I know, I'm drifting off to sleep between two of the most important people in my life right now. All I need is Maryam on my lap and it'd be perfect.

    I wake up several hours later to find Gerard wrapped around me on the sofa. The lights are off, and outside is pitch black.
    I feel Gerard moving, and keep as still as I can.
    He's talking, I can feel it in his chest..

    "f**k.. how and I gonna get through this ??" He says, clearly to himself, and not to me. "I know they're there, but in all honestly, how can they f**king help me ??"
    He must have felt me stir.
    "Megan ??"
    I lay as still as I can, breathing deeply again. He forgets.
    "I know. But she doesn't know either.. I'm more of a f**king freak than she is. I always will be. And what if I got f**king immortality and she didnt ?? -Sure, you say that, but how can you be so f**king sure ??"
    He's barely talking above a whisper, but you can hear the tears in his voice.
    "Frank says he can help us. He says he knows people.. I know it's a long shot, but f**k, I just wanna be normal, don't you ?? No, I won't stop hearing you. They can't reverse this.. Just make it.. More real. So you know.. We age.. We live.. -Yes, and we'd be able to die. But it's f**king worth it."

    He's silent for about 10 minutes. I know, I counted.
    "f**k, Megan.." he breathes out my name, oblivious to me being able to hear him. "How the f**k are we gonna do this ??"
    I can't stay silent any longer. I move in his arms to face him. Eyes still closed.
    "We'll get through this, Gerard. I promise." I whisper, before placing a sleepy kiss on his lips. He smiles slightly.
    "I love you." He says honestly. Like he'd never been so sure of something in his life.
    "I love you too." I reply, smiling, and cudding back against his chest, facing him.

    We wake up to the sound of Frank screaming down the stairs, Gerard raising his hands protectively over my ears and kissing me on the head, before turning to Frank.
    "Frankie. Dude, shut up." He croaks out, voice strained from lack of sleep.
    "It's cool, I'm up." I reply, sitting up next to Gerard and rubbing my eyes.
    "YES. EVERYONE. UP." Frank screams up the stairs.
    "f**k YOU, SHORTASS." Is Maryam's reply, not entirely unexpected. I smile and kiss Gerard, lingering for longer than I should have, before prying myself reluctantly off the sofa and away from the warmth.

    The majority of the day goes by uneventful.
    Maryam got to give Mikey his unicorn, which he pretended e was happy for, but inside, he was a dying fangirling ball of orgasms and rainbows.
    I got to give Gerard his Warhammer, and he gave me a handmade Panda toy.
    Needless to say, I practically raped him over it.
    Frankie got a scarf and hat combo from his mother.
    Ray got an afro comb from Frankie, who grinned madly.
    Frank got me a secret decaf-stash-cupboard, which he had to pull me aside into the kitchen to show me. It was an attachment behind the actual coffee cupboard.

    When it came round to christmas lunch, we were all pretty exhausted. We end up all sat round the table, chatting and laughing. Ray cooked all the food, naturally.
    Frank's wearing his party hat he got out of a cracker, so are Maryam and Mikey. They're laughing at Ray's failed attempt to fit his over his mass of hair.
    I feel an arm wrap around me, I look to my side to see Gerard in a santa hat smiling warmly at me, his skin looks less pale and tortured now, more like.. Well, more like Gerard. I smile back and put my head on his shoulder.
    Ray disappears into the kitchen to bring out the dessert.
    A choice between christmas pudding and chocolate log.
    Everyone but Frank and Ray go for the log, claiming "pudding's bigger."
    Frank and Ray have a race to see who finishes their half of the pudding first.
    We all laugh as Ray begins choking while Frank shoves the last piece into his mouth, raising his arms in triumph as he swallows it.
    We're all laughing, Frank's hitting Ray on the back.
    Maryam's sat on Mikey's lap, almost crying with laughter.
    Gerard laughs a bit and kisses me on the forehead before checking on Ray and going to get him a drink.
    Gerard returns and hands the drink to Ray, before whispering to Maryam.
    Maryam nods, smiling at me warmly as I blush.
    She begins talking to Mikey in whispered tones. Mikey looks shocked and whispers to Frank. Frank returns the shocked look and grins at me.
    Ray's drinking the water and almost spits it out as Frank relays the secret to him.
    Gerard walks back in and looks to each of them.
    They're all nodding and surpressing laughter.
    Gerard walks over to me and takes my hand.
    He kneels down in front of me and produces a simple ring.
    He knows I don't like anything flashy.
    The ring is golden, with a silver lining, with two red tinted diamonds on it, about 2mm each.
    He smiles warmly at me as everyone starts cheering and crying.
    Gerard places the ring on my finger and kisses me.
    Just a long, meaningful kiss.
    It surprises me at first, but as I relax, tears start falling down my face.
    I love him.
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    Chapter 36 - New Beginnings.

    Last Chapter.
    Group Hug.


    Chapter 35 - New Beginnings.

    [Narrator POV]

    Winter passes and turns into Spring, and Spring to Summer.
    Frank fixes Gerard and Megan up with some kind of treatment from "some guy he knows from school" that means they can actually age like everyone else. Which, despite immortality being so popular, Megan and Gerard are overjoyed about.
    Gerard still gets weak in sunlight, but only minorly, and he's gaining more strength each day. He's quit drinking now, and looks alot more like his old self, if not healthier, and happier.

    Megan and Maryam have spent the last two months planning their weddings, deciding they "totally had to be cliché" and have a joined wedding, much to Gerard and Mikey's liking. They always have liked making big decisions together.

    The wedding isn't big. Just a few close friends and family members.
    Gerard and Mikey's mother greets the brides warmly for the first time, taking an instant liking to them, and telling them they look absolutely gorgeous. Which they do.

    They all write their own vows. The majority of which the normal people in the crowd won't comprehend or understand. The little secrets between two sets of lovers, and five friends in the crowd.
    Five, you ask ??
    Amy's there, too. As Megan's guest, for being there when nobody else was.
    Bert is there, as Gerard's guest, for sacrificing himself for them all. His brand new wheelchair gleaming in the sunlight of the approaching Autumn. He may never walk again, but he considers it a victory, still.
    And Becka is with them in spirit, though none but Gerard really know that. He turns his head up to the sky briefly and says 'Thank you' to her, and he swears for a moment he heard her reply.

    Frank and Ray are there, of course. Frank is Gerard's best man, and Ray Mikey's.
    They're sat at the front row, beaming, tears unhidden from the world as two of their best friends marry the loves of their lives.

    Frank has brought Tabitha, and Ray has Chloe.
    Neither of the girls know what went on, but they respect their boyfriend's privacy, and don't ask any questions.

    The wedding is over far too soon, and the couples head off on their honeymoon.
    They've joined that, aswell. And it's not one of the traditional honeymoons.
    The whole group goes along.
    Gerard and Megan, Mikey and Maryam, Frank, and Ray.
    Amy refused to come with them, claiming she just wanted to be home from now on, and Bert refused to come due to just being a "complete pain in the butt." according to Gerard.

    The six friends enjoy their time together. They don't go anywhere special, really. Just to Devon in the UK, to stay with a friend of Megans, Emily, who knows exactly what's been going on, though Frank doesn't understand how.
    "They're women." Gerard explains plainly when Frank brings up the topic with him. He supposes it makes sense.

    This isn't going to be some cheesy ending of a love story where they share their experiences down generations of generations. No. They don't want to have to relive the whole ordeal.
    Though Gerard and Megan have to, every day of their lives.

    The couples both have babies at around the same time, mere hours apart.
    Maryam and Mikey have a son at 08:54 on the 28th December, who they name Alex Tom Way, for reason unknown to even Maryam, who picked the name.
    And Megan and Gerard have a daughter at 23:06, on the 28th December, who they name Becka Elena Way. Gerard smiling gratefully when Megan suggests it, cradling the newborn and staring lovingly into her Hazel-Green eyes.
    They have the faintest hint of red around the edges.


    To all the people who stuck by this story from the beginning: Thank you.
    You're the reason I came back and finished it.

    Maryam, Amy, Becka, Tabitha and Chloe. (I hope to god that's all of you. If not, let me know, because I say this to you all.) Thankyou for being in this story. It wasn't me writing you in, it was you, finding your own way into this mess, and bringing our boys back out clean. I couldn't have done this without your help.

    Thankyou for waiting for me to finish it, if you did.
    I'm sorry about leaving for so long, but I had some poop to sort out, and I just didn't feel like writing such a love filled fanfic at the time.
    If you've seen 'Obsession' - you'll understand where my frustration came out.

    I hope to see you all around the page, and maybe even on another of my stories.
    Until next time, stay beautiful, keep it ugly, keep running (towards your goals, not away from your problems), and don't forget to be awesome. Because you all are.

    Peace out.

    xoxo Megan.

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    OMG you have no idea how much i fan-girl-ed when i saw you updated! :D
    I'm sad that it's over, but hey, every fic has to end at some time, ey?
    It was truly beautiful, and i had a tear in my eye. :'(
    I'm glad i did wait for the ending because as i said it was beautiful, I wouldn't have left this anyway. It was too amazing :)
    You really deserve fan-fic writer of the month, i would so vote for you if i knew how to O.e
    Again, amazing and i'll stick to reading your other fic, good luck with that in the future :)
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    ^ Aww thankyou =')
    I'm glad you liked the ending.. I decided I couldn't just leave it how it was..
    Never start something unless you can finish it, right ?? ^_^
    Much love, about to update my other one, aswell.. =')
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    I love you ever so much. OMG YOU PUT EMILY IN THIS!
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    Oh yeah...
    I loved being Ray's girlfriend x'D

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