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    I suppose I owe you guys an update.. ;)
    It broke my heart to write, just so you know.

    Chapter 28

    "And they just banned you from seeing him ?? Just like that ??" Emily questions, passing the cigarette straight from Amber to you, past herself. Her eyebrows are creased in the middle, and the look on her face is somewhere between confusion and hatred. The small park merry-go-round you're perched on creaks with the unwelcome movement of you shifting.
    You place the roll-up in your mouth and nod, pulling down the sleeves of the leather jacket so they almost cover your hands. You inhale deeply before Ash plucks the treasure from your lips to place between his own.

    "That's just.. Ergh." Emily says, shaking her head.
    "I think the word you're looking for is 'rough'." Amber says, reaching over to pat you on the shoulder.
    You grunt in response. It's been a week since the argument, and you've only just been let out of your house.

    "Frank, I don't mean to alarm you. But isn't he the one you're avoiding at all costs ??"
    You look up to see Gerard walking round the corner.
    "poop, hide me, now. I'm not here, you don't know where I am." You ramble off, as Amber shoves you into the hedges by the side of your current seat. You land in a ditch surrounded by shrubbery, and possibly parts of bodies long since dumped. You shudder and pull your arms close to you.

    You can just about hear the park gate swing open and footsteps crunching the leaves of the recent fall.
    "Hey, guys ??" Says an all too familiar voice. It's tinged with exhaustion and maybe even panic.
    "Hey, Gerard, What's up ??" You hear Emily say. You make out the noise of the park apparatus creaking as weight is shifted from it.
    "Do you guys know where Frank is ?? I've been looking for him all week.. And I just.. Yeah.." He trails off, you hear more rustling, like a boot scraping the hard, leaf covered ground.
    It's all you can do not to jump up and reveal yourself. You need to stay low. You can't risk this even more.

    "No, Gerard, I'm really sorry. Erm.. We haven't seen Frankie in a while actually.. I'll.. Let him know you're looking for him.. If I see him.. Which I might not.. You know.." Ash responds. You facepalm, rustling alot of leaves in the process, and immediately duck down in time to see Gerard peering over Emily's shoulder at your hiding place. You stay still and he turns back to the group.

    "Isn't that his bag..??" Gerard says.
    poop. You left your Misfits bag up there by Emily.
    "Yeah, I'm borrowing it so I can have all my stuff with me, I'm staying round Amber's tonight. He lent me it last week and I kinda forgot to give it back.. Might aswell make the most of it, hey ??" Emily says casually. God, you love her.
    "Oh, right.. Okay. Well, if you see him, tell him I'm looking for him, yeah ??"
    "Will do, Gee, take care of yourself, Honey." Another creak, probably Emily giving Gerard a hug.

    You feel two skinny arms lifting you out of the ditch, and look up into Ash's concerned, but half smiling face.
    You sit down in silence, head hanging low, tugging at the sleeves of Gerard's jacket again, so they reach your fingertips.
    Not a word is said of Gerard's visit, but Emily puts her arm round you and pulls your head to her shoulder for the remainder of the time you spend in the park.
    You don't know what they're talking about now.. Maybe videogames ?? All you can see in your mind is the image of Gerard walking the streets of Jersey alone.
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    Whaaaa? Wouldn't Frank want to see Gerard? o_O
    I know if I was him, I would want to. But thats just me.

    Anyways, I really hope Frankie finds some way to get to Gerard. Because, I don't know why, but I have this feeling he's gonna go insane without him..?

    Oh, you kinda made my heart shatter into a million f**king pieces, thanks. :'c

    Sorry I've like, disappeared, but I kinda don't have a computer any more. My charger got all f**ked up, and we can't get a replacement yet.
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    It's cool, just good to know you're still alive. =D

    And Frank may want to see him, but it's complicated, as we shall see later.. ;3

    Comment when you can, just good to know you're still out there. =D

    Updates soon. Promise !!
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    *sorry im insane**
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    OMMGG D:
    You could deny your parents ffs... D:
    Ommggg, please update soon D:
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    *New Reader*
    Okay, so this is freaking amazing. I love it so much. So, please, don't ever stop! :)
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    Rowen, Kool-Aid, Ninja ??: I love new readers. They're better than crack. I also love your display picture. Lion King ftw. <3 And for as long as my brain keeps spilling this story out, I will not stop writing. ;D

    Chapter 29

    You wake up cold and alone. You think nothing of it. You've woken up this way every morning this week, on the sofa, still in your clothes, the TV giving out nothing but white noise and a display of "Programmes start at 7am."

    You rub your eyes and sit up, stretching as far as your tensed muscles will allow. You like being short, purely for the fact you can stretch out fully on the sofa with hardly any trouble..
    You dad walks out of the kitchen and ruffles your hair, sitting down in the chair opposite.

    "You slept all night out here again ??" He says, as you swing your legs over the side of the sofa and brace your elbows on your legs, holding your head in your hands. Your hair is a mess, the short parts sticking up at all angles and your fringe clumped and messy on one side where you slept. You manage to nod. "Frank.. You need some sleep in your own bed for once. Your mom isn't gonna keep accepting that you made your bed every morning."

    You laugh softly, causing you to enter one of your famous hug-inducing coughing fits. Your dad just reaches over and pats you on the back.
    "I'm serious, Frankie. You sleep out here every night wearing that damn jacket. I get that you're upset, but your mother isn't budging on this one, come on. Don't make this harder on me than it already is.. Please ??"

    You know he's serious, but you laugh anyway.
    You love him dearly, I mean, you're named after him, but he doesn't get it, not completely.
    "Just try and sleep in your own bed tonight, please ??" He looks at you, then, begging you to just try and help him on this one.
    "Fine, sure, whatever." You say, your voice coming out scratchy and dry.

    "And for God's sake, get a drink." he says, smiling and ruffling your hair as he stands up, "I'm off to work, see you later, son."
    "Seeya dad." You say, hauling yourself off the couch and into the kitchen.
    You start up the kettle. Your mother's bought instant coffee for once.
    You finish your coffee and go into the bathroom to try and do something about your hair.

    The day passes extremely uneventful. Your mother questions you about your room being so tidy, and you spurt off come lies about how you want to keep it clean incase people come over, and you spend the rest of the day with Emily on the sofa while she casts worrying glances at you over her cup of hot chocolate.

    When Emily leaves, it's about time to go to bed. Your mother is already asleep, but your dad is sat in the living room with you, as you both sort out reciepts and bills on the small coffee table.
    "Frank, go on, I can finish up here." You dad smiles at you, and you place down the papers you're holding and walk up the stairs to your room.

    You walk into your room. It is cold and empty.
    All your stuff is exactly as you left it for the last few.. days ?? Weeks ?? You don't know.
    Your eyes play tricks with you as you shut the door.
    You can see him. His outline, at least, stood before you as he was that night. But he's.. Different.

    He's fully dressed, and smiling, the air where he's standing is shaking with the effort of keeping his image there.
    He walks to you, still smiling and wearing his leather jacket. He walks up to you, his face inches from yours, and reaches up, cupping your face in his right hand as he braces his other against the door next to your right shoulder.

    He's still smiling, his breath cool on your face, the cold leather of his gloves resting against your skin.
    His black, matted hair is falling slightly infront of his face, which is pale, the skin around his eyes smudged with messy black eyeliner.
    He's wearing skinny jeans, which you can almost feel pressed against your own jeans, hip to knee.
    You look down at yourself, realising you are still wearing the jacket. And close your eyes to the image of Gerard wearing it before you.

    Your hands are splayed out behind you on the door, which you've now locked, and you push yourself forward, through the mirage of Gerard your mind seems to be torturing you with. The image of him shakes with the effort, and is gone by the time you reach your bed and turn around.
    You are breathing heavily, eyes still fixed on where he was. So close.

    You fall back on your bed, still fully dressed, and that's the last thing you remember.
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    but seriously if you love us frank and gerard should find a way to be together :) :) :)
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    ^ Well.. I do love you guys..

    Chapter 30

    You're sat in the coffee shop down the high street, listening to Ash and Amber argue about some band called Black Veil Brides.
    Ash is fully convinced they're the best thing since sliced f**king bread.
    Amber thinks Panic! At the Disco are.
    Emily's just laughing at them both, sat opposite you.
    You're against the window, Ash sat next to you, gesturing wildly to Amber next to Emily.
    You rest your head on the cool glass and stare down into your little foam cup of coffee.
    Emily nudges your foot and you look up, she send you a look that means 'are you okay' and you send one back saying 'yeah, just need some fresh air'. She nods.

    You squeeze past Ash and ignore all their glances as you walk out of the door and turn right, heading back to the house.
    You pass the bookstore, your eyes fixed to the floor.
    You're almost out of the high street as a person bumps into your shoulder, they stop and apologise, you do aswell.
    Until you both look up.
    You hold your gaze for a split second. His hazel eyes growing angrier with each moment.

    He shoves past you again, forcefully this time.
    "Gerard, wait !!" You call after him, but he's rounded the corner to the bookstore already, and you're left, alone on the sidewalk again.
    You pull the jacket closer together and do it up. You forgot you were wearing it.
    You pull the sleeves over your hands and cross your arms. The wind's picking up now, it's the kind of weather where your mother would be saying it's time for snow..

    You get home and slam yourself down onto the couch.
    "Frank, is that you ??" Your mother calls from the kitchen, not waiting for an answer, she continues, "It's about time for snow, don't you think ??"
    Your mother may be the cause of all this torture, but you smile despite yourself.
    "And there we go. Snow time !!" She calls, coming out from the kitchen with a tray with two drinks and some biscuits on. "Weren't you going out with your friends, sweetheart ??" She says, handing you a mug of hot chocolate.
    "I was. Came home." You answer, placing the mug back on the coffee table and sitting up slightly.
    "Sweetheart, what's wrong ??"
    Your mother may have caused it, but right now, all you need is a motherly hug and some sound advice.

    You turn as your mother sits next to you. She just holds you.
    You tell her what happened, from the coffee shop to the minute you got home. You don't mention it was Gerard, just that it was a friend who's upset with you for not seeing them more.

    "Well, sweetheart, if you want to see them more, don't let anything stand in your way," she says, with so idea of how much rebellion she's stirring in you, "and let them see that you haven't forgotten about them, and they mean just as much to you as the others."
    "More." You whisper, barely audible.
    "More ??" Your mother questions, rubbing your shoulder comfortingly.
    "Yeah.. They mean more to me."
    "Well then, you'd better sort this out." She smiles, rubbing your shoulders and standing up, walking back out into the kitchen.

    "I'd better sort this out." You agree. Smiling to yourself as you sip your hot chocolate. You always did feel better after talking to your mother.
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    ooooohhhh Frank go on mate!
    but Gerard.. why?? :'(

    still love it <3
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    I kinda like Frank's mom now... Even if she don't know what's she's doing Looool
    But yeah, awesome update :')
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    Seeing as it's Franklin's birthday, I must update.
    The timing of this sotry should really have been better thought out, because at the moment, Frank's birthday isn't for like, 11 or so more chapters.. So I can't even do a birthday special..

    Infact, screw it, updates will commence now, ending with the Halloween update(s).
    So here we go, every half hour or so, I will update once or twice, depending on length.
    So here we go, you ready ?? Chapters 31 to 42 begin.... NOW.

    Chapter 31

    You wake up in bed, the covers twisted awkwardly around your gangly frame. Someone is banging loudly on your door.
    "S'open !!" You call, attempting to free your leg from the covers.
    Your younger brother walks in, fully dressed for school and carrying two mugs of steaming mouth orgasm.. erm.. coffee.

    "Gee, come on, you have to get up for school or mom's gonna flip." He says calmly, placing your coffee on your bedside table and leaving the room.

    You flop back down on your bed, running your hands over your face. School, for the first time in weeks after the pipes burst. This was not going to be fun alone.


    You wake up on your couch again, your father shaking you firmly by the shoulders.
    "Time to get up, Frank. Get dressed, I'm driving you to school." He smiles before leaving you to get up.

    You dress in silence, thinking of what you can do today.. You could try talking to Gerard.. Sorting this out once and for all..
    Yeah. You have to talk to him. No matter what happens, he has to know.

    You get into your dad's car and drive the short drive to school, before walking through the maze of corridors to your form room.
    Gerard is in there, you can feel it before you even push open the door.
    Sure enough, there he is, sat in his place next to yours. He doesn't look up.

    You move around him silently and sit down.
    "Gerard, I-" You start, as you are cut off by him standing up, grabbing his books, and moving to the complete other side of the room.
    You hang your head in your hands. This was going to be a long f**king day..

    First lesson, English.

    Gerard is sat at the far back of the room, as opposed to your usual seats at the front right.
    You glance over at him, and he nonchalantly places his bags on the seat next to him before turning back to his work.

    Second lesson. Maths.

    You and Gerard are forced to sit together, due to lack of space, but the boy does nothing to listen to you through half the lesson you sat on his left, before excusing himself to see the nurse due to a "bad headache" and an "annoying ringing noise in his left ear.."
    You growl almost inaudibly before turning back to your work.

    Break time.

    You go to your usual spot with Ash, Amber and Emily. Gerard is sat with them, and gets up almost as soon as you appear. You can't find him for the rest of break.
    "Sweetheart, he's just upset." Emily coo's in your ear as she hugs you on the cold ground.
    "Did he say anything ??" You ask nobody in particular.
    "....No," Ash eventually answers, "just that he didn't wanna talk about it."
    You sigh in frustration and stand up as the bell goes.

    Third lesson. Science.

    Gerard appears halfway through the lesson, handing a poorly scribbled note to the teacher before joining you at your project desk.
    He doesn't talk, just gets on with the work, handing you a beaker of orange juice for your own experiment.
    "Gerard ??" You try, eying him carefully through plastic goggles.
    "Working." He answers shortly, pouring some kind of purple liquid into some kind of foam. It fizzes slightly, before dying out.
    He ignored you for the remainder of the lesson, every now and then giving you short, angry answers to your Science-project-related-questions, as you would to a partner you didn't really know.
    You guess he doesn't really know you.

    Fourth lesson: Music.

    You sit on opposite sides of the room, Gerard scribbling furiously at lyric sheets while you pluck nervously at your guitar.
    During the lesson, an old friend of yours, Bert, comes up to you and sits down, playing briefly with the keys on the keyboard before turning to you.

    "What happened with you and Way ??" He asks, not rudely, but enough to make you want to punch him.
    "Long story, bro. Got alot of poop to sort out." You sigh, plucking out a few of the chords from Pretty Handsome Awkward and smiling slightly when Bert begins humming along, he helped alot with that song..
    "Hope you guys sort things out. It's wierd not seeing you both curled up in the little corner obsessing over obscure bands together. Match made in heaven, I swear." Bert laughs jokingly, squeezing your shoulder and winking slightly before wandering back to your group.

    You smile to yourself for a while, before looking back over at Gerard, who's totally not writing lyrics anymore. You recognise that expression anywhere. The guy is drawing on the lyric sheets.
    You smile faintly before an idea strikes. Lunch is next.

    Last lesson is a free period.
    You know now that's the only time you'll get to talk to him when you're completely on your own. And you know for a fact that next period he's going to be the only one in Art.
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    Tdfstfyvbsugvb dfhbvn hgv
    More updaptes? Omg, you're amazing :3
    But you kinda need to make Gee talk to Frankie, yeah? ;D
    I loved the ending, with lil' Bertie x'D
    Please give us more? D:
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    poop guys, I know I promised the Halloween special up tonight, but I can't do it.. I've been dead for the last few hours and I'm stuck under this pile of poop to finish..
    Here's a double update, forgive me ?? ='(

    Chapter 32

    After-lunch registration finishes, and your class heads off for free period.
    Some guys head home, others head out to the field.
    You ruffle your black, slightly greasy hair. It's getting long, you realise.. You'll get Mikey to cut it later.
    You head straight for your art room, wanting peace and quiet. As you push open the doors, he's sat there at your Art table.
    You scoff and sit on the far side of the room, away from the cause of your frustration.
    You swear, it's like he finds you fast enough to rival the Eye of Sauron..

    After around 10 minutes of silence.
    "FOR f**k'S SAKE GERARD. JUST LET ME TALK TO YOU." You flich slightly as Frank screams across the class to you.
    You don't move or reply.
    You hear him growl before being yanked up off your chair by your arm and dragged to the back of the room and into the store cupboard.
    Frank shuts the door and throws you into the corner of the tight space, your back collides with a corner shalf and you supress a hiss of pain.

    Just as you think it's over, Frank's pinning you back against the wall, right in your face, before throwing you back, still holding on to your blazer as he screams.

    You stand there in shocked silence for what feels like an hour, but was probably only a few seconds, looking down at the boy who suddenly seems so much bigger compared to you.
    You regain composure before answering him shortly.
    "Fine. Explain." You practically hiss, more of a comand than anything. You feel your jaw clench, as Frank lets go of you and turns around, hands behind his head, fingers entwined, he lets out a deep breath and turns back to you.

    "After your mom came over.." Frank starts, partially regaining composure and wiping away the tear trails, smudging his eyeliner further, "My folks wanted a little chat with me.."

    He relays everything that had happened between that night and today, meanwhile, you get more and more speechless, to the point where you just feel like shooting yourself for being such a dick..
    When Frank is finished, his tears are flowing freely now, his cheeks streaked with eyeliner. You resist the urge to reach up and wipe them away.
    He slumps down onto the floor, back to the back wall of the cupboard, facing the door.. He shakes with heartbreaking sobs.
    You swallow your pride and lower yourself down next to him, bringing your arm around his shoulders.

    "I'm sorry, Frankie.." You say, mostly into his hair, voice on the edge of breaking "I- I didn't know.."
    He looks up at you, and smiles weakly.
    "I'm sorry for getting you in trouble.." He says weakly, attempting to wipe away the smudges on his cheeks.
    "Worth it." You smile, your eyes meeting Frank's.

    You realise then how alone you both are.
    Not just physically, shut in this small storage cupboard, barely any light or room to stand, but also mentally. Sure, Frank may have more friends than just you, but Ash and Amber aren't exactly 'friends'.. You blink away the thoughts of Emily and Frank.. That'd be like incest.
    "Whatcha thinkin' about ??" Frank asks quietly, smirking at the odd look apparently forming on your face.
    You look around, trying to come up with something.
    "It's small and dark in here.." You say quietly, matching Frank's volume.
    Frank nods, "I hate small spaces.."
    "Me too.." You say, more just to make conversation than anything else.

    You meet Frank's gaze again, the look on his face, the fact you're both sat together in a small cupboard, away from the rest of the world.. You instinctively begin leaning in, worried until Frank follows suit, you take it slowly, just letting it happen.
    Your lips are mere inches apart, when Frank's phone begins to go off.
    You feel Frank smile through the air, as you pull away, faster than you meant to and facing the floor, furiously trying to hide the fact all your blood has rushed to your face.

    "It's Mikey.." Frank explains, his voice fake-calm, and still quiet.
    "What's happened ??" You ask urgently, fearing for your little brother.
    "Relax, just needs help with English homework.. He forgot to do it.. It's in tomorrow." Frank laughs softly, meeting your gaze again and smiling.
    You return the smile warmly.
    "We'd better get out of here before I break something.." Frank says, beginning to stand, and taking your hand in his own to help you up.
    You stand, inches away from Frank, the both of you standing awkwardly in the small space.

    Frank smiles awkwardly as he opens the door and holds it open for you.
    "Sorry for.. you know.. Half kidnapping you from your seat.." He laughs, seemingly thinking you'd be annoyed.
    "For a good cause, Don't worry about it." You smile, grabbing your art stuff into a pile and joining Frank at your art table for the rest of the lesson.
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    Chapter 33

    You return to the Way's house to help Mikey with his English homework.
    That's the only reason you're going there, you promise yourself, even though Mikey said their mother was out on holiday for the week with her friends..
    You're there to help Mikey.

    The night drags on, and you don't see much of Gerard. You're sat in the living room, surrounded by sheets of paper, in front of a very bored and tired Mikey Way.
    You laugh as he recited the poem he's studying for the 5th time that night.
    You're going to be late home, not that that matters, your parents think you're at Ash's with Mikey (they have no problem with Mikey, only Gerard..), and Ash and Mikey know to go along with it if they ask.

    Mikey yawns and turns to the clock.
    "f**k, dude.. It's like, eleven.. You wanna stay over tonight ??"
    You scrunch up your face in thought. It couldn't hurt.
    "Yeah sure, just lemme call my folks." You answer, grabbing your phone and dialing your mother automatically. You erase the number, and instead, dial a different cell phone, hitting the call button.
    "Dad ?? Staying over here tonight, that cool ??" You say as soon as he answers.
    "Yeah that's fine. Ash's yeah ?? Because I swear to god, Frank-"
    "Yes, Ash's house, dad.. God sake.."
    "Good. See you tomorrow, kiddo."
    "Night, dad.."

    You smile at your phone, and turn back to Mikey as the door to the basement slams open.
    "Coffee !!" Gerard yells decisively as he walk into the living room, toward the kitchen, wearing baggy pyjama trousers, a black hoodie and black fingerless gloves dotted in paint. His hair's tucked behind his ears.
    He stops, mid travel, and looks at the mess on the floor, then at you.
    "Frankie, you're still here ??" He says, as more of a statement than a question. He runs his hand through his hair, making a face and pointing at the kitchen, "You guys want coffee ??" He finally asks.
    "Yes. But I'm making it." Mikey states, pushing Gerard out of the way, "You always screw it up."
    Gerard looks offended before following Mikey into the kitchen to continue their discussion.

    You hesitate, debating whether or not to follow them.
    Just as you start to get up, though, Mikey shouts "GET OUT." and Gerard comes back into the living room, sulking.
    He catches your gaze and smiles slightly.
    "He made me leave.." He explains pointlessly, slumping down on the chair, a little way away from you.
    Just as that thought crosses your mind, a little Way comes in. But instead of sitting between the two of you, he shoves Gerard aside, right next to you, before sitting down by the arm of the chair and handing you both coffee.

    You all sit and chat for a while, Gerard far too close to your side, making it hard to concentrate on coffee..

    You'd been chatting for around an hour, when headlights catch the front window as the screeching of brakes fills the house.
    "poop. Mom." Mikey says, staring in horror at the door.
    "She's home early." Gerard confirms, wide eyed.
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    Nuuuuuuuu, Wut?
    Fuuuuuuu :C
    I hate cliffhangers, omg D:
    But update when you can, don't feel pressured ^-^
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    I LOVE YHUU! <3
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    Feeling the love guys.
    You happy I brought them back into the picture together ?? ;D

    I suppose I owe you an update, it's not like I'm lacking in them..
    Infact, a DOUBLE update !!

    Chapter 34

    "You and Frank, get out, now." Mikey says, pushing you and Gerard to the back door as the front door lock begins jittering.
    Mikey runs up to his room fast as lightning as Gerard grabs your arm and pulls you out of the house as Gerard's mother enters the living room, staring straight at you, eyes wide.
    "COME ON." Gerard yells in your ear, dragging you along narrow pathways, his phone going off repeatedly in his hoodie pocket.
    "Just texts." He says, interrupted by his voice call ringtone, "f**k."

    You make it to the park, jumping the fence and ducking down behind the graffiti wall, away from view of the road and houses.
    Gerard collapses next to you on the cold, hard floor, wincing as he hits the concrete.
    "f**k, that was close." He mumbles into his hands.
    "Close ??" You repeat, panic in your voice, "CLOSE ??!! GERARD, SHE f**kING SAW US. HOW WAS THAT CLOSE ??"
    "She could have had the chance to stop us." He says calmly. You hear more emphasis on the word 'us' than Gerard used. You were in this together, now.

    "Frankie, your cheek.." Gerard says, reaching up and touching your cheek, you recoil in pain as the obvious cut on your face burns at the contact, "You must have hit a hedge.."
    "It's fine, leave it." You say, as Gerard reaches up again.
    "No, Frankie, just come here." He sighs, wiping the blood off your face with his glove and producing a plaster from his hoodie pocket.
    "Do you just have everything in there ??" You laugh as he puts the pink, bat covered plaster over the cut on your face.
    Gerard shrugs, smiling, before looking around.

    "f**k, Frankie.. how'd we get into this situation ??" He laughs, still looking round.
    "You met me." You joke. Gerard obviously doesn't take it that way, and spins to stare at you with wide eyes.
    "No, Frankie, I didn't mean it like that.. It's not your fault-"
    "Gerard ?? I was joking." You say, smirking and raising one eyebrow at the panicking boy in front of you.
    "Dick." Gerard says, smiling again.

    "It's f**king cold out here.." Gerard says. You now notice that he's still just wearing pyjama bottoms and a hoodie, with some beat-up converses.
    "f**k, Gerard.. Of course you're cold dressed like that.. Hookers have more material on them than you do.."
    Gerard rolls his eyes and shrinks back next to you, back against the wall.
    "We could go to mine.. If you promise to stay f**king quiet.." You suggest, knowing your folks will be in bed, and tapping your pocket to make sure your keys are in there. They are.
    "If you're sure.." Gerard says, the tone in his voice saying 'yes f**king please'.
    You smile, and pull him to his feet. You pull up your hood, before pulling up Gerard's aswell, as he hugs his arms to his chest.
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    Chapter 35

    You arrive at Frank's about 10 minutes later and watch as he unlocks the back sliding glass door. All the lights are off in the house, and you silently follow Frank through the door to the kicthen.
    "Supplies." he explains, winking and diving into the fridge, piling his arms high with food before ushering you upstairs.

    You enter his room and he dumps the food on his bed, going to close the door and push you down to sit on the covers with him, the food between you.

    You chat about Frank's posters for a while, casually eating any food Frank hands you. It's all vegetarian, but you don't really pay attention to it. You're more interested in Frank's room. It feels so personal, being in his space while sober..

    Your eyes meet Frank's during a conversation about what you have in common, and what you don't. Frank asks you about your dad..
    "He never really visits much.. He sometimes picks us up for school, though.. He works alot, and him and mom haven't gotten along for years.. It's not like they hate eachother, they just.. I guess they remind eachother of who they used to be.. I think that's the reason dad never asks me or Mikey over.." You say the last part quietly, as if hoping Frank wouldn't hear..
    "Aww, Gee.." Frank says, shifting closer and placing a hand on the side of your neck, turning your head to face him, "I'm sure that's not it.. You're amazing.. Both of you are.. You said it yourself, he works alot."
    Frank smiles and your eyes connect. You feel instantly safe.

    Your train of thought, and you and Frank's conversation, is interruped by a loud bang coming from the room next door.
    Frank's eyes widen in panic. "Gerard, hide, my dad." Is all he can say before pushing you off the side of the bed away from the door.
    The bedroom door opens swiftly and you hear a man sigh.
    "Gerard, give it up, I know you're there." The man, Frank's dad, says. You gulp, before Frank reaches down to help you up back onto the bed.
    "What the f**k is with all this food, Frank ??" Mr Iero says, rubbing his eyes in frustration.
    "Just.. Food.. I don't even know.." Frank says, obviously still panicking as he shoots you a glance.

    "I'm taking some of this back down.. Oh stop looking like a lost puppy, Frank, I'm not kicking Gerard out."
    "Oh o- Wait. What ??" Frank says in surprise, swinging his legs off the bed.
    "I said I'm not kicking Gerard out." Frank's dad says matter-of-factly, "As long as you promise to keep it down before you wake your mother up." He smiles, before leaving the room with half the food Frank brought up.

    "Well.. That was.. Unexpected.." Frank says, a few minutes after the door closes.
    "I could not agree more." You breathe out.
    You both laugh at the oddness of what happened, before continuing as you were, but quieter. You hear the door next to you re-close a few minutes later as Frank's dad goes back to bed.

    Your night continues fairly uneventful, until it's about 1am and you and Frank have been sat in silence for far too long.
    You're still wearing your pyjamas, and you're quite cold, but comfortable. Frank has long since changed into his own pyjamas and is back sat opposite you.
    The food is gone now, and you're both very tired.

    "Gerard, I-"
    "Frank, I-"
    You both start talking at the same time, you signal for Frank to go first.
    "Gerard, your dad may not come see you as often as he should, but I bet he loves you unconditionally. And anyway, it seems you're sharing my dad now anyway." He laughs and pulls you into a hug.
    You hug him back, tears forming in your eyes at his amazing words.

    You pull out of the hug reluctantly, but still smiling.
    "Okay, you go." Frank grins, motioning with his hand towards you.
    "I just wanted to thank you for letting me stay here.. I don't think I'm in for a nice time when I get home.." You laugh lightly, trying not to express how much you're dreading going home.

    Frank is silent for a minute, chewing on his lipring in contemplation, and creasing his eyebrows in the middle.
    "Wanna skip school tomorrow and sort this poop out ??" Frank finally says, looking at you with that oh-so-familiar look of 'I have a f**king plan'.. The little shimmer he gets in his eyes and the sideways smile tugging at his lips.
    "f**k yes." You answer honestly, as you had every other time he'd given you that look, no matter how stupid the plan..

    It was a few months ago, and Frank's parents were away. Frank was sat on his sofa, drunk, with you, also drunk.
    "Hey, Gee..??" Frank said, only slurring slightly, but still himself for the most part.
    "Yuhu ??" You'd replied, twirling the bottle in your hands.
    "Let's go break into the school." Frank said, giving you that same mischievous look.
    "f**k yes." You'd replied, with an equally mischievous grin.

    Three hours, six bottles, five broken windows and two cop cars later, and you were hiding out in the park after running for your lives.
    "That was f**king amazing." Frank panted, holding you in a life-grippingly tight hug. You nodded and gripped him back.

    That was not the first, and so not the last, hell raising thing Frank had gotten you into. And you have absolutely no regrets, because every time Frank got you in trouble, you'd had the time of your life.
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