Write about what you know (One Shot)

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    Title: "Write about what you know"
    Rating: "U"
    Main characters: Well, "Random writer girl/woman"
    Sumary: It's a rainy day.
    Genre: Self Motivation.

    Chapter Index: There's only one chapter so... yeah.


    "Write about what you know" A very common phrase among writers.

    She never understood the real meaning of that simple phrase until she had to use it in her life.

    A rainy afternoon, like those that are very common in august, made her say in home; even though she would rather go to the old oak that helped her so many times before when she needed inspiration. She didn't like to feel overwhelmed by her desperation.

    She kept walking around the empty house like a captive lion, until she decided to write. One touch to the keyboard and the screen came back to life. She sees the blank document and thinks for a moment. Types in:

    "So many times I've seen the rain fall so hard and yet never noticed..."

    She erases all. She thinks for a moment and write:

    "Isn't it weird how a person seems to hold on to the most incomprehensible manners to..." she is still not satisfied. She decides to leave the keys and go to paper. She grabs an old notebook filled with random thoughts and unfinished ideas; goes to the first blank page she founds and write:

    "Today I won't write."

    She felts empty by seeing those three words sharply written over the page header.

    "...because my mind doesn't let me be honest." she does a grimace to the sheet.

    She stares for a minute the small paragraph that she just wrote. She closes the notebook hardly and grab her head. She feels too frustrated. In that moment the phrase comes to her mind: "write about what you know".

    She opens her notebook again and write:

    "I don't know this, and I'm afraid.

    How would the life of a writer be if he didn't know anything? He wouldn't write. That's why, despice the fear, I must face this and learn to feel new things. Learn to feel again.

    Seeing the bright side of a difficult situation can hepl getting over it. The problem comes when there is no bright side. That is what really make us learn.

    Today it's raining and it might fell like the rain is annoying. However, the rain refreshes the plants an fills up again almost dry lagoons.

    How many rainy days have we had internally? How many situations have we lived that seem too hard to stand but, when we get over them, make us stronger; make us appreciate life?"

    She stops and read again what she just wrote; and thinks:

    "Write about what you know" then, full of satisfaction, writes:

    "Live, know and write. Live and know. Live"


    A/N: Written for my sister when she was having a mental block. =D

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