who is in a band??

Discussion in 'Musician's Corner' started by MCRaddiction, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. MCRaddiction

    MCRaddiction Ice Cream Monkey

    and wat is your contribution to it?
    i am starting a band called fatal wake, but i need a cool electric guitar, and i need to practice with it, and i am vocals along side my friend rob, but the problem is i think we lost our awsome bassist cuz i dunno, something he did, (hes a freshman)(nothing against freshman or anything) and we don't have a drummer, cuz the one we thought we had, turns out i thihnk that he thinks that he is too good for us,,ahhhghgh maybe he'll come around, but then one of our memebers who can't decide who she wants to be might take drum lessons, cuz i told her bout this hot guy i half a crush on at school is giving lessons
  2. dreadpirateroberts

    dreadpirateroberts New Member

    My housemate's a drummer, I forget what his band is called. Maybe Doom Valley Riders, unless thats a mega-famous band! Anyway they are signed to the same label as Bring Me The Horizon. Who ironically enough, my housemate's old band are gigging with.
  3. Aimeee

    Aimeee New Member

    I'm the lead vocals in The Three Fat Sandmen.

    But we're crap.

    My brother's old band, however, were awesome. In college MUSE were they're support act. But he's a scientist now - and regrets it.

  4. Vega

    Vega Cosmonaut

    I'm in a band, and I play guitar and compose most of the music. We're very serious about it and wanna become famous.
  5. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    I want to be in a band, but I don't really have any talent musically, except song writing I suppose.
    But I'd love to be in one.
  6. dreadpirateroberts

    dreadpirateroberts New Member

    Ha ha.
    'Cause fame is the ultimate measure of success!
  7. Autumn_dies

    Autumn_dies New Member

    i'm suppose to be learning bass for my band Autumn Revenge. i mostly write the lyrics and draw things for posters and shirts.(i really think my drawings suck) they got mad at me because i want a different name.
  8. UnapologeticApathy

    UnapologeticApathy New Member

    im am the bassist in Just Another Revolution
    i also write songs
    and do backing vocals

    i sin lead vocal in some songs cause i can go really high

  9. XIII

    XIII New Member

    I'm guitarist and screamer in my band triskaidekaphobia, but we're on hiatus right now, once scholl's over we're going full out! 8)
    we still need another guitarist and a lead singer XP
  10. Maria

    Maria New Member

    right now i'm in an idiot pretend band called bradley and garcia

    grrr the link doesn't work!!

    umm the band is called bradley and garcia

    i would post the link but it doesn't work :cry: so uh... look it up if u want

    check it out we're f**kin retarded. skip to the last minute or so of the 1st song cuz it gets boring after a lil bit

    but i wanna be in a serious band someday. i can sing MUCH better than what's on the site so yeah that's my life goal. either that or to own a record label/produce music
  11. Yunaresuka

    Yunaresuka New Member

    hahaha my friend is in this fake band called Staplegun to the Forehead, and its her and her friend and they just sing......... well, crap. But they made a myspace and its hillarious. I wish they were a real band.
  12. Christine

    Christine Guest

    I play bass in a band called Promise to Arson.
  13. Mattie_x

    Mattie_x New Member

    I play guitar for my band "the Blue-Angel Effect" ^_^
  14. Kiki.

    Kiki. New Member

    Im lead vocals in my band Suicide Sunday. =]
  15. Lola.

    Lola. Guest

    i'm in a band, called 'dactyl'.
    we do nothing related to music, we just go round to my ridiculously rich friend's house and get drunk while my other vaguely talented friend strums on his guitar. it's good times.
  16. leannebtns

    leannebtns New Member

    I play bass in Burning The Night Sky! (link in my signature)

    Where's everyone else's links? Share the music, brosephs! :p
  17. Cryptic

    Cryptic New Member

    I'm the lead singer of my band but write and record the drum parts. I also contribute guitar parts and sometimes play rhythm live. Currently I'm doubling as lead vocalist and drummer until we can find a drummer who we can count on...which seems to be our biggest problem.
  18. Panicstriken

    Panicstriken New Member

    I've been in a few bands, the most "successful" was Silence the Dead. We had many songs and I wrote a majority of them.

    Now I'm just kind of floating around, recording and being vocals for people who need me.

    But I really want to start another band again. Like, badly bad.
  19. xxXXAlaNXXxx

    xxXXAlaNXXxx Member

    Well, I'm just starting a band.
    Name: Faithful
    Roll: Lead guitar, backing vocals, and may have to play drums if we don't find a good drummer.
    Influences: The doors, led zeppelin, the beatles (old school rock)

    it's just beginning so no recording for now.
  20. I have a band called "A different Forever"
    We've never practiced,
    but I've made a few songs....
    (by a few I mean about 20)
    and I'm the rhythm guitarist.

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