When Our Cars Collide [FI/OFC]

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    Chapter Seventeen.

    Though I had Gerard next to me, holding my hand gently as he drove, the butterflies flipped inside my stomach, twisting and turning incessantly. We were running late due to my reluctance of leaving the house and Gerard, being the stubborn man he was, had finally picked me up beneath the arms as if I had the weight of a two-year-old and locked me inside his truck. "You can argue all you want," he said as we rounded the corners, "but you're going and that's final."

    I childishly stuck my tongue out at him.

    "What are you going to say to him?" Gerard wondered aloud. A frown marred my face. I picked at the blonde strands of hair that fell on my chest. Fiddling with them lightly, I turned to Gerard.

    "Do you think I need a haircut?"

    "You're avoiding the question, Liv." He said. "Again."

    I sighed. "Sorry, Gerard. It's just... I'm working on it, okay?"

    "Okay," he echoed softly, shifting lanes. The car was quiet and then,

    "I'm going to apologise." I answered finally. The corners of Gerard's mouth curved into a small smile.


    "Hi Mrs. Iero, is Frank in?"

    I was surprised when Frank had left the voice mail telling he'd be at his parents. I was even more surprised knowing that Frank would even let me inside his house, his home, when he couldn't look me in the eye. Standing before the mother of the man I'd been crushing on, I suddenly felt extremely foolish.

    "Of course, come in Olivia. How are you feeling, honey?"

    "I'm um, I'm great thank you. Yourself?"

    Mrs. Iero smiled and patted my shoulder, "Such a polite girl. I'm well, thank you. Let me just get that son of mine." She moved forward, towards the staircase and called, "Frank? Frank are you there?"

    "I'm upstairs Ma."

    "Olivia's here to see you," she called again, "you remember Olivia don't you, Frankie?"

    "Yeah," came Frank's bored voice, "send her up."

    Mrs. Iero turned around once more. "Second door on your right." She said, showing me to the staircase. I nodded once and took to the stairs, dread piling up in my stomach. Reaching the landing, I glanced to my right, my eyes set on the second door. The floor creaked beneath my weight. I pushed the door open to see dark hazel eyes staring at me.

    "Hey," he said.

    "Hi," I said in a small voice, closing the door behind me.

    3 months for an update?
    I'm getting better :)
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    Ahahaha, well done, Daze!
    Loved it!
    Can't wait for moreeee! Getting exciting ^_^
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    I <333 this storyyy.
    I'm so glad you updated!
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    I love the story, Daisy.
    But you haven't updated your chapter index?
    Just telling, you know, before someone else sees it and think it's a bad example and all.
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    Thanks you lot.
    My index is updated - I hardly have time to write the stories let alone do all of the required information, but thanks for the reminder :)
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    Zomg update!
    I love this story so much.
    Can't wait for more.
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    *New Reader*
    I've spent most of the night reading this story, and I must say...it's utterly fantastic. As is everything you write, of course! :)
    More whenever you can.
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    Chapter Eighteen.

    My feet swept across the floor, back and forth, gliding across Frank's carpet in silence. My heart thumped in my chest - I was sure he could hear it, how could he not? It rang out like an orchestra, displaying my every nerve, my every thought. His eyes bore down on me. I couldn't look up for longer than a second. Those hazel spheres penetrated my mind - he wanted to know, I realised, as I glanced back at the floor. He wanted answers. What answers could I give him?

    "I never meant," I caught myself before I said anything else. No, that clearly wasn't the way to begin my apology. I rectified it with a clear, "I'm sorry."

    Frank remained silent. Sat on his desk chair, legs tucked beneath his desk but his body twisted towards me, he sighed, clearly agitated. He was dressed casually, I noted. Black jeans and an old faded green shirt displaying a band logo I could not, for the life of me, recognise. The room was tidy, immaculate and I had the feeling that Mrs. Iero had hoovered and tidied before my appearence. A small smile tugged on my lips.

    "Right." Said Frank finally. His voice caused a shiver to run through my body. His low tones had far too much of an affect on me. I calmed myself.

    "It never meant to be this way," I answered his silent question. "I never wanted you to get hurt. I never thought I would get hurt, but then again, who am I kidding right? The liar always gets hurt."

    "Not always," his voice contradicted me.

    I shot him a look. "Always."

    "So you lied to me. You made me feel like a f**king fool. Is that all of it or is there something else you want to add, Olivia?"

    I bit my lip hard enough that I could feel the coppery taste of blood flood into my mouth. "I'm not going to apologise again. If I say it again it'll take away the value of it-"

    "Providing I see value in it at all."

    My eyes closed. "I know you're angry Frank, okay? I know that the last person you want to see is me," he made a noise of discomfort, "but I'm here because I want to set things right. Even though I see this is completely pointless. I mean, why would you want to try and be friends with someone like me? I'm not even one hundred percent content with what I've got." My voice broke and before I knew it, Frank had clambered out of his seat and limped towards me. He sat on the edge of the bed, to my left, and clutched my hand.

    "We're all f**ked up, Olivia."

    Tears fell, one after the other, I couldn't control them. I didn't try to. "Then why does it feel as though my heart is breaking when it's slowly being put together?"

    Frank frowned before a small, almost non-existant smile crossed his face. "Because it's not entirely broken yet." He stared at me for a slow minute that seemed to last an eternity, no matter how cliche it sounded, time seemed to stop with him. "You've got to let it go completely first."

    "My heart?"

    Frank nodded once. I was slowly starting to realise how close our faces were.

    "And how do I let go of my heart?"

    And finally he smiled, a true smile, before closing the distance between us. "Give it to me," he whispered and soon I was swept into his kiss.
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    Oh Daisy! I loved it! The ending was so sweet...I'm so glad he seems to have forgiven her. :)
    More whenever you can!
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    That last line gave me shivers.
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    Thank you both :)
    I've had that bit written since late last year - because that was first piece of the actual story I'd wrote, so yeah, sorry if it seems like, choppyish.
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    Awh ^_^
    Love the ending, Daisy.
    Great update.
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    *melts into the floor*
    That was amazing, love.
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    Yay Dazzzeeee! You're back! XD
    haha I loved this... Can we get another update for our Christmas present ;P
    Well, whenever you've got the time, hun. :)
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    Chapter Nineteen.

    "Frank? Olivia - I, oh, my goodness!" Mrs. Iero stepped back from the ajar door, fighting the grin breaking its way onto her face. "I'm sorry," she apologised as we broke apart, "I wouldn't have-," clearly flustered, she waved her hands. "Well, I see you're quite busy. I've made some snacks. Uh, Frank, they're on the dinner table." She winked at her son, "Have fun, kids."

    Blushing at least ten shades of red, I pulled away from Frank's embrace. He buried his head in the crook of my neck. I could feel his shallow breathing on my warm skin. He began to shake. I looked up, concerned, only to see him laughing. "Great timing, Ma." He mumbled into my flesh. Finally, he looked up. Twinkling brown eyes met my own. "Sorry,"

    "S'not your fault," I murmured. My mind was hazy. Frank's kiss had almost rendered me speechless. And then, most certainly without thinking, I blurted: "You taste like icecream."

    And Frank laughed harder than he had before, his body shaking with each chuckle that escaped his lips. With a smile, he gestured to the desk where a half-eaten tub of vanilla icecream lay.

    Blushing, "That makes sense," I mumbled quietly. Frank sighed and stared at me.

    "You know what this means, right?"

    I glanced up at him, confused. "No?"

    Frank frowned, a very serious look creeping onto his face. "You're going to have to break-up with Gerard." It amazed me how quick his moods changed, for now he was grinning like a mad man at my shocked and dumb founded expression.

    "That's not funny!" I punched his arm, feeling a blush creeping up my neck.

    Frank laughed softly, picking up a strand of my blonde hair, twirling it around his fingers. "I like your hair," he murmured, "this shade. Don't dye it again."

    How could I say no? "I won't."

    "I've waited to be this close to you for a while, Olivia Fontaine. I never thought I'd get to hold you like this," his arms encircled me. His hand wrapped around my neck, lovingly. "Or touch you like this." He smiled once, cool hands tracing my skin. "I think," Frank whispered. He paused. He seemed to be searching for the right words, "that you complete me."

    "How?" I murmured, "I'm hardly whole."

    "You don't have to be," whispered Frank quietly, "you're broken."

    "Not just the romantic kind," I answered.

    "You don't have to be, Olivia. I don't want things to be one hundred percent," his lips quirked upwards, "where's the fun in that? No. You're broken and I'm broken. My heart is less than half and yours, how could yours be anything but more than half? We make a whole, Olivia. We make a whole."

    "Take good care of it," I asked of him, "my heart."

    Frank smiled, "Always."
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    Ahhhhhh -grins widely-
    Awesome update!
    That's not the ending, though, is it?
    I'm curious about what's happening with Gerard now xD
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    Nope, I'm writing the last bit now :)
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    Chapter Twenty.

    "And they all lived happily ever after," Gerard finished the story, grinning broadly as he closed the photograph album. Before him sat three children, alike in their own little ways and quirks. Pushing back the dark strands of hair away from his face, he jumped up. "C'mon," he said, "to bed before your parents get back."

    "But Uncle Gerardddd," one of the boys whined, mussed up brown hair protuding at all angles, "that's a stupid bedtime story."

    "No it's not! I really really liked that story! What happened next Uncle Gerard? Did they go and live in a castle? Did they? Did they?"

    Gerard laughed, picking up the closest child: "C'mon Emily," he said, hoisting her into his arms, "we'll save that story for another day." The little girl pouted.

    "You're no fun, Uncle Gerard."

    Gerard frowned, "Yes I am, Em." He tickled her ribs, "I'm the great, amazing, magician Gerard! How could I not be fun?" It was then that two speeding bullets raced past them both as they ascended the stairs, "James and William Iero if you don't get your butts back down here right now I'm gonna~"

    "You're gonna what?" came a mocking voice at the foot of the stairs, "Get beaten up by my kids again, Ger?"

    Gerard turned, little Emily still in his arms, "Shut it, Iero."

    Frank grinned, "Bite me."

    "Daddy!" shouted Emily, pudgy little arms flapping about, hitting Gerard on the head numerous times. "You're home!"

    "DAD?!" came a chorus of shouts as Frank's sons rushed back down the stairs, now clad in Spiderman and Hulk pyjamas, landing in a heap at the bottom.

    "Whoa, slow," Frank said, putting his hands on James' shoulders in an attempt to calm them. "Jeez, Ger, what've you fed them?"

    "Skittles, candy bars, popcorn, cherryade," piped up little Emily. Gerard shrank back sheepishly at Frank's glare. "Oh! And lots and lots of peanut butter cook-" Emily mumbled the last bit as she met her Uncle's pleading eyes.

    "What was that, Em?"

    "N-n-nothing Daddy," she muttered.

    "For God's sake, Frank! It is that hard to ask for a little help around here?" came a voice from the front porch as his wife waddled through the door, stomach protuding as she carried the dozens of bags. Her eyes widened at the site of her children, "Gerard!" She shouted, "they're supposed to be asleep! It's half past nine!"

    "Yeah, well, Liv, I just, but-"

    "Don't you 'just but' me Way, I have," she lowered her voice, "a ridiculous amount of Christmas presents in my arms and my stomach's most likely going to pop at any minute and do you really want to face a hormonal pregnant woman right now? Do you?"

    Gerard gulped, "Kids! Time for bed!"

    "But Mom I want to see-"

    Olivia shot her sons a look. James grumbled, "I wish Aunt Rose had come over instead. She always lets us stay up late." He folded his arms and took to the stairs.

    "Or Uncle Bob," added William, "he brings the playstation and everything."

    "All right, all right," cut in Gerard, watching as Frank picked up his daughter. Reaching down, he grabbed both boys, one in each arm, and lifted them in the air, "Time for bed."


    "No buts," chorused the three adults. Olivia watched as her family took off up the stairs before dropping the dozens of bags on the floor; toys and gadgets spilled out onto the carpet. Minutes later, Frank waltzed back down the stairs, placing his arms around his wife's waist. "Now what I can I do for you, Mrs. Iero?" He grinned cheekily, placing his lips on hers.

    Olivia smiled, "I don't need anything," she smiled, "I have everything." She kissed him slowly, smiling throughout. "But, you can start on wrapping these," she gestured to the presents.

    "Anything for you," Frank whispered, capturing her into another kiss as they stood beneath the mistletoe that hung on the lightshade in the hallway, unaware of the four figures that lay on the landing, watching through the banister railings.

    Gerard smiled as he watched his family, "Happily ever after."

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    Awh Daisy!
    I love this, I was smiling throughout ^__^
    Your writing's amazing :)
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    Amazing, Daisy! The perfect ending to a wonderful story.

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