When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse... (sequel to Bulletproof Heart)

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    Loved the update :)
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    WHY THE CLIFFHANGERS WHY!!! i love how you put welcome to the black parade in there, one word for this update AWESOME!!
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    haha at least i dont keep you hanging for long... and i dont know why we used all the lyrics of welcome to the black parade in there tbh... :-/

    Chapter 7

    The doctor looked at the three men that suddenly stood up, worry clearly written on all of their faces. They forgot that Gerard had to have a different doctor to perform the surgery.
    "Are you here with Mr. Way?" he questioned.
    "Yes," the three spoke.
    "All of you?"
    "Okay. Well, he's stable and we're going to transfer him into a private room. The surgery has gone well. We managed to remove the bullet without causing any damage we think. I'm afraid it will be a waiting game."
    "So... Wait... He's not going to die?" Frank asked.
    "Yes, at the moment it seems so." Frank's legs gave way at the news he had been longing to hear for hours. He steadied himself and stood up again.
    "Is he awake? Can we see him?"
    "I'm afraid he is still under sedation. That is another problem we may face. As he was still under sedation we don't know how his body will respond," the doctor said gravely.
    "Wait... What do you mean?" Mikey demanded.
    "I mean that Mr.Way may be in a coma. We shall have to see whether he wakes up in an hour or two," the doctor broke the bad news, "And yes, you may see him. I'll take you now." It was yet another blow to them all. So, Gerard is alive but he's in a coma, Mikey thought. It could be worse... He could be dead.


    They followed the doctor into a small room. At first, none of them realised it was Gerard laying down. He was pale white. It was as if all the colour had drained from his body. Frank knew he was alive but he looked dead. It broke his heart.
    "Here he is. I'll leave you alone. You may talk to him, he can most likely hear us now." And with that, the doctor left the room.
    "I can't see him like this,. I've got to go," Mikey mumbled. He walked out of the room. Ray followed him, leaving Frank alone with Gerard.

    At first, Frank stood there, but then he went and sat on the edge of Gerard's bed, being careful not to disturb him. He took hold of one of Gerard's lifeless hands.
    "Gerard, please wake up." A tear fell down his cheek. He softly rubbed Gerard's hand. To his surprise, he subconsiously started to sing.
    "Terrified of what I'd be. As a kid from what I've seen every single day, when people try to put the pieces back together just to smash them down. Turn my headphones up real loud." Tears were freely flowing from his eyes.
    "I think I need them now. 'Cause they stopped the nothing. If you stay, I would even wait all night. Or until my heart explodes. Hello! Until we find our way in the dark, and out of harm, you can run away with me... Any time you want..." Frank paused.
    "Gerard, I love you. I have since we first met. I'll leave Jamia. I just want to be with you forever." Frank was unaware that Mikey and Ray were stood at the door entrance, hearing everything that he had just confessed...
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    oopsy, wonder how mikey and ray are going to react. I hope gee wakes up soon, awesome update btw :)
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    thanks ;) you'll have to find out.... i cant do another update now but i promise there will be one by about this time tomorrow and everydayafter that i think ;) and you'll hate me for whats gonna happen in the third one to this.....
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    Loved the update :)

    Wonder what Mikey & Ray will say? I think they'll be supportive
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    haha the time for waiting is over!!!! :)

    Chapter 8

    Mikey and Ray just stood there in shock as they both heard Frank confess to Gerard.
    "Frank..." Mikey started, but he quickly shut up, and they both walked away. He knew that Gerard and Frank had always had a special connection, he never realised it went that far, but strangely, he was okay with it. Frank turned around, realising that Mikey and Ray had just heard him confess his love for Gerard. It was true, he would even leave Jamia to be with Gerard forever, whatever happened to him. He sighed, wishing Gerard would wake up.
    "Gerard. Please. Wake up, open your eyes! Please do something so I know you're not dead!" Frank cried. Gerard remained unresponsive.

    Frank leaned in to kiss Gerard, and suddenly, Gerard's fingers twitched.
    "Oh poop!" Frank whispered to himself. Had Gerard's fingers really just twitched? Frank carried on to lean in to kiss Gerard on the lips. His soft lips touched Gererd's chapped lips, and they moved with him. Holy crap! He's awake! Frank thought. It was only the two of them together, peacefully. Frank kissed Gerard again and again, and Gerard kissed back. Frank kissed with more energy, more force, and it felt good for both of them.

    Suddenly, Gerard's arms were moving up so they were around Frank's neck. Frank gasped softly which made the now consious Gerard giggle. Frank pulled Gerard into an even more passionate kiss. Frank pulled back just to make sure he wasn't imagining this. He pulled back to see the beautiful hazel brown eyes of Gerard Way.
    "Hey princess," Gerard smiled. Tears of pure joy were rolling down Frank's face.
    "Gerard, you scared the living poop out of me!"
    "I'm sorry baby."
    "You really scared me Gerard."
    "Frank honey, I'm gonna be okay. I'm alive aren't I?" Frank just smiled apologetically. Gerard moved his head up, closing the space between them.
    "I love you," he whispered."
    "Not as much as I love you." Gerard smiled at Frank's statement. He again closed the space between them, so his lower lip was hovering just below Frank's.
    "I highly doubt that." Their lips met. The kiss was love, pure love. Frank pulled back.
    "Why do you doubt that?" Frank questioned softly.
    "I love you more."
    "Why is that?"
    "I took a f**king bullet for you. That kinda proves that I love you more." Frank couldn't think of anything to say to that.
    "Yeah. I'm gonna go get Mikey."
    "Yeah, okay."
    "Bye baby." Frank placed a small kiss on Gerard's lips.
    "I love you!" Gerard replied. Frank left the small room grinning like a mad man.

    ** hoped you like it :) and i just thought i'd say that i'll be posting about once every 2 days cause me and lauren are really trying to get the third finished (and with a flipping title cause its nameless) so i can post it, and ive got quite a bit of that poop called homework to do :( sorry guys :(
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    Aww that was a f**king adorable chapter!! :D
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    awww :) and yes the horrid thing called HOMEWORK talking of witch i have some homework to do, DAMN SCHOOL!!! *evil monkey face*anyway f**kin cute chapter
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    haha :) sorry i cant update tonight as im supposed to be getting ready to go out now (oops, id rather stay here and talk to you guys) and yeah that was cute, but theres more to come... you have no idea whats gonna come for ya...
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    Chapter 9

    Frank went to go get Mikey.
    "Frank!" Mikey shouted, "Is he okay? What happened? Is he awake?"
    "Yeah, he's awake." With those words, Mikey darted toward's Gerard's room as fast as he could. Frank smiled as he watched a slightly ecstatic Mikey run towards Gerard's room.

    "Gerard!" the younger Way brother shouted when he reached his room.
    "Mikey!" Mikey ran forward and hugged his older brother.
    "I thought you were going to die Gerard," he cried, tears rolling down his cheeks.
    "mikey, I'm okay." Mikey let go of his brother and took a seat next to him.
    "How long have you been awake?" Mikey questioned.
    "A while."
    "What did Frank say?"
    "Not much."
    "Gerard... Do you love him?"
    "For how long?"
    "A very long time."
    "Why did you marry Lyn-z then?"
    "I loved her too, just not as much as Frank."
    "Frank didn't tell you, did he?" Mikey said.
    "Tell me what?"
    "Lyn-z hired that man to shoot Frank. She practically admitted it to us all. I'm sorry." Gerard tried to understand what Mikey had just told him. Lyn-z hired someone to kill Frank? he thought.
    "Motherf**king witch!" he shouted.
    "I know," Mikey mumbled.
    "I always knew she was jealous of mine and Frank's friendship. I just didn't think she would sink that low.
    "Neither did I."
    "Wow. This has been one hell of a day."
    "Yep. For all of us," Mikey sighed.
    "What did Frank do when Lyn-z told you guys?"
    "I've never seen him more angry. Lyn-z blamed him for you being here. I think that really got to him, but he just told her to get out. He really loves you Gee." Gerard then realised that Mikey knew his and Frank's feelings towards each other. This made Gerard blush wildly. Mikey giggled at his brother's reaction.
    "Gee, it's okay, I'm fine with it." Gerard gave his brother a skeptical look.
    "Gerard, seriously, I'm fine with it. As long as... You know... It doesn't affect the band."
    "It won't. I don't even know how Frank feels about us being in an actual relationship," Gerard sighed.
    "Gerard, you need to talk to him."
    "I'll go get him. Start thinking of what you're gonna say," Mikey said as he got up and left the room.

    Frank smiled when he saw Mikey walk into the waiting room.
    "Hey Mikey. How's Gerard?" he asked.
    "He's okay," Mikey started, "He wants to talk to you. I told him about Lyn-z."
    "Oh. How did he take it?" Ray asked.
    "Surprisingly well," Mikey replied.
    "Okay. I'm gonna go see him then," Frank stated.
    "Frank," Mikey said, "Whatever happens between you and Gerard, I just want you to know I'm cool with it."
    "Me too," Ray added. Frank smiled as he rose up from his seat. He officially had the bestest friends ever.

    **OMG i am so sorry that this chapter looks sooo short D: and i'm saying that i won't be abe to post tomorrow night as we're going out AGAIN (for god's sake tbh) and so i might be able to post saturday. if not i cant post again till monday. sorry guys :(
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    I loved the update :) it might take me a while to read now cuz I got no laptop so I'm on my phone but I love it :)
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    aaaarrrrrghhh!! im back!! sorry i couldnt update last weekend i was just really busy..... sorry :(

    Chapter 10

    Frank quickly walked to Gerard's room. He was wondering why Gerard wanted to talk again. He walked into Gerard's room slightly shaking.
    "Hey Gee," hie mumbled.
    "Frankie!" Gee shouted.
    "Mikey said you wanted to talk to me about something?" Frank questioned. Gerard's face fell instantly.
    "Oh. Frank, we need to talk," Gerard said. Frank sighed and took a seat at Gerard's side.
    "Okay... What's up?" Frank asked, concerned about what Gerard wanted to talk about.
    "Um... Yeah. It's about us," Gerard mumbled. Frank was puzzled but he realised they had not talked about what was going on between them.
    "Okay... What about us?" Frank asked.
    "Um, so... Do you... Want... To be... In a relationship... With me?" Gerard asked sheepishly, worried Frank would say no. Frank was kind of expecting Gerard to ask this.
    "what do you thinl I'll say Gee?" Frank said, "Yes. Of course I will." Frank was ecstatic. He had always dreamed of this moment ever since he had met Gerard. He closed the space betweemn them and their lips touched slightly.
    "Frank... I love you," Gerard whispered. That was all Frank needed to hear. Their lips met and they were pulled into a deep and passionate kiss, finally showing the feelings for each other that they had hidden for many years. Frank lightly placed his hands on Gerard's hips, pulling them even closer to each other. Gerard's hands were on Frank's back. They just stayed there for a while kissing, finally having the chance to explore the sensations and feelings of each other. Frank pulled back.
    "I love you," he whispered. Gerard had never felt more happy.


    Mikey and Ray sat in the waiting room, blissfully unaware of the relationship that was developing just a few minutes away. Mikey hadn't stopped smiling since his conversation wath his brother.
    "Hey, Mikey. You remember when we first asked Frank to be in the band and he got high?" Ray laughed.
    "Yeah! I remember, that was really funny!" Mikey remembered other memories,
    "Remember when Frank tried to climb in to the coffin after we shot Helena?"
    "Yeah! I thought he was gonna show his butt! I thought 'what the f**k are you doing?!'"
    "Yeah, and we were just like 'and that's a wrap! Please stop filming!'" Both men erupted into loud laughter, recalling other memories, back when everything was a lot wilder, and a lot more unhealthy for all of them.
    "Hey, Ray, I'm gonna go see Gee, you can go home if you want," Mikey said, realising that Ray looked shattered.
    "Thanks Mikey. Let me know if anything happens."
    "Will do." Ray walked out of the waiting room and headed towards Gerard's room.


    Meanwhile as Mikey was walking towards the private room, Gerard pulled Frank's had in for another deep, passionate kiss.
    "I love you Gee," Frank whispered, saying it like he had never in his life.
    "I love you too Frankie. More than anything in the world. You know that," Gee whispered lovingly. Gerard ran his hands down Frank's sides which made Frank shiver slightly. Gerard laughed under his breath. Frank knotted his hands with Gerard's hair, pulling himself closer to Gerard's body. Frank pounded his lips forcefully onto Gerard's, and Gerard softly moaned against Frank's lips. They were both exchanging their love that had been hidden for the past 10 years. Gerard lightly traced Frank's bottom lip with his tongue, looking to take the kiss even further. Frank opened his mouth almost instantly. As their tongues moved around each other, they were unaware of the arrival of Mikey. Mikey awkwardly cleared his throat loudly. Gerard and Frank suddenly stopped kissing at the unaware sound. Gerard slowly opened his eyes, facing his brother, and slowly but awkwardly, pushed Frank off of him.
    "Um... Hey, Mikey..." Gerard said awkwardly, andboth his and Frank's cheeks flushed cherry red. Frank moved off of Gerard and sat next to him, without speaking a word and barely even breathing.
    "Hey Mikey..." Frank mumbled, running his hand through his hair nervously.
    "Guys, I'm cool with it. Seriously, I'm okay! Carry on." And with that, Mikey walked back out of the room. They both laughed out loud. Gerard looked at Frank eagerly, demanding with his smile for more. Frank smiled widely, and pounced like a tiger onto Gerard's body.
    "Roar!" he said playfully, laughing,"Tiger coming to attack!"
    "Ow! Frankie!" Gerard yelled.
    "Oh, are you okay?" Frank instantly pulled himself off of Gerard.
    "That dosen't mean I want you to stop!" Frank grinned evily.
    "Roar!" he pounced again, giggling manically. Gerard laughed.
    "Frankie. My little kitty Frankie..." he stroked Frank's hair. Frank moaned and purred into Gerard's neck. Gerard moved his head, and slowly, lovingly, kissed Frank's neck, up and round until he reached Frank's lips, and pulledhim into another deep kiss. He pulled back and lightly kissed Frank's nose. Frank sighed softly. Gerard slightly shifted his body. The weight of Frank's body on top of his didn't bother him. He was comfortable wth it. Frank started to get off of Gerard, but Gerard held him down with his hands on Frank's sides.
    "No. I'm okay with this. I'm fine," Gerard said, "This is actually quite comfortable, Frankie." He smiled. Frank slowly movd his weight partially back onto Gerard's torso.
    "It's okay. Really, I'm fine. Nothing can go wrong now. No bullets, no collapsing, no nothing. I'm fine," Gerard said happily. Nothing could go wrong anymore. For once in their lives, absolutely nothing could ruin this moment in time.

    **ive just realised thats a nice chapter for you guys :) haha hoped you liked it ^_^
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    niceness i like niceness, if that even is a word. loved it :wub:
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    Chapter 11

    "This is how I've always wanted us to be, Gee. Like this. Ever since I met you," Frank whispered. Gerard smiled.
    "All these years. We've got married, had kids. But we've never truly been happy with our love life. I've loved you ever since I met you too, but I was just too scared to admit it," he said.
    "Well, that was stupid," Frank mumbled.
    "Hey! I heard that! And you didn't do much about it either!" Gerard yelled.
    "Says the dude who made out with me in a bathroom stall!" Frank replied.
    "Touché," Gerard mumbled.
    "Wow, you're such a fangirl," Gerard stated.
    "Yepz," Frank agreed.

    Both men erupted into furious fits of laughter. Frank pulled himself off of Gerard so he was sat over him, his legs at either sides of Gerard's waist.
    "Frankie... What are you doing?"
    "I dunno... Sitting on you."
    "I dunno. I'm bored."
    "Me too. Being in a hospital is no fun at all," Gerard sighed.
    "At least there's no chance of you dying now, which is a very good thing," Frank smiled.
    "Yes. It is a very good thing 'cause now I can be with you forever." Gerard sat up and took a slightly teary-eyed Frank in his arms.
    "I love you Gerard. I love you so much," Frank whispered. Gerard's eyes overflew with tears of joy.
    "I love you too angel. I love you more than anyone else in the world. I'll always be here. Whenever you need me," Gerard whispered into Frank's neck. He started to gently bite Frank's neck. Frank's eyes fluttered shut as he experienced the pure pleasure. He felt happy to be with Gerard. The happiest he had ever felt.
    "Gerard, without you I'd disappear," Frank giggled. Gerard lifted his head out of Frank's neck and lifted Frank's head up so they were staring into each other's eyes.
    "Cheesy motherf**king bastard," Gerard mumbled.
    "You're one to talk! You have a bulletproof heart?! Remember that one!?" Gerard giggled.
    "Exactly," Frank said.
    "I love you so much Frank," Gerard said, staring deeply into Frank's eyes.
    "Dude, I know. "Stop soul raping me, sheesh," Frank said, trying to avoid Gerard's gaze. Gerard laughed sadistically.
    "Gerard?" Frank questioned.
    "BAM! YOU'RE PREGNANT!" Gerard yelled.
    "I soul raped you! So now you're pregnant!" Gerard giggled wildly.
    "OH NO!" Frank mimicked distress. He placed his hands on his cheeks with his mouth opened in fake horror.
    "I already have two kids, what am I going to do?" Frank yelled in a slightly girly voice. Gerard's face turned bright red from his uncontrollable laughter.
    "Gerard, why did you have to soul rape me, sheesh! It's a good job i f**king love you!" Frank laughed. Within seconds, both men were laughing wildly...

    "Gerard?" Frank mumbled after he had calmed himself down.
    "Yes baby?" Gerard giggled.
    "Don't soul rape me again... Ever," Frank said seriously.
    "Okay. How's my baby growing in there?" he said, gently patting Frank's stomach.
    "Funny," Frank said with sarcasm.
    "Yeah, I find it extremely funny!" Gerard yelled.
    "Hmph." Frank got off of Gerard and took a seat at the far side of the room facing away from Gerard with his arms crossed.
    "Frankie?" Silence.
    "Frankie? I didn't mean it." Silence.
    "Frankie?" Gerard got out of his bed and walked over to Frank.
    "C'mon, Frankie. You're acting like a girl," Gerard whispered.
    "Says the dude who wears feather boas and is wearing ia dressy-thingy right now."
    "Yet again, touché..."
    "Owned Way."
    "Shut up Iero."
    "Oh look, I'm Frank Iero and I'm so gay it's unbelievable I just want to make out with Gerard right now! Oh yeah baby!" Gerard mimicked, trying to imitate Frank's voice.
    "I don't sound like that Gee."
    "You do."
    "Fine. I'm Gerard Way and I'm such a girly drama queen. I mean, seriously, I turn everything into such a drama! OMG! It's Frank Iero, ahh, I'll just randomly kiss him live on stage!" Frank yelled, imitating Gerard's voice.
    "I do not sound like that..." Gerard replied in a very serious tone.
    "Ohh, but Gerard, you do," Frank joked.
    "Hardy-har-har," Gerard mumbled sarcastically.
    "I love you Gee." Frank walked over to Gerard and wrapped his arms around him.
    "As I love you Frankie." They were both happy in this moment of time.
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    sarcasm what a wonderful thing without it life would be boring to live, and yesh frank u are a fan girl, lozz :) awesome chapter!!
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    i finally have the time to update!!!!

    Chapter 12

    Frank pulled Gerard in for another deep, passionate kiss just as the doctor walked in.
    "Oh, I'm sorry for interupting you," the doctor said awkwardly as the two men pulled apart from the kiss. They both looked at the doctor.

    "No probs," Gerard said cooly, "What's up?"

    "Asyou may have realised, the operation was a success," the doctor stated.

    "Well duh, we aren't crying on his death bed," Frank said, pointing out. Gerard laughed.

    "Nice one, bro. So, what? How damn long do I have to stay here?" The doctor sighed.

    "Well, if we let you out now, there could be problems. So you'll have to stay here for at least a week, to see how you progress and if you'll be okay." Gerard let out a cry of anger, and Frank was dissapointed.

    "Damn. I really wanna perform! I've let my fans down! Do you know how many dates I've had to cancel over the past month?!" Gerard started, his voice raising. Frank looked angry.

    "Oh, come on! At last a week? That's way over the top! What are you guys thinking?" he yelled. Gerard sighed sadly. He desperately wanted to go back out there and apologise to his fans for what had happened. He just wanted to go out there and perform. Just to be wild like they used to be on stage. Just like how they used to be... Except for the drugs and alcohol of course. He wanted things like these to last forever. The doctor sighed.

    "It's for the best. If we let him out early there could be problems. It's only to see how he'll cope healing after th surgery. As soon as the week is up, if everything's fine, you can go." Gerard screamed angrily.

    "I'm fed up of being in f**king goddamn hospitals! I'm f**king fed up of being looked over, being checked on! How would you feel? You wouldn't like it either! You'd want to get out there and perform, as if any of it never happened! I want that to happen!" Frank looked at Gerard. He had never seen him angry like this to another person. The doctor sighed heavily again.

    "I'm sorry, it's for the best. I'll leave you now." And with that, the doctor left the room.

    "Stupid motherf**ker. At least a week! What are they thinking up there in their stupid little brains?" Gerard mumbled. Frank ran his fingers through Gerard's hair, pulling him closer, trying to calm him.

    "Who knows. I wonder how they're gonna torture you for a week," Frank replied jokingly.

    "Shut up, Iero. I'm not in the mood now." Frank stepped back so he was out of Gerard's arms.

    "So, I'm guessing you want me to go hme, and leave you here? You know I'll do it if you want," Frank asked.

    "No! I'm sorry baby. I'm just angry at these fricken' doctors. It's gonna be one hell of a week. I'm so getting tortured."

    "I told you so," Frank said sarcastically. Gerard walked up to Frank and gave him a bear hug.

    "Please stay with me. I don't want to be here alone."

    "Aww, you're scared of staying in a hospital overnight," Frankie teased Gerard.

    "Am not. I just don't wanna wake up in the morning finding needles everywhere in my body. You know I hate needles."

    "Fine. I'll stay with you, honey," Frank said, whispering into Gerard's ear, "As long as you're happy."

    "Yes. I will be. I love you Frankie."

    "Okay. I love you too Gee."

    **wow i never realised this chapter was so short. i didnt do it with the next one as it would clash with it... and youre gonna kill me when i post it anyway.....
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    really?? no comments??? wow :O do you really hate me??? anywayy... please don't kill me!!!!!

    Chapter 13

    The week droned on for what seemed like forever. Frank kept his word and stayed with Gerard overnight... In fact, he stayed for the entire week, only leaving Gerard to get spare clothes and food. Mikey and Ray viited quite often, only staying for a few hours at a tme. Gerard's mother also visited a couple of times, but Gerard insisted he was fine and for her not to worry, and she believed him easily. Websites had been blowing up with get well soon messages for Gerard especially Twitter. Thousands of fans were sending messages of encouragement to the band and Gerard. The band members all thought they had the bast fans ever.

    When the week was up, Gerard was delighted to be going home, but going home would create difficulties. Gerard would have to confront Lyn-z, and he wasn't sure whether he was ready yet.
    "Come on Gee," Frank said.

    "I'm coming," Gerard replied.

    "Let's get you home." Frank's smile grew into a huge grin.

    "Won't Lyn-z be there?" Gerard questioned.


    "How come?"

    "She's staying somewhere else and she's got Bandit too."

    "Oh," Gerard sighed. He didn't like the idea of Bandit being with her psycho mother, he was worried that Lyn-z would use Bandit against him. He stopped at this thought.

    "It'll be okay Gee, you could always try and get her back," Frank responded sadly.

    "Why would I want to get back with her? I would only go back for Bandit's sake. I love her. She's my daughter."

    "I know that," Frank sighed.
    "C'mon, it's time to face the facts of reality."

    They picked up their pace and headed towards the hospital exit. They both smashed through the doors to find Lyn-z stood waiting, red-eyed with a look of pure sadness.
    "Lyn-z?" Gerard questioned, "WHAT THE f**k ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" Lyn-z stood there as if speechless.

    "Gerard... I... I'm..." she sighed, "I'm sorry. I never should have hired that man to shoot Frank... But... But you must understand, I was only thinking about Bandit. How do you intend to tell her when she's all grown up?" Gerard calmed down.

    "I don't know," he said, "But there's many years to spare before she'll begin to understand anything." Lyn-z looked blankly from Gerard to Frank and sighed.

    "Goodbye Lyn-z," Gerard turned away.

    "Gerard, please," Lyn-z cried desperately. He and Frank continued to walk away as if she was never there.

    "Gerard... I'M PREGNANT!" Lyn-z screamed these last words, as if they came from the depths of the earth. Gerard froze.


    "I'm pregnant and it's yours," Lyn-z said, looking down at the ground all the while.

    "Why should he believe you? You hired someone to f**king kill me, and you're a LYING witch!" Frank yelled, tears gathering in his eyes. All at once several emotions swept across Gerard's face. Pain, love, sadness, happiness, and his last thought ended on Frank. Gerard slowly lifted his head to look at Frank.

    "I believe her, Frank. I really do," he sighed.

    **haha!! i bet you hate me right now.. i will say again PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! -waves white flag-
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    We don't hate you how could we hate you, if we did there would be no stories to keep me occupied. On a different note LYN-Z IS PREGNANT!!! That'll shake things up big time more when ever you can!
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    When Life Couldn't Get Any Better, It Gets Worse...

    haha you should hate me for this chapter... (only warning im giving :p)

    Chapter 14

    Frank's jaw dropped. Did Gerard really just say what he thought?

    "What?" It came from Frank's mouth slowly and agonizingly.

    "I believe her, Frank. Yes, she may have tried to kill you, but she's still my wife, and she wouldn't lie about something as serious as this," Gerard said as realisiation hit him.

    "But Gee... What about us?" Frank couldn't hold back the tears that were still gathering in his eyes. They began to roll freely down his cheeks. Gerard saw this and it felt like somethingpulled at his heart.

    "I don't know Frankie... I really don't know," Gerard said, looking straight into Frank's newly reddened eyes. They exchanged this look for what seemed a lifetime.

    "Gerard?" Lyn-z fianlly spoke up again. Both men turned to look at her. They had totally forgotten that she was here. Gerard walked over to her and took hold of her hands.

    "Lyn-z, I want you to look into my eyes and tell the truth," he said whilst lifting her head up so she would look at him.

    "Lyn-z, are you really pregnant?"

    "Yes Gerard, I am," Lyn-z sighed. They both stared into each other's eyes for a while and then Frank broke the silence.

    "I see you've made your choice about us then... Goodbye Gee," Frank turned away from Gerard and Lyn-z who were now in each other's embrace. He slowly started towards his car, his tears finally stopping.

    "Frankie?" Gerard broke away from Lyn-z and reached out to the now disappearing Frank.

    "FRANK!" he shouted this time with so much desperation it stopped Frank. Tears began to run down Frank's face again as he turned back to look at Gerard once more before finally hurrying away to his car. Gerard began to go after him, but a hand gently grabbed his arm. He turned to face Lyn-z once again before pulling her into his embrace.

    "Hey, don't worry Gerard, Frank will come round when he realises it was for the best," Lyn-z whispered soothingly into Gerard's ear. At hearing these words he began to sob and couldn't stop. All of his emotions were being released in this single point in time. Lyn-z was the one to break them apart this time, and she took hold of Gerard's right hand. He just looked at their joined hands for a second as if it felt wrong, and they shouldn't be doing it before saying,

    "C'mon babe, let's go home." And with that, they headed towards Lyn-z's car.


    Frank couldn't see anything because of tears as he drove back to his three bedroomed apartment. He had made the third bedroom into a sort of study where he practised his guitar and where he wrote ideas down for new songs. But now as he burst through his front door, he found it could be a place to take his anger out of him. He stormed into the room, locking the door behind him. The first thing Frank did was send the papers flying off the desk, leaving them scattered aimlessly allover the floor. Then he flipped the desk, sending it into the wall next to it. By the time Frank had finished getting the anger out of him, the place looked like it had been hit by a tornado. Papers were all over, the desk and chair had been broken, and worst of all, in one corner of the room, his guitar was smashed. He had purposely made sure that it wouldn't be able to get used again. No matter how hard Frank tried, he couldn't calm down his thoughts. He sat in the only corner of the room that was clear, and began to say his thoughts out loud.

    "He lied to me! Gee lied to ME, all this 'I love you Frankie', and 'oh, I love you more than anything in the world', well it was all bullshit! Yeah, that's right, I said BULLSHIT!" He stopped to breathe before he carried on.

    "Worst of all though, he's gone back to Lyn-z, the psychotic witch who hired someone to kill me. Of course that failed, otherwise I wouldn't be sat here in this lonely room drowning away my sorrows. But Gerard's acting like that never happened." Frank sighed. What was the use in this nonsense? He got to his feet and unlocked the study door. As he exited he shut the door quietly, because he didn't want to draw any attention to himself, even though he probably already had. But the apartment was silent, and so he left and headed out to the pub, to drown the rest of his life away.

    **seriously... what the hell did you think?? really sad chapter or what?? tell me EVERYTHING!! ;) or... *points raygun to your head* :p

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