What Would You Do If...

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Toro-Is-Love, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. SoLong&&Goodnight

    SoLong&&Goodnight New Member

    I would turn myself into a turtle.

    What would you do if Bob Bryar turned out to be your long lost brother?
  2. Sussak

    Sussak Guest

    Knowing myself, I would form such a drama x)! For sure.

    What would you do if you won a contest to spend a whole week with the band?
  3. rumored

    rumored New Member

    WOOT!! YAY!! id run scream and jump up and down, but when it came to actually meeting them id be calm and collected ;)

    what would you do if you were doing prank phone calls, and you called gerards house?
  4. SoLong&&Goodnight

    SoLong&&Goodnight New Member

    I would say, "oooops." Then have a hour long conversation with him.

    What would you do if Mikey asked you to marry him?
  5. Sussak

    Sussak Guest

    I would politely decline.

    Same question?

    rumored, please, use proper English.
  6. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Think for a second then say yes then attack him with hugs

    wwydi Bob came on your twitter asking for an electrician
  7. MeganMurder

    MeganMurder New Member

    Call a electrician, and send him out to Bob.
    Tell the electrician to give him my number or something. ;']

    WWYDI; Mikey gave you his glasses but they were signed by the band?
  8. raychellromance

    raychellromance New Member

    wear them all the time even though I wouldn't be able to see and i don't need glasses :')

    What would you do if my chem knocked at your house asking for directions?
  9. I'd be like 'come in a minute I need to get a map' :]

    same q
  10. MeganMurder

    MeganMurder New Member

    Haha, Give them coffee or red bull.
    They can't resist, and then get the map.

    WWYDI; You got picked up bridal style by any member of MCR?
  11. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Be like I feel like I just got married

    wwydi Gerard grew a beard like Franks
  12. MeganMurder

    MeganMurder New Member

    I'd be happy, but I'd be like "Shave that off"
    I think Frank looks' dead cute with it though.

    WWYDI, Ray got his finger stuck in his fro' and needed your emergency help.
    [Mental image is funny.]
  13. DiexHardx

    DiexHardx New Member

    I would go crazy then grab a chainsaw and cut off his fro.

    wwydi you saw Bob and Frank trying to break into your house?
  14. errrrm give em a key?!
    wwydi u were the godmother/father of LynZ's baby?
  15. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Scream and be so happy then introduce their kid to my nephew

    wwydi Gerard was on Beat The Boss USA (3 kids vs 3 pro business people to design a new product for the kids market I'm watching it right now)
  16. Momosama

    Momosama New Member

    Watch it, even though I've never heard of that show
    WWYDI if Ray was (magically) back in school and at your school and his locker was next to yours?
  17. Maikelo

    Maikelo Guest

    Locked myself into it.

    WWYDI Bob eat you cupcake?
  18. Black parader

    Black parader New Member

    I would ask ''Can I make you some more Bob?''

    Wwydi you were invited by G and Lyn-Z for dinner, and you got to meet Bandit Lee?
  19. gerardsexyway!!

    gerardsexyway!! New Member

    i would say 'OMG YES' @[email protected] :p

    Wwydi you got attacked be mikey in the street?
  20. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Fight him I'd probably snap him in half

    WWYDI Ray became a stand-up comedian?

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