What Would You Do If...

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Toro-Is-Love, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. c3m3t3ry_driv3

    c3m3t3ry_driv3 New Member

    ^^ forgot the question...oh well. -shrugs-

    WWYDIIIIIIIII....Gerard and Bert forgave each other? [Idk if they have or not...but whatever...o.0]
  2. xxheartbreakerxx

    xxheartbreakerxx New Member

    be happy for them

    wwdyi Gerard added you on Twitter?
  3. c3m3t3ry_driv3

    c3m3t3ry_driv3 New Member

    Scream and jump in my seat...everyone would be looking at me like I was an idiot though...o.0

    WWYDIIII...Gerard was actually a vampire? [lame, I know...but I'm brain dead...and tired. -frowns-]
  4. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Go up to him and say Bite me witch

    wwydi Mikey suddenly disappeared in the middle of a gig and all that was left was his cheesy grin
  5. xxheartbreakerxx

    xxheartbreakerxx New Member

    be awww he's a cheshire cat lol

    wwydi Fank quit My Chem?
  6. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Bug him to rejoin MCR and if he refuses I'll have to Frerard tackle him till he agrees

    wwydi Gerard changed his name to Princess Cherry Fruitcake
  7. xxheartbreakerxx

    xxheartbreakerxx New Member

    laugh and then beg him to change it back

    wwydi Mikey gave you a teddy bear?
  8. c3m3t3ry_driv3

    c3m3t3ry_driv3 New Member

    Squeak like a mouse as a "Thank you!" And normally ask him how he was...xD

    WWYDI...Someone gave you a genie lamp, and when you rubbed it, My Chem came out...what would your 3 wishes be? [HAHA! Idk why the hell I asked that, but just answer it...]
  9. xxheartbreakerxx

    xxheartbreakerxx New Member

    hmm 1 would be to go on their next tour with them. 2 would be to write some songs with them for their new cd. And 3? I'd save that one. lol

    wwydi you ran into My Chem at the mall and they asked you to go shopping and have coffee with them?
  10. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Accept and demand Gerard carry me around when I get tired

    wwydi Gerard guest starred in Scrubs
  11. Kate.

    Kate. Guest

    be f**king thirlled and watch it over and over
    what would you do if frank came to your house dressed up as an easter bunny?
  12. Athena

    Athena Active Member

    Laugh really hard, then invite him in for coffee (he can't resist coffeee)

    WWYDI Frank kissed you?
  13. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Be all dream come true, then try take it further

    wwydi Gerard had a secret tattoo no one knew about
  14. Kate.

    Kate. Guest

    wonder where one earth it was XP
    what would you do if you saw frank sitting in a cardboard box on the corner of your street saying "adopt me"? XP
  15. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Adopt him and keep him

    wwydi Bob was a judge on Britians got talent
  16. Kate.

    Kate. Guest

    find out if i have any talents and try out XP
    what would u do if - Bob flew past your house with a cape?
  17. Maikelo

    Maikelo Guest

    I would fly with him.

    What would you do if Ray had shaved his head and pasted his hair to your head?
  18. Kate.

    Kate. Guest

    Cut part of mine off and paste him back
    What would you do if Frank had a ninja kitty thats going to take over the world
  19. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Give it a list of enemies to bring down mwahahahaha

    wwydi Mikey moved into your shed
  20. avengedghost

    avengedghost Guest

    I'd be like 'don't play with the power tools'

    what would you do if Gerard turned into a turtle?

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