What Would You Do If...

Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Toro-Is-Love, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. Alannah

    Alannah Guest

    I would say "uhh, I don't have sugar. But let's go to the store, and I'll buy you some!"

    WWYDI: You were walking around, and you saw Bob couting Red Bull cans?
  2. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Make him lose count

    wwydi Mikey became a Rapper called MC Way
  3. MeganMurder

    MeganMurder New Member

    I'd have to cry but, laugh.
    That'll be so f**king weird.

    WWYDI, Your mum bumped into Gee, and brought him home for dinner?
  4. Alannah

    Alannah Guest

    I would be all "MOM! You were supposed to bring home FOOD! Not the guy i want to....I'm not finishing this sentence...."

    WWYDI: You got a party invite from MCR
  5. ObscureUrban

    ObscureUrban Guest

    Go. Duh.

    WYYDI: You found out Gerard's secret inspiration is Dr. Phil?

  6. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Who's Dr Phil? would be my first queson to Gee

    wwydi Mikey and Gerard fell out and had to go on the Jerry Springer show
  7. Say "Go Mikey Go!"

    wwydi a Spongebob Squarepants had an episode about My Chem?
  8. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Watch it 'cause it's Spongebob you know...the greatest cartoon ever well besides Atomic Betty

    wwydi Frank spat in your face
  9. ObscureUrban

    ObscureUrban Guest

    [Well, it happened to me before..] So.. I wouldn't mind it, although it depended on why he spat in my face. o_O

    WWYDI: Gerard had a cooking show on Food Network? xD
  10. Yoshi.

    Yoshi. Nerdfighter

    Laugh. xD Then probably try to make everything he makes.

    WWYDIIIIIIIIII. Attention Reader was on Rockband? ^_^
  11. Athena

    Athena Active Member

    Play it non stop

    WWYDI You skipped 3 years in age?
  12. Phantomchild

    Phantomchild Guest

    Be like wow I'm 17 I'm going to California

    wwydi Frank gave you his Micky Mouse ears headband thingy
  13. xxheartbreakerxx

    xxheartbreakerxx New Member

    I'd say thank you and wear them all the time

    wwydi you got free MCR concert tickets for the rest of your life?
  14. Athena

    Athena Active Member

    Be like hellz yeah...
    And drag someone who hates them along with me, just so I can get the person into MCR

    WWYDI You were married to G and having his baby?
  15. ObscureUrban

    ObscureUrban Guest

    Be the luckiest woman aliiive. Duuh. xD

    WWYDI; You saw Frank walking down the street dressed as a leprechaun?
  16. Athena

    Athena Active Member

    Laugh and take a picture, then go and talk to him..

    WWYDI Your best friend told you that they were moving to New Jersey to meet MCR?
  17. ObscureUrban

    ObscureUrban Guest


    WWYDI; Gerard was actually a girl.. o_O
  18. xxheartbreakerxx

    xxheartbreakerxx New Member

    freak out, not believe it and scream NOOOOOOooooo over and over

    wwydi you saw Frank at mall in Victoria's Secret?
  19. DiexHardx

    DiexHardx New Member

    Stare and scream silently in my head. Then walk over and say Hi.

    wwydi bob came to your house one day and asked for directions to the nearest pharmacy?
  20. well, because i read Nuky's "Crazy Like You, Lollipop" slash fanfiction.... I would say "Hellz no," shut the door on him and call ahem 'Monroeville' to pick him up.

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