What was the last piece of music you learnt?

Discussion in 'Musician's Corner' started by XOMBIE, Mar 23, 2009.


    XOMBIE Guest

    I just learnt:
    Coldplay-Life In Technicolour II on guitar
    so i'm pretty chuffed. xD
  2. Katelyn McFly

    Katelyn McFly Dr. DeathDefying

    Tennessee - By Hans Zimmer, on the piano.
    (It's the theme from Pearl Harbor)
  3. xCirclesx

    xCirclesx New Member

    Glycerine by bush on guitar XD
  4. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    Learn-ing Unholy Confessions - A7X on electric guitar... all I've really got so far is the intro. LOL.
  5. Nukyster

    Nukyster Active Member

    Behind Blue Eyes by limp Bizkit, on guitar (I'm still a NooB with that thing)
  6. blackxheart

    blackxheart Guest

    When I Come Around by Green Day on my Les Paul.

    I'm only really working with the chorus right now, though.
  7. Holly

    Holly Active Member

    My Immortal - Evanescence.
    On the piano. :)
  8. HollowPistol

    HollowPistol Guest

    your call - second hand serenade on guitar its such a pretty song x]
  9. raychellromance

    raychellromance New Member

    American Idiot - On the Bass i suck at it
  10. bachillerata

    bachillerata Active Member

    Song 2-Blur on the drums...its easy lol
  11. Turreena

    Turreena New Member

    pathetique sonata, op. 13 in c minor, 1st movement by beethoven.. on the piano.
    classical, of course.
  12. We Are Always Searching - I Am Ghost

    Violin part on keyboard... but I haven't got it quite right
  13. Christine

    Christine Guest

    How Many More Times- Led Zeppelin
    On bass.
  14. RainBowBangs

    RainBowBangs Guest

    I just finally learned how to correctly play Cancer - MCR, ofc, on the piano. I did it all by ear, didn't have any notes, and there was this one chord that was really pissing me off because I couldn't figure it out and hear what it was, but yesterday I finally got it, after a lot of cussing, swearing and yelling at the piano. It's been bothering me for like, three years, but finally I learned it was a F#m7 :) *yaaay*

    If somebody replies to this and says there's not even a F#m7 in Cancer, I'm gonna be really angry with the piano and cry myself to sleep for three days... :p
  15. The intro of All The Small Things - Blink 182
    Haven't got the picking quite right though
  16. Alannah

    Alannah Guest

    I got the verses of the rhythm guiatr for that's what you get by Paramore
  17. Christine

    Christine Guest

    "Heart Shaped box" by Nirvana. On bass.
  18. MySweetRevenge27

    MySweetRevenge27 New Member

    Pokerface by Lady Gaga. on guitar
    Oh maan, it gives me crap when i play it. hahaha
  19. I Don't Love You on drums...it's uber easy. :]
  20. MikeyWay=Love

    MikeyWay=Love New Member

    Hungarian Sérénade by Victorin Jonciéres on the flute ^_^

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