What was the last dream you had?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by Schuyler, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    I walked through my house with a hangover and entered my living room to find Alex Saurez lying in seductive position on my couch (in swimming-trunks) and said, "Hey, it's about time you woke up. Let's go for a swim."

  2. Nurul

    Nurul Madridista

    I had one of Avenged again!

    So we were at the school auditorium, but for some reason it looked really different - in fact it looked like the Max Pavillion (which was where they performed when they came here in '08). We were all watching a video of their concert on the big screen, I was with my friend Adin, and then while they were performing they had this kinda slime thing released on the stage, like they had on Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards, but the slime was in rainbow colours/. =D

    And then suddenlt they were actually there in the audi, we weren't watching them on the screen any longer, and the stage people released these balloon animals, and I caught one which was a green dinosaur, and it turns out that inside of it there was a backstage pass of some sort, though I didn't even take the thing out. So after the concert ended I left the audi with my friend, and I followed this random girl to the backstage area, and I got to meet them!

    I saw Matt first, and I was all grinning and going "Hiii!" and we shook hands, then I asked if I could hug him, and I got to. And again, he gave the best hugs, it felt so f**kin' real. <3333 We talked for a bit, though I couldn't remember what about, I hugged him again, and then went on to the other guys. I remembe hugging Johnny and commenting on his height ("Wow, you're short! I mean I know I'm short, but I ...."), and I managed to hug Syn & Zacky too, though I couldn't remember what it felt like. Zacky was sorta in a bad mood, so I was a little sad, but then I went on to Jimmy, and he was all so cheery and he bent down on his knees to hug my friend first, but he stood up when he hugged me so I was pretty much totally squished. =D! And we talked, he was rambling about something random and I was just smiling the entire time, and then he hugged me again. Then other people came by so we had to leave, but I saw Zacky going to the loo, so I asked my friend Ary to help me ask if Zacky's alright with me wanting a picture with him, but Ary came back out and said no so I was reaaaally sad. ;[ But for the most part I was really happy, I was jumping around an' all, though obvz not in real life. Heeheeeee.

    /ramble over
  3. Eliza

    Eliza Active Member

    Don't even remember. But I do,
    Like, I can kinda see it, but I can't remember it.
    There was something red, I remember that. And there were creatures.
    And I was watching it on a television but the show was my dream.
    But I was also part of it, but I wasn't physically in it, but I was. I just didn't look like myself, but I did. And I knew it was myself, when I "watched" it on my television in my dream.
    But I never saw my television,

    ....... Confusing? Yeah...
  4. Linzi Sky.

    Linzi Sky. Active Member

    I had a nightmare: my cigarettes went missing.

    Honest. :mmm:
    I need to cut down?
  5. RainBowBangs

    RainBowBangs Guest

    I dreamt about a train again. ><' I seem to always dream about trains.
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    My friends and I were lining up to get autographs from a giant toad. We were then suddenly in a café over some river and I was having a panic attack because of the water.. Bradley Branning from Eastenders then came over and was chatting away to me. We walked out of the café and I was suddenly alone in Blackpool and saw two people I know from another forum covered in tomato sauce and said "hi". I then ran into some shopping centre and saw Lyn-z, with Bandit in a pushchair and Alicia. I was just about to go over and talk to them when I woke up.
  7. Victoria.

    Victoria. Guest

    I had a dream the other night that I bought a smoke off of Justin Bieber, and when I went to smoke it I discovered he laced it with meth somehow and I lit his car on fire.
    Maybe I take my nicotine too serious?
    But I think the little poop had it coming.
  8. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    It was a Heroes dream.
    Peter and I were running from Samuel to try and save Gretchen. Then I lost Peter and thought maybe he was dead, but he wasn't and all was gravy.
  9. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    I was at Blackpool (I always am in dreams) and went into someone's flat. They had posters of Fall Out Boy ALL OVER THE ROOM and told me how much they hate them. So I was like "Um, okay then.. Why the posters?" and they said it was to scare away the spiders. Then suddenly I notice hundreds of spiders all over the ceiling. The person asks me to shoo them and puts on Everytime I Look For You by Blink 182 and leaves me in the FOB/spider room saying SHOO!

    What the hell is wrong with my brain? I'm poop scared of spiders, but not so much Fall Out Boy.
  10. Vega

    Vega Cosmonaut

    My mom finally admitted she ruined my LFC shirt and that's why it disappeared.

    I also kept seeing HER. She was at my house looking as lovely as ever. Ugh.
  11. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    My dream was odd.

    I was walking through an apartment looking for something and started to get mad. When I entered the living room and saw Bert McCracken giggling in the floor. I gave him an odd look and he took out a bag of marbles out of his pocket, "Looking for these?" All I could remember after that is me and him laughing...

    o_O, so Bert stole my marbles?
  12. Victoria.

    Victoria. Guest

    Had a really intense dream last night that there was a zombie outbreak, and I had been bitten but I was caught in a state between still human and total brainthirsty blood guzzling zombie.
    And Im not talking your slow walking, moaning good for nothing zombies.
    They were like twitching high on PCP zombies f**king sprinting at you.
    Fun dream, I actually was genuinely entertained the whole time.
  13. Belle

    Belle New Member


    Last dream I had...
    Well last night I had a dream that I was part of a photoshoot where I had to dress up as Bill Beckett, style my hair like his, and basically look as much like him as possible. Then the shoot basically consisted of me sitting in various parts of Central Park.
  14. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    ^ I woke up laughing after having the marble dream.

    Last night, a war had broke out on US soil. I finally had the chance to go to the store and ran into my friend Casey. He had a sleeve of tattoos and turned around to give me a huge hug. We started talking then had to rush out of the store because it had a bomb threat. Next thing I know we were in a bomb shelter near by. Then the building was under attack and me and Casey ran out, got into a truck then drove down a deserted road.

    :| I haven't talked to him in a while.
  15. Shannon

    Shannon Active Member

    Shia LaBeouf died. It was awful, because I had to tell my friend who is a big fan, it felt so real and I even jolted awake and wondered whether he really had died.
  16. Nurul

    Nurul Madridista

    OH! I just remembered.

    Rick was back on this site, and there were soooo many Admins all of a sudden.
    xD! Super lame, but funny.
  17. Sarah!

    Sarah! Guest

    Last night I had a dream that I met and chilled with Justin Timberlake.
    Which is bizarre because I can't think of anything I've done recently that would've led to him appearing in my dream haha.
  18. Ain'tJustForTheFamex

    Ain'tJustForTheFamex Active Member

    My friend lived in Harry Potter's house with her family and it was in the countryside by itsself, with a farm out the back and then a massive slope down with a mini-beach at the bottom. It was sunset, and me and my friend ran down the hill at full speed and then just stood on the sand looking at the sky.
    Random... x]
  19. Lovesong

    Lovesong She's a Rebel

    Last night I dreamt I had a disease which made it unable for me to speak. I went to a record store with my Nana and she had made a card for me with money in it. She gave it to me in the store and then she threw 10 euro on the ground, I picked it up and gave it back but then she threw it at some guy.. (This all doesn't make any sense)

    Next thing I know I'm in the hospital and apparantely some sort of surgery went well since everybody was crying happy tears..

  20. Schuyler

    Schuyler Active Member

    I went to Italy for a daytrip with my boyfriend. And I bought a bunch of Italian candy. And then I realized that it was past my curfew, so we teleported back to Boston. And I went to my friends birthday party.

    The end.

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