What was the last dream you had?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by Schuyler, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. MarieArt

    MarieArt Champion of Losers

    In my dream last night, my friends' band finally made it big (I have a feeling they're on their way) and they hired me as their merch girl. I woke up to one of them calling me to tell me that they had a great weekend, they were happy to see me and they're coming New Years Eve if they can.
  2. Steph<3

    Steph<3 Guest

    I had a dream that I moved into my friends garage and I had to sleep under their car so her parents wouldn't find me.
  3. Lexi

    Lexi Active Member

    Last night I had a weird dream about shadow horses that talked and children wrapped in barbed wire being tossed about like tumbleweed o_O

    /had too much of Halloween.
  4. TotalWreck

    TotalWreck New Member

    hmmm... Me being a zombie and then being shot by James.
  5. Ain'tJustForTheFamex

    Ain'tJustForTheFamex Active Member

    Me and H were walking around town. We saw Chime (I barely even know him O_O) and Tabitha and her mum. Then we seemed to teleport to my house. Idk why. And she was standing infront of me and she was scratching and we found out that there was a tiny tiny leech next to her bellybutton, and I blew on it and it flew onto my face next to my eye and it was buzzing and the fright woke me up xD
  6. Steph<3

    Steph<3 Guest

    I had this dream again, but it was slightly different because I saw my grandfather too. He was wearing a zoot suit and drinking at the bar.
  7. Randi*Ranae

    Randi*Ranae New Member

    okay mine was just plan weird

    i was in this weird farm house, and then there was an imagine displayed on this mirror of something me and joshus did in another dream. (it was just a kiss) it was totally weird, then the dream took me to a place the farm house and there was a guy with a gun, then he went away when i got into a van with three other people that i did know, but dont ever hang out with. the driver was a little older then me but the two in the backseat were my cousins Nathan and Allie, and the driver wanted me to take her money and get alcohol for all of us....WTF??
  8. TheNickiOfDoom

    TheNickiOfDoom Time Lord

    I had an amazing dream last night about this NHL hockey player that I'm super crushing on (Marc-Andre Fleury, Goaltender for the Pittsburgh Penguins), and got woken up during a good part by people talking outside my window. :(

    It was a lovely dream though.
  9. ihni

    ihni Active Member

    I was in sex ed class but it was in this giant car. In the room it was just all these random girls and then only one person I knew. Mr. Balser was our teacher. All these random apples kept coming up out of nowhere and so I tried eating some but every time I did, everybody would yell at me because apparently they were the Poison Apples in Snow White.

    Then I found this fish that was flopping around on the ground. I assumed he couldn't see, so I tried to give him my glasses.
  10. RainBowBangs

    RainBowBangs Guest

    A couple of nights ago I dreamt about this guy in my school. Although in my dream, he was a girl. He looked the same as he always does (and he's not very attractive), but he was clearly a girl. And I slept with her/him. So what does that mean? That I would bone him if he was a girl? Because I clearly wouldn't do it now, he's UGLY. And not very charming either. x]
  11. Steph<3

    Steph<3 Guest

    Me and my friend were walking around in the woods, where there had recently been a fire so everything was burned. We found this cabin that looked abandoned so we walked in in it, but from the inside it looked more like a small tool shed. It was circular and there was this big pole in the middle and a million hammers hung on the walls. For some reason, we had to sit down but there wasn't enough room so we had to wrap our legs around the pole in the middle. Then everything started spinning and the hammers were flying everywhere.

    And when it stopped we walked outside and we were at my old middle school, and there were pictures of my last family vacation posted all over the school.
  12. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    Something about Trent Reznor. I can't remember.

    Apparently my sister dreamed I got pregnant by Jared Leto, circa his Jordan Catalano days. Now that's a nice dream!
    (Kidding... or am I? :p)
  13. Niamh

    Niamh New Member

    I was being stalked by Micheal McIntyre. :wub:
  14. ihni

    ihni Active Member

    I don't really know what happened, but all I remember is gummy snacks, a box of animal crackers, a pass, a school, a lot of water, a giant green blanket, hiding, and teachers and family. And everyone spoke with a British accent.
  15. RainBowBangs

    RainBowBangs Guest

    It was something about fish and math homework. And then Gerard came along, I don't really remember. 8D
  16. Steph<3

    Steph<3 Guest

    I had a dream that I was a part of some kind of secret organization (the members were me, some girl in my 7th grade science class, and my bus driver) and our headquarters was in a broken-down school bus that was parked on the front steps of my school's library.

    Then my mom came to pick me up, but took the other girl home instead of me. So the bus driver gave me a bike that was missing a wheel so I could get home. But I accidently went towards the auto shop area, where I crashed. Then I saw my friend, Edgar, who was trying to build a car out of leggos. And I asked to borrow his shoes, because suddenly I was barefoot, and he gave me a hug and kissed my forehead.

    Then a bus pulled up so I got on and I was in my house.
  17. Jaya.

    Jaya. Active Member

    In my last dream I had a baby girl.
    I named it Beanie.
  18. I dreamt I came home from school and my mum had had a baby girl (^ weird, huh?). I was like "I didn't even know you were pregnant!" and she was all smiley and said "Yeah, I'm haveing another one in two weeks." It was strange, it's been three years since she popped a sprog.
  19. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    My sister gave birth to two pigs, but they were the kind of toy pigs that, y'know, you squeeze them and that gooey-rubber poo stuff comes out of their bums? Yeah, she gave birth to two of them - a boy and a girl, and the boy was called Hercules.
  20. Steph<3

    Steph<3 Guest

    I was on a bus and I saw a mouse, so I threw a piece of chocolate out the window hoping the mouse would follow it. Then my friend jumped out the window so he could eat it. The bus left him there.

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