What They Say From Beyond The Grave

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    Title: What They Say From Beyond The Grave

    Summary: Misery takes over a group of friends when their self appointed leader, Gerard, dies. But they always say, that when you die, your never really gone...

    Of course, the youngest of the group, little Frank Iero, doesn't believe rubbish like this. But when he begins to see the face of Gerard; his leader, secret lover, and best friend's elder brother, Frank is left with the task of helping him fill out his wishes from beyond the grave. But he doesn't have long, as death, dressed in a black cloak and a skull for face, is keeping near, wanting to send Frank 6 feet under... But why?

    Characters: Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Gerard Way, Death.
    Pairings/slashes: Frerard.

    Genre: Romance, horror, comedy
    Rating: 15

    Disclaimer: My tongue is black, for I am a lier. Obviously this never happened, and I don't own the guys. if I did, you'd never see them for I would look them in my attic and keep them for myself >:D (joke...)


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    1 - Darkness​
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    Chapter 1 : Darkness

    When I woke up, I wasn’t sure where I was. Where ever it was it was dark, and no light was coming from any direction what so ever. Four solid, possibly metal, walls surrounded me, each about 3 centimetres away from my body. There was, what seemed to be, a metal shelf above my head, which I recognised to have my school books on it. I moved my feet around a bit until my left heel came in contact with soft material- my jumper. It didn’t take me another three seconds to work out where I was exactly- I was inside my bloody school locker, they I had great difficulty trying to remember why exactly I was in my currently location. As I racked my brains for my memory, I was pulled out of my thoughts by someone banging forcefully on my locker door.

    “Frank are you in there?” called a voice I recognised at once.

    “Mikey!” I exclaimed happily at the sound of his voice.

    “Thank god! We’ve found him!” said a relieved Ray Toro from the other side of the door.

    “How did you get in there?” asked another voice.

    “Billie Joe?” I asked, slightly alarmed.

    “Well done, it’s me.” Said the punk, sounding a little annoyed at the loss of a welcoming tone in my voice.

    “Sorry, Bill” I muttered.

    “How did you get in there?” Mikey echoed Billie Joe.

    “Can’t remember” I yelled back.

    “Probably Oliver Sykes…” grumbled Ray.

    “Wouldn’t be surprised…”
    I could just see imagine Billie Joe rolling his eyes as he spoke.

    “We’re gunna get you out” Mikey announced

    “How? You don’t have the key for the padlock!” I replied agitatedly.

    There was a pause.

    “Get Gerard!” ordered Ray “You said he was good at these kind of things…”

    “He said he was could at hacking stuff…” argued Mikey.

    “Oh well, he’s the strongest out of all of us anyway; he’ll probably be able to
    kick the door out of place.”

    Mikey groaned, before the clacking of school shoes echoed off down the hall.

    “How long have you been in there?” asked Billie Joe.

    “Haven’t got a clue” I answered in a matter-of-fact tone.

    “We haven’t seen you since second lesson, so you’ve been in there for the max of 3 hours” said Ray.

    “I was probably asleep all that time!” I laughed

    “That’s nice. Having a nice nap in your locker” sighed Billie Joe, followed by
    the snap of someone fingers “Why have I never thought of doing that during Gym class?”

    “Because no one would get you out” giggled Ray.

    “Ha-bloody-ha!” Billie Joe said sarcasticly.

    “What have I missed?” I piped up

    “Actually, you missed gym class you lucky bugger-“laughed Billie Joe

    “English and science too” added Ray.

    “Frankie!” came a sing-songy voice.

    “Hello Gerard” I sighed with a smile he couldn’t see.

    “Oh fine then, I’ll leave you in there!” I huffed.

    “No Gee…” I begged in a high voice, causing the others to snigger; accept
    for Gerard that is…

    “Alright, sugar. Wait a second okay?”

    He didn’t wait for answer, and immediately began hammering at the side if my locker door. I stood well away, pressing my back against the wall, as dents began to appear round the edge of the door, light seeping through the cracks.

    “One more hit should do it…”

    Gerard hit the locker again, causing a loud sound to rumble through the hall way, before the door burst open.

    “Success” Gerard said proudly, before laughing at the sight of me pressed against the back of my locker, and a face as if I’d just been kissed by Freddie Kruger.

    “You alright, Pansy?” Ray giggled.

    I merely nodded before stumbling out of locker and leaning on Gerard. I looked at his hand to see what his weapon had been. He held a white and red paint covered metal instrument, obviously from the art department- Gerard’s lair. I didn’t bother asking what it was, since I was interested with the sense of freedom that overcome me.

    “Oh thank god…” I breathed, before falling flat on my face.

    My friends laughed at me.

    “Poor Frankie…” tittered Billie Joe “You look dead”

    “Thanks Bill…” I muttered into the floor.

    “Anytime, Iero. Anytime…”

    “I wonder how you got in there?” questioned Ray.

    “Oliver Sykes” said Billie Joe

    “Maybe he fell in his locker!” laughed Mikey.

    “Oliver Sykes” said Billie Joe

    “Maybe he just fancied a peaceful nap!” suggested Ray

    “Oliver Sykes” Said Billie Joe

    “Maybe he thought he was his science book, so put himself in his locker!”
    cackled Mikey

    “Oliver Sykes” said Billie Joe

    “Or it could have been Oliver Sykes” Gerard said tiredly “since he’s always
    taking the piss out of you”

    I nodded “That’s my best guess as well” I sighed.

    I forced myself to my feet. My eyes immediately linked to Gerard’s.

    “You alright?” he asked

    I smiled gratefully “Yeah… I’m cool

    So what you think guys? any good? Any tips to make it better? Anything wrong? :eek: :3
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    Oh I like this :)
    Lol at Billie Joe 'Oliver Sykes'
    & I'm first commenter :)
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    Haha! I crossed my fingers in hope someoen would find Billie Joe funny :'3
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    Me :) I found quite a lot of the chapter funny, but it was effort to go through it and get the funny bits out lol.

    Though what I will say is to make it easier for readers maybe think about leaving a gap between paragraphs/people talking. For example:

    “Oliver Sykes” said Billie Joe

    “Or it could have been Oliver Sykes” Gerard said tiredly “since he’s always taking the piss out of you”

    I nodded “That’s my best guess as well” I sighed.

    I forced myself to my feet. My eyes immediately linked to Gerard’s.

    “You alright?” he asked

    I smiled gratefully “Yeah… I’m cool”
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    Okay, thanks. I'll do it now :) x
  7. Athena

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    It just makes it easier for people to read :)

    Update soon :)
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    I am in love with Billie-Joe. Update soon? :)

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