What should you really be doing right now?

Discussion in 'General Off Topic' started by Jane, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    Writing my final portfolio project. 20 pages and I only have 10 done. It's due tomorrow, AND I have to study for two finals. Ugh.
  2. Letterbomb

    Letterbomb New Member

    I should be sleeping.
  3. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    My english homework. FMFL.
  4. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    Wearing my retainers.
  5. Flock of Margot

    Flock of Margot New Member

    Washing my hair and editing my video projects.
  6. rubidoux.

    rubidoux. princess

  7. xokay_nowx

    xokay_nowx Become, become, become

    Sleeping or studying for finals/writing term papers/preparing for a finals presentation. It's going to be interesting seeing how I manage to pull off all my work in the next 54 hours. Strangely I'm not too worried about it, I guess because I have a 94 A in one class and a 100 A in my two others. And no finals are until Wednesday morning, no papers due until Wednesday night at midnight.
  8. Asthma_Turtle

    Asthma_Turtle Active Member

    Studying for my week of tests (starting monday 19th) and finishing my business project for Friday, oh yeah and my stupid french homework.
  9. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    Showering and going to sleep.
  10. Dust Angel

    Dust Angel Unloveable. Staff Member

    Something productive.
  11. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

  12. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    My 30-page screenplay due tomorrow at 3.
    Not even a third of the way done.
  13. Asthma_Turtle

    Asthma_Turtle Active Member

    Studying my f**king butt off.
    I can't believe my exams start monday and continue through to Thursday, and I haven't even started studying!

  14. Sleeping. I got 2 hours /:
  15. MissCimi

    MissCimi Nerd

    Cleaning and/or laundry. But I can't be bothered to do it just yet.
  16. Don Ricalo

    Don Ricalo Panda Bear.

    Sleeping. Up in 5 hours for work, followed by go-karting. Gunna be so dead. f**king 2 cans of Monster tonight was such a bad idea.
  17. Athena

    Athena Active Member

    Sleeping. 1:05am...
  18. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    Rinsing bleach out of my hair.
  19. mollyxmadness

    mollyxmadness Active Member

    Driving home. I think I'm gonna stay up here 'till tomorrow, though.
    cba to load all of my poop in the car right now.
  20. collage application or sleeping

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