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  1. Geisha Wafer

    Geisha Wafer Guest

    Ok, so I've had some popular stories and some really ignored ones. So I'll just have to see...I'll say PG-13 for now? Enjoy x

    Chapter One

    "We've got ribbons in our hair,
    and we play it fair and square,
    they say you'll love us and you will,
    we're the girls from Belleville,
    you can't beat us,
    come on and try,
    we're the girls of Belleville High!"

    I was falling. I was slipping. Oh my god why had Kirsty been ill? I simply could not balance here at the top of the pyramid.

    "Jasmine...Jas..." I hissed, desperatly.
    "Billie! What the hell are you doing?" I heard Jasmine whipser from underneath my feet.
    "I...I can't balance...can we stop...?"
    "NO! For god's sake Billie...just finish the performance..."
    "No...you don't understand...I...I'm...ARRRRRRGH!"

    There was a dramatic bending of knees followed by a series of shocked screams as my feet slipped off Jasmine's shoulders and I was sent hurtling to the floor with an indignified thud.

    "OH MY GOD!" I heard Nancy Plaid scream, "SHE'S DEAD! OH MY GOD! CALL 911!"
    "Shut up Nancy, she's not dead..." I heard Jasmine snarl, "She's just a crappy balancer."
    "Alright Girls, move out the way, come on...Nancy...quit screaming..." Mrs. Dushmore, the cheerleading coach knelt down beside me. "You OK there Billie?" She asked.
    I lifted my face off the ground and looked up to see a swarm of suprised looking cheerleaders.
    "What...?" I groaned.
    There was an uproar of laughing before Mrs. Dushmore blew her whistle.
    "QUIET! Right...let's try again from the top...Jasmine, you take Billie's place...Billie, you sit out for this session." She helped me up and I left the gymnasium and went into the changing rooms to get changed again.

    'You're ridiculous.' I said to myself as I tied my long blonde hair into a high ponytail, pulling a pink Hollister top over my head. This was me. Billie Marshall. All my life I'd felt alone, and I'd done everything possible to try and fit in. I hung around with the 'right' crowd...Jasmine Hurtley and her cronies...who were all interested in one thing. Popularity. It masked my true insecurities of being considered a 'loner' or a 'nerd', but deep down I was still as alone as ever. Jasmine was cruel and taunted the 'freaks' and 'losers' of our school, dated the football heroes, and flirted with the jocks...she was unbelievably stereotypical and yet it seemed...everybody loved her nonetheless.

    The bell for lunch had just sounded, so I knew now that practise was over. I waited in the changing rooms until a pair of ug-boots swung themselves into my shin and I looked up to see Jasmine, Clara and Rhiannon waiting for me.
    "Nice performance today, Billie." Clara smirked. Clara was like Jasmine's little lapdog...a clone copy of her almost. She made me sick. I decided to ignore her.
    We sat down at the benches besides the school field.
    "How many calories are there in this salad?" Rhiannon asked, turning her salad box around for the nutrition information.
    "Not many." I said.
    "That doesn't actually tell me though, does it, Billie?!" Rhiannon hissed. "I don't wanna end up looking like her." She laughed, pointing over the field to Marha Devitt.
    There was an uproar of laughing, and yet again, I felt like I was the only one not joining in again. Was this the true cost of popularity?
  2. Geisha Wafer

    Geisha Wafer Guest

    =] Tell me what you think and whether or not to continue?
  3. Shaz.

    Shaz. Gleek.

    Ooh I like the sound of this,it has a good start.
    I think you should continue it ^_^
  4. Thumbelina

    Thumbelina Administrator Staff Member

    It sounds interesting :)
  5. Ditte

    Ditte New Member

    Yea, real good :D
  6. Geisha Wafer

    Geisha Wafer Guest

    Chapter Two

    The bell sounded for the end of school. I ran out of class, Jasmine's voice ringing in my ears.

    'Be outside the gates for 3:25 exactly or we're leaving without you...'

    Tonight was Mall night. We went to the mall after school and hung around with all of Jasmine's little Playboys and lesser-followers. I had to go there every week because...we basically represented the entire meeting.

    I hurried through the corridors and to my locker to quickly get my books out of the back. I had packed my final book into my bag when I heard the raised voices coming from a few lockers down.

    "What's wrong, princess, have I messed up your hair?!" The voice of Bradley Martin. How I hated him. He'd been one of Jasmine's little playboys since the 9th grade, and no doubt he'd be at the mall tonight. I looked across from my locker. Typical. Bradley had a student pushed up against the locker, sneering at him.
    "Aww...are you gonna cry?!" He spat, slamming the boy against the locker. "Come on sweetheart, don't cry! You'll smudge your make-up!"
    "Go to hell Bradley!" The boy suddenly snapped. He instantly seemed to regret saying it, his face turning paler than it already was. There was a loud thumping sound, and I noticed blood pour from the boy's nose, followed by a slamming of the lockers as Bradley kneed him in the place where no boy wants to be kneed. Bradley let go of him as he doubled over in pain and then...and then--

    "GET OFF HIM!"
    Bradley swirved round.
    "Hey Billie, sweetie...you see this freak here? He--"
    "Save your little story for Jasmine, why don't you?" I hissed, leaning up against Bradley. He looked shocked.
    "Now go on...you best get to the mall...Jasmine will be waiting." I spat. Bradley took one last gaze to the boy slumped against the locker...and he was gone.

    I knelt down beside the boy. He didn't look up, and I couldn't really see his face all too well because he had tassles of black hair falling over his eyes. I didn't even need to ask why Bradley had been picking on him. He was dressed completly in black, and was a little chubby...and through the gaps in his hair I noticed the evidence of eyeliner on his face. He wasn't a plastic mould of how things should be, and I guess in the eyes of people like Bradley and Jasmine...that was reason enough to make someone's life hell.

    "Hey..." I whispered, pushing some of his hair out of his eyes. He looked up, startled. "It's alright...I'm not here to kick you in." I smiled. He frowned slightly and wiped away the anticipated tears in his eyelids.
    "Are you alright?" I asked.
    "I'm fine." He mumbled, looking slightly suspicous. I guess he was confused why someone like me was talking to him.
    I stood up and held my hand out to help him up. He reluctantly took it.
    "I'm Billie by the way." I smiled.
    "I'm Gerard." He muttured, still rather unsure of me.
    I looked at him closer, now his hair was away from his face.
    "You're in my art class!" I said, a little too loud.
    "Yeah...I thought I'd seen you before." Gerard half smiled.
    "You're really good at drawing. I saw that thing you drew for the Summer Term Exam." I said.
    He nodded, and mumbled "Thanks." poop. I'd embarrassed him.

    "Or we're leaving without you..."

    Oh my god! Jasmine. I looked at my watch. 3:22pm.

    "Gerard...I'm sorry...I...I have to be somewhere..." I said, quickly breaking out into a run. "It was nice meeting you!" I called after him.

    He didn't say anything, but gave me a faint wave. I looked back at him...he seemed so lost...so alone...so everything I avoided... I had to find Bradley. If Jasmine learnt of this I would be just where he was right now. I picked up the pace and headed to the main carpark.
  7. TaintedxRose

    TaintedxRose New Member

    she needs to stop hanging out with those assholes. this is great! please update soon!
  8. Kelsey

    Kelsey New Member

    i hate people like Jasmine! more soon?
  9. XMichelle05X

    XMichelle05X New Member

    wow this is really good!!!
    Its like what i tried to write, but mined turned out to be crap cause i couldn't word nething right; but yours is absolutly fantastic!

    Great update!
    more please!!!
  10. Geisha Wafer

    Geisha Wafer Guest

    Thanks for all the comments, the next update will be tomorrow. =] x
  11. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member

    Yeah, this sounds pretty good so far.
    I like how its written,
    I hope you keep going!
  12. TaintedxRose

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    cool! i'm looking forward to it. =)
  13. Dumbledore

    Dumbledore glass child.

    ooh. this is great!

    i love it! <3
  14. Geisha Wafer

    Geisha Wafer Guest

    Chapter Three

    "Look who decided to show up." Jasmine smirked as I climbed into the back of her open-top Barbiesque car.
    "What kept you so long?" Rhiannon asked.
    "Just getting my stuff out of my locker." I mumbled, slinging my bag down into the foot space.
    "Oh my god--is that blood?!" Clara let out a little shriek.
    "WHERE?!" Rhiannon and Jasmine chorused.
    "No. It's not blood." I lied, wiping my sleeve on my grey tartan skirt. Urgh. I had someone else's blood on my new skirt.
    "You're acting really strange tonight, Billie...not thinking of bailing out on me are you?" Jasmine asked as we finally pulled up.
    "What? No...no. I'm just a bit tired tonight that's all." I lied oncemore. Jasmine raised an eyebrow and then pulled the brake, and stepped out of the car.

    We had barely made our way into the mall before Jasmine had torn herself away from me, Clara and Rhiannon, and sent herself hurtling towards Bradley.
    "Brad! Hey!"
    "Hey Jas, babe."
    Urgh. Jas Babe. They were like real life Barbie and Ken. It made me truly sick.

    Jasmine brought Bradley over to us. He smiled at us in that stupid sort of half-flirtatious, half self-admiring way he always did. I returned his smile with a dagger-stare and he seemed to back away a bit.
    "Oh my god! Guys...let's go to Starbucks!" Jasmine announced suddenly, pulling the party towards the coffee shop we were passing.
    "Yeah!" Clara and Rhiannon chorused, like the subservient little leeches they were. Bradley just strolled along behind them, oggling their behinds as he did so.

    We all sat down in a corner of the shop, on the widest leather couch available, and Jasmine got up to order everyone's drinks.
    "I need to go to the bathroom--Rhiannon, come and help me put lipgloss on." Clara announced, standing up quickly. Like you really needed help with something like that...
    They hurried off into the bathroom, leaving me with "Ken".
    "Listen sugar...about earlier--"
    "Don't call me that." I snapped. "What's wrong with you? You think you're so damn perfect...what's that kid ever done to you?"
    "Have you seen him?!" Bradley retorted.
    "Yes I have...smeared in blood, thanks to you!"
    "Oh so what? Since when have you cared about losers like him?"
    "He's called Gerard actually--"
    "Ooh Gerard..." Bradley's eyes lit up. Oh poop. What had I said?! "So...is it possible that Miss Popularity has feelings for Gerard?" His voice began to melt into a slushy, mocking tone.
    Now I'd done it.
    "Shut up Bradley! I don't give a poop about him!" I snarled back.
    "Hey maybe you could ask Fatty out to the prom with you?" He jeered.
    "You see that's your problem! You can't just leave people alone can you?! Don't you dare tell anyone about this...or I'll tell everyone about last year's little incident at Jasmine's party."
    That silenced him.

    "Who wants cofffeeeeeee?" Jasmine was back, placing down five cups onto the table. Clara and Rhiannon soon joined us and it was back to pretense. For some reason, as I sat there sipping my coffee, there was something I just couldn't get off my mind...someone...
  15. TaintedxRose

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    does she like gerard? perhaps? hmmm... =]

    great update!
  16. Kelsey

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    what happend at her party? hmmmm..... and I think she likes gerard
    great update!
  17. Megan

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    *new reader*
    This is really good.
  18. Ditte

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    This is interesting xD

    Great update xP
  19. Geisha Wafer

    Geisha Wafer Guest

    Chapter Four

    The sunlight poured in through my blinds as I lifted my eyelids. They felt like they had weights perched on them...wait...why wasn't my alarm going off?! I jumped up instantly. Oh my god! I had 10 minutes until I had to leave! I hurled on the same clothes as yesterday (wouldn't Jasmine be pleased) and quickly applied my makeup and brushed my hair sloppily. I looked a mess, and I knew that without even needing to look in the mirror.

    "Bye Mom, bye Dad!" I called from the kitchen. I heard a faint 'Bye Sweetie' from the other side of my front door as I set off into a run towards the bus stop. I was going to miss the bus...I was going to--TRIP! ARGH! I fell face first into a puddle of mud.

    "You have gotta be kidding me!" I screamed, hoisting myself up. The entire front of me was drenched in muddy water...my hair was dripping wet, and I knew for certain that my makeup would be running down my face...if only I'd invested in some waterproof mascara. It was too late for that now, though. I was about to turn round and go home, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I screamed, swirving round in shock.

    "Sorry! I didn't mean to scare you..." The person said to me quietly. It was the boy from the lockers yesterday.
    ""Oh...no...no it's OK." I breathed.
    "I like your look." Gerard smiled at me, weakly.
    "Excuse me?" I asked, straightening up.
    "Your eye makeup...it's very...grunge." He continued. "I mean...I know how you did it but...hey, you look good."
    "Very funny." I rolled my eyes. "I was gonna go back home and change..."
    "What's the point? You're not going anywhere are you?" Gerard asked.
    "Wh...what?" I stared at him, confused.
    "We're already gonna be late...look...there's the bus." Gerard pointed towards the bright yellow school bus now decending down the street away from us. Damn it.
    "What now then?" I asked, looking to him in desperation.
    "You had any Breakfast?" He asked.
    "Of course not! I was asleep ten minutes ago." I muttured.
    "Well let's go get some then. There's a cafe about 5 minutes away, isn't there?" Said Gerard.
    "Are you implying that we don't go to school?" I asked.
    "Hey, think of it as a blessing. For me it's just a day away from a smack in the teeth and a round of name-calling." He replied, and began walking the other way towards our newly planned destination. I quickly caught up with him.
    "You got anything to escape from today?" He asked, stopping to glance at me.
    "Yeah...the pressure of being one of the most popular well liked girls in the whole of Belleville High." I sighed.
    Gerard snorted, but then he saw the look on my face.
    "You're actually serious."
    "I sure am."
    We both laughed slightly, and I caught a glimpse of Gerard's green eyes through the tassles of hair. There was something quite enchanting about them... and that's when I knew. I'd made a big mistake. If this got back to Jasmine...it would mean the death of me.
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    *New reader!!*

    Im liking this story! :D

    'tis a gooden :clap:

    i canny wait for the next update
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