We'll Carry On [Frikey]

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    Pairing: Frank and Mikey [Frikey]

    Rating ;15+
    [for language & sexual content]

    Main Characters: Frank/Mikey/Gerard/Ray/Bob

    Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the My Chemical Romance band members. This story is fictional, completely made-up, and the thoughts and situations written in this fic do not reflect the ones in real life.


    Page 1- Chapter 1 & 2
    Page 2- Chapter 3 & 4
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    Page 4- Chapter 6, 7 & 8
    Page 5- Chapter 9 & 10
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    Page 19- Chapter 22
    Page 21- Chapter 23
    Page 22- Chapter 24 [Part 1] & Chapter 24 [Continued]
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    Page 28- Chapter 28
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    Page 31- Chapter 30
    Page 32- Chapter 31
    Page 33- Chapter 32 & 33
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    Page 43- Chapter 44 & 45
    Page 45- Chapter 46
    Page 47- Chapter 47 [Ending]

    "And so then he told me, 'That's not how you sit in a chair!'" Ray finished his story, making us all crack up.

    "Ray, that's hilarious!" Bob told him, still in tears from laughing so hard.

    Whoops. Sorry, I probably lost you there.

    You probably know us as the band My Chemical Romance. There was my big brother, Gerard Way, my best friends, Ray Toro, Bob Bryar and Frank Iero, and of course me, Mikey Way. Us five were best friends, and we had been since the day we were born. Our mothers were all best friends in high school, inseperable, so I guess you could say we were 'friends by default'.

    At this very moment, we were all in our tour bus. We were finishing off the tour for promoting our new album, 'Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge'. It was late at night and we were bored and couldn't sleep. Ray always had the best stories to tell, and he always kept us entertained, so it was practically a must that he told us some stories when we were bored.

    Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Gerard stifle a yawn from the top bunk next to mine. He collapsed on top of the bed and closed his eyes.

    "That was a great story Ray, but I think it made me sleepy."

    I heard Frank giggle from the bottom bunk under Gerard. "Yeah, I think I'm gonna call it a night too. Night guys."

    "Yeah, come on guys let's go to sleep. We have a big day tomorrow, and we're gonna need all the sleep we can possibly get," Bob said, shutting off the light.

    I heard the shuffling of sheets and the squeaking of beds. Believe it or not, it made me drowsy. I let out a loud yawn as I pulled the sheets over my head and snuggled into my pillow. But before we went to sleep, we had to do our 'Good Night' ritual. It was what we always did before we went to bed. And it goes a little something like this:

    "Good night, Gerard," Frank said.

    "Good night, Ray," Gerard whispered.

    "Good night Bob," Ray responded.

    "Good night, Mikey," Bob said.

    "And good night Frank," I replied.

    I turned over one last time before finally falling asleep.


    what do you think? [ :

    should I continue?
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    You Should Definatly Continue

    Loved It :D
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    ^ I'm glad you like it. =D

    I'll probably update later..

    [ :
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    I really liked it and all the ideas within it.
    Defo continue.
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    thank you. ;D

    I'll try to update again today.

    if not, then very soon.

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    Ohh, like it so far!
    Hope you update soon!
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    thank you all for commenting! here's the next chapter.. [ :



    My eyes fluttered open and I was suddenly hit in the face with a bright beam of sunlight.

    "Ugh, stupid sun," I groaned, sitting up in my bunk, rubbing my eyes and stretching my arms.

    It was quiet in the bunkroom. I looked around and saw Gerard, Ray and Bob's bunks were empty, so I figured Frank was up too and I was all alone.

    f**k it, then it doesn't matter if I'm loud, I thought to myself as I jumped down from my top bunk, hitting the floor with a loud THUMP, causing the ladders of the bunks to rattle.

    I was just about to walk through the door and out to the front room when I heard the sound of bedsheets shuffling and a tired groan.

    I walked back and saw Frank sitting up in his bunk looking tired and confused.

    "Oh poop, I'm sorry Frank! Did I wake you up?" I asked, sitting down beside him on his mattress.

    He giggled. "Nah, it's okay Mikes. It's pretty late, I should have been awake anyways. You did me a favour."

    I nodded, looking at him. His deep hazel eyes were tired and crinkled at the corners since he was smiling. His dark hair was ruffled and messy giving him an 'innocent child' kind of vibe. There was even a thin line of dried drool running from the corner of his mouth down to his chin. I don't know why but I couldn't seem to take my eyes off of him..

    "Hello? Mikey? Earth to Mikey!"

    The motion of Frank's hand waving in front of my face and the sound of his voice snapped me back to reality.

    "Huh? Oh, um, sorry. Guess I'm still half-asleep, kinda zoned out." I laughed nervously as I got up quickly from his bunk, grabbed my glasses off the dresser and walked out the door.

    The first thing I heard was the sound of pots and pans banging together and hysterical laughing from Gerard. Bob was making up some weird rhythms by banging a wooden spoon on pots and pans.

    I smiled. Welcome to a typical morning in the My Chemical Romance tourbus.

    Ray was eating a piece of toast on the couch and laughing at Bob and Gerard.

    "Hey guys!" a voice squealed from behind me.

    I spun around just in time to see Frank rush over to Ray and jump on him to give him a hug.

    "Ack! Frank, you're suffocating me!" Ray shouted as Frank wrapped his arms around Ray's neck and started laughing.

    And for some strange reason, I couldn't help but wish I was in Ray's place at that moment.


    sorry, the ending's kind of weird.

    but..comments? [ :
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    Ohh, guess Mikey's in looooove.!

    Loved the update=]
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    oooh, loove the story, please continue
    *sits down with supply of skittles and waits for an update*
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    thank you. =D

    I'll try to update again soon. [ :
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    That was cute and I wish I was in Ray's position too.
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    new reader
    hei i like this story :)
    lol at frankies little drool
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    I've got lots of time on my hands, so here's an update!


    "SCREAM FOR ME LONDON!" Gerard shouted into the microphone, receiving a response of deafening screams from the English crowd.

    Ray started playing the opening notes for 'Helena', and I looked down at my bass guitar, placing my fingers on the proper frets and started plucking the strings.

    "Long ago, just like the hearse you die to get in again.."

    Gerard started singing and the crowd went wild. I smiled widely as I continued playing. I always loved the reaction we got from our fans, it just gave me this wonderful, burning feeling that nothing else could compare to.

    I looked up and saw Gerard screaming into the mic, Ray shredding on his guitar and shaking his unbelievably curly hair. I looked back and saw Bob smashing his cymbals and pounding his snare drum, giving it his all.

    And then..I saw Frank. I don't know what had suddenly come over me, but since this morning, I couldn't seem to ever look away from him or keep him off my mind.

    He was banging his head to the heavy beat, yelling into the microphone until his face became red and sweaty. His biceps tensed as he jammed on Pansy and he started rolling all over the dusty stage floor. God, he looked so cute..

    Wait, WHAT?! Did I just say Frank Iero, my best friend in the whole world was cute?! poop, what's wrong with me? But I just couldn't help but be mesmerized by every move he made, and the notes he was hitting just added to the excitement.

    But suddenly, I noticed the crowd wasn't being as loud. I looked up to see Gerard giving me a confused look, his hands still gripping the microphone as he sang.

    poop, I had been so hypnotized by Frank that I had forgotten we were on stage playing a show!

    What song were we even playing? f**k, was it 'I'm Not Okay'? 'Give 'Em Hell, Kid'?

    I looked over at Ray with a terrified expression on my face. Even though he was playing, he turned and I saw him mouth 'Helena' to me.

    'Helena'..right, I knew that.

    I managed to figure out where we were and finish the song, even though the crowd was buzzing in confusion and the rest of the band were giving me looks of concern.

    But I ignored them.

    Just play the show and get this over with, I thought to myself.


    After the show, we all started walking back towards the bus.

    "f**k, that was an awesome show!" Frank said excitedly, giving Bob a high-five.

    I just shook my head. Try a CRAPPY show. I had never messed up on a song before, this was the worst show I had ever played in my life.

    I felt someone put their arm around me, and I looked over to see Gerard giving me a look of concern. I just turned away from him, I didn't need anybody questioning me right now.

    As soon as we got to the bus, I ran into our room, slamming the door behind me. I heard the rest of the guys talking in hushed voices and I knew they were talking about me. But I didn't care.

    I placed my glasses on the dresser and crawled into my bunk, pulling the covers over my head, not even bothering to change out of my stage clothes.

    I just wanted to go to sleep and forget this night altogether.

    But I knew that it wasn't going to be that easily forgotten.
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    great update, as are the rest of them
    love it, keep going
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    thank you!


    hehe, I was afraid it was gonna be a really crappy update.

    [ :
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    how could you think you write crappy updates?? they're awsome!! it doesn't matter if some people think they're crappy, those people need to get a life
    -here have a cookie-
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    thank you so much.

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    I Love The Update :)
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    mm, short little update..

    I sat up in my bunk, rubbing my eyes and trying to adjust to the black, inky darkness. I buried my face in my hands and sighed in exasperation. I heard Gerard and Ray snoring from all around me. It must have been like, 3 in the morning, and I had a pounding headache.

    "f**k," I mumbled, swinging my scrawny legs over the bed and stepping down the ladder, careful not to wake up my sleeping bandmates.

    I walked to the door and stubbed my toe on the corner of the doorframe.

    Great, just great.

    I bit my tongue to keep from crying out in pain as I held my foot in my hands, jumping quietly up and down on one foot.

    When the pain in my toe subsided, I continued walking out the door to do what I had gotten out of bed to do.

    I walked through our 'kitchen', which was mainly just a little section of the bus that contained a stove, a microwave, a fridge and some cupboards, and turned left, coming to a stop in front of the bathroom door.

    I opened the door slowly, trying to make it creak the least possible and stepped onto the cold tiles. I flicked on the switch and squinted at the sudden burst of light. Sighing, I opened the medicine cabinet, looking for the aspirin.

    "Aspirin, aspirin.." I mumbled to myself. "Aha, here it is."

    I took the little container of pills and opened the cap, pouring two of the little pills in my hand. I twisted the cap back on, placed the container back in the cabinet, shut the light and walked out of the bathroom.

    I was going to the kitchen to get some water so I could take the pills, when I saw a shadowy figure standing in the doorway of our room.

    I was so surprised that I almost dropped the pills and screamed out loud, but I had to be quiet so I only let out a little gasp.

    Bob emerged from the shadows, looking like he had just walked out of a blender. Except, you know..he wasn't all bloody like you WOULD be if you had been stuck inside of a blender.

    I stifled a laugh. "Jesus Bob, you scared me."

    He yawned. "Sorry Mikey, I just heard someone get out of bed and came to see what was going on. What's up?"

    "Oh, nothing, I just woke up with a headache, so I went to get some aspirin," I replied, walking over to the fridge to grab a bottle of water.

    He nodded. "Okay."

    He stayed by my side the whole time I took the pills, putting them both in my mouth at the same time and downing them with a huge gulp of water.
    I swallowed and put the cap back on, placing the bottle back in the fridge.

    Suddenly, Bob spoke up. "Hey Mikes, you alright?"

    I stared at him. "Yeah, I-I'm fine, why do you ask?" I stammered.

    He shrugged. "I don't know, you just don't really seem like yourself lately. I mean, messing up at the show, and you always seem a bit zoned out."

    I shook my head. I mean, I didn't even know why I was acting so weird. To be honest, it was scaring the poop out of me, I had never felt like this in my whole life before.

    "I don't know Bob. I guess I've just been a little tired these days, you know, finishing up the tour and all."

    Bob nodded. "Okay, but if you ever wanna talk..I'm here okay?"

    "Yeah, I know. Thanks man." I smiled at him gratefully as we walked back in the room.

    He chuckled. "And the 'Good Night' ritual wasn't the same without you."

    I smiled weakly. "Yeah, sorry about that."

    "No worries Mikes."

    I climbed back in my bunk and Bob crawled back in his.

    "Night Mikes."

    "Good night. Oh and Bob?"

    "Yeah Mikey?"


    "No problem."

    I squirmed for a while, trying to get comfortable. After a while, I just gave up, and finally fell asleep.
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    great update
    mikey should talk to bob, or somebody
    heh, i never signed out last night hehe

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