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Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by revengexx14, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. I'm dying of waiting...I'm trying to get the word out and hype people up
  2. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    my brothers are spreading around school...

    haha...i think me and my younger brother are going to go and buy the CD together...
  3. Both my brothers will probably get it too, but my sisters only 4 so no MCR CD for her :( Since I live away at school I'm gonna order my copy online (preordered of course)
  4. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    i'm going to try to do that while i still have the money...

    preorder that baby and get it in the mail... :)
  5. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    I'm just all 0.0 About the album
    Proper psyched
    My birthday's on the 1st so Ima get it pre-ordered so it comes soon after :D
    Happiness, aye :D
  6. i need to preorder it badly..i just don't know when you can preorder it or where.
  7. MikeyToasters

    MikeyToasters New Member

    I love this song! I always get so pumped when it gets to that part with, "Do or die! You'll never make me!" I wanna stand up and yell that at someone! <3
  8. haa, im going to do that in the lunchroom today.

    jump ontop of the stage[yeah there's a stage in my cafeteria]

    and scream that whole part.

  9. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Haha nice
    I'll just stand on the tables and do that, but I'm not going to school for a bit, so meh!
  10. me and my friend were singing to it @ lucnh today and we were mucking around on the table with pens and stuff doing the intruments, it was soo funny we love that song! i was singing and she was playing the instruments, we were like our own 2 person MCR for a minute
  11. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Haha well I am the
    I love playing *Give 'em hell, kid*
    I hum the bass bit, play the guitar, sing and kick my drum XD
    That's on the rare occasion where I'm so hyper I can't remember what happened the next day
  12. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    we should do a countdown or something...

    that'd be gnarly...

    don't listen to me...i'm demented...

    my head hurts...
  13. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Hehe what do you mean by count-down then?
  14. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined


  15. i have a countdown on my xanga site.. its so cool. its not long now aye!

  16. AWWW they're both so adorable, and frank is a little sillyface. :D
  17. i think we should do a countdown, it would be sweeeeeeet.

    and the on the day it comes out we should throw a forum party while we listen to The Black Parade over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. :D
  18. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined

    Haha all you'll see is us going
  19. i probably will explode the first time i hear it.

  20. Bear

    Bear Digi-destined


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