Wanted (Frerard) (Mpreg)

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  1. Title: Wanted
    Rating: 15 (?)

    Characters: Gerard & Frank

    Summary: Years ago, Frank had made a huge mistake, leaving him and Gerard scarred for ever. 8 years later, Frank wants to move on, but he worries that Gerard will never be able to. Until something to distract them comes akong
    Author's note: I wrote this for a friend a year ago. I don't know why she asked asked me to. So if you find this disturbing, it only 50% my fault XD. Anyway, I decided to see if anyone else might enjoy it. Hope you do! x

    Wanted ------- Page 1
    Wanted 2: Chapter 1 ------- Page 1


    Gerard sat on his bed, staring at the wall infront of him. What else could he do?! He and Frank had made the biggest mistake of their lives. And they were only teenagers! Gerard 15, And Frank not even 15.
    Gerard had been aware that Frank was... different... to the other boys. And not just because he wore eye liner and died one half of his hair black the other light blonde.
    For a gay couple, Frank's difference would have been a blessing. But for two teenage boys, it was a horror. A punishment. A curse.
    What was Gerard going to do? How would Gerard be able to handle becoming a dad at 16? And Frank would be 15 when the kid would be born.
    The answer is simple- they couldn't!
    Frank wanted to be a guitarist, Gerard a comic book artist. A baby would get in the way! Spoil their future!
    Gerard sighed and ran his fingers through his raven hair. I didn't mean to make it sound like the baby's fault. That baby didn't ask to be here. To be created. Baby was just the poorest soul in all of this- the unwanted 'thing'.
    Thats what Frankie had called it. 'Thing'
    Gerard didn't understand why it hurt so much for Baby to be called a thing.
    "I'm sorry Baby. But I won't be a very dad for you, little soul..." He stared, looking up at his ceiling, as if Franks stomach was there.
    Baby didn't ask to be created.
    Baby didn't ask to be the problem, to get in the way.
    Baby didn't ask for Frankie and Gerard to throw away everything and their childhood.
    Baby didn't didn't ask for anything...

    Gerard gritted his teeth as he felt a tear roll down his cheek. He turned his head and looked at the clock. 12:34. Frank should be over any minute now. To talk to him about all this.

    Gerard sat up. He knew what he was going to do. He was going to be a good dad. He wasn't going to let the helpless baby suffer because Frank and Gerard were idiots! He was going to face up to his and Frank's little mistake and make Baby's life perfect. Or, as perfect as it can get with two teenaged parents.
    Gerard smiled. He had only realised he had been referring to the baby as, well... Baby! Never 'it' or 'thing'. It was only then, that he realised how real this baby was to him.
    He was sure of it. He was prepered to give up everything for Frankie and Baby!
    Gerard's smiled stretched.
    What would they call it?
    If it was a girl, maybe... Helena, after his nan. Or Samantha or Chasity! He liked those names.
    If it was boy, maybe Corey? or Dmitri! or David- wait not David!
    He decided that his baby would have an original name. He didn't want his baby to be one of the 4 Ruby's or Charlotte's in her class! Or the 7th Jack in his class!
    So maybe for a girl.... Chasity, Annalie, Tiffany, Bandit, Misty- okay, maybe not Misty- Cara, Dharma...
    Boy.. How about.... Sawyer? Sacha? Rogue?.... Frank Junior? GERARD JUNIOR!
    He laughed to himself at the thought of his own mini-me
    He knew something else. If it was boy, he would HAVE to wear a leather jackets like his daddies! If it was a girl... A dress with skull and cross bones on them! That would be just awesome...
    Gerard was so deep in his dream, that he didn't notice Frank walk in to his basement bedroom.
    "Hey Gee..." Frank said quietly, walking over to him "I need to talk to you..."
    "NO! I need to talk to you! I promise, Frankie! I'll look after you and the baby! I'll give up everything to do so! Because you and the baby ARE my everything!" He smiled, jumping off the bed and running over to Frank, pulling him into a hug.
    "Gerard, I..."
    "No. Frankie it's okay! I want this! I know your young, but I'll do most of the work so you can still have as much of a childhood as possible! I'll do everything!" Smiled Gerard, brushing a lock of hair out of Frank's tanned face.
    "Please, Gerard, listen to me!"
    "I don't mind giving up my future career! You can still be a guitarist! We can get through this all the way! We could give them really rock-star-offspring names! Like-Like- Jagger or moonstone or Cutter or Rocker or Bandit or -"

    "GERARD! I HAD AN ABORTION!" yelled Frank.

    "What?" Whispered Gerard.
    "I'm sorry... I just couldn't do it.... I... I..." cried Frank. He wrapped his arms round Gerards’ head, using Gee's neck to hold him up as he sobbed.
    Gerard did nothing. He stood there... He didn't hug him back...

    He didn't want Frank hugging him.
    "You... You killed my child.... Without consulting me?" He whispered.
    "I'm sorry... I'm sorry..." Frank fell to the ground in sobs. "My mum insisted!"
    "We both know your mother wouldn't insist on something like this" Said Gerard, his voice still quiet.
    "Frank..." Gerard turned his head and looked at the crying teenager.
    "I'm 14! I just couldn't do it!" Frank wailed.
    "What..." Frank looked up.
    "Please Frank... It's over. We're over." a tear ran down Gerard’s face "If you truly loved me, you would have least told me, or maybe even consulted me, before you... you..." Gerard's voice trailed off. "Stopped his tiny heart beat... Stopped her life..." Would he and Frank of had a boy or girl?
    Gerard's head filled with questions about the child he would never look upon.
    The child Frank stole from him.
    The child Frank stopped.
    The child that was the mistake.

    The thing that was wanted....
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    That was so sad.
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  5. What?

    Frankie had an abortion just when Gerard was enjoying the concept of fatherhood. That's just unacceptable. Oh, I can't even explain how I feel about this story, lol.
  6. Hmm... Well, it has a sequal i maybe unloading. You'll probs find that one VERY acceptable :)
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    Even though this is slash, it belongs in the one shot section.

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  8. Chapter 2

    Chapter 2 : 4 years on...

    I've walked out on him so many times...
    Some might say too many. Too many break-ups and walk-outs to be able to carry on decent relationship.
    First time this ever happened four years ago when I had just turned 16, Frank was close to 15. After we moved up a level in our relationship, we found it couldn't just be forgotten...

    "Your what?" I asked shocked. My eyes floated down to look at him stomach.
    "I'm sorry, dude. I should of really explained everything to you..." Whispered the punk boy, sitting on my bed.
    "What are we going to do Frankie?!"

    A week later, I had promised myself, and Frank, that I would be the best dad in the world. I WANTED this baby. WANTED! 16 year old me wanted a baby...
    But Frank had an abortion.

    I kicked him out of my house and told it was over. I told him never to come back, and to never talk to me again. I had watched him walk down the road looking lost and confused, head bowing to the floor. I saw him place a hand on his stomach, before lowering his head even more, and running.

    I broke his heart that day. The same way he broke mine. I wasn't sorry. I vowed that I would never feel sorry or forgive the boy that killed my baby.

    But I gave in.

    'Frank! Oh god, I'm so sorry!" I burst into my ex-boyfriend's room.
    He looked up from his guitar and straight at my face.
    'I'm sorry Gerard...' He mumbled.
    A tear ran down my cheek. I ran over to his bed and kneeled by it, hugging him.
    "I shouldn't have pushed you away, I love you. I was just confused..." I confessed in my sobs.
    "We're sorry then" Half laughed, half cried Frank.

    Him and Baby had started coming to my dreams. It was like my head was telling me what could have been if Frank had kept Baby.
    We were a happy family. Sometimes Baby was a girl, with wavey brown hair and Frankie's eyes. Sometimes a boy who looked like me with Frank's eyes and... height, it seemed. Since in one dream, Frank gave birth in it, the baby I had held in the dream was the same size as my hand...
    That's what made me go back and forgive him. Because I couldn't forget him.

    This time, it was over something different. Four years later, and that baby seems to be haunting us. Every argument Baby comes up-
    "You should of told me! For f**ks sake Gerard!"
    "Not your f**king problem!"
    "Yes it f**king is!"
    "Well, apprently it wasn't MY problem when you got knocked up! Since you just got rid of it - KILLED it- with our consulting me..."
    Baby comes up in alot conversations...

    'Do you think he looks like a girl?'
    'The weather boy?'
    "Kind of... He looks like you aswell!!!"
    "Gerard, do you think if Baby was a boy, he would of looked like that?"

    Baby Baby Baby....

    But we were older now. Me 20, Frank 18. Frankie has been living with me for just under a year now. Its amazing! We can do anything, without my dad or his mum playing up! We are so much different now...

    I'll upload the next chapter soon!
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    Is this no longer a one shot?
  10. 'Baby' is the only thing keeping Gerard and Frankie together and setting them apart. I'm in love with your story. I wanna marry it, lol. Keep writing!
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    I'm sorry. But the fact that Frank is only 13 in this story really bothers me. Maybe you should rethink their age.
  12. it bothered me aswell when i wrote this. but my friend wanted it those ages (Since it was written for her).
  13. poor almighty, your so confused ..but so am i so its good :p

    i loved this............. even though it is awkward.....the ages,thats it
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    I seriously am. I need to know if this story is going to be continued so I can put it in the right section...again. Please let me know in the next 24 hours or I'll have to lock this.
  15. Sorry. I forgot to reply past time XD I hadn't realised you had moved it, but thanks. I've decided to upload the prequel has the rest of it and make a full story. I you would prefer, I'll delete this new chapter and start uploading it as a pure prequel on a seperate thread x Sorry XD x
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  19. Chapter 3

    Hey everyone! Story is unlocked and heres chapter 3!!!
    I went through the last 2 chapters and fixed all mistakes I found. If any of you notice a mistake in the other mines or in future ones, please tell me and I'll fix it :D Thanks readers!


    I walked down the street as a loner. I couldn't believe Frank could be so... so... Draconian! Well, I did... Since he killed Baby!

    Ah! Why can't Baby get out of my head?! Baby doesn't exist!
    I should be thinking of the band! I sighed. I better go make up with Frankie, for the sake of the band. We're going on tour tomorrow! The tour will be an epic fail is I don't. Not just because me and Frank will be angry with each other, causing a wedge in a band. But because we'd both be depressed. Frank would get sick, as he often did when his depression is high.

    I walked into the park and into the abandoned playground. I took a seat and began swinging. Swings are such a calming thing right? I have so many... not so fond... memories of sitting on this swing. All after a fight with Frank.

    I looked up at the sky. At the heavens. My baby’s up there.
    "I'm sorry your Daddy-Frankie put you up there..." I said aloud to the spirit of my dead unborn child. "I wanted you, you know that? More than anything. Baby, your my little sunshine. You’re the reason I live and the reason I want to die. Maybe your daddy was right. I wouldn't want to have bought you in to this. This mess!" A tear rolled down my cheek. " I love you, Baby. My precious Baby boy- Baby Girl"
    "I bet Baby loves you too" Said a voice from behind me.
    I turned to see Frankie. His eyes were red from crying, and his hair was messy and greasy, just like mine. He began to cry again. I did nothing. I just watched. I didn't know what to do, what to say. I closed my eyes and said the first thing that came to my head.
    "Baby loves you too..." I whispered.
    He stared at me.
    "No." He said sternly "Baby doesn’t love me. Baby hates me because I killed Baby" He sniffed.
    "Maybe Baby is okay with it. Baby didn't deserve to have been bought into the world of this mess" I said standing up and walking over to him. I wrapped my arms round him.
    "Gerard... Gerard..." Cried Frankie, gripping to me tight. "I'm so dirty babe! The kind of dirty where the water never cleans off my clothes!"* He sobbed into my shirt.
    "Shhh..." I said comfortingly, running my fingers through my hair.
    "Gerard." He looked up at me "Thank god you’re here. You stop me ever having a fear. I just wish I could live my life properly..."
    "You can! Frank, we'll be on the road tomorrow! Living the life of rockstars!" I smiled.
    He snuggled into my chest "I know".


    "Wakey, wakey Sleeping gay-beauties!" Teased my little brother "Or are you two too tired from spending your whole night sha-"
    "Seriously, Mike. Not in the morning, your making me queasy..." grumbled ray, thinking about his best mates pounding eachother until sweat beads down their bodies.
    "f**k off Mikey! And MOVE!" I argued, pushing Mikey off the bed with one kick of the leg.
    "Ouch!" Mikey complained as his bum hit the hard wooden floors.
    "Serves you right for interrupting my sleep!” I laughed.
    “Will you lot shut up! I’m trying to sleep!” complained Frank who was lying next to me.
    “Could you lot leave?” I asked, wide eyed at Mikey and Ray
    “This isn’t a time for you two to start bang-“
    “Serious, Mike?!” interupted Ray for the second time.
    “No. I’m asking you both to leave because we’re both naked” I said bluntly.
    “I’M OUT!” Yelled Ray running out the room.
    Mikey stared at me for a moment, before slowly backing out the room. I lay back down and hugged Frankie.
    “Morning Hun. Do you want to know something?” I whispered in his ear.
    “Hmmm. What?” Moaned Frankie.
    “I love you” I whispered to him.
    “Did you know I love you too? And that I’m really lucky to have you?” He asked me, turning over to face me.
    “From last night, yes. I know fully well.”
    * - My little song reference ;)
    God, I feel reallly awkward writing this! Oh well! Leaving the comfort zone is suppose to be good for you! Or it just makes you a imaginative pervet... :')
  20. *grins* I spy another great story :) but i never really got how a man could have a baby where would it come out lol :DDD

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