Turned out, You're the music to my ears. (Frerard)

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    This will just be the chapter list here. So nothing yet!
    But hi. Im C. Sunshine, but call me Xeb.
    This isn't my first fanfic, I write a lot. But this is the one I finally got courage to join and post. Also I can now comment on other fics too, so that's pretty good.
    But, I will only continue if people like it :>_<:

    Title: Turned out, You're the music to my ears.
    Rating: It will be 15, due to swearing/sexual themes, if it does change, I will change the rating and notify in the post.
    Main Characters: Gerard/Frank, Includes many other pairings (Not many other gay) and lots of characters.
    Summary: Gerard meets Frank thinking he is just a new friend through Ray and Bob. He learns more and more about him before realising he's falling for him. Lots of music/band practices too.
    Sounds cliche, but I suck at summaries! I promise I will try make sure it doesn't go cliche, so it would be nice if you could read it please?
    Genre: Drama/Love/Emotional/Music/Hopefully eventually humour?

    Chapter Index
    Chapter One - Page One
    Chapter Two - Page One
    Chapter Three - Page One
    Chapter Four - Page One
    Chapter Five - Page Two
    Chapter Six - Page Two
    Chapter Seven - Page Two
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    Chapter One - Barman

    I grabbed a glass from under the counter, filling it to the top with water. I leant back against the cabinets as I stood behind the bar waiting for the next person to make up my paycheck. I swept my hair back with my hands as another person reached the bar. I looked up to be greeted by a familiar mop of fuzzy brown hair.
    "Ray, what can I get ya'?"
    "Hit me with a coke, I'm driving tonight, oh also, want a lift home after work? Or stay at mine for pizza? I'll wait for ya'"
    "Right, and that would be great, pizza sounds good right now. Here with anyone tonight?"
    "Waiting on Bob and another guy, names Frank. He's never been here, he started working with me and Bob at the shop last week, he's pretty cool so far. Rocks at guitar too from what I've heard."
    "We should get him to come to mine when we practice" I laughed. A new face round here isn't different, but a new face that I have the chance to get to know? Thats rare. Very rare.
    I met Ray through Bob, my brother Mikeys best friend. Talking of Mikes, he's out with his girl tonight. Alicia. She's great, they've been together ages, lucky bastard able to hold down a successful relationship.
    "We so should" He grinned, " Right, gotta grab our table, I'll speak to you during the night yeah? What times your shift end?"
    "9, I'm on early tonight"
    "Mind if we stay 'till 10?"
    "Nah, s'good, be nice to catch up with you and meet a new face tonight"
    "Great, we'll leave then" He smiled, swerving round before grabbing a seat at the table in the corner nearest the bar.
    I glanced up at the clock, 8.04. Not long left.
    "Um.. Hey, can I get a drink?"
    "Uhuh, what can I get you?"
    "Uh. Got Budweiser?"
    "Yep. How are you?"
    "Good, never been here though... Have you seen a guy with like, a brown afro?"
    "Ahh Ray, I guess you're Frank?"
    "Heh, yeah" He rubbed the back of his head, with a slightly embarassed look on his face, "How didya know?" He smiled.
    "I'm friends with Ray, Bob and Jeph" I placed the beer on the counter, Jeph was another guy that worked at the same shop as Bob and Ray.
    "Oh, makes sense I guess, so is Ray here?"
    "Yeah, over there" I pointed to where he was sitting and saw Bob approaching the bar from the corner of my eye.
    "Awesome, seeya" He smiled, as he picked up his beer his black fringe fell in his face and he tried to casually flick it back. It didn't really go to plan.
    "Laters" Returning the smile I turned to Bob, grabbing his usual and placing it in front of him.
    "Gee dude!" Bob lifted his hand, and knowing him well enough to know what it meant, swiftly gave him a high-five.
    "Bob! Hows things?"
    "Good man, you coming to Rays tonight? Patrick and Joe are coming too!" He was grinning madly.
    "Yeah I'm coming, but them? Ray didn't say they were coming! Haven't seen them in forever!"
    "I know! It's gonna be a good night"
    "Awesome, also, Ray said we're leaving at 10, but my shift ends at 9"
    "Right, I'll seeya later dude!" We high-fived again before he grabbed his drink from the counter and made his way through the now-relatively-large crowd.
    The next hour or so went pretty quick, the peoples orders were always pretty simple 'till around 11, when everyone seems to start getting into cocktails in this place. Fridays and Saturdays in this bar were pretty weird anyway. I always prefer the early shifts. Less completely wasted idiots around me, I mean, I don't care if I'm drunk too, but when you're completely sober and supposedly 'serving' these guys they just get... woah. And the girls always flirt with you, when I know, that they will ask themselves what the hell they were thinking last night. Okay, sometimes it's amusing, but after 4 years of the same thing happening to you over and over it gets kind of annoying, unlike the actual fact of going out with friends and just acting like complete utter retards, killing plants and such. That's great.
    I greeted Pete, the guy taking over from my shift. He was known as 'The Cocktail Guy' by many as he was pretty much famous for being great at mixing them. It also helped that he could make girls fall at his feet, so he brought in a lot of business because some girls just bought drinks for an excuse to talk to him. He was also a great friend to me as we used to always be put on shifts and jobs together. He also was a musician, what can I say? I get along with them best. After having a short conversation with Pete I went to the back, changing from the shirt, waistcoat and tie combo into just my Misfits shirt and jeans. I swept my hair back, gripping it at the back realising it was almost lonng enough to tie back. I may need a haircut, but I just can't. Be. Bothered. I screwed up my face and found the mirror. I raked my hair back using my fingers as a comb to pull it back. Though I never knew why I bothered, my fringe always ended up in front of both my eyes, causing a large drop in how well I could see. Yeah. I should get it cut.
    I left the back of the bar, punching out as I passed the wall. I pushed through the door, almost dropping my bag as I practically tripped. Luckily, no-one saw. I made my way over the where Ray, Bob and Frank were sitting. Dropping my bag on the floor I took the spare seat between Bob and Frank.
    "Hey guys, nice night?"
    "Just been talking. Frank here needed to get out after a break up so we told him he should come with us, we were just talking about how we met you and Mikes actually." Ray explained with a smile.
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    Thank you so much :>_<:
    I'm a complete retard when it comes to posting anywhere.
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    this sounds good please write more ?i would love that x x =]
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    Chapter Two - Bert

    A/N I am so sorry it's short (I will be posting chapter 3 tonight though hopefully, that's longer to make up for it). And also I feel horrible for making Bert so nasty D: I love Bert so much really<3

    "Just been talking. Frank here needed to get out after a break up so we told him he should come with us, we were just talking about how we met you and Mikes actually." Ray explained with a smile.
    "Break up? Dude, sorry to hear, who was it?
    "Just this guy, Bert" Guy? Nice. He swung my way, shame no-one knew 'cept Mikes, don't know why, all the people I know openly accept it, but I guess I'm just too shy. But Bert?... It couldn't be... Could it?
    "Um, this is gonna sound weird, what was his last name?"
    "McCracken, why?" My face must of paled multiple shades because everyone looked like they were starting to panic.
    "Uhh, no reason, one minute, got to go piss or something..." I heard their concerned voices but I couldn't hear anything they were saying. I just concentrated on getting to the bathroom without throwing up. That name used to be able to make me physically throw up, now it just made me feel like I wanted to.
    Bert McCracken.
    Also known as the guy who ruined my life 3 years ago. The guy who scared me away from relationships. The guy who tried to kill me with a knife down an alley. Yeah, that's him, as blunt as I can get it. I can remember his eyes, I used to think I loved them. Then he became completely addicted to drugs. And alcohol. And basically shot his own life down the gutter on a concorde. He got caught by the police for drugs about three days after he tried stabbing me. It was pure luck, but I wouldn't leave my room for fear of him until a month after. He got sentenced to prison, I didn't know how long for at the time, but he was out now? f**k.
    "Gerard?" I heard the voice I'd only heard today, it was Frank, he had come looking for me? And I'd only just met him? Wow.
    "Yeah dude. I'm here" I gathered myself together, pulled myself up and opened the cubicle door. As I walked out I was grabbed into a hug.
    "Are you okay? Everyone got worried... How do you know Bert? Wait, why would you talk about this to me? I'm such an idiot. And I'm still hugging you! You must think I'm so weird. And we've just met! Oh crap, I've made such a bad impression and..." He was stumbling over his words and the guy looked like he was in full scale panic.
    "Frank! It's okay!" I pulled him into a hug again, "Thank you"
    "Do you uhh... Wanna talk about it?"
    "Can I talk to you in private at Rays?"
    "Sure... Why me though?"
    "Because they don't know I'm gay, and now you do. So please keep it a secret"
    "My lips are sealed" He did this quirky little move with his fingers, attempting to mime a zip and padlock over his mouth. I had to smile, he was cute. Wait, cute?... Now that I think about it, the more I realise, he really is. Just, I don't even know how to explain it. "Let's go back then?" He flashed a grin which I returned.
    "Yeah, don't want them getting suspicious" I winked and he let out a small laugh.
    We reached the table and I apologised for my outburst, they didn't know who Bert was, they just knew I almost got stabbed. I made up some story about him being the brother of a girl I dated which ended in disaster, it was badly put together and a load of crap but they bought it.
    I had a realisation, me and Frank were probably going to get along very well. I just opened up to him and told him my biggest secret, and I had just met him. Well, if we don't get to be friends there goes my life, but he seems too nice.
    We ended up spending the rest of the hour talking about how everyone had met, and why we hadn't seen Frank around before. Turns out Frank moved here last month, to get away from everyone in his life, his abousive father, his unaccepting mother and his so-called friends. Oh, and Bert. At least we had that in common, neither of us wanted to speak to him again. There was a funny thing though. When Bert was brought up Frank grabbed my hand under the table and squeezed it, I couldn't react above the table so I just squeezed back before he let go again. It was nice. Kind of comforting.
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    Chapter Three - Mix Me a Drink

    A/N My friend Beth got me to upload this. Otherwise I wouldn't have uploaded. So thank her that you can read it c:

    I haven't been in a relationship since what happened with Bert. You'd have thought 3 years was enough, but I hadn't met anyone who had gone through nearly what I had. I hadn't even got it off my chest properly yet. Mikey knew I was dating Bert, he also knew he got into drugs and alcohol. And of course he knew I almost got killed. He just didn't know Bert was the one who almost shoved that knife into my chest. We were in Rays car, Bob was in the front talking to Ray about how awesome his hair was and trying (but failing) to convince the guy he wasn't drunk, even though he had spent at least $50 on beer at the bar, which included a couple of full rounds for us all but it still equalled him having an insane amount. Me and Frank were sat in the back talking about music and anything else that came to mind in relation.
    "Have you heard of... uhm... I forgot what they were called. I may have been a little drunk but a week after I got here I saw this unsigned band playing in this club. I totally forgot what the actually looked like but I remember thinking the frontman was so good loo... had an amazing voice" He laughed, trying to cover up his little mistake.
    "You an unsigned band fan then?"
    "Yeah! Means I have a chance of prehaps playing with them!" He laughed again. He was cute, there was officially no more denying it.
    "What club did you see them at?"
    "Storm, couple of roads down from the bar you work at? I think anyway."
    "Dude we play there!"
    "Oh yeah, me, Bob, Ray and Mikey! We're called My Chemical Romance!" I grinned, before noticing Frank turn a deep shade of red. "Frank, dude? Whats the matter?"
    "That was the band..." He whispered.
    "Oh, think I'm good looking now do we?" I winked, I liked Frank, I could be completely myself around him already. Where had this guy been all my life? He blushed deeper as I let out a light laugh.
    "Frank, it's cool" I smiled, he lifted his head up, replying with his own smile. "Honestly, you're pretty hot yourself" I laughed again. I could feel myself getting drunk as I lifted the can in my hand up to my lips again, I had already said to much in the back of Rays car. I was gonna keep quiet about this subject until we were in private back at Rays. I tried to change the subject quickly. "So... do you like pugs?" Pugs? Really Gerard? Pugs were all you could think about changing the subject to?
    "I love all dogs! They are just so cute! When I move out of my apartment and into a house I'm gonna have loads!" He was beaming. The fact that the alcohol was getting to me didn't help when I looked at him, and his face just looked like there was sunshine trying to escape. Guess that was actually a pretty genius subject change.
    "Really?" I grinned, that happiness was contagious.
    "Yeah, I think I would have so many in my house... It'd have to be big!..." I watched his face flow through multiple expressions as he got himself into a full scale rant about dogs and puppies and how he was going to fit them all in his house. I realised when he poked me in the arm that I had just been staring. Just smiling and watching him, and he was trying to catch my attention. Woops?
    "Gee! Gee!!" He repeatedly poked my arm.
    "Dude! Stop! I'm back, sorry!" I smiled, grabbing his hand to stop him from poking me again. I lowered his hand in mine to the seat and shyly intertwined our fingers. I lowered my head at the same time, to stop him from noticing the light blush that had now spread over my cheeks. I brought the drink back up and took another swig. Me and Frank made light conversation until we reached Rays. As we pulled up, we untangled our fingers, so as when the car lights returned the others didn't see our hands together. We clambered out of the car and grabbed the cases we picked up at the local supermarket on the way over and brought them into Rays house. Ray lived with Brendon and Joel, two other good friends of ours. They were both out tonight though, Ray didn't even know where, but he did know they wouldn't be home till at the earliest next week. Both of them. So it was a great excuse to use his house, as Joel was over the top when it came to drink, and nothing ever good came out of a drunk Joel. And Brendon? He hated drunk people when he was sober, but is set on always having at least one sober person at parties, and because none of us wouldn't drink he would get stuck with the posistion.
    We were all sat in Rays living room, me, Frank and Ray on the couch and Bob on the floor, 'air-drumming' to the music we had stuck on when we had all got in with all the beer and such. I felt my phone vibrate so I grabbed it to check it. It was Mikey, he'd be here soon, about 20 minutes, with Alicia, Amy and Adam. I'd wait till they were here, and Patrick and Joe too, before going and talking with Frank. I leant over to Frank and whispered "Just wait for the others to arrive, otherwise it'll look odd, me and you going to talk without Ray and Bob", he nodded in reply with his smile added to the end. That was definately going to become his signature smile, it just seems to be what he does. And it was cute. Everything about him was cute. I pushed myself up as I realised I had no more beer and walked through to the kitchen were we had dumped the alcohol. I heard someone behind me as I reached the kitchen so I turned round and it just happened to be Frank. I just smiled again, it was like I had this spell on me that everytime I saw his face I smiled.
    "Want one?" I asked, signalling to the beer on the side.
    "Nah, I want some vodka. Share?"
    "Share what?" He then walked into the hall leaving me confused for around a minute before he walked back in with his bag producing a bottle of vodka. "Oh. That" I laughed to myself and grabbed two glasses off the side. He was leaning on the counter I was standing behind, watching me as I grabbed the vodka pouring enough in each glass to half fill them. "Lime or straight?" I said, pausing above Franks drink.
    "Yay more for later!" I grinned, pulling open Rays drinks cupboard. Thank f**k I knew where everything was in Rays place. After filling the glasses up with the lime I dropped ice into both and handed one to Frank. He had already stored his vodka in the fridge, like he had been here multiple times before. He grabbed the glass with a grin on his face.
    "So Gee, hi" He smirked, leaning over the counter again, just making himself shorter than he was.
    "Hey Frank, maybe later" I stuck my tongue out, walking towards the door to the living room.
    "What?!" He faked shock and laughed. I turned round grinned and disappeared into the living room where Ray and Bob where sitting.
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    hehe i love this to pieces franks so innocent cant wait to see franks reaction to gerards news :p xxx
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    ah! this is great and i'm so supposed to be in bed right now cause it's late, so i can't wait for the next chapter and I promise a better comment next time =D x
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    Chapter Four - Ray

    A/N I am so sorry! I am a bad writer D: I leave you for so long and give you a ridiculously short chapter! I am in the process of writing Chapter 5 now, so tomorrow is when you should expect it. I am preparing for my GCSEs (the last exams of school time you are legally required to do), so I get a little busy... I have like, two months left until I am completely free! Maybe I can write more than just this fic then :D
    Also, thank you so much for the comments<3 I like to know when people are reading my stuff and what they think of it!

    Around 20 minutes later the doorbell rang, Bob was still air-drumming his way through every song that was played through Rays speakers, and Ray was in the kitchen. I jumped up and jogged to the door, greeting my brother and his girlfriend.
    "Frank, come an' meet Mikes and Alicia!" I called into the other room from the hall and seconds later Frank appeared round the doorway. "So Mikes, Ally, Frank, now you know eachothers names" I introduced them badly, grinned and went off into the kitchen to grab another drink. I had been talking to Frank about whatever subjects came into our minds, and we were getting along well. He was awesome, if only he had gone to our high school instead of one in the next town, we would probably be so close.
    "Gee, so. Like Frank?" Ray asked, almost sarcastically.
    "Uh. Yeah... Why wouldn't I?"
    "You seem to be getting along very well" Ray smirked.
    "Well, we are alike" I went over and started making myself another vodka and lime to hide my embaressment.
    "Reeaaallllyyy?" He chuckled a little.
    "What do you want Ray?"
    "Are you gay Gee?" At this I went completely red.
    "Sure? 'Cause you know you don't have to hide it, right?"
    "Don't tell anyone else please?" I spun round to see a grinning Ray.
    "Course not" He smiled, "Anyone else know?"
    "Mikey... and I kinda told Frank earlier, after he followed me into the bathroom"
    "Sooo, do you like him?"
    "I like him as a friend definately. As more? I'm not sure, I like just met him!"
    "You have the rest of the niiiigggght" He extended the last word before grinning again and returning to the other room. He was getting drunk, you could tell.
    As I got back to making my drink the doorbell rang again. 'Patrick and Joe' I thought to myself, carrying on, grabbing the lime, but then I heard Rays voice yelling.
    "poop! Brendon! What the hell happened!" I ran through to the hall leaving the drinks and glass behind. All I could see when I reached the hall was Ray holding Brendon up with the help of Joel and blood slowly forming in a pool under them.
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    no! what happened! is he ok?! arghhhh, cliffhangers kill me! i hope frank and gerard can still talk.

    i'm in exactly the same position as you when it comes to GCSE's, scary stuff. take your time, this is totally worth waiting for =D
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    omg what the hell happened ????? and its cool write when you have the time dont rush yourself =] xx
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    Chapter Five - A Change in Atmosphere

    A/N I realised I won't be able to upload tomorrow, so I decided to give you another little update tonight. I have been told this is going to fast, but I don't really see it :| So if I could get anyones opinions it would be nice<3
    Thank you again for reading it<3 And sorry again that it's short, not as short as Chapter Four, but still... <3

    "Gerard! Call 911!" Joel yelled. I rushed into the living room past Mikey, Ally and Frank and a passed out Bob. I don't know when that happened, but I was used to him being drunk and there was something much more important on my plate right now. I grabbed my phone that was sitting on the couch and pressed the emergency dial button, quickly tapping in 911.
    "Hello, how can we help you?"
    "My friend, he's bleeding, a lot. I don't know what happened but can we get an ambulance? The bleeding won't cease!" I was starting to panic, we didn't even know what happened yet.
    "Yes, can we take the address so we can send one right away." These people were so calm! I'm glad I didn't want a job here, I don't think I'd be able to get used to the pressure.
    "It's 43 Littlewood Avenue, Belleville, New Jersey" poop. Shitshitshit. It better come in time.
    "Thank you sir, an ambulance will be with you as soon as possible"
    "Thanks" I hung up and rushed back into the hall. Mikey had found Rays first aid kit that was covered in dust and Ray was attempting the stop the blood. It looked like it was starting to work as there was less and less blood on each gauze.
    "So what happened?" I asked urgently.
    "I was just dropping back to switch some stuff in my bag over, and I believe Brendon had managed to get himself almost all the way before passing out, I found him about two houses down. I don't think he was there long, at least it didn't look it. My phone is at Benji's and I wasn't gonna leave Brendon in the street. So I managed to get him here, I don't know what or how it happened, I don't even know if he was shot, stabbed or what, we just need to get him seen too"
    I stepped back to where Frank was standing and grabbed his hand as a tear escaped my eye. Frank managed to see it before my hand could reach it to rid it from my face. He pulled me into a hug, comforting me as I held back tears and sobs, almost causing myself to choke. After he released me from our hug, we all just stood, watching Ray and Joel do what they could, unable to move as there was nothing the rest of us could do but wait. After around five minutes we heard sirens burst down the road and coming to a halt outside Rays house. Before they had reached the door Mikey had already open it.
    "Whats his name?" The paramedic motioned towards Brendon as two others tended to him, getting him on a stretcher to help him into the ambulance.
    "Brendon, Brendon Urie" Joel was the most calm of us all, which was suprising seeing as he was who found Brendon, and they were so close, so he was the one left to do the talking. Alicia was crying into Mikeys chest as we watched Brendon get carried into the ambulance with Joel following behind. Before he left I handed Joel my phone so he had contact, I hardly used it anyway. As we watched the ambulance pull away with Joel and Brendon the atmosphere got almost awkward as me and Frank, still connected by our hands, walked to the couch followed by Mikey and Alicia who sat next to us. Ray followed us in and sat next to Bob on the floor. We'd have to break the news to him when he came back around. Conversations between us turned to high school stories and drunken experiences as we sat around Rays living room. At one point I remembered my drink and went to finish making it, returning to the couch only to replace my hand in Franks. It was so nice to be able to do that like it was completely natural. Around 12 Rays house phone started ringing, but he was in the bathroom so I answered. Luckily it was only Patrick.
    "It's Gee"
    "Sorry we ain't there yet dude, Joe lost his phone, we spent ages looking for it and it turned up in the bottom of his bag" He sighed, "Anyway, we tried to call you and Joel picked up, so we know what has happened with Brendon, and he told us to tell you that he has no news"
    "I'll let everyone know" I wasn't getting my hopes up, he was in a terrible condition.
    "Right, we should be over in around 20 minutes. We have more alcohol if needed"
    "Bring it in whatever, it'll get drunk, see you then" I knew it would go, there wasn't anyone in a great mood, and everyone would be drinking.
    "Right" Patrick hung up and I let everyone know what I had been told. Since Brendon was brought in the atmosphere hasn't been great and the fact we still didn't even know what had happened really didn't make things any better. I say we will probably have to wait at least 24 hours until we get news at all. I got up, this time not releasing Franks hand and dragging him with me.
    "Guys, I just gotta talk to Frank. Sorry, it's about what happened at the bar"
    "Right." Ray replied, as me and Frank left we heard Mikeys questioning and then Ray trying to explain as best he could.
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    1) brendon :wub:
    2) OMG! i hope he's ok!
    3) i literally cannot wait for frank and gerard's conversation =D

    loved the update x
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    omg is he okay?? what happened?? hows frank gonna act to gerards news?? ugh i need to know xx
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    Chapter Six - Gee, You Can't Hide Things Well.

    A/N I know, I'm such a bad author D: Please don't kill me? D: I've been super busy (And then there was my birthday) and Happy Easter for yesterday in my timezone :D Right. I want to get to updating once a week, because I actually quite like this story myself. (It suprises me as I write it P: ) And also, I'm on twitter a lot now. @Xeb_Killjoys is me.
    Thank you for reading my fic<3 Also, suggestions would be cool! Can't promise anything with them, but they are always nice C:

    "Gerard, where we gonna go?"
    "Rays room"
    "But I've never been in this house, why am I leading?" Frank questioned as I followed him out of the living room and up the stairs.
    "Come on then" I grabbed his hand, overtaking him on the stairs, leading him up to the picture covered upstairs hallway. This hallway was like memory lane. We reached the door covered in pictures of guitars and 'RAY' in huge, scrawled handwriting. I opened it, leading Frank into Rays room. It was covered in posters and music was all over the floor with a couple of guitars. There was a double bed in the middle of the room with plain black sheets and the place was an organised mess. Pulling Frank in and closing the door behind us I took a seat on the bed as Frank followed suit.
    "So, um..." Frank attempted to start the conversation.
    "Bert." I almost gagged at the name, but forced myself to carry on. "We dated in high school and for about 1 and a half years after. He started drinking heavily when we left school, I tried to stop him but he wouldn't listen. That's when he got into drugs" I took a deep breath, trying to control the rush of emotions. I hadn't spoken, let alone thought, about Bert for almost a year now. "He just wasn't the same, he became so different, he used to be so kind, he was always there for me. He changed so much, became distant and angry, then he got involved with the wrong people..." Frank shuffled closer, putting his arm around my waist. It was so natural, I just leant my head on his shoulder, like I had known him forever, not just met him tonight. "He started lashing out at me, I tried to get him to stop the drugs. He just got angrier and angrier. It all ended one day... he... uh... he tried to kill me... stab me...." At this point tears were rolling down my face and Frank was trying to comfort me as he pulled me closer. "He.. he got caught for drugs three days later... but I still didn't feel safe... it took me two years to get back to myself after that... and now I know he's out of prison... I just don't want to run into him..."
    "He didn't tell me any of that... I think he's changed if I'm honest..." Frank began to answer, "When I was with him, he would drink about as much as I do, he didn't do drugs. He left me because he had found someone else. I didn't love him, he had hit me a couple of times on the rare times he came to mine competely smashed. I did see the abusive drunk in him... I thought that was his worst... f**k" He wrapped his arms around me tighter and I grabbed his shirt, sobbing into it, trying to gain control over my tears. "It'll be okay Gee"
    We stayed like that for at least ten minutes, him comforting me as I let all of the tears out. The only other person I have ever cried in front of is Mikey. I didn't even cry in front of Bert...
    "Did you love him?" Frank asked.
    "Bert... Did you love him?"
    "I... Uh... I... I think I did..."
    "Makes sense... Don't worry Gee"
    "Thank you" I stated after I could finally breath and talk normally again.
    "For what?"
    "This. For listening to me. For keeping my secret. For understanding"
    "Anytime Gee, it'll be nice to start hanging out with you, I'd like it, if you want to?"
    "Yes. Please. Only Ray and Mikey know I'm gay, it'll be comfortable, you know?"
    "I know, very well" He smiled a crooked smile.
    "Wanna go back downstairs?" I returned his smile.
    "Yeah" He stood up and offered me his hand. I took it, using it to help me stand and intertwined our fingers as we left Rays room. We made general conversation as we walked back downstairs, coming face to face with a grinning Ray as we reached the bottom of the stairs.
    "So are you dating now?" He grinned. He was so drunk, how long had we been upstairs? You could tell he was drinking to forget this evenings earlier events.
    "No" I struggled keeping a straight face, drunk Ray was so funny.
    "But you're holding haaaaaaands~" He laughed a little.
    "So?" Frank replied this time.
    "Awwwwww, but you look so cuuuute~" I rolled my eyes and looked at Frank who smiled. Ray left after flashing us another grin and walked into the kitchen. We walked into the living room and saw Bob passed out on the floor and Mikey eating face with Alicia as the doorbell went. I pulled Frank with me as I went to open the door. Luckily this time it really was Patrick and Joe. Patricks eyes went straight to Frank, then our hands, then me.
    "Finally decide to come out of the closet have we Gerard?"
    "What?!" I asked, shocked.
    "Dude. It wasn't that hard to figure out" Joe added.
    "But I thought I was doing so well!"
    "Nope, sorry dude" Joe laughed a little.
    "So like. How many people have guessed?" Joe looked at Patrick before turning back to me.
    "Let's put it this way, only Pete hasn't" They both smirked.
    "Oh. Oh okay." I pouted. "Anyway, this is Frank, and no, we are not dating"
    "Yet" Ray appeared behind us with the same grin as before on his face, "Hey guys! Come through!" We followed Ray back to the living room and Joe and Patrick put the alcohol on the floor, as Mikey and Alicia greeted them. The seven of us just talked and drunk for the remainder of the night, I talked to Frank a lot, got to know him better and that stuff. Bob regained conciousness at around 4, which resulted in a wasted Ray telling him I was gay, which I facepalmed at but let it pass. Mikey, Alicia, Patrick and Joe left at about 5ish, but me, Frank and Bob crashed at Rays.
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    not dating... yet lol thanks for the update and i love this story so much
    HAPPY EASTER!!(for yesterday) :p xx
  18. This is great! Psh not dating.....yet. :D
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    it's so cool
    drunk Ray = :^_^:
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    Chapter Seven - Good News... Ish

    I woke up to find the living area where I had fallen asleep empty, but as I gained full consciousness I heard voices coming from across the hall. I stood up, realising I had done it too fast when I almost fell back down from the rush of dizziness. I started heading towards the kitchen, rubbing my eyes to clear my vision. As I reached the kitchen I saw Bob, Ray, Frank and Joel sitting at the table. I walked towards them taking a seat between Frank and Ray. I glanced at the clock, it was 11.34. Glad I didn't have work tonight. "So Joel, fill me in".
    "Well, Brendon got to the hospital in time. He was on life support for four hours whilst they cleaned and stitched up the puncture. Luckily it missed all his important organs but it went extrememly deep. He also lost a lot of blood so needed a transfusion, which thankful to the blood donation bank they had his blood type in the hospital, so it is being replaced whilst he is unconcious. He is currently on a drip, mainly to keep him alive without the need for the life support machine. When he wakes up he has to stay in for a week, to make sure he is healing well and no internal problems occur. He then must come back a week later to get the stitches removed. I am just here to pick up some clothes and then I'll be heading back to stay with him. They don't think he'll wake up until a bit later but I want to be there when he does, so I hope you don't mind that I just waited for you to wake up and am now going to leave again"
    "I'd honestly rather you be with him right now Joel, Ray could have explained, or Frank."
    "Hey, what about me!" Bob exclaimed.
    "Thanks Gerard, I'll see you later, maybe visit us yeah? All of you should." Joel replied, completely ignoring Bobs comment.
    "Definately" I smiled, and got up, following Joel to the door.
    "Also Gerard." He whispered into my ear. "That Frank guy, he likes you"
    "Wai- What? How...?"
    "They were talking about you when I walked in, his eyes where practically sparkling and he was grinning at the mere mention of your name... And he blushed when you walked into the kitchen."
    "Re-really? You think he really does?"
    "Yeah. Also, Bob outed you to me. Not like I care, I mean, I'm halfway there myself but you should hit Bob really hard or something." He laughed a little. Joel looked completely shattered. His eyes where heavy as he turned to leave.
    "Joel, thanks. I'll come and see you and Brendon later"
    "Anytime dude, I'll see you then" He gave me his signature wave, it looked more like a salute, he'd got me doing it aswell. I closed Rays door behind him after waving back and made my way back into the kitchen. Ray had his elbows leant on the table with his head in his hands, Bob was making coffee and Frank was taking in Rays kitchen, getting used to it and sipping on a coffee.
    "Morning" I greeted.
    "It's like... lunchtime... and stop yelling" Ray groaned.
    "I didn't yell!" I said in shock, still not raising my voice, "Someones got a hangover" I smirked, walking over to where Bob was now leaning against the counter.
    "Why don't you trust me to tell you what happened?" Bob faked a sad voice.
    "Because you get things wrong, and out me to everyone" I turned giving him a joking glare.
    "Joel probably knew anyway! You weren't that discreet!" He yelled, defending himself earning a groan from Ray. Frank smiled, containing a laugh.
    "How did everyone know!" I sulked, pouring myself a coffee.
    "Only Pete doesn't suspect anything" Bob grinned.
    "That's what Patrick and Joe said!" I pouted, "This is why I miss Andy and Ryan!"
    "What, because they where just as oblivious as Pete?" He laughed.
    "Almost. They were also cool."
    "Well, they'll be back in two months, then you can see if they notice"
    "Them and their stupid work" I walked over and sat next to Frank as there was a knock at the door.
    "Bob. Get the door." Ray moaned.
    "Yessir!" He saluted sarcastically, disappearing to answer the door.

    A/N Cliffhanger C< Hey guys! You get this update because I'm kind of ill. The week before my GCSE's. :C I saw Panic! At The Disco last night, (who were amazing!!) and ended up getting something that making me throw up :| I'm not too happy, but whatever, I saw Panic!~ It's sort of a filler, but you get information on Brendon c:
    Thank you for reading :D If others are reading, please comment? It motivates me and cheers me up C: I'm trying my hardest not to make this cliché, if you have any ideas please tell me :D

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