To Frankie, With Love

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  1. Title: To Frankie, With Love
    Rating: 15+ (Swearing, Minor Depression, Drama Queen-ness)
    Main Characters: Frank Iero, Gerard Way
    Summary: Gerard and Frank are away for who knows how long...maybe for the month, the year, or forever. No one really knows. How will the two lovers stay in communication? They write to each other.
    Genre: Fluff, Romance, Heartbreak.
    I do not own MCR, any members, and this is all a big fantasy that occurs in my very sick imagination (Also, this is written in Gerard's POV).
    Chapter Index:
    Prologue - Page One
    Letter One - Page One
    Letter Two - Page One
    Letter Three - Page One
    Gerard's Dream - Page Two
    Gerard's...After-Dream...Rebellion - Page Two
    Gerard's After-Dream....Freedom - Page Two

    I'm moving. Great. My parents broke the news to me last night and now...I don't know whether I'll live or not. Yeah, it may sound like I'm a total drama queen but...I can't live without my man, my life-line, the punk with my heart: Frank butt-kicking Iero. I really don't know how to tell him. I can't...I just can't deal with this right now. Not now. Not with the more-than-perfect life I'm living. I've finally found someone who really understands me and knows me without...actually having to figure me out for years, and they wanna take that away from me. My own goddamn parents. The people who told me to be happy with myself. How am I supposed to be happy if I'm away from my Frankie? Ugh. Parents can be total bitches. I mean...right?
    Well...this is the beginning. The beginning of Hell, the beginning of my downwards spiral, the beginning of back-to-back bad luck, depression, and everything horrid and stupid....but most importantly...
    The Beginning Of The End.​
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    Well, you've grabbed my attention. More soon?

  3. Letter #1
    I pick up the pencil off the desk surface and look at the blank sheet of parchment stupidly. I don't know what to write to him. I mean, in this town, a totally different world to me, I feel left out, like an E.T. or something. I hope Frankie isn't cheating on me, and that he misses me as much as I dearly miss him. My head spins as I look at the digital clock glowing a dark red 1:36 A.M. Without realizing it, my pencil has already began writing the first sentence of the letter. I read it over and more ideas spring into my head, and I scribble it down as if my life depended on it.
    Once I finished, I skimmed over the paper to make sure it was perfect, like Frankie is.
    Dear Frankie,
    I miss you. So much. But....I bet you're starting to get over me right now, as you read this very letter. In this other world, I feel like I'm alone, like I have nobody. And everyday, when I'm in U.S. History at the boring-butt high school, I daydream about you running in through the door, lifting me off of my feet (literally), and taking me out of the hellhole. And yet, the door is left silent and stationary. Well, I hope you're doing great, because I want you to be happy, no matter what it takes. I'll be waiting for you right here, in my boring room, and I will keep waiting here until you get here and kiss me the way we did before. I will wait even if I start decaying and my heart collapses. I will wait forever for you, Darling.
    Your sassy kitty,
    P.S. I love you. <3

    I smiled when I read the "P.S." part. I don't know how because I didn't force myself into a smile, it just happened. Like whenever Frankie would blush...or stare into my eyes...or maybe even just would make me smile naturally. f**k, I love him. I opened the top drawer of my desk, folded the letter into thirds, stuck it in the envelope, licked the seal, and wrote the addresses of our houses on the front:
    Gerard Way
    924 Sundown Ave.
    Newark, NJ
    Frankie Iero
    (in the neatest handwriting I could produce)
    Bellevile, NJ

    Frankie....I hope you write back.
  4. Letter #2
    My head is aching, my heart is racing--and it's been a month since I've sent a letter to Frankie. Where the hell could he be right now? Cheating on me, probably.
    As I'm walking home from my bus stop, I check my mailbox, hoping for something. Nothing. I drag my ice blocks of feet into the house, hoping that my torturous mother won't notice me, but guess what? She does.
    "Hey, Gerard--Sweetie," she said awkwardly, "A letter from Frank came for you."
    My heart stopped. Frankie? My Frankie?
    "Can I uhm...see that letter, Mom?" I replied, holding out my chubby arm for the snail mail. Her high-heels clicked and clacked as she walked over to hand me the letter, and I almost tore the envelope into pieces before scurrying upstairs.
    "Okay...what does this say here..." I whispered to myself, unfolding the stationery.
    Dear Gerard,
    I....I cried when I read your letter. I'm also crying now. Because I miss you too. I want to only be with you, no one else. Because no one else understands me like you do. I will save you, I will rescue you from your mess, but....I don't know when. Please keep waiting. I will always love and care for you, and I will always be there for you, even when you don't think that I am. But....are you meeting anybody new at your new school? Because...I'm really...y'know....nervous and insecure that you're gonna leave me for good. I love you too much to let you slip away from my bony little fingers.
    I love you with all of my heart and blood pumping through my tiny little black heart (like the Grinch).
    Your little Bear,
    P.S. I love you too, and I always will :)

    My heart skipped a beat. Why is everything so foggy right now? I can't see much...I think I'm crying again. Goddammit, Frankie, you've done it again. Making me cry from all of the pain and love and such. God, I love you. And I hope you can hear me.
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    Aw, so sweet!
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    Loving it!Hope updates come soon!
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    i love this :)

    it's so sweet, and sad, it's amazing.

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  8. Thank all of you guys, I really appreciates it! ^-^
    Letter #3
    Once again, sitting in my desk area, trying to write to Frankie. It's late at night, I'm tired as hell, and I just want to get this done so I can read his reply--and so I can get some Zzz's.
    This is all I have write now:
    Dear Frankie,
    I am never going to leave you for good. Ever. Why would I let someone as precious as you get away from me? I love you way too much to leave you in the dark all alone without me to wrap my arms around you. I hope you know that, because it's true. As true as my love for you.

    I look up at the wall in front of me, and I see all of my sketches of....sunsets.....and.....different landscapes. Maybe I should send him a sketch I made.....because I remember him saying that he was in love with my artwork. I snatched the colored paper that looked as if Tim Burton made a movie on it and put it behind the crumpled up (and yet expensive) parchment full of odd-looking words and letters.
    I finish the letter off with:
    I uh...I made this drawing...and I thought of you while making I'm having you keep it...because I know that you like my drawings.
    Love you forever and always,

    I stared at the letter. I have to make it perfect, or else it isn't good enough. I drew a big smiley face next to "Frankie," folded the two papers, put them in a thin envelope already labeled with the addresses and everything, kissed the back of the envelope, and put it on the top right corner of my desk.
    I slowly got up from my irritating chair and dragged my overweight body to my bed, and dropped myself there. I quickly fell asleep and had the weirdest dream ever imaginable.
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    Awww these are sooo cute :) theres nothing else i can say theyre just so sweet :)
  10. awesome update :)
  11. Gerard's Dream
    "Gerard.." Frankie called, making my 2-syllable name now a whopping 4.
    "I'm coming....Jesus...." I said back, causing my Frankie to giggle like a madman.
    "Hehehe.....I'm not THAT attractive, Honey. But still....we need to get going if we're gonna run away.
    Whoa whoa whoa. Run. Away. Us? Forever?
    I repeated my thoughts into dialogue. "Us? Running away? Together?"
    "Forever." Frankie assured, smiling his cute little smile. He ran up the stairs in this...weird looking house and my eyes just went after him.
    Where are we, anyways? This doesn't look like my house....or my old house....or Frankie's house either....and this definitely doesn't look like our did I get here?
    Frankie yelled over down at me. "WHERE DO YOU WANNA GO, HONEY?!" My mind races as I think of the best place possible for the both of us. Then, only one place, 3 words, pop into my noggin. New York City.
    As my thoughts wandered through my light head, I felt a sudden shake. As if we were in a snowglobe sitting on a shelf of a store and an obnoxious kid just dropped us. But then...where's the water?
    Then there was a piercing scream, one like no other. I have never heard this. Ever. In my life. I finally come to a conclusion of where I am, and what the f**k is happening....when my Frankie runs down the stairs with an obviously fearful look on his face, and fresh blood all over his broad, muscular, and completely naked shoulders.
    I was having a nightmare.
  12. interesting...
    i hope the frankie that's in gerard's dream is ok :p
  13. Gerard's...After-Dream Rebellion
    My upper body flew off the bed. I felt like someone knocked the wind outta me...and I couldn't feel my legs. I tried to exhale as slowly as I could, but nothing worked. I still breathed unevenly and horribly, like all those times Frankie had Bronchitis. My palms were crazy sweaty, so I tried to turn on the lamp sitting on my nightstand. Guess what happened?
    I reached back onto the nightstand, searched and found the light switch for the lamp, then flickered the light on. I saw a shadow painted onto a wall in my room, and I swore I heard my name whispered.
    "Gerard...." It said deeply and calmly. I felt my body tremble, and I tilted my head to see what kind of monster....or creeper was really in my room.
    My hazel eyes found another pair of hazel eyes. But these eyes....these eyes were a deep shade of hazel, almost like they were actual mirrors to the soul. My body stopped its trembling, and I found myself lifting my hands up to the almost pale cheeks. His almost pale cheeks. At first....I didn't think it was real. At first....I thought that I really was losing my mind, because he couldn't possibly be in my house, in my room. It's impossible. But then....I felt a chill shiver down my spine. And a whistling of the wind filtering my ears. I look to my left, and find my window open.
    "Gerard....I couldn't handle being without you. I'm really sorry but.......I kinda sneaked into your room." He said in his low, silky suave voice.
    My eyes met his stare once again, and, within a few seconds, our lips were coming into contact with one another. Mmm....I miss your taste...please don't leave....I don't want you to get away from me, even if this is a dream.
    He pulled away and said, "I missed have no idea. But I want us to have one more night together, before my parents find me and try to cut our main line of communication: the phone," He spoke fiercely, then stood up and held his arm out...I took his hand as he wrapped his other arm around my waist. "I'm willing to run away with you if you're willing to take the chance. Will you, Gerard, take m-"
    "Yes. I'll run away with you for this night. I will make this night the best night of your life. I will do anything that you wish because Dammit, Janet, I love you-" He giggled in my quote from 'Rocky Horror Picture Show,' "-But I'll do anything for you under one condition. You'll love me forever and always."
    "Oh Brad, I feel mad, for you too!" He sang smoothly and perfectly. "I would already do that even if I hadn't taken the chance to come here and rescue the damsel in distress."
    "Damn...I really do love you..." I mumbled as sweetly and romantically as I possibly could.
    "So then, Loverboy, where the hell do you wanna go to first?"
    I chuckled and rolled my eyes and his sarcasm or what not. "Anywhere but here, my prince."
    "Okay then...I think I have an idea." My Frankie told me as he lifted my fat-butt off from my feet and crawled out of my bedroom window. Goddamn this kid is super strong.
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    Awwww... it seems so real for gerard... if it is real then its my ultra-confused self ^-^
  15. Gerard's After-Dream...Freedom
    I wonder how we're gonna get down from the 2nd story window without making any noise.
    "Hey, Gee, I have to ask you something." Frankie told me in monotone.
    "Sure." I stared at his blank yet thoughtful expression, trying to figure out what he's going to ask me.
    He took a deep breath, smiled at me, and said, "How are we get down from here without using my Bat powers?"
    I giggled at him. He was always the man into DC and not Marvel comics, always into Batman over Spiderman...I loved that about him. His nerdy side. We would sometimes, before I moved, have these long conversations about who would win in an epic battle, like Batman vs. Iron Man or The Hulk vs. Superman. I can have never-ending talks about stuff that I like with him, because he likes those things, too. It was like this man was built for me, and I was built exactly for him.
    "I-I think that we can use the gutters, I mean, they're pretty damn sturdy." I informed him, exchanging looks as I said 'sturdy.'
    "Okay, m'lady, after you." He let me down on the ledge of the house, both of his hands holding onto my body. He held my hips until I told him that my grip was firmly held onto the gutters. I tried to slide myself as quickly as possible, which felt like 3 minutes, and I slid myself down on the tree stump that could've been useful these escapees.
    I looked at Frankie get across the gutters, hop on the stump, and slide down the stump, all in about a minute and a half. I looked at my hands, which were all red, and showed them to Frankie. He took my hands in his and gave me a smile.
    "You ready, Freddie?" I asked him, watching his face change expressions, knowing the reference that I was making.
    "Yes!" He squealed, taking me back into his arms. We began our journey of stereotypical teenagers by setting off my lawn together--without the landlords' knowledge.
    Once we were safely out in Main Street, Frankie let me down on my feet gently and said, "So, now that we're away from the prison cell of yours, where do you want to go?"
    I mused for a moment as I watched the cars zoom past us. I took Frank's hand, put it on my cheek, and replied, "Srotan's." He grinned widely at me, nodded, and walked with me across the busy street along with the rest of the strange people of this town.
    Srotan's Diner is a place where Frank and I used to go whenever one of us had problems or issues. It wasn't just an S.O.S. place, though. It was also the place to get away, or most specifically run away, from the rest of the cruel world. We'd have talks about what our future's looking, how we're going to set up our priorities and, sometimes, just stare into each other's eyes.
    When we crossed the street, we ran 2 blocks to this old, flashing diner, looking deserted from the outer point of view.
    "After you left, business left, too." Frank told me in a soft and melancholy tone. I felt sorry for Betty, the owner of the diner, because she worked too damn hard and was always happy with herself and the people around her, and she doesn't get the kind of business and treatment that she deserves...yet McDonald's is feeding everyone here and there, with greed and selfishness.
    Now, only moments away from either disaster or triumph, I feel fear and sadness stir-up in my stomach, making me feel upset and out of order.
    I stepped in front of the entrance, took a deep breath, and hoped for the best.
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