Through It All We'll Find Some Other Way

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  1. conversekiid

    conversekiid New Member

    ARGGGHHHHH you and your cliffhangerss :(((((((((((


    update sooonnn AND THE FINAL ONE :(



  2. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    and it will be here now.
  3. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    Chapter Forty Four

    We were in the dressing room getting ready. Ray was sat in a corner tuning his guitar, Frank had tuned his waaay before we left home and was sat in the middle of the room playing House of Wolves. Mikey was staring at his reflection in the mirror.
    “That can’t possibly be me,” he muttered, talking about not having glasses anymore. “I wonder what the fans will think…”
    He was thinking out loud as he did so often. Bob was clutching his drumsticks tightly and hit random stuff now and again.
    I listened to Frank play. I felt the urge to sing along. I had never been able to keep it shut, when a song I knew was playing. I had always had an obsession with singing.
    Frank suddenly stopped playing and walked over to his amp, putting it on as loud as it could. He looked up at Ray and smirked.
    “No!” Ray said, pointing his finger at Frank who was holding his guitar up, getting ready to annoy Ray.
    He played the intro to Dead!. He was playing so loudly we didn’t hear what was going on outside. We didn’t hear the gunshots and so we had no warning.
    Wouldn’t it be great if we were dead?!” I sang loudly.
    Sudden gunshots were heard, the bullets went flying through the door, and Frank collapsed to the ground.
    “NO! FRANK!” I cried.
    More gunshots were fired and Bob and Ray fell to the floor. Mikey screamed and so did I.
    I looked up at the killer. In the doorway I saw Brandon and Trevor.
    “Hi,” Brandon said calmly. “We thought we’d pay you a little visit. As we already had errands with you guys we thought we’d see you guys now. Just before your big show.”
    He aimed his gun at me. Mikey tried to run, but Trevor got his gun out and aimed at Mikey. I put out an arm, signalling Mikey to stay.
    “What do you want, Brandon?” I asked, my voice sounding scarily calm even though I was about to have a nervous breakdown.
    “We want you dead!” he said. “Now, Gerard. I’ll let you be the last man standing, after all you deserve the pain of watching your brother dying like you just watched your friends and your boyfriend die.” When he said the word ‘boyfriend’ he turned and spat in Frank’s direction.
    “DON’T SPIT ON FRANK!” I shouted.
    Trevor pulled Mikey closer and placed his gun against the side of Mikey’s head. “SHUT UP OR YOUR BRO GETS IT!” he screamed.
    Brandon hit Trevor. In one quick movement he lifted his gun and fired hitting Mikey right in the heart. Mikey screamed the instant he got hit. I had never heard him scream like that before. It was a terrifyingly, ear splitting scream that pierced right through me.
    “MIKEY!” I screamed, but I knew it didn’t help. I had lost my brother, my friends and Frank. I had lost everything.
    Brandon smirked. “We’re all done now,” he said.
    Brandon threw the gun and left. The gun landed next to Frank’s dead body.
    “Frank,” I sobbed as I picked up the gun. “I love you,” I whispered and put the gun against my head. I pulled the trigger and the last thing I heard was the blast of the gun being fired.
    Everything went black.

    Frank’s P.O.V

    Wouldn’t it be great if we were dead?!” Gerard sang at the top of his lungs.
    I smiled and glanced in his direction. His eyes were wide, the expression on his face was fear. Everything faded into black.

    I woke up on a big platform. The Black Parade! Gerard was right!
    A moment later, Ray fell from the sky onto the platform, followed by Bob.
    “Dude,” I said. “What happened?”
    “We got shot I think,” Ray said.
    A moment later Mikey fell from the dark grey sky. He immediately stood up. He was crying.
    “They’re torturing Gee!” he cried. “They’re making him watch us die!”
    Bob put his arm around him. “Don’t worry sugar. Gerard will be here soon he might be able to tell us what to do.”
    “Oh, he will,” I muttered in an eerie voice. “He’s been here before… remember last time he got shot?” I said looking at the others.
    They all slowly nodded. “Right. He ended up here.”

    Gerard didn’t appear for ages. We sat on the platform waiting, looking at the sky. I saw nothing but black clouds slowly slithering across skies nearly as black as the clouds.
    And then I heard a voice deep within me. It was Gerard’s voice. Frank… he was crying. I love you…

    A few seconds later Gerard dropped, face first onto the platform. He scrambled to his feet and looked around. He smiled; he still had tears in his eyes. He looked at us.
    “I’m back!” he said cheerily. He looked behind him and saw two guitars, a bass guitar and a drum kit. There was also a microphone.
    “Well, while the people who are alive are mourning by playing our songs, let’s play here, wherever we are!”
    He walked over to the microphone standing a few feet away. We all stood up.
    “No piano player…” he muttered. “Hmm…”
    I looked down at what was beyond the platform. I saw two faces staring right back at me in the distance. I was a little creeped out, but then I recognized the faces. It was Paul and Amy; Amy was holding Bela tight. I waved at them. Their faces lit up and they ran towards the platform.
    “So…” Paul said. “This is the Black Parade…” he looked around himself.
    “Yeah,” Gerard said excitedly. “It’s awesome isn’t it?!”
    He told us about his last time here He told us it wasn’t quite as awesome as this time, because he had been completely alone and nearly went nuts.
    “So,” he said. “Can any of you play the piano?”
    Paul slowly put up his hand.
    “Good!” Gerard said and pulled him up to the platform. Next we helped Amy up. I took Bela from her arms and Ray pulled Amy up and I placed Bela back in her arms.
    Gerard handed over the notes for the Black Parade to Paul. Paul looked it over and started playing it.
    When I was a young boy…” Gerard sang.
    Slowly the place lit up. Ray started playing his intro and the clouds faded from black to a deep grey. I was distracted, but I had played this so many times I automatically started playing when it was time for me to start. The clouds had now gone from deep grey to completely white. The sky slowly turned navy and then light blue. Almost as blue as Bob’s eyes.
    We kept on playing, the platform started moving forwards, I looked behind me; people were pushing the platform. Everywhere around us people stepped out of the dark; they were all dead.
    When the song was finished the parade was brighter than before, to the newcomers it was still the gloomy parade we had seen before, but to us it was heaven.
    I turned to face Gerard. “I guess heaven’s what you make it.”
    He smiled. “Anywhere as long as it’s with you.”
    that's it dudes. this story is officially over and ended in a happy ending.
    you still love me right? even if i killed em all?
  4. Ferard Rox

    Ferard Rox New Member

    that's a sad ending! But i like it!
    Awesome story mabs!
  5. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    glad you liked it!
    i'm startin a new one pretty soon...
    i already have the first chapter in my head and it will be in my computer by tomorrow! i promise
  6. Ferard Rox

    Ferard Rox New Member

    Yay! anothe story to read! I'll be waiting!
  7. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    who wants new story???!!

    it's called If you took the time to notice me...

    and it's up already
  8. Frankie4evyo

    Frankie4evyo New Member

    *extra extra extra late new reader*

    lol I feel all out of place...

    WHY DOES IT HAVE TO END!! *sobs*


    Don't call me overdramatic. Otherwise I fake drama very badly!!!
    *eats wheat thins*
  9. </3sofie</3

    </3sofie</3 New Member

    wat is it ????
    o thats sad
    o well they lived hapile ever after
  10. Adalia

    Adalia New Member

    that is an amazing ending!
    and i guess im a "new" reader...
    cuz i started reading this a few days before you finished it and i just now finished reading it...
    i love the ending...
    and technichally they died happily ever after ^
    anytoro you are an amazing author.
  11. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    thanks :)
    i was sad to end it... everyone died :(

    but i've got my new story up and runnin so that's alright.
    (^i still have no life^)
  12. my chem mad

    my chem mad Member


    Mab-Mab, Ily!!

    That was such a good ending.
    At first I was like, Nooo, you can't let them die!

    But then everything was getting better and happier and I just like.

    Seriously, that was so good :)

    Okay, new story - What's it called? I MUST read it!

  13. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    hehe... yeah I thought ".. ah. I'll kill 'em all and they'll live... or die happily ever after"

    the new ones called "If You Took The Time to Notice Me..."
  14. my chem mad

    my chem mad Member

    Okies off to find it and read!

    Whichever way you had ending it, we still all would have bowed down to you anyways, Lol.

    But, killing them all and leaving it like that may have started a cyber-riot.

    And whether it was lead be me or not, won't be mentioned XD

    Lol, did that make any sense? Lmao :p

  15. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    yes it did.
    i shall obey you and never ever end any of my stories in misery.
    (or miserableness as I like to call it =D)
  16. my chem mad

    my chem mad Member


    Good. Now there shall be no riots. Lmao XP

  17. ForsaknAngel

    ForsaknAngel New Member

    OMG....... so sad i loved it!!!! not the sad part.. but the they are all together part!!

    ILY Mabbii!!!!!!

    and now i must read your other fic because your writing is amazing!!
  18. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    lol frankyoo dani

    im in need of zombies lol
  19. ForsaknAngel

    ForsaknAngel New Member

    Your welcome and :>_<: i already updated!!!!

    havent had much time to read your new fic yet but i will!!!
  20. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    lol i know
    i only just read it
    for some stupid reason (and because of some stupid computer) i misse it

    gerard loves me lol...
    i feel loved
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