Through It All We'll Find Some Other Way

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  1. mabbii

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    its about 11:20 ere...

    and thts actually quite a gd idea...
    i was tryin to fink of new ideas...

  2. </3sofie</3

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    haha i dnt even ask LYL
    im just so loyal i got up at 5 2 read this damn thing nd it was so worth it :D OMFG so in your story im related RAY wooooo nd not in a huge ompliation ether :p rays ousin haha beat that bith
    ok ur gunna b m8s wiv them o well :D
  3. conversekiid

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    Ohh Wowww Loving this updatess

    oh weell It give me sumin to do .. im off skl and my mums out so im very very very bored.. and a bit ill. BUT UR STORY CHEERED ME UP

    YAY MABSS :)

    ily bikey, ferard and RAMY ??

    ohh and dani&paul DAUL or PANI


    love them both :)

    bye. :clap:
  4. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    Thank you all for the comments!
    I like Pani... lol...
    And sof i think i put u i as Ray's lil bro's girlfriend's cousin... hmm... oh well... ur in the story so ha..
    moriam ur gna love me for this!

    Chapter Forty One

    This chapter is all about Dani and Paul, just for you Dani!

    We spent a few hours at the hospital when we decided it was time to get some food. I wanted to go to Starbucks, but the others wanted to go to Burger King and refused to let me go on my own.
    “I’ll come with you,” Paul said, smiling brightly.
    “Yes,” Ray said, his voice dripping with evil teasingness. “Paul will go with you.”
    He smirked. I laughed heartily.
    “You’re just jealous, ‘cause I got him, ha!” I said.
    Ray faced defeat and let his gaze drop to the floor while his cheeks went red.

    Paul and I walked to Starbucks.
    “So, what do you want?” he asked, getting his wallet out.
    “No, don’t you worry about a thing!” I laughed and armed myself with my money. “What do you want?”
    “Really… you don’t have to pay…” he started but I wasn’t having any of it.
    “Paul,” I said my tone full of determination. “You’re broke.”
    He looked at me; his expression was full of surprise and awe. “How did you know?”
    I smiled sweetly. “Ray took your money.”
    He looked away in no particular direction. “Oh, what?! That little …”
    He didn’t finish his sentence. “Sorry…” he muttered and blushed.
    “It’s okay,” I said. “I reacted the same way Ray took my money. Now what do you…”
    I looked into my wallet and stopped in mid-sentence. “That little son of a …”
    Paul laughed.
    “Not again!” I said, trying to be angry with Ray, but couldn’t help but crack a smile.

    We stood in silence for a while, trying to come up with a plan.
    “Great…” Paul muttered. “What do we do now?”
    My eyes widened and my smile widened when a great idea popped into my head.
    “I’ve got a plan,” I said in my evil-genius-tone, making Paul chuckle. I pulled him closer and whispered into his ear.

    A few moments later we were walking through the market. We walked past a stand with some b-e-a-utiful pranking devices. We stole some cans of silly string and some nice sparkly tape. We walked on to Burger King.
    Outside Burger King we found Bob’s new car. We exchanged glances and smirked. We got out our sparkly tape and taped the car doors up. Next we taped the windows so they had nice shiny borders.
    Next we walked into Burger King armed with silly string. We walked up behind Ray and pressed the cans up against his back.
    “Reach for the skies afrodude!” Paul said loudly. As people started to stare I started to laugh, Paul only just managed to keep a straight face and the others blushed.
    “Now…” Paul said in a calm, yet serial killer-like tone. “Give us our money back.”
    “What?! I didn’t take your…” Ray said, surprised at us accusing him for taking it.
    He never got to finish his sentence though, because he got covered in silly string.

    We got kicked out and were banned from the burger stand for the next couple of years. But we did get our money back. We found out it was Frank who took it and we only got it back after a serious silly string shower… in the middle of Burger King.
    The staff was furious! Frank had jumped when I aimed my can at him, toppling his soda over. The table and floor was now sticky, Frank’s trousers were drenched and so was Gerard, who hadn’t managed to get away in time.
    Only one member of staff wasn’t angry. She was a young girl. She was a little bit shorter than me.
    She observed our epic battle to regain our 5 bucks and smiled cheerily. When her boss finally decided to throw us out, she was handed a mop and a bucket and told to clean it up.
    We offered our help. After all it was our mess and our fun she was set to clean.

    After cleaning most of the mess we had to go back to the hospital before the doctors found out we had dragged Mikey out with us.
    “Thanks for the help guys,” Moriam said.
    That was her name. We had become really good friends during the washing. I asked her to call me; maybe we could hang out sometime, and gave her my number.
    She smiled and said she would. I had no idea why, but she reminded me so much of my little sister I lost to cancer all those years back.
    As that thought ran through my head the images flashed through my mind.
    No… not now!
    I felt tears welling up inside of me. I quickly focused on other things; something I had learned to do in school when I was bullied.

    Paul apparently noticed my want to cry. He put his arm around my shoulders. He looked me deep in the eye looking worried.
    “You alright?” he asked.
    “I’m fine,” I replied, waving my hand to shrug it off.

    When we got back to the hospital, we hid Mikey in the centre of the group. He had to crouch so as to not be seen. He was much taller than any of us.
    We quickly made our way to the elevators. We went up to the second floor, down a corridor, turned a few corners until we got to his door. When we opened it we found Alicia, sat by his bed.

    “You know you’re not supposed to be out,” she said, indifferently.
    Mikey seemed at unease when he saw her face. I saw him glance at Bob.
    Alicia briefly glanced in Bob’s direction too. She wrinkled her nose as she looked at the wall behind Mikey’s bed.
    This agitated Mikey. Everyone could see that. Apart from Alicia who was staring at the wall.
    “Alicia,” Mikey said, I could hear the trace of despair in his voice. “What?! Are you doing here?”
    “I just came to see my boyfriend,” she replied and looked at him, a sickeningly sweet smile on her face.
    “Listen Al,” Mikey said. “I’m not your boyfriend. Okay?!” He raised his voice. “Just go! Go live your life and get away from me. I’ll send Gee over with the money, or whatever, just leave me alone!”
    Alicia looked hurt, she looked fake. I despised her and I had never met her before. I had only heard about her one time.

    She stood up from the chair, tracing her fingers on the sheets on Mikey’s bed as she walked in our direction. She stopped in front of Mikey. She looked at him for a moment and then she did it…

    Everyone gasped. Bob even started to cry.
  5. afjh

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    oooooooooooo silly girl alicia ur not his gf haha good chapter

    i want more update soon
  6. </3sofie</3

    </3sofie</3 New Member

    wat did she do ???
    or have u said ??
  7. mabbii

    mabbii New Member

    lol.. no i didnt say...
    you'll see... in the next chapter =D
  8. conversekiid

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    ohh wat did she dooo ?




    woop ..
  9. Ferard Rox

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    You and those damn cliffhangers!!!!!!!!!!!
    MORE NOW!!!
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  11. my chem mad

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    You're simply awesome, putting me in your story!!

    But enough about me, hehe.

    What the Hell, did Alicia do??
    Update NOOOOOOOW!!! please :)

    Luv yah

  12. mabbii

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    enough about you? puh. right...
    *****************************Chapter Forty Two

    *Gasp!* what did she do?! Mikey knows…

    “… just leave me alone!” I screamed at her. What the hell is she doing here?! Why the f**k, does she think I’m still her boyfriend? Did she think I was joking about Bob? All these thoughts ran through my mind. I was too busy to think to notice how she was slowly moving towards me, floating like a wraith across the room. I didn’t notice her until she stood right in front of me staring into my eyes. My mind completely blanked. And then she kissed me. I was too shocked to pull away until I heard Bob’s almost unnoticeable sobs.
    I ripped myself out of her deep kiss, staring wildly into her eyes. I couldn’t think of anything to say. I just stood there, staring into her eyes, listening to Bob crying. It all got too much and I stormed out of the room. I needed to get away, now!

    Uh-oh!!! Where’s he going to go?! Let’s see how Gerard’s taking all this…

    Mikey turned sharply and pushed us so he could get away. He ran out of the room, forgetting to slam the door. I could see him running towards the exit.
    I turned to give Alicia and evil glare. “I hope you’re happy,” I said bitterly.
    She smirked. I hate you!!!
    I ran off trying to catch up with Mikey, but he was long gone. His phone was in his bag, which was still by his hospital bed. I had no idea where to find him or how.
    I thought of all the times he stormed off crying. He would either run off into his room or to the park.
    I decided to look in the park first. He’d expect me to go home.
    I ran as fast as I could. I took al the shortcuts I knew and before long I arrived at the park.
    I ran to the bridge Mikey used to hide under. He was not there. I looked behind every tree in the park. Mikey was nowhere to be found.
    I ran off to our apartment. Mikey was not in the kitchen, he wasn’t in the basement, he wasn’t in the living room, in the attic and he hadn’t locked himself in the toilet.
    Where the hell can he have gone?!
    I panicked and ran through the market, thinking he could be hiding between the stalls. I spotted him in Burger King and stopped, but I had been running so fast I toppled over and fell into an antique stall. All of the ancient porcelain statuettes and plates and cups broke.
    “f**k,” I whispered. I looked up to see Mikey staring at me, horrified. I quickly stood up and ran inside before the owner of the stall could see me and before Mikey got the chance to escape.

    Once inside I sat down on a chair, panting, trying my best to breathe properly.
    “Mikey… you… have got… to go… back,” I managed to utter in between breaths.
    “No,” he replied. “I can’t. Alicia will be waiting and Bob probably hates me!”
    “He doesn’t… I promise… please… come back with me,” I said, my breath slightly more controlled, stretching out an arm, reaching my hand out to Mikey. “Come on,” I said. “You know you want to!”
    I chuckled. Mikey started laughing. “You look like an idiot, you know that?” he said as he took my hand and helped me stand up. “Okay, I’ll go,” he said and looked behind him. “Thank you so much Moriam. I’ll see you around!”
    He smiled and waved at her. I smiled at her too. We left the burger stand and walked past the antique shop, pretending to be shocked and offered our help. But no, they were alright.
    We walked slowly through the park when I got a text message from Frank.
    You found him? it said.
    I quickly sent a reply.
    Yup. We’re on our way…

    When we got back Alicia was gone, Bob was in a corner crying, Jamia, Lyndsey, Dani and Amy stood around him comforting him. Ray was trying to help settle down Frank, whose eyes were red.
    “Have you been crying?” I asked.
    He slowly nodded.
    “Aww,” I said. “Why?”
    “I was worried about you and Mikey,” he sobbed.
    I didn’t say anything. I walked across the room and hugged him. I kissed him on the forehead. “It’s okay, sugar. We’re back, we’re fine.”

    Mikey was stood in the doorway looking at Bob. He had tears in his eyes.
    “Bob?” he said.
    Bob looked up at him. Mikey burst out in tears and ran over to Bob. He threw his arms around him. “I’m sorry,” he cried.
    Paul closed the door as quietly as he could, not wanting anyone to disturb the two love birds in the corner.
    “Don’t be, baby,” Bob sobbed.
    “I should have told her,” Mikey continued.
    “It’s okay!” Bob said. “I still love you!”
    Mikey looked him deep in the eyes. “Do you really mean that?” he asked.
    “Yes,” Bob said, quietly. “I love you so much.”
    “I love you too,” Mikey said, smiling and kissed Bob.

    The girls around them all aww’ed and so did me and Frank.
    Dani had tears in her eyes. “They still love each other!” she squealed. “It’s like a fairytale!”
    Jamia, Lyndsey and Amy all giggled sweetly. Bob and Mikey were all smiles.
    Bob kissed him on the cheek. “You look handsome without glasses.”
    Mikey smiled at him and kissed him. They kept kissing and cuddling. Meanwhile I was holding Frank tight trying to comfort him.
    Ray and Paul were having a chat about the past and the future and everything in between.

    “Frank?” I said.
    “Hmm?” he mumbled.
    “I love you,” I murmured.
    Frank smiled. I wiped away his tears and he looked up at me and kissed me.
    “I love you too.” I kissed him back and we cuddled for a while.

    Dani looked at Paul, I saw love and longing in her eyes. Oooh… interesting!
    Frank noticed too. “You think something’s going on between them?” he whispered.
    “I think so,” I whispered.
    Paul now turned his gaze to Dani. He saw her looking at him and smiled. She smiled back.
    I nodded. “That’s love,” I mumbled.
    “That’s got to be love,” Frank agreed.

    As the day progressed Dani and Paul slowly got closer. By the time we went home they were, once again, walking hand-in-hand. Half-way home Paul put his arm around Dani’s waist and she put her arm around him.
    Aww that’s sweet!

    We walked up to the door. Dani turned and kissed Paul. Paul kissed her back. We just went inside not wanting to disturb them. After a while Dani got back in.
    Jamia squealed. “Is he a good kisser?”
    Dani blushed and kept her silence. She walked straight to her room and as soon as she’d closed the door we heard her singing. Out of tune…
    sorry dani!!
  13. my chem mad

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    Lol - Out of tune. Hehe XP

    Nice update!!
    Oh, why was Mikey thanking me??

    And why do I work in Burger King??!! Lols, randomness, hehe :p

    It's all about McDonalds maaaaan, hehe XD

    Update sooon!!

  14. mabbii

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    because you were there to comfort him :)
    you're so nice you know lol

    you work in burger king because they had to eat somewhere they got decent food... and you had to work there so you'd fit into the story...

    maccies is ok... but hey. burger king is NICE! :D:D
  15. my chem mad

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    I'm so lucky, I got to comfort Mikey when I should have been doing my homework! Wooh! Lol :p

    Aw. Thank you, you're very nice aswell, I mean you did put me in your story. Nice to the max, lol XD

    Nah. I'm still a McDonalds person, I never eat at Burger King. I dunno why, I just dont. Lool.

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    *Sqeals and jumps into Mabs's arms!!*

    OMG I LOVE IT I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

    hehe Pani xD

    So Cute so sweet i soo need more!!! AHHH!!!

    and no i didnt die xD i'm alive just been MIA for a little while.


    "Dani looked at Paul, I saw love and longing in her eyes. Oooh… interesting!
    Frank noticed too. “You think something’s going on between them?” he whispered.
    “I think so,” I whispered.
    Paul now turned his gaze to Dani. He saw her looking at him and smiled. She smiled back.
    I nodded. “That’s love,” I mumbled.
    “That’s got to be love,” Frank agreed."

    I feel so special!!

    Update soon!!!! You have to !!
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    thank you moriam, thank you dani

    moriam.. i shud have been doing hw too.. but i'm always busy keepin u guys happy.. so it's a bit obvious im a nice person..! lol

    dani.. u put me in your fic and i just had to put u in mine.. =D=D=D oh and please update life is but a dream for the dead!!!
    i am so over-f**king-excited ...
  18. mabbii

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    Chapter Forty Three

    Right kids… I’m running out of ideas so…! I’m going to end this fic pretty soon but I will be writing a new one pretty soon. Oh and I just got my new guitar… it’s just like Frankie’s! YaY!

    We’re speeding a year ahead
    Soon this fic will be dead
    We’re in Gerard’s head
    He’s lying in his bed…

    I woke up one morning. Our new album was all done and on the shelves. We were doing a tour pretty soon, celebrating the release of the Black Parade.
    I turned around, lying on my side and looked at Frank. He was fast asleep and looked like he was having a good dream. I kissed him gently before getting out of bed.
    As I stood up I heard him roll around on the bed.
    “Morning, babe,” he murmured.
    “Hey, angel,” I replied. That was my new nickname for him.
    He smiled and got out of bed too. We got dressed and walked out into our new kitchen in our brand new house.

    Two months after Dani and Paul had been going out in secret they had made it official. By getting engaged. We were in our living room when Dani walks in and Jamia asked where she had gotten the big ring on her finger.
    “I’m engaged!” she squealed. “To Paul!”
    Paul got in behind her and kissed her. He put his arms around her waist and held her close.
    “Congratulations guys!” I said. Everyone else congratulated them and the girls hugged Dani.
    Jamia and Lyndsey had missed Amy so much they had moved in with us two weeks after Ray and Amy’s marriage. Dani had moved in with them and when she engaged Paul he also moved in with us. Now our apartment meant for two was seriously cramped and, as if we hadn’t stuffed enough people in there, a month later we found out that Amy was pregnant.
    So we decided to move into a big house. We all lived together under one big roof as one big family.

    In the kitchen Amy was feeding the new baby girl in the family. Dani was eating the cookies Bob was making and Ray and Mikey were still sleep. Jamia and Lyndsey were in the toilet putting on their make-up.
    Frank and I sat down and took a cookie each.
    “Aww! There’s none left!” Dani complained.
    “Here you go!” Bob said happily, putting down a batch of freshly baked cookies.
    “Mmm… smells nice, hun,” Mikey said, walking through the door and settling down for some cookies. “Taste nice too!”
    Frank looked up. “Can I make some?” he asked with a great deal of hope glinting in his eyes.
    “NO!” everyone else shouted.
    I looked around the room and laughed. I took Frank’s hand. “Of course you can! When it’s time to burn down this house!” I laughed.
    Frank blushed. Mikey jumped up and down like a donkey and said “I can help! I can help! Where’s the toaster?!”
    Bob quickly ran over to one of the cabinets, pulled out the toaster and threw it out the window.
    “Uhm… I wasn’t being serious,” Mikey muttered. Bob looked up at him.
    “No, I know, but I was just making sure it will never happen,” he said as he chuckled.
    Everybody laughed and even Bela laughed. Amy stroked her hair and Bela looked up at her mom.
    “Mama!” she said, a big smile on her face.
    “Aww! She just said her first word!” Paul said happily…

    It was time to get our things and get on the tour bus. Paul was our mechanic. Every time something was wrong with the bus, a frequent problem on tours, Paul would fix it. Bela was very interested in all of the tools and wanted to play with them, but Amy took them away from her for everyone’s safety. Bela complained a lot about it.
    When we stopped at a gas station, I walked in and bought some plastic toy tools for babies. I handed it over to Amy and Ray and said it was a present.
    “Uncle Weward?” Bela said, looking up at me.
    “Yes?” I said.
    “Frank you!” she giggled.
    I laughed. “Frank! Angel, she just said your name!”
    Frank’s head appeared from behind the cabinet. “Really?!” He looked at Bela in awe.
    “Uncle Fwankie!” she yelled and tottered over to him with a plastic hammer in her hand.
    “Oh! Ow!” Frank said and laughed as the tot hammered onto his toes. “Bob! Get her a drum kit for Christmas!” he giggled.
    Ray picked her up. “Hahaaa, no!” he laughed. “My baby girl is gonna be a guitarist!”
    He lifted her high into the air so that her head nearly reached the ceiling and she giggled as he nuzzled her. “Ow!” he said when she pulled his hair. “Ooowww… she is STRONG!”
    I chuckled. Frank smiled wide and Amy was shaking her head, laughing.
    The bus came to a halt and stopped. “Shiiiiit…” Bob said, sat in the front seat. “Paul!” he yelled.
    Paul appeared from the bunks. “Yes?”
    “The bus broke… again…” Bob muttered gloomily.
    “I’m on it!” Paul said, getting his tools.
    Bela tried getting hold of the big hammer in the tool box.
    “WHOA!” Frank shouted, jumping onto the sofa, staying out of reach. I laughed.
    “It’s not funny!” he wailed. “I could break my toes again, and believe me, it is not funny!” yet he couldn’t stop himself from laughing.
    Amy did manage to pull Bela away from dangerous objects just in time.

    Paul went out to fix the bus and before long it was up and running again. Dani kissed Paul when he got back inside.

    After a few hours we arrived at our final destination. Our very final destination… no one knew this at the time, but none of us was going to go back to New Jersey.
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    is dat the end cuz its beautiful and amy wants more lol
  20. mabbii

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    haha! no.. i have prepared a bit more... you will get to see your daugher again don't worry
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