Through Her Eyes I See You [Sequel to Love Is Suicide]

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    I don't even know what to say.
    It's all just been crazy and hectic.
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    Here it is everyone, as promised. The final chapter will be posted tomorrow, hopefully. I've got a busy Christmas ahead but if I can get onto the computer for 10 seconds, I'll post it. Love you all. Have a wonderful day tomorrow, all of you. Merry Christmas. xo

    Chapter 24 - Are You Hanging Up Your Stockings On The Wall?

    Frank's POV

    "Frankie, where's the remote?!" Gerard called impatiently from the front of the TV set.

    I giggled, holding the DVD remote behind my back. "I don't know Gee," I replied, trying to sound innocent, and at the same time trying to hold back the giggles that were desperately trying to escape my throat. He glared at me.

    “Frank, quit being an butt!” he said in mock frustration, a rather large smirk on his face. He rose to his feet and approached me slowly. He stopped in front of me, hands on hips. “Now come on. If you don’t give me the remote, Santa won’t bring you any presents.” He cooed at me, as if I were a small child. I couldn’t stop the laughter pouring from my lips at that point.

    “I’m sure I can live with that.” I retaliated.

    “Oh lighten up!” he snickered. “You know you love Romeo and Juliet!”

    “I wouldn’t be so sure, babe.”

    He grinned evilly. He pounced on me, curling his arms around me and beginning to tickle me. I shrieked and laughed manically, trying to push him off with my free hand. “Okay!” I cried out. “Okay, here, have your precious remote!” I held out my hand, revealing the remote. He took it from me and left me there, breathless and still chuckling. What a motherf**ker. He knew just how to bring out my vulnerable, defenseless side. He set up the movie then returned to his original seat beside me. I curled up and cuddled into him, smiling as I felt his arm snake around my shoulders and pull me closer. I watched the movie intently, happily. Gerard was right, I did love Romeo and Juliet.

    As the secret wedding between the pair approached, I became uncomfortable and fidgety. I began to shift uneasily in my seat. Gerard noticed and gave me a squeeze.

    “Are you okay, sweetheart?” he asked. I mumbled a little, almost inaudibly, and nodded my head. “Hey, look at me.”

    My eyes darted upwards, making contact with his.

    “What’s the matter? You were fine until this wedding came up. Are you having second thoughts?”

    I shook my head. He scanned my face for any doubt. “Are you sure, sugar? We don’t have to go through with it if you don’t want to.” I couldn’t take this talk. I grabbed his hands, and turned to face him properly.

    “Gerard, you’re just being stupid now. You know that I want nothing more than to be a part of you forever. I want nothing more than to wear your ring on my finger, to be a part of your family. To be your husband. I love you and I want to marry you, okay? I’m just…nervous.”

    He stared into my eyes uncertainly for a few seconds, and nodded. “Okay.” he answered. We turned back to face the TV, and attempted to focus on the movie. Hah. Not for long.

    As soon as the scene involving Romeo, Mercutio and Tybalt began, terrifying memories began to fill my head, gripping at my heart and my lungs. For the first time in weeks, I felt… absolute f**king agony. I began to tremble violently, and whimpered. I snatched the remote from Gerard and turned off the TV. He appeared extremely shocked by my actions.

    “Whoa, baby. Whoa, whoa hey. What’s wrong?” he exclaimed, groping at my arms, trying to calm me. Silent tears slipped from my eyes.

    “I can’t watch this anymore. I don’t want to be reminded of everything that’s happened.” I whispered. He pulled his arms around me tightly, hushing me.

    “Look, darling. I know you miss Ruby, I do too. And I completely understand about the movie. But seriously, honey. Don’t think about the painful memories. Think of all the happy ones. It’s always important to remember the little things.” He told me, comforting me quietly. I nodded, calming myself.

    “All the smells?” I suggested. He smiled.

    “And the sounds.” he continued.

    “And the feel…” I replied, remembering every little detail of Ruby’s short yet beautiful young life.

    “And the eyes…” Gerard continued our chain, staring deeply into my eyes, lovingly. We were losing focus now. Concentrating on the two of us, erasing all the memories.

    “And the lips…” I whispered, leaning forwards and placing my lips against his, my eyelids drifting closed steadily. He ran his hands over my sides, stomach and back as we worked at each others lips over and over again, kissing lightly and breaking apart every few seconds to breathe, and then connecting again within a fraction of a moment. My hand found my way up to his head, over his ear, my fingers twirling and tangling in his soft hair. Slowly, he lifted my shirt, over my belly button, over my chest, over my head, and slung it across the room. I worked at unfastening his jeans, taking my time, not wanting to force this on either of us. We continued to passionately peel items of clothing from each other before we were both laying naked on the couch, staring into each others eyes with all the love and passion either of us had ever felt in our entire lives. Everything that had happened, everything that would have pushed us apart years ago, had brought us so close it was almost unimaginable. My heart thumping and stomach pounding, I held onto Gerard’s shoulders as he positioned himself.

    “I love you,” I whispered. He smiled warmly and kissed my cheek.

    “Ready?” he asked. I nodded, and he pushed his erect member inside of me slowly and as gently as he possibly could. I immediately shuddered. “Relax…”

    I relaxed all my muscles and steadied my breathing. Cautiously, he began to move, gripping my hips quite tightly to control himself. I let out a shuddery breath, a slight moan managing to sneak out amongst it. Gerard then began to quicken his pace, both our bodies moving in time with each other, both our lips spilling over with loud and passionate moans of pleasure. I threw my head back as he came, and I followed shortly after, crying out his name over and over again.

    “Gee… Oh, Gerard!”

    We led there and regained our breath, Gerard softly stroking my damp hair.

    “Merry Christmas, baby.” he whispered. I grabbed the blanket that was sat on the back of the couch and pulled it around us both, cuddling as far into his chest as I could.

    “Merry Christmas eve, Gee…” I replied, letting my heavy eyelids drift closed of their own accord.
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    Oh man that last chapter was HAWT...

    I missed updates again, as you know, I'm sorry, I feel terrible =[

    I can't believe Hayden killed both Mikey and Ruby, I'm also confused, Gee was engaged to Hayden?? Was the kid theirs as well??

    Loved the last few chapters that I missed and it will be a shame to watch this come to an end, but it has been a great fic, one of the best, and I will miss reading it, when I stay with the time anyway LOL, so I have to admit I can't wait for the last chapter.

    Merry Christmas <3 xx

    EDIT:- Laura said she can't update today as promised and that she's really sorry, and she will update ASAP
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    Wow, hot Christmas now.

    Like Hayz said, the whole Hayden thing is kinda confusing but it's all cool.


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    poop i just realised i didn't comment
    hot chapter
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    hehe nice and cute
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    Jeez, I haven't been on this story in months. I haven't even managed to write the final chapter yet. But as for the Haiden thing;

    Haiden had a child with a girlfriend, and then he met Gee and they became engaged. But then what Gerard explained happened and they broke up, and he continued to search for Frank and Ruby.
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    Don't worry about the updating.
    Take as long as you need.
    But I'm confused because I can't remember much =[
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    <33333333333333333 Ok so the original broke my heart soooo long ago. I thought you had killed my hero off, I was like freaking out and crying. This was months ago... like... super long ago, I just now had the guts to read the sequal and I am sooo glad I did XD Take your time.
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    *new Reader*

    Ohhh I love this storry, thouh it´s soo saaaad...
    Anyway, the last Update really was HAWT xD

    more,sooon ?!
  11. Wow this is so good and totally worth letting my insomnia win but still poor frankie and gee you put them through hell but in the end I guess it was happy-ish ever after, I really enjoyed reading it... Doubt I would have sleept anyway xD

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