Through Her Eyes I See You [Sequel to Love Is Suicide]

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    Rating: 15+ for strong language, violence, possible sexual content and possible drug abuse.

    Disclaimer: I do not know or own any of MCR and this story is completely fictional.

    Summary: Gerard and Frank have always wanted to start a family and now they have a chance to, but after fate strikes one final disaster on the pair, will their dreams still come true?

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    Chapter 1 - I've Been Waiting For A Miracle

    It had been a year since that fateful day and my heart was still crying for mercy. Sure, I had managed to get a grip of myself and move on in life, but deep inside I still yerned for him. My soul screamed for that one person who had made my life worth living. My mother and Talitha had both tried to convince me that no-one was to blame, but in my heart I knew it was all my fault.

    I tried to live every day to the normal schedule. Get up, get changed, have breakfast and go job hunting. But today, I wasn't going to look for a job. I had something else that needed to be done.

    First of all I did have breakfast, and my Mom came into the kitchen, a little too brightly and cheerily for my liking, and dumped the post on the table. There was a letter addressed to me. I quickly opened the envelope, and my eyes widened. After all this time, I had recieved a visiting order from Mikey. I began to shake my head and mutter to myself, Talitha came over and placed a gentle hand on my shoulder.

    "Gee, honey, are you okay?" she asked. I nodded, before tearing the letter in half and dropping it in the trashcan. I checked my watch. 08:43am. Perfect timing. I grabbed my coat off of the hanger in the hallway and wandered down the road to the bus station. I waited a long ten minutes for bus number 277, then hopped on, payed for the journey and sat isolated in a seat right at the back of the bus. I thought about what I'd say for most of the time I was on the bus, but then I was snapped back into reality by the bus pulling up at my stop. I got off and slowly wandered towards the large double doors, and stumbled up to the desk.

    "Hi, I'm looking for Frank Iero..." I told the woman behind the counter. She nodded, and gestured towards a room without saying a word. f**king ignorant witch!

    I hesitantly walked into the room, and there he was, my baby, laying unconcious and pale on the bed with several tubes and wires trailing out of his lifeless body. I sat beside him, and gently took his hand.

    ", it's Gee. I'm so sorry for everything that's happened...I never meant for it to turn out this way. I love you so much...I never wanted to hurt you..." I whispered. I stared at the bruise on his neck, and burst into tears.

    What if he didn't wake up? All our hopes and dreams would be shattered.

    Then something amazing happened, like a miracle...

    "Gerard...I'm pregnant..."
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    i need to read it first tho:L

    woo have read it love it :'(

    I KNOW WHOS PREGNANT!!! mwahahahahahahaaaaa
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    ooh! how come laurhen know??? :O rude! lol im jokin! that would spoil if it i knew. Love it :)
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    I THOUGHT IT WAS FRANKIE WHO'S PREGNANT! xD!! But it isn't right? I laughed my f**kin' butt off. Haha uhmm I don't think it's him anymore... Aww, poor Frankums. At least he's alive =D I love this to death. I can't wait for you to update Laurah<3
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    Ahhh, I'm sorta confused.
    And... he's alive?!?!?! YES! -punches the air-
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    Franks in a coma-
    and has been for a year-
    after hanging himself
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    umm...............okay :S
    thank god he's still alive though :D
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    #0 haha =]

    this is awsome =]
    whos pregnant??
    more soon ??
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    Frank's alive?! :O
    and whoa, who's pregnant?

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    yay i love it hes not dead but whos pregnant has frankie woken up and spoken something random or his some 1 there is it talitha or is lynz there
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    I got that much, although thankyou. I mean as to whom's pregnant. I want to know if it's a new character or not.
    -waits for Laurah to update instead of bugging her on msn-.
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    i am with you on that tara =]
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    I KNOW WHO IT IS! =) Because Im Speshal ;)

    By Hell I Am!! XD


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    by hell you are if you know who !!

    can you tell us who it is please?? i will give you mini mcr
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    I Can't =(
    You'll have to wait till her update wont you XD

    If I Told You She'd Hit/Hate/Set Bob On Me/ Gorge My Eyes Out With A Spork

    either of those are pretty terrible apart from the bob one where i'd just hug the shizz out of him XD
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    haha so would i (about bob and hugging) but damn ok...

    update soon please??
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    Chapter 2 - Recovering Dreams, Just Like A Memory

    I spun round towards the voice, shocked to see who was stood there.

    "What?" I exclaimed.

    "I'm pregnant, Gee! Isn't it fantastic?" Talitha squealed. Shocked and happy at the same time, I squealed myself and pulled her into my arms, lifting her off her feet slightly. I spun her round whilst hugging her tight, then set her back down on the ground with my arms still round her waist. Our foreheads fell together and I looked deep into her eyes which showed happiness and pride.

    "It's amazing, Tal...absolutely incredible..." I whispered. "But are you sure it's mine...I's not Matt's?"

    She shook her head gently against mine.

    "It's definitely yours, Gee...I haven't slept with Matt in forever." she smiled. I smiled with her and placed a gentle hand on her stomach, and she placed her own hand over mine. Our baby. Like we'd always wanted. I couldn't wait, and suddenly things began to look a little brighter.

    "Do you know if it's a boy or a girl?" I asked, I didn't really want to know until it was born but something inside me screamed at me to ask.

    "Nope. Not until the twenty week scan, anyway."

    I nodded. Thank hell for that. I glanced over at Frank and felt the smallest twinge of guilt.

    "Don't worry about him honey...he'll be okay." Talitha whispered in my ear. Once again, all I could bring myself to do was nod. I wasn't sure whether to believe her or not. It had been a year and he still wasn't awake. And I had to think about how I was going to explain this if he did wake up. I had got someone else pregnant whilst he had been at death's door. Sure, there was a perfect explanation, but would he accept it?

    I sighed. As I did, someone mumbled something inaudible. My eyes darted back to Frank, whos eyes were starting to open. He was waking up. Oh my god! He was finally waking up. I shot to his bedside and took his hand.

    "Frankie..." I cooed, trying to encourage him to wake up.

    "G...gee...?" he muttered.

    "I'm here, I'm here..." I whispered. Talitha came to my side, wrapping her arms around me, I don't know if it was an attempt to make Frank jealous, which I doubted, or comfort me. I guessed it was to comfort me.

    "Why's she here?" Frank croaked hoarsily. "Gerard...a-are you...w-with her?"


    Now you know whos pregnant. But is there a perfectly innoncent explanation, or has Gerard betrayed Frank? And what will he say to the final question. All will be revealed in the next chapter. Comments?
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    as always ;)

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    Again, I still stick to what I said on msn.
    Well, without the swearing. xp

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    aww that is so cute

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