Thoughts of Endless Night Time Sky.

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    *Title: Thoughts of Endless Night Time Sky.
    *Rating: 15
    *Main Characters: Gerard Way/OFC
    *Summary: Falling in love with a vampire was never the easiest decision.
    *Genre: Romance/Fantasy

    **This story can also be found on my mibba, it isn't stolen.

    *Chapter Index:
    Chapter One; This Jet Black Feeling.
    Chapter Two; In the Cannibal Glow.
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    Chapter 1; This Jet Black Feeling.

    The silk sheets cocooned my body perfectly, forming to my body like a mold, as I let my head hit the pillow, and my eyes flutter closed. The cold of the sheets and the shadows from my room overwhelmed me as I soon fell into a deep slumber.

    Dreams filled my pretty little head as my imagination took over. But this wasn't my imagination, surely. My imagination wasn't dark. Well, sometimes it could be, but my dreams never took place in my room. My head always took me far, far away, but in this dream, I was dreaming that I was laying in my bed... Why?

    It was silent, and cold, colder than usual. The window was open and a breeze was blowing in. The white curtains around the window fluttered farther into my room and made goosebumps rise up all over my arms. I shivered and started to rise up when a hand clasped around my left shoulder. I gasped as another arm slid around the other arm slid across my right shoulder and trailed down my body. Feeling lips press against my neck, and up to my ear, a voice whispered, “Where are you going?”

    Blood seemed to move faster through my veins, and my face lost all color. I turned my head a little to see a very pale man, crouched up on my bed's headboard. He slipped down onto the bed itself, and crawled in front of me. I couldn't find words. His red messy hair fell into his face, over his deep hazel/browns and his rose pedal lips were pursed as he crawled on top of me, wiping the hair from my eyes. “Hmm, Blossom? Where are you going?” He asked again, in a melodic voice.

    My lips just trembled and he ran a finger over them, and then his thumb. He brought his face closer to mine and breathed, “No answer?” I felt his lips brush against mine and I tensed, taking in a deep breath as I felt myself kiss back, passionately. His hands trailed over my shoulders, and then down my arms, just as his lips did, they traveled down. His lips seemed to focus on my neck, but his hands wandered all over.

    I felt the clip of a button coming undone on my shirt, and then another, and another. Having just being in a button up white shirt and panties, it didn't take long for him to have me out of my top. He kissed over my collar bone and groped my breasts, massaging them. His lips still remained on my neck. I gasped and struggled a little, but he held me down. This was just a dream. And it felt like bliss. Why am I fighting? I laid back and relaxed as I heard a quiet hiss and felt teeth, no, rather fangs, penetrate my neck, and sink in deep to a vein.

    Jerking up a little, and letting out a whimper, he pushed me back down, and caressed my waist, holding me up tight to him, meshing our bodies together. I shivered, and whimpered again, eyes closing as the pain turned into ecstasy and I could almost visualize a smirk forming on his face, in my head. As he continued to suck, his hands drifted from my waist, and his fingers slid into my panties, slowing be-ridding my body of them. I was completely naked underneath of him.

    He ran his hands all up and down my sides, “You are beautiful, Blossom....” He whispered in my ear and licked the blood up off my neck. He slid his shirt off over his head and slipped his pants off. Someone's not wearing underwear. I felt my face grow hot, and I knew I was blushing. Well, if this is what you call a wet dream.... He stradled me, and right before he was about to deflower me in my own dream, the annoying sound of my alarm clock went off, pulling me back into reality, and throwing me up in my own bed.

    I felt dirty and pulled myself from the sheets. I was completely dressed, and I looked all around the room, no signs of a lustful vampire. It was all in my head.... I sulked for the bathroom, to shower.
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    Sounds great! Update soon? :]
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    Chapter Two; In the Cannibal Glow.

    If my mother found out I had a dream about a vampire last night, she would disown me. We were a family of werewolves, I was human, but that was only because my mother was a human, but my father was a werewolf and my mom was very strict about sticking to werewolf ways. The vampire was our mortal enemy. I don't even know why I had, had a dream about it. I've never killed a vampire before, but they had never seemed appealing to me in any way.

    Running down the stairs, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple. “I cooked eggs.” My mom, Delilah, said and turned to look at me. I shook my head and grabbed an apple juice and she put her hands on her hips. “Care to explain why you won't eat?”

    “Late.” I left the kitchen, quickly. I felt sick just being in the same room with her after what I had dreamed of last night. I left the house quickly, and ran out to the bus that was waiting on me, like usual.


    The only good thing about being a senior was, no usual classes. I had been credited all of my Math points, all English, Science and History points as well. What did that mean for me? A full day stuck in the art room doing absolutely nothing and getting a 100 A.

    Getting off the bus, I went to C hall, and down to my locker, opening it quickly and putting my bag in there, but getting out my blank canvas. I'd paint today. I haven't painted in a while.

    “Uhm, hello? Can I ask you where the CAD room is?”

    I turned around to the voice and gasped. This boy was extremely pale, bright hazel eyes and his bright red hair matched that of the man in my dream, and he wore a smirk, as if he knew something I didn't.

    “Uhm, yea, would you like me to walk you there? It's on my way to art...” I tried to not stumble over my words as best as I could.

    “That would be nice.” He smiled, taking my arm in his hand, and dragging me along.

    “Eh, wait, aren't I supposed to be leading you?” I asked and he came to an abrupt stop. He looked back at me, and blushed, and muttered an, 'oops,' before pushing me in front of him. I felt really strange as I kept a hold of his arm and led him to the lab.

    I stopped in the door way, leading in to the room filled with computers. “Well, here you are. Are you a senior?” I asked him. He nodded, with a smile. “What's your name?”

    “Gerard,” He smirked, “Yours?”

    “Cierra... Is CAD your only class, or do you still have Math and such?” Some seniors didn't get all their points in early, like I did.

    “CAD isn't my only class, but no, I don't have Math and the other regular classes. I have CAD for two periods, Music for the next two, and then Art for the last three. What about yourself, Blossom?” Did he just give me a pet name?
    “I have art. All day long.” I told him, moving back a little, “And I really have to get going.” I walked away from him as quickly as I possibly could. That guy really gave me the creeps....


    Boring chapter, I know, but it gets interesting in the next two.
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    Hi there, can you put chapter numbers at the start of each chapter? It makes your story much easier for your readers to follow.
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    You already told me that. :p
    I'm doing it to them all now. :)

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