This is a Good Mistake...right? (Frerard)

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    That woman's a witch and needs a good slap. Glad Bandit's safe.
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    Holy poop! f**king evil witch -.-
    Glad Bandits okay :)
    The update was cute and great!!
    I'm glad you updated!
    Update, when ya feel like it? XXO
  3. @i want Party Poision: Same, I would have probably cursed at the lady and everything. I hate people like that -.-

    @XOLauzzCHEM: Yeah, I agree. Maybe her son will be able to knock some sense into her :)

    @Killjoys Revenge: Thank's. I also agree with you ^_^ And I'm glad you enjoyed the update. Are you up for another update ;)

    Alright so here's the next chapter readers...

    Hope you like it :)


    Chapter 31

    Aubrey’s POV

    I guess you could say the whole family sat at the dinner table. The taste of pizza filled my mouth. The whole room just seemed so calm and peaceful.

    I flinched as a smaller piece of pizza was thrown into my lap. I looked up and saw Bandit without a pizza on her plate.

    “Uh ooh.” she said while looking around her plate as if she forgot what she just did.

    I looked over at my dad, Gerard, and Ryder. Gerard and my dad had slightly shocked expressions, Ryder was trying to fight the massive grin off his face. I picked up the small piece of pizza with both of my hands and placed it onto my plate.

    “I was gonna have another piece any way.” I said, trying to be humorous. They all giggled, except for Bandit who was still searching for her pizza.

    There was a long silence until Gerard broke it. “Um, I’m sorry she has to stay here with us. I didn’t know I was gonna find out that I had a daughter. If I knew-”

    “Gerard, it’s fine, really.” my dad said. Gerard looked at him as if he knew he was just saying that to make him feel better.

    “Yeah, I mean, like, I’m not thrilled to be sharing my room with her but I don’t really mind. It just needs to take some getting used to.” I said. Ryder chewed his food and nodded his head, agreeing with me.

    “It no biggy.” Ryder said with a stuffed mouth. Gerard smiled.

    “Thanks, guys.” he said before he continued to eat his food.

    < > <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

    I walked up the stairs, to my room and stopped outside my door. I heard whispers on the other side. I peeked in and saw Gerard putting Bandit in her bed. She was constantly pointing around the room asking what’s that? It caused me to smile. Gerard finally gave her a kiss on her head and told her goodnight. But as he got up to leave, Bandit stopped him, then handed him a stuffed animal of Patrick from the show SpongeBob.

    Then, I walked into my room as if I had just got there. Gerard saw me and smiled.

    “Night Aubrey.” he said as he walked out of the room.

    “Night.” I replied.

    “Night.” Bandit copied.

    I sat at the end of my bed and watch her sit up in her bed as she stared at me.

    “We need to go to sleep now, okay?” I asked her. She nodded with a smile.

    When I finally crawled into bed and shut out the light, I realized how many night lights she had.

    Ryder’s POV

    I sat at my desk in my room while biting my lip. I had the temptation to smoke and cut myself and I didn’t know why. I missed them. I wanted to feel the pain of cutting. I wanted smoke in my lungs.

    I was getting dizzy just thinking about it. How could I missed these things? They caused me much pain, so how could I miss them?I remember the first time I cut myself. I was only twelve and Aubrey had caught me.

    I bit the mental off of the back of the pencil. Once it was in my mouth I spit it out quickly. It landed onto my desk and rolled off a few of my text books. I poked out the eraser. Then bended it out, making the end sharp.

    I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like. I held the small blade-like-thing to the center of my arm and scratched. It just left a little white line that would go away in a matter of minuets.

    It wasn’t enough. My mind had the desire to see blood.

    I kept scratching in the same spot over and over again.

    The white line was soon a pink line. The pink line was soon a swelling red line. I started to see small dots of red liquid begin to rise. Then a small amount of blood began to drip down my arm. My eyes widened at what I had done.

    It hurt, but I somehow felt a little better.

    I heard my bedroom door open, and saw Aubrey. Her face was even more pale then usual, and her eyes burned onto my arm.

    “What did you do?” she asked in a very low whisper.

    I hoped going to sleep would take my mind off of it all. As I went to go lay down in my bed, I heard a small knock at my bedroom door. I turned and saw Gerard. He threw something at me and my instincts told me to catch it, and I did. In my hands was a Patrick doll.

    “Bandit wanted me to give it to you.” Gerard said.

    “Oh, okay. Thanks.” was all I managed to say. He gave a small smile, then left me alone in my room.

    Then I finally crawled into my bed and was kidnapped by sleep.
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    So cute!! Oh my gosh Bandit is so cute!! I love this story :)
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    Aww cutsies!!! AGAIN!!!! LOVED IT !!!!
    Poor Ryder :( Maybe Gerard can help him? Hope he will stop craving soon!
    AND OH MY GOS BANDIT IS SOOOO CUTE IT IS UNREAL!!! I love how you have charactered her :') So cute!!!!!!
    I Loved the update, it was amaizing, just like this story!!!
    Update whenever you feel like it?
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    I can't handle Bandit, she's too cute.
  7. lol the pizza thing was totally something my sister would do. it gets really irratating when she dumps her entire bowl of noodles on the floor then looks all innocent and goes 'uh oh' having a sister is not as fun as you think, they shoud come with warning lables lol. poor ryder, the addiction sucks especially because i dont really think he meant to get addicted, he was just curious. kinda like smoking or dugs. not that ive ever done drugs just sayin 0.o its even worse because his life is pretty damn good. i hope someone can help him. audrey, yeah shes cool. i think they are all handeling this whole move in with bandit quite well, well all of them except for frank. poor frankie...
  8. That Patrick doll will probably help save Ryder xxx
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    omg ive missed so many updates!!! D: when Bandit messed up Aubrey's stuff... i wanted to kill her!! but when she went missing in Wal Mart... and that woman... i wanted to kill her too!!! aaarrrrggghhhh and i like the way Ryder and Gerard are bonding slightly with the whole cutting thing but i feel so sorry for Ryder since it's becoming addictive for him... D:
  10. Okay guys, I'm sooo sorry for not updating in a while. I'm taking the NJ Ask in school. (It's a huge test, if you don't know what it is) And I'm having some friend+family stuff going on at the moment= f**ked up/ stressful life at the moment. Soo I'm sorry if you're not pleased with this update. But I think it's one that we've all been waiting for, if you know what I mean. Let's just say it's the moment of truth...

    hope you enjoy:3


    Chapter 32

    Frank's POV

    The three days had quickly passed, and Bandit was finally returning back home with LynZ. Gerard, Aubrey, Ryder, and I all said bye to her as LynZ carried her out of the house. Even though she was a lot to handle, in a weird way I missed having a baby in the house. It’s been awhile since Aubrey and Ryder were babies.

    Time had passed since LynZ left. I sat on Gerard’s lap on the couch. Aubrey and Ryder had left to go spend time with their boyfriends. I found it funny that we were all spending time with our boyfriends. I cuddled up against Gerard’s chest. I really did love him, I mean, I know I haven't known him for a long time and all, but he just makes me feel so good about myself. I have more of a reason to be alive.

    Every since things got more serious with Gerard, I’ve been really wanting to tell him about me. Like, you know, the fact that I’m able to get pregnant. Hey Gerard, I’ve been wanting to tell you something for awhile now. Um, I’m a guy that can get pregnant. I was pregnant with Ryder and Aubrey about 15 years ago. No biggy, right? Yeah, it’s that easy.

    I looked up at him. Gerard was staring at whatever was on tv. I had a feeling that now would be the time to tell him.

    “Gerard,” I said. “Um, I need to tell you something. It’s kinda gonna be hard to believe.” I felt my face begin to get hot.

    “What is it Frankie?” My stomach began to feel like it was gonna explode, and my head was starting to pulse.

    “Well, you know how you never knew who Ryder and Aubrey’s mom was?”

    “Yeah..” he said while sitting up more and getting more interested in the conversation. I sighed.

    “Um..I’m kinda their a way...”

    “You mean you’re like their motherly influence?...” his eyebrows raised.

    “No, I mean..I got pregnant with them...I’m a guy but my insides are similar to a womens, and they allow me to get pregnant...”

    “Frank, are you serious? Or is this some kinda of joke?” Gerard asked, hugging me tighter.

    “No...I’m not kidding..” I felt my eyes start to water. Gerard pulled me into a big hug. I felt more calm in his arms. I knew I wasn’t finished with what I had to get done. I was going to need to explain everything.

    I pulled away and wiped my own tears away.

    “Back when I was in high school,” I started as Gerard listened. “I went to this end of the year high school party. And, before then I had obviously made up my mind that I was gay. And I was aware of the fact that I was able to get pregnant, and so were both of my parents.”

    “On the night on the party, I got really, really drunk. I honestly don’t remember anything. Everything is such a vague image. But, I apparently hooked up with some guy and in the morning, when I woke up I was in my house. And I kinda remembered what happened, but I didn’t at the same time. Turns out I got pregnant with both Ryder and Aubrey and that’s how I spent my years after high school. I was a father.”

    “And, I wasn’t able to find out the other father, I just wasn’t able to remember who is was. So, I just raised the kids on my own, with the help of both my parents of course.”

    I looked up at Gerard. In the small amount of time I had known him, I’d never seen his face that pale before. He looked like he was about to puke. It felt like forever until he finally spoke.

    “I have some confessions as well,” he said hesitantly. “I was always the loser of the high school. To this day, I still don’t know why I went to that party, but I did. I really don’t know how to say this, Frankie, but...I knew you were drunk and I...I had sex with you. I’m sorry! I honestly didn’t mean to! I don’t know what came over me.”

    In that moment of time I was so overwhelmed, that I honestly had no idea how I felt. I stared at Gerard, letting him continue.

    “I drove you home, asked for your name but you passed out in your bed...and then I left. I’m sorry, I really am. I faked everything just to be here with you. My brother’s girlfriend is not a homophobic. I wasn’t kicked out of my house. I never needed a place to live. The truth is, I’ve missed you, and I just wanted to find some way to be with you again. And when I realized I was teaching your kids in music class. I figured this might have been the only way..” he paused and his eyes started to tear up.

    Tears were already falling from my eyes like there was no tomorrow. Gerard started to sob a little bit into my shirt, I pulled him close and tried to comfort him. Being close to him started comforting myself.

    “Frankie,” Gerard said in a weak and whiny voice. “Does this mean..from what you’ve told I....” I nodded.

    “I think you’re Ryder and Aubrey’s other...” I couldn’t finish the last word of my sentence. My face was buried into Gerard’s shirt and I began crying uncontrollably. He did the same but on my shoulder. I felt his hand rub my back.

    First thing to do if you find out your boyfriend is the other father of your children: Comfort each other.

    Well, at least it’s a good start...
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    YES finally I've been waiting for this!
    I can't wait to see where this goes now they both know the truth.
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    omgomgomg..... oh mikey franklin gee sorry but ive been waiting for this!!!! wow... now they both know... how will Ryder and Aubrey take it? wow... overload... wow... that's all i can say atm... i'll edit later when i can :L
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    Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY f**kING SPNKUING FRANKIE GOD!!
    Its out? poop its out! I think we have all been waiting for this!!
    Holy poop now I am on the edge of my seat!!!!
    Oh my god I'm spazzing!!!
    Update whenever you feel like it?!
    That update was amazing!!!!! XXO
  14. @XOLauzzCHEM: Ha:D I think's we've all been waiting for this ;3 Even myself. And lets see how it goes so far...

    @AtomicDetonator: lol dude, you don't have to edit it. you're comment is perfect the way it is:3 i love how you can't even put it into words, it tell me i did a great job:D

    @Killjoys Revenge: NOW YOU KNOW HOW I FEEL WHEN I READ YOUR STORY!!:D i'm loving your story by the way. "High School is Where it all Begins" is honestly one of my favorite fanfics. It's perfect:3 So anyway, since you're on the edge of your seat, ready for the next chapter?...


    Chapter 33

    Aubrey’s POV

    “Oh god how did I get stuck with a boyfriend like you?” I asked Miko with a grin as I watched him do, once again, another stupid thing.

    “Hey, you’re the one who had a crush on me.” He replied with a grin as he changed his seating position on the sled.

    “Says the one whose face turned tomato red whenever I walked by him in the halls.” And then, as if on cue, Miko’s face began to turn that tomato red, causing me to laugh.

    Miko started to sit up straighter, causing the sled to move a little backwards. “Um, I have a disease that makes my face get red whenever girls walk by me in the halls?” he said as if he was unsure of what he was saying. I rolled my eyes and smiled.

    “Mhm, sure,” I said sarcastically, then changed my tone of voice back to normal once I spoke again. “So are you gonna do it now?” My eyes looking at the bottom of the hill, then focussing back onto him.

    “Oh, you’ll bet I’ll do it, baby.” he said while biting his lip and tilting his head back as if he was experiencing some sort of sexual pleasure. I giggled.

    “No, really you perv are you gonna do it or what?” he chuckled then just started to clutch the sides of the sled. He started to thrust forward, making the sled go more towards the edge. I felt my smile getting bigger and I couldn't help but laugh as he kept saying something after every thrust action he did.

    “Ooh,” thrust.

    “This,” thrust.

    “Feels,” thrust.

    “Oooh,” thrust.

    “I think,” thrust.

    “I’m gonna,” thrust.

    “Cum.” thrust.

    “Oh god, you're such a perv, Miko. You really are.” I said while wiping tears out of my eyes from laughing so hard.”

    “You’re in love with this perv. And this perv is in love with you.” he said. I watched as the sled started to slowly slide off the hill, then started to increase speed. The sled quickly flipped over sideways with Miko holding onto it. When Miko and the sled hit the dirt ground, oh and before I continue, yes, I did say dirt ground. Never take it as a surprise if Miko wants to go sledding in the summer time. But like I was saying, Miko landed on the ground and finally let go of the sled, which caused the sled to go flying elsewhere.

    A panic sensation began to run through my head. I started running down the hill. I nearly tripped onto Miko when I approached him. I got on my knees and started moving his messy short black hair around, and shook him.

    “Miko?!” I asked, no answer. I felt my head start to pulse.

    “Miko! Miko! Miko!” I said while shaking him. I watched his faceless expression start to turn into a grin, then he pulled me down onto the ground with him and forced his lips onto mine. I grinned through the kiss and started playing with his hair as we rolled on the ground.

    I heard what sounded like a screen door open and close from behind, followed by an old woman saying “What do you to think you’re doing?!”

    Miko and I sat up quickly and looked at her. We both probably looked like two deer caught in the headlights. She stood on her back porch, we layed in her awkward.

    “Well? Explain yourselves!!” she hissed at us with her hands on her hips. She was dressed in a purple nightgown and slippers. Just another classical old lady.

    “I’m sorry miss,” Miko said. “We were just trying to have a little fun!” We both couldn’t control our giggles. The old women started to squint at us.

    “Miko?” she asked. “Miko Ramsey is that you?” I laughed at how she had figured out who at least one of us was. I wasn’t surprised it was him though, after all, they were neighbors, so she’s more likely to know his name rather than mine.

    Miko just laughed then stood up. He held out his hand and helped me up. There was some grass and dirt on my pants, so once I was on my feet I wiped it off.

    With grins on our faces, me and Miko walked away, hand in hand and we ignored the old woman shouting and threatening things if we didn’t answer her back.

    "I'm telling your father, Ramsey! Do you hear me?!” That caused us a lot of uncontrollable laughs. She looked even more aggravated with us.

    “And I’ll be telling your dad too, Iero.” She said, looking pleased with herself as she turned and waddled back into her house.

    Once again, me and Miko looked at each other and broke into a fit of laughter.

    “Alright,” he said as he squeezed my hand and moved closer to me as we walked. “Lets get you home.”

    Ryder’s POV

    I gave Paul a quick kiss on his cheek, then walked out of his front door. I’m glad we don’t live too far away from each other, so the walk home isn’t that far.

    When I finally was walking up my front door, I was a little hesitant to just walk inside my house. What and Gerard leapfrog. Yeah, that sounds like a kid appropriate term for that kind of thing.

    Note to self: If Bandit somehow stumbles open Gerard and dad having sex, tell her it’s just leap frog?...

    I’ll have to think that one through. I hoped for the best as I opened the front door. The house was quiet, I began to fear that they were naked somewhere gasping for breath. Oh my god, I hate how awkward this is. I shut the front door, loud enough to inform anyone in the house that someone was home.

    “Dad? Gerard? I’m home. It’s me , Ryder Iero, the one and only..” I peered into the kitchen and didn’t see anything.

    They’re not in the living room, the kitchen, so...maybe their bedroom? I shook my head and made a face. That was the one place that I didn’t wanna go check.

    I stuck my head at the bottom of the stairs. “You guys better not be doing naughty things!” I said. I got no response. I hesitantly took a step on the stairs.

    “I really don’t wanna see anything that will scar me for the rest of my life...” I started to walk down the hallway.

    “...Me and Paul wouldn’t do this to you.” I stopped outside their bedroom door.
    I began to prepare myself for any horror that awaited me beyond that door. I had my eyes closed shut and very slowly opened the door.

    “Please god let them be watching TV, listening to music, anything else besides...THAT.” I whispered to myself.

    I felt that the door was pushed open all the way, so I slowly took my hands off my eyes. When I finally had the courage to open my eyes I saw Gerard and my dad asleep in their bed. Their arms were wrapped around each other as they slept peacefully. I sighed in relief then began to walk back downstairs.

    In the front doorway Miko and Aubrey were making out. I got down on my knees and made it look like I was begging. “Miko! Please! Please, don’t eat my sister!” I said while trying not to smile.

    Aubrey grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at me while continuing to kiss Miko. I giggled when the pillow hit my face.

    “Okay you two love birds, say goodbye to each other now.” I said while throwing the pillow back onto the couch. Aubrey and Miko gave each other a hug and one last kiss good bye then Miko left.

    I grinned at Aubrey. “How was spending time with Miko?”

    “Interesting,” she smiled. “How was spending time with Paul?”

    “Yummy.” I said while wiggling my eye brows.

    “You’re almost more of a perv than Miko.” she laughed. I giggled followed by a yawn.

    “I think I’m gonna go beddy bye...” I said, meaning I was going to bed. I used to call it that when I was little. Aubrey nodded and started to follow me up the stairs.

    Just as we were going upstairs, Gerard and my dad were coming downstairs.

    “Can we talk to you downstairs?” asked my dad. poop, did I have a noticeable hickey mark on my neck or something? I felt my face begin to go red as I started to worry that for some odd reason this would be some awkward sex safety talk.

    “We wanna talk to the both of you.” Gerard said as me and Aubrey followed them back down the stairs.

    My hand was scratching and rubbing the left side of my neck, where I assumed the possible hickey mark was.

    “If you keep doing that, they will notice it.” Aubrey whispered next to me on the couch. I didn’t have to turn around to see the grin on her face, I had a gut feeling that it was already there.

    That’s when I realized how silent the room was. I looked up at my dad and Gerard, both of their eyes were red and puffy and parts of their shirts looked like there was water on them at some point and now they were in the process of drying.

    Something was wrong.
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    So much tension!
  17. YESS AND THE SECRET IS OUT THERE. I cant wait to see how the kids react lol. they should get married that would be so super cute aww <3

    Edit: Damn I'm sorry but my computer just did some jacked up posting thing if any mods see this can you merge this with my last post?
    And i only just read the last chapter dont know how i mised it but made e crack up so bad when ryder was freaking out about going inside...ohh boy on boy action never gets old
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    Oh my gosh I missed the past two updates!!! *slams head against desk*
    Anyway....OH GOSH wow words. Update soon? I seriously love this.
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    so the secrets out huh? I got an email about that chapter the other morning and I started to read it then stopped n' I was like 'hmmm what happens' then i was like THAT!
    I was reading it on the email on the way to school and my mum was like 'what are you reading?' Me being me I went all ninja phone hiding and screaming NOTHING! xD
    Ohhhhh how will they take the news?
    Update when you can! *sits in a corner eating gummy bears and waits*
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    Okay I'm abit calmer...
    Gimme more gimme more.... Pretty please with a skittle of your favorite on top?
    I loved this update and can't wait for the next :D
    Update whenever you feel like it?
    And thank you do much for saying that about my fix, yours is way beyond perfect! XXO

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