This is a Good Mistake...right? (Frerard)

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  2. Woah so Gerard has 3 kids now!? I wonder what Gerard's gonna find?... is Ryder still cutting?
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    WHAT?!?!?!?! whoa whoa WHOA. details.... i need details.... poop's about to go down... uh oh...
  4. Hi guys,
    I hope you like this chapter,
    i thought it kinda seemed crappy and written badly :/
    soo yeah
    Hopefully you'll like it :)


    Chapter 26

    Gerard's POV

    “Gee!” Frank called, making me stop right in front of the stairs. I turned around and saw him standing with an older couple. I slowly made my over to him.

    “Gerard, these are my parents.” Frank said. I looked at the couple and they both waved with friendly smiles. I smiled back.

    “Hi.” I said, while blushing because I had no idea of what else to say. “Um, uh, I’ll be right back.” I lied as I climbed up the stairs.

    I walked down the small hallway towards the very back room, where Ryder’s bedroom was. The door was already opened a tad, I pushed it open a bit more and took a small step into the room.

    I noticed Ryder wasn’t in his room. For some odd reason, I started to walk around his room in curiosity.

    A few band posters hung up on his walls, the floor had a few scattered clothes on it, mostly socks. His desk had a few unfinished work sheets on them, and as I turned to keep roaming around his room, I knocked down a book. I bent down and picked it up. Coincidentally, it was Catcher in the Rye which was my favorite book. I smiled then quickly flipped through the pages, remembering how I enjoyed reading it. Then, a blood stained razor slipped out. My eyes widened. I closed them shut then turned away quickly, while biting my bottom lip as bad memories were flashed in front of my closed eyes.

    This was something else that I was once familiar with.

    I picked up the razor then slipped it into my pocket. With the book in my left hand, I stood up and was about to place it back where it belonged, but where the book would sit, tucked up against the shelf was a pack of cigarettes. My eyes widened once again, I took the cigarette pack, and also put that into my pocket.

    I finally placed the book back where it belonged, then slowly stepped backward. I didn’t know what to do. Keep these things from Ryder, and just hope he forgets about them? That wouldn’t work. Both of these things were addicting. He would start to act weird, and Frank would notice. Do I find Ryder and tell him that these things are wrong? I began to feel dizzy and uneasy. I was never good with these kind of things. I can’t talk about something this serious to this kid. Oh god, I can’t do this.

    I turned my head to the side and noticed that his bedroom window was open. I walked up to the window then peeked my head out, and saw Ryder sitting on the roof, just staring off into the distance.

    I need to talk to him about this. Maybe I’m the only one he can relate to about this. What if Aubrey doesn’t know? What if Frank doesn’t know? So, he’s all alone. I took a deep breathe in and out. He needs my help.

    I stepped onto the roof, and slowly wobbled my way next to him. He looked at me in shock, as I sat down.

    “I’m not really comfortable with you being here, Gerard.” He said with no emotion. “This is where I come to be alone and think.”

    “I know,” I said. “But you need to talk to me.” He raised his eye brows.

    “And what is it we need to talk about?”

    I dug into my pocket and pulled out the cancer sticks and razor. I placed them in between us. He turned in the other direction.

    “I was just looking in your room. I knocked a book off your book shelf, and these fell off.”


    “You shouldn’t smoke, at such a young age. Don’t you know it could kill you?”


    “You shouldn’t cut yourself either. It’s not healthy.”


    “You know, you’re not the only one.”

    Ryder glanced at me, then turned away again. I sit closer next to him.

    “When I was in high school, I was a nobody. I didn’t have any friends, my family wasn’t very accepting of my fashion and the music I liked. I was bullied almost everyday at school. I just was never happy.”

    Ryder looked at me again, a little longer this time, then turned away once again.

    “I used to cut myself, because I didn’t care what happened to me. I just didn’t care about anything. I smoked because I didn’t care about my health. I didn’t give a poop if I lived or died....I almost killed myself.”

    I paused to see a tear fall down Ryder’s face.

    “But, I didn’t. Mikey and my grandma were always saying such positive things about me. I knew they loved me. They always helped me and supported me. That taught me that I couldn’t always look at the negative things. If there are at least a few people in the world that love me, then I’ll be fine. As long as there are people that love you Ryder, you don’t need to do this.”

    Ryder started to quietly sob. I rolled up the sleeve of my shirt and revealed to him all of my scars. He looked down at them, then looked back up at me. He showed me his, then I gave him a hug. We sat like that for a while.

    . . . . . . . . . . . .

    We sat on the roof for at least another hour. Things had lightened up. Our sleeves were rolled down, and we had smiles on our faces. Ryder was constantly asking me for advice on several things. Most of them I was able to answer.

    “Do you ever feel like, like, just dying, but then the next moment you just wanna live?” He asked.


    “I don’t get it. How come I think that way?”

    “It’s because you’ve held in to many emotional things. For me, I think of it that I’ve held in my emotions too many times when I was younger, and I should have let them loose. And, because I didn’t, they just aren’t processing right. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.”

    “No, no, I know what you mean. Do you ever feel like someone you love doesn’t love you, but you know for a fact they love you?”

    “Yep. That happens a lot.” I let out a small laugh.

    “Why do you think it happens?”

    “It’s because you love that person so much, that you have the fear of losing them or them not loving you. It’s a fear. You can’t really control it, trust me. I’ve tried before.”

    There was a silence, and I told Ryder that I was going to go back downstairs. When I went to leave the room Ryder called my name again. I turned around and he handed me the cigarettes and razor. “Take these with you and get rid of them.” I smiled then nodded.

    Once I got downstairs, Frank was still talking to people at the party. So I decided to put the cigarettes and razor in the garbage out in the back yard.

    I walked outside and saw LynZ playing with her daughter out on the old small play ground that must have used to be Ryder’s and Aubrey’s when they were little. I smiled, then threw away the dreadful items. As I turned around I once again noticed LynZ and her child. I couldn’t help but smile again.

    LynZ must have spotted me, because she motioned for me to come over next to her. So I did. Her daughter was laughing as LynZ pushed her on the swing.

    “She’s adorable.” I said with a grin.

    “Thanks,” LynZ said with a smile. “I’ve been hoping that I would get the chance to speak with you tonight.”

    “Really? About what?” I asked while leaning up against the pole of the swing. There was a silence.

    “Remember when we hung out three years ago?”

    “Yeah.” I said, remembering that day when we had spent time with each other at the bar. I must have gotten pretty drunk, because I woke up in bed with her, and I was already gay by then, and I didn’t choose to do what I did.

    I looked back at her daughter and started to put the pieces together. I was worried that what I was thinking was right.

    While avoiding eye contact, LynZ said “She’s your daughter, Gerard. I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now. I’m just happy I told you before you missed out on most of her life. I’m sorry for not telling you right away. I hope you’ll forgive me for that,” she paused and pushed the swing as it came her back her way. “Her name’s Bandit Lee Ballato, but if you want to get technical, then it’s Bandit Lee Way.”

    I nodded, while trying to process everything I was hearing. Even though the sun had gone down, I could tell that this day was going to last a lot longer than what it needed to.
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    Surely Frank would have worked out by now that Gerard's his kids father? I wonder what he's hiding.
  6. Chapter 27

    Frank's POV

    I had finally got the rest of the people from the party to leave my house. I sighed in relief then sat on one of the couches. The image of my living room was starting to get covered up with a black blanket. Then, nothing...

    “Frankie.” I heard Gerard whisper, causing me to wake up.

    “Huh?” I yawned, as I blinked my eyes trying to get them into focus. Gerard smiled and helped me to my feet and began to drag me up the stairs.

    Once he placed me in our bed, I felt wide awake.

    “So where were you the whole time at the party?” I asked him. He sat at the end of my bed, and stared at the floor.

    “No where. I was just hanging out with Ryder for a little while, and LynZ.”

    “Oh.” was all I could say. I was easily able to tell that Gerard had something on his mind, but what?

    “Frank,” he choked out as he turned to look at me, with tears in his eyes. “I’m a dad.” There was a long silence.

    “How?...” was my stupid reply.

    “LynZ’s daughter, she’s my daughter too. A few years ago, I ran into LynZ, I got drunk, I was gay, but I did it anyway. So now, I’m a dad.” he rambled. I rapped my arms around him and pulled him close, letting him cry into my shirt.

    “It’s okay Gee. You know I’m not mad at you. It’s okay that you have a daughter. Being a parent is fun.” I smiled. He looked up at me and sniffled.

    “Really?” I hugged him tighter.

    “Yeah.” He sat up and began wiping his tears off his face.

    “We’re gonna rotate. Like, me and LynZ, we’re gonna take turns with Bandit, my daughter. I’ll have her on Mondays to Wednesdays. And then LynZ will have her for the rest of the week.”

    I nodded, and began to lay down, pulling Gerard down with me.

    “Will decide what room she’ll be sleeping in, in the morning. Will talk about everything we need to talk about then.”

    “Okay.” Gerard yawned. Then we fell into a nice sleep.
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    Frank needs to pipe up soon, I think. I feel like poop will hit the fan if he doesn't.
  8. ohhh i think the little secret is going to slip soon, i dunno it was just a feeling
    loved the talk with gee and ryder, hmm wonder why i left the party so soon?
    well i do get shy around too many people as well. if lynz gets in the way of frank and gerards relationship i am so going ape-poop on her butt
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    Oh gosh so much drama... Gerard seems to get around a lot when he's drunk :lol: Anyway, please please update again soon!
  10. Chapter 28

    Aubrey’s POV

    “I’m not really sure if I’m okay with this.” I whispered to my dad before he walked out of my bedroom.

    He buried his face in his hands, then looked back up at me, exhausted.

    “Please, please, please just deal with it for now,” he said. “Do this for Gerard. He just found out he has a daughter, so she’ll be staying with us once in awhile. She’s gonna need somewhere to sleep.”

    “I still don’t understand why she can’t sleep in your and Gerard’s room.” I said while crossing my arms, and watching Gerard set up some of Bandit’s stuff on one side of my room, while Bandit stood there and watched. It was about a week ago when Gerard had found out he was Bandit's father. It's not like I didn't like her, it's just that I didn't want to share my room with a three year old for three days a week.

    He responded with a sigh, then walked out of what was now Bandit and mine’s room.

    I decided that maybe a snack would take my mind off of this whole situation. I went down into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of potato chips, then took a seat next to Ryder on the couch in the living room.

    “So, guess what.” Ryder said while staring at the tv.


    “Gerard found out my ‘problem.’” I felt an odd feeling shoot through my head. I was shocked that Gerard had found out Ryder’s ‘problem,’ which was our code name we used for when he cut himself.

    “How?” I asked.

    “Found the razor,” I nodded in understanding. “He said he cut himself too.”

    “No, not Gerard.”

    “He did! He told me so!”


    “In high school. But don’t ask why he did, there were a lot of reasons.”

    “Oh god...”

    “He also found my cigarettes.”

    “What?! Does he know I smoked too?!”

    “No, no, calm down. He just thinks I did. But, he hid it from me. So now we both have to stop smoking.”

    “f**k...” I muttered.


    “Is he gonna tell dad?...”

    “No, he said he wouldn’t.” I felt relief once he said that.

    “Okay, well I’m going to go back in my room.” I said while standing up.

    “Don’t you mean your and Bandit’s room?” Ryder asked with a grin.

    “Shut up!” I said while throwing the potato chip bag at him, causing chips to fall on him, floor, and couch.

    As I ran up the stairs I heard him moan my name in frustration, which caused me to laugh. I stopped outside of my dad’s bedroom door in the hallway, and peeked in and saw them both sitting at the end of their bed. My dad was hold Gerard’s hand and they were talking about something. I continued to walk to my bedroom.

    When I opened my bedroom door I found my bass guitar out of it’s case, lying on the floor with blue, purple, and bright pink paint splatters on it. Its case had little handprints on it. But the worst part was that my drawing folder was opened and finished drawings were being drawn on. And sitting in the center of it all was Bandit.

    Once I found my voice, I called my dad into the room, then waited. Now, I had even more of a reason of why not to share my room.
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    Well that's surely gonna end well.
  12. and this is why i really dont like small children. i think gee is going a bit far i mean, hey i know im a guest in your house and all but can my daughter stay here too? who the f**k does that? then theres lynz, hey i know its been 3 f**kin years but i decided not to just find someone else to help me and decided to burden this kid that you didnt mean to have with you, hope it doesnt bother your boyfriend. i know that what im saying is a bit messed up but im really pissed at gee for getting all these people knocked up! i would freak out by the way if i came into my room only to find some bitches kid had done that to my stuff, especially my art. i still love this story though. oh and i have nothing against lyn-z she dose a kick butt back bend. plus i love MSI
  13. @XOLauzzCHEM: xD I agree

    @i want Party Poision: :>_<: I know what you mean about little kids! They can be annoying! And, I agree, LynZ shouldn't have just dropped the bomb on him like that, but she wanted him to be in Bandit's life. :mmm:

    Soo, yeah. I hope this chapter changes your feelings about Bandit a little :unsure: Readers, if you guys think things are bad now, they'll get better again :^_^: but sadly, once things go good, my terrible imagination will make things come crashing down once again :( You can yell at me once that time comes... And, by the way, not much longer now until Gerard finds out that he's a father to more than just one child :whistling:

    Soo anyways, enjoy. . .



    Chapter 29

    Ryder's POV

    Sitting on the couch, watching TV. It’s awesome, right? Until your sister throws the potato chip bag at you, and run away leaving you the mess.

    I got the vacuum out of the closet and just started vacuuming up the chips. While doing this, I tried watching TV, but it was hard to figure out what was going on when all I could hear was the vacuum.

    Finally, when I thought I cleaned up most of the chips, I unplugged the vacuum, then put it back in the closet. The potato bag sat on the couch, waiting to be put away. I got the chips and put them in their proper place in the kitchen.

    When I came back into the room, my TV show was no longer on the screen, instead it was SpongeBob Square Pants. The remote sat on the floor, Bandit sat next to the remote, and sitting next to her was my dad.

    “I was watching TV!” I exclaimed while crossing my arms.

    “Just let her watch it for a bit, okay?” my dad said. I shrugged, not really knowing what else to say, I didn’t wanna make Bandit upset by turning off her show. So, I took a seat next to my dad on the floor.

    “Isn’t she Gerard’s kid? Why are you watching her?”

    “She got into Aubrey’s drawing and bass, Gerard is upstairs trying to calm her down.”

    “We should put child locks on some things, so she can’t get into to certain rooms or our stuff.”

    “Good idea. We can get them at the store later when we go.”

    I nodded then started to watch SpongeBob. When I was younger, I used to watch this show, it brought back some nice memories.

    “Who’s your favorite, Bandit?” I asked her. She looked up at the ceiling, as if she was putting a lot of thought into it. While, biting her bottom lip, where a small amount of drool was visible flowing down to her chin.

    “SpongeBob.” she said, which didn’t surprise me. It caused me to smile.

    “Mine’s Patrick.” I said, which caused her to smile I turned to my dad, he was also smiling.

    “Who’s yours, Fwank?” Bandit asked my dad.

    “Yeah, who’s your favorite Fwank?” I mimicked her. My dad grinned.
    “SpongeBob.” he replied.

    “He mine,” said Bandit, as she stood up on her knees. “SpongeBob, Gawy, Mr. Kabs, Sandy, Patwick, and SwidWard, mine! I have dem!”

    I looked at her funny, while trying not to laugh too much. “They aren’t yours. They’re evryones.”

    She pointed towards the stairs and repeated mine, again. I giggled, and she copied. I looked at my dad again, and he looked very tired and worn out. He looked back at me as if not knowing what to say.

    “You know, Gerard missed her last birthday. And it was only, like, a month ago.” he said. I could tell he felt sad just thinking about it. Dad never missed or forgot mine and Aubrey’s birthday.

    “That’s terrible,” I muttered. “We should have a little party. Just us. Me, you, Gerard, Aubrey, and Bandit, nobody else.” My dad smiled.

    “That’s a good idea, we should do that.” he said.

    “Okay,” my dad said while standing up, then bending over again to pick Bandit up. “Nap time, store time, dinner time.” I gave him a thumbs up while smiling.

    I waved bye to Bandit as she was carried upstairs to her nap. Surprisingly, once she left I still didn’t change the channel.
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    Aw she's cute. Serious question though: does Frank not realize that Gerard is the same Gerard who fathered his kids? Or is he just putting off spilling the secret?
  15. @XOLauzzCHEM: Frank was drunk the night him and Gerard were at the party and got him pregnant. Gerard remembers Frank and what they did, but he has no idea that Frank or any guy, is able to get pregnant (in this story). Frank, has no memory of that night. But, he does say (the morning after the party) that he can remember some things, but it's very vague. Right now, in the story, Frank has no idea Gerard is the father of his children, or the fact that he was even at that party that one night. Gerard has no idea that Aubrey and Ryder are his kids. I hope this helped :) Sorry if I made things a little confusing, or if this explination was confusing xD
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    Awww she seems soo cute <3
    I fangirl'd :')
    The update was cute and awesome.
    Update when you feel like it? :)
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    Awww Bandit's so cute! I can't wait for the secret to get out now!!
  18. alright im less pissed. i still love Spongebob and he is so my favorite!!!!
    love the story love the update cant wait for the next
  19. Chapter 30

    Gerard’s POV

    Frank, Ryder, Aubrey, Banit and I entered Wal mart. I made a funny face as I breathed in its scent. For some odd reason I’ve never been fond of this store’s smell.

    “Will you two act like fifteen year olds and not five year olds, please?!” I hear Frank from behind me say to Ryder and Aubrey. They were both teasing each other about stupid things. It wasn’t bothering me, but Frank has been stressed ever since Bandit has been staying with us. Which was today. I could only image how the next two days would be like. I pulled another face just thinking about it.

    A little slap was shot near my nose and top lip. I looked down at the cause of the hit, or better known as Bandit. She sat in the front of the cart as I pushed her. A huge grin covered her face. And her signature drool on the chin and big brown eyes were just as noticeable as usual.

    “Do it again, Gee.” she giggled. I smiled. And pulled another, what she thought was a funny face to make her laugh. What ever face expression I made, she attempted to copy.

    The feeling of someone tugging on my heart had just occurred. It was sometimes a good feeling, but sometimes a bad feeling. I felt a little upset that Bandit was gravitating to call me Gee rather than daddy or something along that line. But, I’m not surprised that she hasn’t referred to me as her dad yet. I was only in her life for about a few days now. No one can call someone their dad after a few days.

    I continued to make all of my weird faces, because every time her face would just light up as she shoved some of her fingers in her mouth and laughed, which caused me to laugh.

    Deep down I felt this feeling almost better than butterflies. This feeling might even be better than the happy feeling I get with Frankie. Seeing Bandit laugh and smile because of me just makes me feel so much better about myself.

    I was never much a guy who wanted to have any kids, or went crazy about how cute babies looked. But, Bandit just looks so pretty. I never really looked at her before, but this thing I created, is just so perfect.

    I felt a sudden force stop the cart, followed by cereal boxes hitting the floor. Bandit lurched a little forward, in response to the sudden stop.

    “Gerard! You knocked down the cereal!” Frank said as he came towards me, then knelt down to pick up the boxes. I mumbled a sorry then knelt down to help him pick it up.

    Frank finished helping and stood back up.

    “You guys can go walk around, you don’t have to follow us,” I heard Frank say to Aubrey and Ryder. There was a pause as I heard him dig around in his jacket pocket. “Here’s some money you guys can each buy a drink or soda I guess. Just meet us in the baby aisle or just call me on my cell if you can’t find us.”

    I heard them both reply their okay’s, followed by footsteps descending. When I finally stood back up, they were gone.

    I placed the cereal boxes back to their proper spots on the shelf. Frank had his elbows leaning on the handle of the cart while Bandit hit his head as she laughed.

    I followed Frank as he pushed the cart into the baby aisle. He started picking things up off the shelves and told me I was going to need them.

    I honestly didn’t pay attention to a word he was saying. I couldn't stop staring at his face. It just look so, so, I can’t explain it. He looked like he was sleeping but was being forced to stay awake. He looked dead. He had no expression.

    I wrapped my arms around him from behind, and pulled him close. He sighed then held my hand in an awkward way.

    “Come on Gerard,” he whispered since we were so close to each other. “I wanna get this shopping done. I still have to go home, cook dinner, clean the living room, the wash, then-”

    “Shh,” I cut him off. “You’re not doing any of that tonight, I am. While you’re asleep, okay?” I kissed his cheek until I reached his neck, which caused him to let out a soft moan. I giggled as I continued to kiss his neck.

    I felt a tugging on the sleeve of my shirt, Frank must have felt it too because we both separated and turned around to see a little boy with brown short hair and wearing a baseball cap.

    “Sir, my mom didn’t really want me over here, cause she said what you guys were doing was,” he paused to think. “She said it’s a sin, I think. I dunno. But, I need to come here cause your baby got up out of your cart and left. My mommy said to let her go, because it would teach you sinners a lesson, but I didn’t know what she meant.” The boy shrugged, not really understanding.

    I felt my heart begin to race, and my brain went into panic mode. I clutched Frank’s arm, and began looking in all directions.

    “My baby! Where? How!? I just, where, who..” The rest came out as gibberish.

    “Kid, did you see where she went?!” Frank asked the boy once he realized I couldn’t talk.

    “Um, I think that way.” he pointed straight down the aisle, that led to the electronic stuff.

    “Max!” a woman's voice gasped, I turned and saw a women rushing towards us. “I told you not to come near them!” She said as she grabbed the boy agressivly by his arm and dragged him away.

    Me and Frank were left speechless, then I began running down the aisle to where Max claimed Bandit was.

    I searched every aisle, whenever we passed an empty one more panic and tears came into my vision. There was only one more aisle to check from in that direction. I quickly ran over to find nothing. Frank was quickly by my side, trying to keep up. I clutched onto his arm again, and shoved my face into his jacket. “Frankie she’s not here! Oh, Frankie! God, where is she?” I sobbed, my uncontrollable crying made my body slightly shake.

    Frank pulled my closer, and I felt him turn to look around. “Oh thank god!” he said as he grabbed my hand and began pulling me towards the electronic counter.

    Behind the counter was a chubby old man whose face kind of reminded me of Santa’s. Sitting on the counter was Bandit.

    “Hello,” the man said with a smile. “Is this your daughter?”

    “No, it’s his.” Frank said gesturing towards me.

    I rushed over to Bandit and scooped her up in my arms and gave her a hug. I sighed in relief knowing she was safe in my arms, then gave her a kiss on her head.

    “Thank you, so much.” I said to the man before we walked away to return to our shopping cart.

    “Bandit you stay next to daddy, do you hear me?” I said to her.

    “I don’t like the cart!” she moaned in frustration as she buried her face into my shirt.
    “Well, I’m not letting you down, cuz you’ll just walk away again. Is it okay if I hold you?”

    “Okay, daddy.” I smiled at the name she had finally given me.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Frank’s POV

    We walked out of the car and up to the house. Ryder and Aubrey were forced to help me carry in all of Bandit’s new stuff because they were fulling around in the store and Ryder had dropped an energy drink on the ground and it popped opened, spilling everywhere. But since it was Aubrey’s fault that he dropped it, she was going to have to pay for the crime as well.

    Gerard carried a sleeping Bandit up into her and Aubrey’s room as we entered the house. I got my share of stuff to carry into the house. Ryder and Aubrey quickly finished. Leaving the house awkwardly quiet.

    “I thought you were asleep?” I heard Gerard say from upstairs followed by Bandit’s giggle.

    “So,” I said entering the living room where Aubrey and Ryder were. “Who’s up for some pizza?”


    Sooo, tell me what you think? :)
  20. aww cute at the beggining. however i would have totally gone apeshit on that ladys butt at walmart because what if bandit had left the store walked into the street and gotten hit by a car all because of that witch

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