This is a Good Mistake...right? (Frerard)

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  1. Chapter 17

    Ryder’s POV

    “Come on!” Aubrey whispered as she pulled on my arm. The halls were empty. We were suppose to be in gym, but I didn’t even want to come to school today, and I especially don’t want to do gym, and neither does Aubrey. So, were trying to sneak to the bathrooms, so we can hang out in there until our next class, which is music.

    Finally, we stood outside both bathroom doors. Aubrey was dragging me towards the girl’s room.

    “NO.” I said, and made her stop dragging me.

    “What?” she asked, as if she didn’t already know.

    “We’re not going into the girl’s bathroom. I don’t wanna read the graffiti on the stalls about what guys the girls wanna kiss.”

    “Well I don’t wanna read the graffiti on the boy’s bathroom walls saying what girls they wanna f**k.” She had a point, but I wasn’t going to let her bring me in there.

    “We hid in the girl’s bathroom last time. It’s my turn to chose.” She rolled her eyes then followed me into the bathroom. We made sure there was nobody else in there, then we picked a stall, and began to relax? I don’t know. We think this is better than gym, we’re weird and lazy please don’t judge us.

    I felt my phone vibrate in my jeans pocket. I picked it up then read the text message. It was Regina.

    Y aren’t you at gym? Did ur faggy boyfriend talk 2 u? BTW we r over.

    “You can do better.” Aubrey said. She had obviously read the text. There was no way of hiding it, because the bathroom stalls were so small with one person in it, now imagine two.

    “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

    “But, Paul seems nice.” I looked up at her and smiled.

    “You really think so?” She nodded.

    “Ryder, you really like him, and you disserve to be happy, so stay with Paul.”

    I picked up my phone, and finally felt like I was doing something right for once.

    To: Regina
    From: Ryder

    Awesome :) BTW, did i ever tell you my faggy boyfriend is a better kisser than you? Way better :D Hope u find a good boy friend in the future. Cuz i know i already found mine :3

    To: Paul
    From: Ryder

    i made up my mind. I wanna be with you. I luv u so much. I hope u still luv me. I luv u, babe. Please call me soon! Xoxo

    I sent both messages, and looked up at Aubrey. She smiled at me, then pulled me into a hug.

    “You made the right choice.” I smiled as I hugged her tighter.

    “Uh, Aubrey? Please don’t take this in a mean way, but please stop hugging me. I don’t enjoy having ‘sweet, family moment’ in the boys bathroom.” She laughed then let go.

    I heard a phone vibrate, but it wasn’t my own. Aubrey reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She read the text out loud, while trying to sound like dad.

    “Hey sweety, how’s school? Only a couple more hours till i pick u guys up :D Don’t tell Ry but we’re gonna take him to get his hair cut today, u know how much he hates that x)
    Do u wanna get ur hair done? I’ll let u :) Luv u jelly bean. Xoxoxoxox”

    I laughed. “He still calls you ‘jelly bean?’” Aubrey punched me in the arm.

    “Shut up, at least I’m not scared of a hair cut.”

    “Whatever. I’m not scared of those anymore, anyway.”

    “Sure.” she said with a grin and rolling her eyes. I flipped her off. Her phone vibrated again. A grin quickly formed on her face as she read another one of dad’s messages out load.

    “And if u c my little lion, tell him i said hi! <3”

    “He still calls you ‘little lion?” she mocked.

    “Whatever, lets just go to our next class.” I said as the sound of kids forming in the halls came. We both dashed out of the bathroom fast, before we would get caught.

    For a while we walked at a normal pace, but then Aubrey started to speed.

    “Can ya wait for me!?” I called.

    “No! It’s music class! Time to see Gerard!” she said as she dashed off. A big smile formed on my face as I ran after her.
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    Awesomes. I wish i had lessons were i was happy to see my teacher XD
    Aubrey & Ryder and the awesomest kids EVER!!
  3. Chapter 18

    Frank's POV

    I put down my cell phone, and waited for Aubrey to answer. I felt very bored, I wasn’t used to having nothing to do. I’m usually at work or doing something, anything, but now I acutely have free time. But what to do?

    I got up from the couch and ran towards my bedroom, I leaped onto my bed and began jumping up and down like a child. I never had time to jump on my bed before, now that I think of it.

    I belly flopped down onto my bed, causing myself to bite my lip. I cursed to myself. Then sat up and looked at the empty spot on my bed. I shook all of the sad thoughts out of my head about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend, I wasn’t going to be sulking and upset during my whole vacation. I needed to focus on spending time with Ryder and Aubrey.

    I heard my phone buzzing in the living room, I got up and squealed like a girl the whole way there. I jumped onto the couch, then crawled over to the coffee table. I picked up my phone and saw that I had one new message from Aubrey. I clicked open then read it.

    Hi daddy! Can’t wait 2 c u! Me and Ry miss u. BTW we need to ask u something when we get home. It’s important. Luv u.

    I smiled. I couldn’t wait to see them. It seems like time is going slower, because it knows I want it to go faster. f**k you time.
    At least the mexican boy in me still gets that sweet chunk of Iero
    love the update cant wait for the next post
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    Yay nice way to start the day! Wake up and find an update!
    Hmm I wonder what the important thing is they need to talk to him about.
    Childish but awesome Frank!
  6. Chapter 19

    Frank's POV

    I quickly put on my black skinny jeans. It’s funny how all day long I couldn’t wait to go pick Ryder and Aubrey up from school, and now it was finally time to. But, of course, I was running late.

    I ran over to my shirt drawer and, just my luck, it was empty. Even though I had all of this free time, I didn’t do the laundry. I cursed to myself , then ran over to my closet, hoping it would have something to offer.

    And, luckily, it did. But, the shirt was a few sizes too small. Oh well, it was going to have to do.

    “Note to self, give Ryder this shirt.” I mumbled to myself as I ran out the door.

    The ride from our house to the school wasn’t that long. And soon enough, I was parked in the parking lot and waiting for Ryder and Aubrey. I began to get impatient, so I pulled out a cigarette and smoked it, while pulling out my phone and texting Aubrey.

    To: Aubrey
    From: Frank

    R U guys ready? I am waiting outside. Hurry up please <3

    Shortly after that I saw them walking outside of the school with an older dude with bright red hair. I stared at him and felt my eyes get wide. My heart began to race and my cheeks got hot.

    “Wow.” I mumbled under my breath.

    Aubrey and Ryder waved goodbye to the man as they went in different directions. Then they started sprinting towards my car with smiles on their faces.

    “Dad!” they both said in unison as they got in the car.

    “We need to ask you something!” Aubrey said. I looked at her waiting for the question. But instead, Ryder asked it.

    “Can Gerard live with us?”

    “Who?” I asked, puzzled.

    “That guy!” Aubrey said, pointing out the car window to the guy I was just crushing over. I felt my cheeks get hot again.

    “I-I don’t know. Who is he?” I asked, staring at the guy in his car.

    “Our music teacher.” Ryder answered.

    “Dad, his parents kicked him and his brother out of his house. He has no where to go.” Said Aubrey. Now I felt really bad for this guy. But I’m still not sure if I want a stranger living with me.

    “Where’s this brother of his going to stay?” I asked.

    “Girlfriend’s house.”

    “So why can’t this guy-”

    “It’s Gerard.” Aubrey corrected.

    “Ok. Why can’t Gerard live with his brother at his girlfriend’s house?”

    “They’re homophobes!”

    “Huh?” Now, I’m completely confused.

    “Ok,” Ryder said. “don’t ask any questions just let me tell you what he told us.” I nodded.

    “Gerard’s dad told him and his younger brother, Mikey, that they have to move out because they’re too old to be living with their parents anymore. Mikey has his girlfriend, Alicia, to stay with. He is going to live with her. But Gerard has no friends so he has no where to go. And he can’t go stay with Alicia and Mikey because Alicia is a homophobe. Which obviously means, Gerard is gay. He asked if he can live with us because we are the closest things to friends he has.”

    “I don’t know. How long would he have to stay with us?”

    “Until he finds another place to live in, I guess.”

    “But I don’t know him. He’s a stranger.”

    “Trust us dad, he’s cool.”

    There was a very long silence, until I gave in and said he could. They began freaking out and were all smiles, which caused me to smile.

    “I’ll text Gerard and let him know!!!” Aubrey squealed. Shortly after she sent the text her phone began to ring. She put it on speaker.

    “Hi Gerard!” Aubrey said.

    “Hey,” said, what I guess was Gerard. “so your dad said it was okay? I don’t wanna cause any trouble...”

    “No, dude. It’s fine.”

    “Okay, cool. So when should I come to your house or do you wanna pick me up?”

    “Well, we’re going to the haircut place now. So, if you want we can meet you there if you want.”

    “Okay. Is it the hair cut place right by Starbucks ?”


    “Okay, I’ve been needing a hair cut for a while now. So I’ll probably get a hair cut while I’m there. But anyway, I’ll meet you guys there.”

    “Okay, cool.”

    “See you soon.”


    “Bye.” She said as she hung up the phone.

    I started the car, and began to drive to the hair cut place. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I thought back to Gerard’s voice on the phone, and the way he looked when he came out of the school. My heart began to race again. How is it possible to have a crush on someone you don’t even know?!
  7. woah I've missed a lot of updates and I loved every single one of them! PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
    I just hope Mikeys plan doesnt come back and hit Gerard in the face x
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    Oh my god! Ohhhh I wonder when Frank with click who Gerard is?
    This is getting very dramatic!!!!!
    I can't wait to see what happens!!
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    f**k ive missed a ton of updates :-/ Wow i cant wait to see how gee and frank get along ;) paul seems really nice now ;) and im wondering... is ryder gonna tell frank about him and paul soon? :-/ update soon! xD xoxo
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    HOLEY OH MY GOSH I'VE MISSED SO MANY UPDATES! By the way, this is, by far, my favorite fanfic. It's just amazing. I love you.
    Anyway, keep writing and updating please? Thank you :yes:
  11. FANTASTIC!!!!!! Sorry i havent replied in a while and sorry my reply is so short but im on my Dsi
    i didnt think i would be able to post on this thing
  12. Chapter 20

    Gerard's POV

    I entered the house that was no longer my home. Mikey spotted me and practically jumped off the couch.

    “Well? Did you do it? Did it work?” he asked.

    “Yeah, it worked. They’re letting me live with them.” I mumbled. A grin found it’s way onto Mikey’s face.

    “Great, that’s great. My plan is working.”

    “Mikey, what’s next in this little plan of yours?” I snapped.

    “Ok, dude, all you need to do now is go live with them. Then somewhere along the line you can fall in love with Frank.”

    “I don’t know...”

    “What do you mean you don’t know? I thought this is what you wanted. I thought you wanted to be with Frank.”

    “I do, Mikey. But, what if I mess up?”

    “You won’t mess up. You’ll be fine.”

    “What if Frank doesn’t like me back?”

    “It doesn’t hurt to try.” I sighed.

    “I gotta go pack my bags. I’m meeting them at the hair cut place.” Mikey gave me a hug.

    “Good luck, bro.” I hugged him tighter. Luck is what I needed, but luck is something that I never have.


    Hi guys, sorry I havn't updated in a while

    And sorry if this was a short chapter

    i hope you liked it :)
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    Ahh it was short, but like-able :)
    Update soon, and it will be very much appreciated by me :)
    But I do understand how you could be busy.....
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    Short but good :)
  15. I hope we get a bigger update soon but I can live off this for a while so no pressure :) I love this story! Keep it up its awesome!
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    Oooooh Missed alot of updates!!!
    And I can say this with confidence - I LOVED IT !!!!
    Short Chapters are epic btw!
    Love it, update whenever you feel like it :) x
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    Short but sweet. Niiiicccee :) loved it anyways xoxo
  18. god gee why would you USE them like that aaaand lie to your favorite students...oh yeah because FRERARD RULES THE WORLD HA HA HAAAA
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    Update soon, please? This story is like a drug so...yeah...
  20. I am defiantly 100% addicted to your story!

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