This is a Good Mistake...right? (Frerard)

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  1. Title: This is a Good Mistake...right?

    Rating: 15

    Main Characters: Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Ryder and Aubrey (They're Frank's kids in this fic) Miko Ramsey, Paul Stenson, Jamia Nestor, LynZ Balleto, Bandit Lee Way Balleto, Sissy, Brayden, and Jasper.

    Summery: Frank goes to a big end of the year high school party. The next morning everything is a blur. He wakes up in his bed not knowing how he got home last night. All he can remember is that he got drunk. One thing led to another and he had sex with a man at the party. Frank knows about his "problem" he has, and soon realizes he is pregnant. Will Frank be able to raise his children on his own? Will he find their dad? Will this be a happily ever after? Lets find out...

    Genre: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Family

    Chapter Index:

    Chapter 1: What Have I Done? >>> Page 1
    Chapter 2: Looks Like I'm in this Alone >>> Page 1
    Chapter 3: 15 years later >>> Page 1
    Chapter 4: The Weirdest, but Best Subsitute >>> Page 1
    Chapter 5: Just Another Normal Day >>> Page 2
    Chapter 6: So, How Was School? >>> Page 2
    Chapter 7: We Look Nothing Alike >>> Page 3
    Chapter 8: Not Again... >>> Page 3
    Chapter 9: Once Again, a Normal Day >>> Page 4
    Chapter 10: The Search for Frank Iero >>> Page 5
    Chapter 11: Dinner with Girlfriend or Help Gerard? >>> Page 5
    Chapter 12: He Can't Handle Emotional Things >>> Page 6
    Chapter 13: I Hate My Job >>> Page 6
    Chapter 14: What's Wrong With Ryder? >>> Page 7
    Chapter 15: Danger's up Ahead, Something's Not Right, Time to Tell the Truth >>> Page 8
    Chapter 16: Please, No School >>> Page 8
    Chapter 17: I Think I made the Right Choice >>> Page 9
    Chapter 18: f**k You Time >>> Page 9
    Chapter 19: Running Late >>> Page 9
    Chapter 20: This Isn't Home Anymore >>> Page 10
    Chapter 21: I Think Dad Likes Gerard >>> Page 11
    Chapter 22: Coffee With The Crush >>> Page 11
    Chapter 23: Jamia's POV >>> Page 11
    Chapter 24: Insanity >>> Page 12
    Chapter 25: The Party >>> Page 12
    Chapter 26: One Long Night >>> Page 12
    Chapter 27: I Have a Daughter >>> Page 13
    Chapter 28: Sharing a Room with a Three-Year Old, How Fun >>> Page 13
    Chapter 29: SpongeBob? Really?... >>> Page 14
    Chapter 30: Store Time >>> Page 14
    Chapter 31: Patrick I hope you'll lend me a Helping Hand >>> Page 15
    Chapter 32: The Moment of Truth >>> Page 15
    Chapter 33: Boyfriends >>> Page 16
    Chapter 34: The Note >>> Page 17
    Chapter 35: Sage Pearce >>> Page 17
    Chapter 36: It's a Possible Crush >>> Page 18
    Chapter 37: A Brand New Ryder >>> Page 18
    Chapter 38: Roomates >>> Page 18
    Chapter 39: 2 Months Later >>> Page 19
    Chapter 40: Quick Trip Home >>> Page 19

    Chapter 41: Returning To the Place I Once Called Home >>> Page 20
    Chapter 42: Not the Best Way to Fall Asleep >>> Page 20
    Chapter 43: Ryder >>> Page 20
    Chapter 44: Where Am I? >>> Page 21
    Chapter 45: Trip to Hospital >>> Page 21
    Chapter 46: Waking Up >>> Page 22
    Chapter 47: All the Things That You Never Ever Told Me >>> Page 23
    Chapter 48: Ending On A Bad Note >>> Page 23


    Chapter 1

    Frank’s POV

    I opened my eyes. Blurry images of my bedroom began to appear. Hangovers suck.
    I picked myself up into a sitting position on my bed, I rubbed my eyes. I struggled as I tried to remember the events of last night. I closed my eyes.

    The door of a house swings open. I walk inside with a group of kids following behind me. The whole house smells like alcohol and sex. A few familiar faces talk to me. They offer me drinks, I accept. I drink, and I drink, and I drink. A boy approaches me. I can only see random parts of his face. Hazel eyes, black hair, big smile. We talk. It seems like he’s flirting. He leads me up some stairs that lead to a bedroom. We enter, he shuts the door behind us. Next thing I know, we’re kissing aggressively, passionately. We fall onto the bed and...

    I open my eyes. How stupid could I be? I know about my problem and now I’m...I’m...
    I laid back down in my bed and cried into my pillow. I always knew what was likely to happen if I got pregnant. Multiples. God, I’m screwed. My life is over. How am I going to tell my parents? They’re gonna hate me. I never wanted this to happen. I never wanted to be a dad.
    As I laid there, crying, I couldn’t help but wonder. Am I really pregnant? How did I get home last night? And, who possibly could have gotten me pregnant?
  2. Chapter 2

    Frank’s POV

    I sat in my hospital bed and watched my two angels sleep in their own cribs. Aubrey and Ryder, they were born four minuets apart. Ryder came first then his little sister, Aubrey. They both looked so beautiful.
    Ryder. His dark brown hair almost looked spiked in the back. His light blue blanket was once wrapped around him. He squirmed out of it’s hold, I could already tell he was going to be energetic.
    Aubrey. Her chocolate brown hair was gorgeous. Unlike her brother, her pink blanket wrapped tightly around her. She stretched her little arms out once and a while, but other than that, she was calm. Even thought her and her brother already seem like opposites, I had a gut feeling that they were going to get along. Maybe even be best friends.
    I smiled to myself. I’m going to try to give these kids anything that they desire. Not spoil them. Just give them things that they disserve. My smile faded. What if they want the one thing that they do disserve? The one thing can’t find. Their other dad.



    I thought this story seemed like a good idea, so I've decided to write it :p

    Sorry if the chapters are too short, I promise I'll try to make them longer.

    Please, tell me what you think.

    If I don't have any readers, then I won't continue this story.

    Hope ya like it :)
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    Wow. This is, like, amazing already. I can't wait for the next update XD
  4. @CrimsonRiver: thanks! :^_^: I'm really glad you liked it. Here's the next chapter:)


    Chapter 3

    Ryder’s POV

    I walked to music class with my sister following by my side. We both got weird looks as we walked past others. I studied mine and Aubrey’s appearance. I wore black tight skinny jeans, with a dark gray short sleeve v-neck. Bracelets dangled at my wrists. My black converse were beginning to tear, and my lip ring wasn’t hard to miss. My short dark brown hair was slightly spiked in the back, but hung in front of my left eye. Speaking of eyes, I was wearing black eyeliner. To me, I looked normal. But to others...
    My sister, Aubrey, on the other hand, was wearing black fishnet tights, followed by a denim black skirt with studs on the waist. Her black laced boots almost touched her knees. Her choppy chocolate brown hair hung just above her eyes, and shoulders. She wore a black sleeveless shirt that said “Demolition 02.” Underneath that, she wore a long sleeve black fishnet shirt. Like me, she also wore black eye liner and wore bracelets on her wrists. Her whole outfit fit together nicely.
    We walked into the music room and took our seats. We sat side by side, or course. Then Aubrey whispered to me.

    “We have a substitute today, I think.” I nodded.

    More students entered the classroom, and also took their seats. Then an unfamiliar teacher walked in. His body blocked what he was writing on the board. From behind all I could see was that he had short bright red hair. He was dressed from head to toe in black. He turned around and faced us. He smiled, it revealed tiny white teeth. Kind of like mine. I glanced up at the board it read, “Mr. Way.”
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    Woah woah woah woah woah woah WOAH! Hold up. G Way as the music teacher AND what seems like the kids' father, and a very Frank- souding Ryder and a very awesome- sounding Aubrey? Why wasn't this written earlier?! >.<
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    Hey i have to say i love this already. Its very well written and the twins are awsome. Cant wait to see whats gonna happen with Gee being the teacher. Cant wait for the next update. XD
  7. Hi:3

    OH MY FRANKING GERARD! thanks for all the nice comments !!!

    they encourage me to write :)

    Once again, thanks.

    Here is the next chapter !


    Chapter 4

    Aubrey’s POV

    Mr. Way was his name, and he’s the best f**king teacher ever! He kind of reminds me of my dad. I don’t know what though, it’s just something about him. But anyway, music class was the best. We didn’t really get taught any thing, just talked. But I, on the other hand, don’t talk much. Instead, I draw. I draw what I feel, things I see, things I love.

    I sat at my desk drawing a picture of a bird standing on a decaying tree, watching it’s world fall apart around it. I glanced up a few times. Most of the kids in my class were talking. Ryder was doodling on his, wait, doodling on my notebook bedside me. Mr. Way was sitting at his desk doing nothing.

    I focused back on my drawing. Soon enough, I had three of them. The first one was the bird, the second was Ryder’s eye, and the last one was my favorite. It was a drawing of my dad’s arm. I had every tattoo with as much detail as possible. It was beautiful.

    I began to feel heat on my shoulder repeatedly, as if someone was breathing on me. Meaning, someone was right behind me. I turned to see Mr. Way looking over my shoulder at my drawings.

    “May I see?” he asked. I nodded, and slightly blushed as I handed him my small pile of drawings. This was so odd, usually, the only ones to take interest in my artwork were my dad and Ryder, and occasionally, my grandparents.

    I glanced at Ryder, he was staring at Mr. Way. Unlike me, Ryder was talkative.

    “When’s our music teacher coming back?” asked Ryder.

    “Not until next week,” replied Mr. Way as he stared at my drawings with amazement. “I’ll be filling in for her until then.”

    Mr. Way flipped to the last drawing, the one of my dad’s tattoos. He raised an eyebrow. “Who is this?” he asked, looking at me.

    My palms got sweaty. “That’s my dad,” i replied. “well, at least it’s some of him, Just his arm.” I smiled.

    Mr. Way focused his eyes on the drawing, he squinted a little.

    “It’s funny,” he said. “it’s like I’ve seen these before.” The bell rang, taking over Mr. Way’s voice.

    Me and Ryder gathered our things. Kids began pushing and shoving to get to the door. Me and Ryder were the last in the classroom. Mr. Way handed me my drawings.

    “They’re really good,” he complimented. “anyone else in the family artistic? Mom? Dad? Sister? Brother? Aunt? Uncle? Grandma? Grandpa?”

    I glanced at Ryder, who waited for me in the doorway, he watched me and Mr. Way as we talked.

    “Um, no,” I replied. “no mom, my dad draws but he really has no skills,” I giggled, Mr. Way smiled. “I have no sister. It’s just me and Ryder,” I pointed at Ryder.

    “Oh, so you’re twins.” commented Mr. Way.

    I nodded, then continued. “I don’t have any aunts or uncles. My dad is an only child,”

    “Well, what about you mom’s brothers and sisters?” Mr. Way interrupted.

    “Uh, I told you, we don‘t have a mom.”

    “What happened?” he asked.

    I bit my lip. How was I going to explain this to him?

    “We don’t wanna talk about it.” added Ryder from the door way. My. Way nodded.

    “And,” I continued. “my grandparents have no artistic skills.” I smiled big at Mr. Way. My smile that made my eyes look bigger than usual, and showed all of my teeth. I’ve been told I look just like my dad when I smile like that. Mr. Way smiled back.

    “You know,” he began. “for being twins you two look nothing alike.” Ryder had some how made his way over to me. We stood side by side.

    “I know,” said Ryder. “she,” he poked the side of my face, I smiled. “is a replica of our dad, but in a girl version of course.”

    Mr. Way smiled. “And where do you ger your looks from?” he asked Ryder.

    “Well, if you must know,” Ryder responded in a teenage girly voice and making action with his left hand and holding his right on his hip. “I’m the queer of the family. And when I say ‘queer’ I don’t mean ‘gay’ and when I say ‘gay’ I don’t mean ‘happy.’”

    Mr. Way laughed so hard I could see tears forming in his eyes. He wiped them away. He checked his watch.

    “Ok, get out my classroom,” he said with a grin. “you two are gonna be late for you next class.”

    We said our goodbyes, then were out the door. I smiled, knowing that me and Ryder were going to have music class with Mr. Way all week long.
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    Argg! I just LOVE this.. Its amazing!
    Can't wait for the next update.. =)
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    Hi. I just wanted to let you know that double posting (like you did with the first two chapters) isn't allowed. You need to let people comment on each chapter before posting a new one.

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  11. ok seriously Ryder if he was real i would be fanboying over him
    well it sounds like it with the way you described him and ooooo Mr.Way
    i would also be fanboying over my music teacher WHY CANT I GO TO THAT SCHOOL!!!
    Im really looking forward to the rest:mosh:
  12. Yeah, the whole time i was writing about Ryder i was begging that some day a boy like him would be in my school x)
    BUT there is a lot about Ryder that you don't know...YET!
    your opinion what soon change about him....

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    Oh my god i love this soo much. Its so cute. More when you can?? :)
  14. Ok,
    here's the next chapter.
    I hope ya guys like it :)


    Chapter 5

    Gerard’s POV

    For the rest of the day those two students were on my mind, Ryder and Aubrey. I’ve only known them for one day, but I can’t help but to want to know more about them.

    I sat on my couch, watching TV. I’m 31 years old, and I still live with my parents. I shrugged it off. My younger brother, Mikey, is 28 and still lives here too. So, I guess it’s not a big deal. My parents aren’t complaining, I’m not complaining. No problem.

    I was pulled out of my train of thoughts when I felt the couch cushion, besides me, move. I turned to see Mikey.

    I smiled. “Hey Mikes.”

    “Hey Gee.” he said as he laid his legs onto the coffee table in front of us.

    “Is it weird?” I asked.

    “What’s weird?”

    “Having twigs for legs.” I said with a grin. He rolled his eyes and smiled.

    “I don’t know. To me, they’re just legs. What’s it like having fat legs?” he asked.

    “I’m not fat.” I pouted.

    “Ok, sorry. What’s it like having chubby legs?”

    I crossed my arms and smiled. “I’m not that chubby.”

    “Ok!” he shouted. “What’s it like having non-twig-like legs?”

    I chuckled. “It sucks.”

    “Ok, let’s change the subject now,” he chucked and shook his head. “Why the f**k were we even talking about legs, Gerard?”

    “Because, I wanted to discus your sexy twig legs.”

    Mikey laughed and rolled his eyes. “So,” he said, changing the subject. “how was substituting for the music teacher today?”

    “Interesting,” I replied. “I met these kids, well students, and they were...odd.”

    “Odd?” he asked while looking at me and raising an eyebrow.
    “Yeah,” I responded, “not in a bad way, though. They were different. You would like them. They kinda act like us, but in little kid versions.” I paused, to see if Mikey was even paying attention. He was. “Ryder and Aubrey,” I said. “that’s their names. They’re twins.”

    “They sound pretty cool. Little kid versions of us? How so?” he asked.

    “Well, Aubrey is artistic but quiet. And Ryder is very hyper,” I paused to think. “and it seems as if he’s living in his mind sometimes.”

    Mikey grinned. “Cool.”

    I sighed. “Yeah...”

    Mikey looked at me. He was trying to read my mind. He can tell if something is on my mind. He always does.

    “What’s on your mind, man?” he asked.

    “Well, Ryder and Aubrey talked a lot about their dad. He seems to be their role model. Aubrey drew a picture of his arm, which was covered in tattoos. But anyway, he seemed familiar. Like, the picture of his arm, it’s like I’ve seen it before. But I,” I paused to gather my thoughts. “I just don’t know.”

    Mikey squirmed in his seat, and adjusted his glasses, which he hardly ever wore anymore. “Well, do you know his name? There’s a chance you, or even I, might have known him.”

    I shook my head. “I forgot to ask them his name.”

    Mikey stood up from the couch and stretched. “That sucks. If he’s the one influencing his kids to acting and dressing the way he does, then he might be our kind of guy to hang out with. You need to get his name.”

    I nodded. “Or he might even be the kind of guy you’re looking for, Gerard.” said Mikey, as he winked at me.

    I rolled my eyes and grinned. Mikey giggled.

    “Ok,” he said while yawning. “I’ve had my fun, I’m off to bed.”

    “Goodnight, sexy twig legs.” I said.

    I heard him giggle as he walked up the stairs.

    I laid my head back on the couch.
    Name, I thought to myself, I gotta find out their dad’s name.
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    Oh My Gee. This chapter made me laugh. Gotta love the way brothers. I totally agree with Gee though: Mikeys twig legs ARE SEXY :mosh::lol::p:tongue:
    More soon pleeeeaaassee????
  16. hee hee ok that was creepy just the way that looks who writes hee hee?:nono:
    anyways if i dont totally hate ryder can i be like his really not important off to the side punk rock crush girl :D
  17. This is good, I like it. But since the first chapter I've been wondering..... Frank got pregnant? Isn't he sort of.... a guy? OH well, though, it makes for a good story. :D I'll be looking out for an update.
  18. @CyanideDiamond: Yeah, I made Frank get pregnant. I have a weird mind. But, like you said, its making a good story :)

    @i want Party Poision: maybe:3

    Ok, but anyways, on with the story. Hope ya guys like it :)


    Chapter 6

    Frank's POV

    I sat at the kitchen table eating dinner with Ryder and Aubrey. I swallowed my mash potatoes, then spoke.

    “So, how was school?”

    “Um, you know, same as usual. You get taught poop then you return home.” said Ryder with a smirk.

    Now this is one reason why most parents hate me, because I let my kids curse. What’s the big deal? I cursed when I was his age, so I don’t see a problem with it. And besides, he, well, they both know when and when not to curse and how to say it.

    Example, if Ryder or Aubrey said “Dad, you’re a shitty f**k.” then they’d get in trouble. If we were in a day care, for some odd reason, and if they said “Oh f**k.” then they’re in trouble. Get it? I think it’s understandable.

    I smiled at Ryder, then looked at Aubrey. “How bout you?” I asked her. She looked up at me.

    “We had a substitute music teacher, he was really cool.” she said.

    “Yeah,” Ryder interrupted. “You would like him, dad.” he winked at me. I grinned, while they both began to giggle. They both new I was gay, and single.

    “Well,” I said, getting back into conversation. “what was he like?”

    “Um,” Aubrey began. “He had bright red hair-”

    “We’re talking crayon red, dad,” Ryder interrupted. “not ginger red.” I giggled, then looked at Aubrey, waiting for her to continue.

    “and hazel eyes. He wore all black, and he was pale. He was skinny, but not to skinny. And, he was interested in my drawings,” she held up her small pile of drawings. “especially the one of you.” she handed me a piece of paper from the small pile of drawings. I raised an eyebrow, then excepted the paper.

    On the paper was a drawing of my arm and all of my tattoos. She’s so talented, I don’t know where she gets it from.

    “Why was he so fascinated by this?” I asked, while staring at the drawing I held in my hands.

    “I don’t know,” she said. “he said it reminded him of someone he used to know or something.”

    “Yeah,” said Ryder as he got up from the table. “but he was kind of getting personal. Kept asking about our,” he quoted the next thing he said with his fingers. “mom.” Then he left the room.

    I watched as Aubrey followed Ryder out of the room just a few moments later. I sat there at the kitchen table. I placed Aubrey’s drawing in the pile of her drawings across from me on the table.

    This man, their music teacher, he seems interesting. For some odd reason I want to know more about him. Maybe even meet him. Gosh, am I really crushing on someone I’ve never even met? I barley even know anything about him, besides Aubrey’s small summery of him. But other than that, nothing.

    But, I can already picture how he looks in my mind. I can image how he would act. Maybe we would meet, fall in love, get married, and then Ryder and Aubrey would finally have another father figure. I took a moment to think. Ok, I’m getting to carried away. There’s no way all of that would happen. It’s too prefect. It sounds like a happy ending to a fairy tail. Nothing ever works out for me. But, it doesn’t hurt to hope, right?

    “Mr. Way,” said a familiar voice. “that’s his name.” said Aubrey as she walked over to me at the table. She grabbed the small pile of her drawings, then kissed me on the forehead and smiled. “Goodnight, dad.” was the last thing she said before she left the kitchen.

    I stayed there, for I don’t know how long, just hoping.

    Hoping that, maybe someday Aubrey will get the chance to kiss her other dad goodnight. Maybe Ryder can hug him goodnight. Maybe I will meet him again and explain everything to him, and tell him that I’m sorry for getting drunk that night. I could finally apologize. I sighed and shook my head. I felt a tear roll down my face. That’s the one thing I lost hope in.
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    My heart is aching so much for Frank right now I can't form a coherent comment. <3
    Please let them meet and fall in love all over again and be happy. D=

    EDIT: Also, hi. New reader I guess ?? ='3
  20. NEW READER!?!?


    I've gots a new reader!!!:3

    I'll update when I can. Oh, and I'll promise you ONE thing...

    Gerard and Frank will meet again.

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