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    Fine, fine, don't kill me!!!
    I'm adding a new character to the story.
    She shall be important in later chapters.

    Chapter 12

    No less than 3 minutes after Mikey's announcement, the room was full of whispering people, and Louisa had to endure many points and stares.

    "You dumbass," she hissed at Mikey.

    "Whatever is the matter, my dear?" Mikey asked in an english accent.

    "Now everyone has the wrong impression that Gerard likes me!"

    "He does." Mikey said with certainty, still in the english accent.

    "How could he like me after what he saw in the bathroom?!"

    "We weren't really doing anything..."

    "Yeah, but he doesn't know that!"

    "Listen, my darling Weesie," Mikey - still in the english accent - said, putting his hands on Louisa's shoulders, turning her to face him and giving her a shake. "If he didn't like you, then he wouldn't be mad. He has no reason to be mad, unless he was jealous. And he was mad which means he is jealous, which means that he does like you! 'Kay?"

    Then he let go of her shoulders and bounced off to the buffet table.

    Louisa just stared after him.

    "Having fun?" an unfamiliar voice behind her said.

    She turned and saw an attractive redhead.

    "Um... I beg your pardon?"

    The redhead was tall, and had the body of a supermodel. Her make-up was carefully applied on her porcelain-like features, and she wore a short, sleeveless black dress.

    The redhead smiled a fake smile. "Listen, honey, stay away from Mikey."

    "Who the f**k are you?" Louisa demanded rudely.

    The redhead seemed surprised at this, obviously thinking that Louisa would be a pushover.

    "Allison," she said finally, her voice snobby. "And don't bother introducing yourself. I know exactly who you are, You're that little witch who - "

    "Weesie! Weesie! Weeeeeeesie!!!" Mikey's cheerful voice called.

    They both turned and saw the hyperactive man skipping happily towards them, carrying two drinks in his hand.

    "Here, Weesie, I got ya Mountain Dew!" he squealed, holding out a drink to her and gulping down the other.

    "Thanks, Mikey," Louisa grinned, knowing that this would probably piss off Allison.

    "Michael!" Allison smiled warmly, linking her arm through Mikey's.

    Mikey looked down at her arm as if it were some strange, foreign object, then looked up at her. "What the hell are you doing?" he asked plainly. He un-hooked his arm and switched his attention back to Louisa. "I saw a chipmunk! A real chipmunk! But it doesn't look like Theodore," he pouted, obviously disappointed. "Or Alvin. Or even Simon! How could it not look like Simon?!"

    Louisa noticed that Allison seemed to have disappeared.

    "It didn't even have glasses! And it was thin!" Minkey whined.

    "Like you?" Louisa teased him.

    "I'm not thin! I'm muscled, see?" Mikey flexed his arm.

    Louisa felt it. "Hmm... I think you need to work on that a little bit more..."

    "But I am muscled! You wanna see my chest?" Mikey started to undo the buttons on his chest.

    "Nonononononono.... I don't wanna see that!" Lousia whimpered, shielding her eyes with her hands.

    "Fine, I won't," Mikey patted her on the head and re-did the buttons he had managed to undo. "Happy?"


    "Goody!" Mikey squealed, clapping his hands and jumping up and down.

    Wow, I can speak Mikey,
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    Great update! I dont like Allison *glares.* :)

    My sister is called Louisa.

    No need for you to know that of course but... awesome update.

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    i don't like Allison!
    hmm... I wonder who the hell she is...
    more soon?
  4. Frix223

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    Haha Allison got rejected by Mikey!!
    So funny!
    Awwww, please update soon
  5. Lexi

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    Wow, only one appearance and everybody already hates Allison :eek:
    Yeah, she's a witch.
    If you don't like her now, you'll really really want to rip out her guts in later chapters.
  6. Julia

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    Oh dear...
  7. Lexi

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    Note: This chapter shall be in Mikey's P.O.V

    Chapter 13

    I was looking at some picture on the wall when I felt some random hand touch me.

    "Eew! AIDS!" I screamed. I'm terribly frightened of AIDS.

    "Shush, Michael, it's only me," I heard some voice - which was trying so hard to be seductive, by the way - say.

    I couldn't see who the random person was, 'cause the light thingy was sorta behind her, so it made her face all shadowy-like.

    "Uh, Granny?" well, the voice kinda sounded like Granny's. "S'that you?"

    "No," the voice said in an annoyed way. "It's me, Allison."

    "Oh.. I know you!" I squealed excitedly. I actually remembered a name! "You're that girl who was screwing Mr. Montgomery in his attic while his wife was away! He paid you 500 dollars, right?"

    I hope I got the facts right.

    "No." Now Allison was really pissed.

    Oh, dear.

    "Uh.. was it a thousand bucks, then?" I asked, trying to correct my mistake. I decided to compliment her. "'Cause, you know, I'm sure you're not that cheap, ya know, like you were before, when he offered you only, like, 200, right?"

    "Uh, well, Michael, that's not exactly what I wanted to talk to you about," she said, her voice all breathy, and stuff.

    She's scaaaaarrryyy...

    I want my Weesie!
  8. Julia

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    Oh god.. *breathes.*

    That was great... XD

  9. Faye?

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    ha ha ha

    i luv mikey so adorable
  10. Frix223

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    Awww Mikey is so cute!!!
    I love him <33
    Update soon
  11. Lexi

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    Yes, Mikey's adoooooraaable :)
    Does anyone wanna pitch an idea for the next chapter?
    I'm kinda being stupid right now XP
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    luv luv luv it update soon

    *ps. are we ever gonna see frankie again?
  13. mcrrocks01

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    loool i love Mikey in this fic!!
  14. Katelyn McFly

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    awww mikey want's his weesie! thats sooo funny i love this story by the way
  15. Lexi

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    Thanks, you just gave me inspiration for the next chapter :)

    CHAPTER 14

    *Frank's P.O.V*

    (The Day After Louisa Found The Dead Bodies)

    "Louisa? Lou-weeeeeee-saaaa? Where the f**k are you?!" I yelled as I ran down the stairs after sneaking into her room.

    It's sort of a tradition we have.

    1. I'd climb up the tree next to her window and sneak into her room.

    2. We'd look through her closet so we could wear matching clothes to school.

    3. We'd go downstairs and get why-the-f**k-were-you-in-our-daughter's-room glares from her parents.

    But today, Louisa wasn't in her room.

    I didn't really care about making noise as I ran down the stairs three at a time.

    "Louisa! f**k it, we're gonna be late!"

    I looked all over the house.

    Backyard, no. Kitchen, no. Younger sister's room, no. Her bathroom, no. Parent's room, no.

    Finally, I went into the living room, and almost fainted.

    There was a lot of blood, and certain things that I really really do NOT want to ever talk about again.

    "Uh... guys, is this a practical joke? Um... these are Hollywood props, right? Right?" I laughed nervously, trying to shake off the weird feeling.

    But then I saw her mom's head when I accidentally stepped on it.

    "HOLY poop!!!" I screamed, then rushed off towards their phone to call 911.

    *30 minutes later*

    "At exactly what time did you discover the bodies, young man?" An old, fat policeman asked me.

    "I don't know, do you think I'd look at the clock right after stepping on a head?!" I asked angrily.

    "That is irrevelant."

    What the f**k?

    "Sir, we have identified the three bodies." a young-looking policeman said.

    "Three?!" I exclaimed. "But - but... who?!"

    "The Mr. and Mrs, and their daughter."

    "WHICH DAUGHTER?!?!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

    "The younger one."

    "But where's Louisa?!" I screamed at him, taking him by his collar.

    "Calm down, son!" the fat policeman grabbed me by the waist and pulled me away from the other policeman.

    The younger policeman walked away quickly.

    Then I slumped to the floor and cried.

    Where's my baby?
  16. Katelyn McFly

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    *sighs* THIS IS SO FREAKIN AMAZING!!!!!! i think if i stepped on my best friends mom's decappitated*sp* head... words could not describe how freaked i would be. oooh update soon!
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    Aw, thank youuuuu..
    You guys have no idea how much comments like that mean to me :)
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    *new reader person*
    I have many things to say abput this.
    1. I love Mikey in this.
    2. Gerard's mad...haha.
    3. Poor Frankie....I is sad for him.
    4. Mikey....again. That's soooooooo funny.
    5. VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that?!

    Ok, I think I'm good now.
    Update soon please!
  19. Katelyn McFly

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    Vampires kick butt enough said
  20. Lexi

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    Yey, a new reader!
    You get cake!
    *hands over Frankie cake*

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