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    Oooooo i wonder what they are going to get up to ;)
    hanks for updatein Alex..i mean...Lexi *Pats head*
    Please update soon!!!!!
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    Pwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeee don't call me Alex!!! Pwwwwwwweeeeeaaaaasssseee! *does puppy face*
    Grrrrrrr...... I'm gonna kill that Misa!!!!
    What do you think they're up to?:)
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    Playing chess obviosly XD

    Update soon!
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    *hugs back*
    Actually, no, it's scrabbles. XP XP XP XP XP XP
    CHAPTER 10
    Mikey quickly checked all the stalls, and after making sure that absolutely no one was inside, he pressed Louisa against the wall, holding her by her wrists. His chest was pressed against hers, and Louisa could feel his heartbeat.

    "Stop it Mikey!" Louisa said shrilly, quite paralyzed with fear.

    "Stop what?" Mikey said in a low voice. His lips brushed against the sides of her neck, and she could feel his warm breath.

    "Stop it!" she almost screamed, but then Mikey covered her mouth with one of his hands, using the other to keep a firm hold of both her wrists, which he held above her head against the wall.

    He pressed small kisses on her cheek, until he came to her ear.

    "April Fool's Day," he giggled.

    Louisa was speechless.

    Mikey let go of her and started laughing like a maniac.

    "Oh, God, I can't believe you fell for that!" he gasped, wiping tears from his eyes. "You actually thought I was gonna rape you!!"

    "You.... YOU JERK!!!" Louisa shouted at him, shoving him.

    "Oohhh... you're mad.... aha! Me make you not mad anymore!" Mikey said.

    He started tickling her.

    "Mikey, no, haha, stop! Haha, stop!!! I hate youuuuu!!!!!" Louisa said in between giggles.

    "Say you forgive me!" Mikey commanded, tickling her sides.

    "Fine!!! I forgive you!" Louisa giggled.

    "Yaaay!!" Mikey squealed, hugging her.

    Then the door opened.

    "What the f**k are you two doing?!" they heard Gerard's voice shout.
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    Ooohh crap!
    Mikey's so evil!!
    What's Gee gonna think??
    Update soon
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    Chapter 10 Part 2

    "Uh... hi, Gerard," Mikey said in a crazy attempt to make conversation.

    "You didn't answer me." Gerard said tightly. "What. The. f**k. Were. You. Two. Doing?"

    "Nothing," Mikey said.

    "Nothing, my butt! Answer me!"

    "We weren't doing anything!" Louisa said.

    "God, you're just like you're mother!" Gerard spat out at her before he turned and slammed the door in their faces.

    Like mom? What did he mean?


    Haha, so short...
    Poor Weesie...
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    Ooooohh beef!
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    Update please!
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    special? why should i? *is being a spoiled kid* i dont wanna! but anyway..i'm gonna post mine later..i'm not really in a posting mood right yeah..later..^^ ;P hahahaha!^^
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    You should because you love me and because I am special, so there! xp

    I probably won't be able to update until tomorrow, because I'm going to my dad's house, and there's no internet connection there. Dunno about the time where you guys are, though.

    But rest assured there will be an update in 24 bours.
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    There better be
    *Counts 24 hours*
    Or else...
    *Shakes fist*
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    :eek: Scaryyyy...
    Fine, fine, but DON'T KILL ME!!!:no::no::no:
    I haven't even met MCR yet :':)':)'(
    My life is not yet complete!!!

    So anyway, here's the update:

    CHAPTER 11
    "What was that all about?" Mikey asked as Gerard slammed the door, scratching his head in a confused manner.

    "I dunno," Louisa answered uncertainly.

    "Ah, well," Mikey shrugged his shoulders, then returned to his normal hyper self. "Comeoncomoncomeon, let's go get Pepsiiiiiiiiiii!!!" he squealed, dragging her out the guy's CR.

    Louisa laughed and allowed herself to be dragged by a happily giggling Mikey.

    Mikey pushed through a pair of doors and entered the ballroom.

    Louisa spotted Mary Alice near a window, chatting to an elderly couple.

    As soon as they came near Mary Alice, Mikey immediately stopped giggling.

    "Hey there, baby," he said in a suave manner, resting his arm on her shoulders.

    Mary Alice jumped, startled, and turned red when she saw Mikey.

    "Um... hello, Mikey," she stuttered.

    Then she saw Louisa.

    "Louisa, darling!" she said in relief. "This is Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery."

    Louisa shook hands politely with the couple.

    "I've heard a lot about you from Gerard," Mr. Montgomery said as he shook Louisa's hand.

    "See, I told you he likes you," Mikey said in a loud voice.

    "Gerard likes you?!" Mrs. Montgomery exclaimed in surprise. "Why, my dear, congratulations! Gerard's never really wanted to... well, you know... Oh, this is absolutely wonderful! Come on, dear," she tugged on Mr. Montgomery's arm. "We must go tell Anita! Ciao!" and with that, they rushed off.

    "Mikey, why'd you tell them that?" Louisa whined.

    "No reason," Mikey giggled. "Just wanted to have some fun."

    Louisa pinched Mikey's cheek.

    "Ow! What was that for?" Mikey rubbed at the red mark on his cheek.

    "For being you," Louisa smirked.
    Mikey's becoming my favorite character:)
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    Mikey is my favourite character!
    He is sooo cute!
    And don't worry, i won't kill you *hugs*
    Update soon
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    *hugs back*
    Of course he's cute, anyone who says otherwise is just grrrr. :)
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    New reader!

    Haha, I like hyperactive Mikey. I also like evil Gerard. :)

    I love this story!

    More when you're ready.

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    Yey! A new reader!
    *gives chocolates*
    Haha, hyperactive Mikey:clap:
    Yes, unfortunately, Gerard's evil.
    And cold.
    And somewhat cruel.
    But that's okay.
    Cause we have hyperactive Mikeeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!:clap:
    To 4ever_broken/Misa: I know you wuuuuuuuvvv Mikey, so stop denying it!!!!!!! 'Kay?
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    Lexi dearest!
    May we have an update???
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    *new reader*
    this is soo funny
    i love Mikey!!!
    more soon?
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    new reader

    this is ...... WOW!!!
    please update
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