The Hardest Part Is Letting Go Of Your Dreams

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    I tried writing a fan fiction awhile ago, but it sucked. So here's a different one. Tell me if you like it or not. Please give me some pointers on how to make it better. Also keep in mind that I'm only 13, therefore this isn't wonderfully written.

    Rating: PG (Language)

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    The Hardest Part Is Letting Go Of Your Dreams​

    I sat on my bed in my new room as the warm tears fell down my cheeks. New place, same old poop. My mother and I got in a big argument and I ended up calling her a witch. So then my drunk dad stumbled into the room and beat me. After he was done, I ran up to my room crying. So here I am. I have no friends, because I just moved here in Belleville. I’m starting school tomorrow. That’s just wonderful. The first day of school, I’ll be covered in bruises. I was crying uncontrollably now. Why couldn’t my parents just love me? I know they don’t. If they did, they wouldn’t hurt me like this. Other kids don’t have to go through this poop. Why do I? I got up and looked in the mirror. A big purple bruise was already beginning to form on my face. I opened my drawer and took out my razor. I held it over my wrist. I began to slide it against my pale, almost white skin. I wish I could have the courage to go deep enough to kill myself. I’m just afraid to die. After a few minutes, I started to feel light headed. Blood was everywhere now. Wow, I must’ve gone a little too deep. I picked up a sock from the floor and tied it around my wrist to stop the bleeding. Then I fell back on my bed and drifted off to sleep.
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    Chapter 1-The First Day
    I awoke the next morning from my alarm. I got out of bed and looked in the mirror. The bruise on my face looked really bad. I took the sock off my wrist and covered the fresh cuts with several bracelets. I got dressed in some black skinny jeans and a Green Day t-shirt. I put my makeup on and ate some Cheerios and then caught the bus. All the seats were taken except for one. I sat next to this guy.

    “Are you new here? I don’t remember seeing you anywhere.†he said.

    “Yeah. I just moved here from Washington.†I told him.

    “Oh cool. Well my name’s Frank.†he said smiling.

    “I’m Emily. Nice to meet you.†I said. After a few moments of awkward silence he started talking again.

    “So, where did you get that huge bruise from?†he asked.

    “I…uh…um…I ran into a glass door. God, I’m such an idiot.†He giggled. It was the cutest giggle I’ve ever heard.

    “Yeah, I’ve done that before.†he said. “Wow, we’re already at school. So what do you have first period?â€

    “Algebra with Mrs. Goodman.†I replied.
    “Cool, me too! I’ll show you where the classroom is.†he said. We got to the classroom and Frank took his seat in the back.

    “Hello, you must be Emily Gastallano, the new student.†the teacher said. I nodded. “You may go take a seat by Frank. He’s the one over there.†she said pointing to him. He smiled at me. God, his smile is so cute. I sat in the seat next to him and the teacher began the boring lesson. Then Frank passed me a note.

    Do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch?

    I passed a note back to him.

    Are you sure they wouldn’t mind?

    He gave me another note.

    No! They wouldn't mind. They’re really cool. You’d like them.

    Then I replied to that one with this.

    Yeah sounds fun, see you then.


    Lunch time finally came. After I got my tray full of poop-like food, I saw Frank waving at me from a table. I walked over and sat down.

    “Hey Emily, these are my friends Gerard, Mikey, and Ray.†he said. I gave them all a little wave.

    “Hi.†they all muttered.

    “So what‘s wrong with your face?†Gerard asked. And then seeing my offended expression, he quickly added “You know, the bruise.â€

    “Haha! She ran into a glass door! Remember when I did that, guys?†Frank said. They all laughed.

    “Yeah! That was so f**king funny!†Mikey said.

    “So guys,†Frank started saying. “Are you still up for pizza and movies tonight at my place?†They all nodded.

    “Emily, do you want to come?†he asked.

    “I don’t want to impose…â€

    “You wouldn’t impose! Gerard has a car. He can drive us there after school.â€

    “Yeah, okay.†I grinned. Wow, this is my first day of school and I’m already making friends. Through out the rest of lunch, we talked about lots of random things like Dungeons and Dragons, music, X-men, and horror movies. Lunch ended. The rest of the day was boring, so I’m not going to tell you about it. And then finally it was the end of the day. I saw Frank, Gerard, and Ray waiting for me outside. I waved to them and skipped up to Gerard’s car. When we got in the car, we barely fit. I was being squished by Mikey and Frank, but it was okay with me. I’m not complaining. We got to Frank’s house and all piled in the living room. Ray picked up the phone and ordered pizza.

    “…yeah, that would be pepperoni and veggie. Thank you, bye.â€

    “So who’s the vegetarian?†I asked.

    “I am.†said Frank.

    “Cool! Me too!†I said.

    “So what are we watching?†Gerard asked.

    “Hmm…I was thinking of watching Dawn of the Dead. The new one.†Frank replied. So that’s exactly what we watched. We happily ate our pizza as we watched zombies eat people. Then the movie ended and we found that we had nothing to do.

    “Oh hey, I think there’s a Ouija bored in the basement.†Frank said. “We could play with that!â€

    “Sounds fun.†Ray said.

    â€H! I’ve always wanted to play with one of those!†Gerard shouted.

    “I don’t know guys…what if we contact some evil spirit?†Mikey muttered.

    “Don’t be a baby, Mikey!†Gerard said.

    “Okay…well I’ll go get the Ouija board then!†Frank said as he headed towards the basement.
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    Chapter 2-The Ouija Board
    I didn’t really have a good feeling about the Ouija board, even though I doubted ghosts exist. But I decided it would be interesting to try it. We all had our hands on the thingy that goes over the letters.

    “Is anyone there? What is your name?†Gerard asked. The thing spelled out the word ‘Harry’. I was shocked.

    “How did you die?†Gerard said. It spelled ‘murder’. I was beginning to get a bit scarred.

    “…maybe we should stop.†Mikey said.

    “No! This is fun!†Gerard protested. Then without warning, the thingy began moving again. It spelled ‘get out’.

    “Why?†said Gerard. It spelled, ‘my house’. We all looked horrified, but Gerard seemed unusually calm. Then he started laughing his butt off.

    “Oh man! You guys are so gullible! You were so f**king scared!â€

    “f**k you, man!†Ray shouted. Frank got up and tackled Gerard.

    “You probably scared the poop out of Emily! You f**ker!†he yelled.

    “No! I wasn’t scared!†I said. Gerard squirmed and got out from under Frank.

    “Oh come on! Yes you were! Admit it!†Gerard said.

    “Okay…yeah…maybe I was a little scared.†I muttered.


    We spent the next few hours goofing off. I glanced at the clock. It was 10:45.

    “OH MY GOD!†I shrieked. Everyone looked at me with confused looks on their faces from our Uno game.

    “What’s wrong?†Frank asked.

    “I’m going to be in so much f**king trouble! My parents are going to be so pissed at me. They don’t know where I am…â€

    “Hey Gerard, can I have your keys? I’ll take her home.â€

    “Yeah sure.†he said. He tossed the keys at Frank and we walked to the car. I told him where I lived and he pulled into the drive way.

    “Thanks for everything.†I said.

    “No problem. Oh, hey, I almost forgot. What’s your phone number?†I wrote it down for him and said goodnight. I walked up to the front door and opened it. I tried sneaking past the living room without being noticed because that’s where my parents were, but they saw me.

    “Emily! Where have you been?†Shrieked my mother.

    “With my friends.†I replied. Dad got up.

    “So you think you can jus’ to whatever the hell ya want?†he yelled. I could smell alcohol on his breath.

    “No, I just lost track of ti-†I was cut off when he slapped me in the face. He took off his belt and pushed me on the floor. He proceeded to beat me with it. I couldn’t believe my mom could just stand by and watch this.

    “Why do you do this to me?!?†I cried.

    “Shut the f**k up!†he said. He kicked me in the face, causing me to cry out in pain. I felt the blood drip down my face, so I knew he must’ve kicked pretty hard. I don’t know how long this lasted for, but I ended up going to my room when it was done, and I started to cut myself again. I don’t know why I did it. I guess it’s because it’s the only pain I could control. I’m so relieved I don’t have to go to school tomorrow. It’s Friday. I began to get really tired, so I decided to go to sleep. I laid my head down on my pillow, closed my eyes, and prayed that tomorrow would be a better day.
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    I was hoping I'd get better feedback than this! Eh, oh well.
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    i like it, please update soon!!
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    Yay! First reader! Here's Ch. 3.

    Chapter 3-The Dream
    I woke up to the feeling of being shaken. Someone was trying to wake me up.

    “Hmm?†I said without opening my eyes. The person that was shaking me, shook me harder. I opened my eyes. A girl, who looked about 10 years old stood beside my bed. She held a little worn-out teddy bear in one hand. She was covered in blood and it looked like she had a stab wound in her chest.

    “W-who are y-you?†I managed to say.

    “Help me.†she said in a raspy voice. She was so quiet that I hardly heard her. Her eyes filled with tears and she vanished. I opened my eyes. I was breathing heavily and sweating. It was just a dream. Did the Ouija bored have anything to do with this? Nah, ghosts aren’t real. It was just a bad dream. That’s all. My mouth was really dry, so I got up and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I came back to my room, I saw something on the ground beside my bed. I picked it up. It was the worn-out teddy bear I dreamed of the girl holding! Or was it really a dream? What was this girl trying to tell me? I got back in bed. I was a little scared to go back to sleep, because I was afraid the girl might visit again. But I was so damn tired that I didn’t care at this point. So I shut my eyes and went to sleep. Fortunately, I had no more dreams of the little girl for the rest of the night. I awoke the next morning to my cell phone ringing. I got up and grabbed it off of my dresser.

    “Hello?†I said sleepily.

    “Oh sorry. Did I wake you?†It was Frank.

    “Yeah that’s okay though. I would’ve probably gotten up soon anyway.â€

    “Oh. So I was going to ask you, are you okay? I heard some screaming and crying in your house before I left last night.â€

    “Yeah, yeah I’m fine.†That’s all I said. I couldn’t think of an excuse.

    “Are you sure? Because you can tell me.†I thought about it for a moment.

    “Yeah…okay. If you’re really that concerned you can come over and I’ll explain everything.

    “Okay bye.â€

    “Bye.†I got out of bed and got ready. My parents were at work, so I didn’t have them to worry about. I heard the doorbell ring about 15 minutes later. Frank stood there with a concerned expression on his face. He came in.

    “So you’ll tell me what’s going on?†he asked.

    “Yeah.†I said. So I told him everything up to last night. I even showed him my wrists. I don’t know why. I just felt like I could open up to him. When I was done explaining, he pulled me into a tight hug. I was surprised. No one had ever been this affectionate towards me before. It felt good to be cared for.

    “Listen, you’re not going to stay here being treated like this. You could stay with me. My mom won’t mind when she hears about what you’ve been going through.â€

    “I don’t know…are you sure?†I asked.

    “Absolutely. No one should have to go through this. Now go pack your stuff. We’re going to my place. Don’t worry, I’ll get you out of this hell.†I went up to my room and he followed me. As I was putting my stuff in a suitcase, he picked up something off my bed.

    “Hey, what’s this?†he asked. He was holding the old worn-out teddy bear from last night.

    “Oh, I’ve um…had that since I was a kid.†I said. I wasn’t going to tell him the truth. He’d think I was f**king crazy.

    “Oh. Then I guess you might want to be taking that with you.†he said. No, I did not want to take that thing with me. It was creepy. But I packed it anyway to back up my story. Then I heard a car driving up to the house. I looked outside my window and saw my dad’s car pulling in the drive way.

    “Shit! My dad’s coming home! He must’ve gotten off of work early!†I looked for the closest place to hide. I grabbed Frank’s hand and pulled him in my closet with me. I heard my dad enter the house. He walked up the stairs towards my room. He opened the door and heard him walk inside.

    “Emily! Where are you?!?†he yelled angrily. Frank and I just stayed completely still as he searched my room for me. He was in front of the closet now. Then I saw it begin to open and prepared myself for the worst.
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    hahaha that cracked me up but yeah this rocks can't wait for a update :)

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    Thanks! i'll probably update within the next hour or so.
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    WOW!! i love it!! more soon please!!
    xx <3
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    Chapter 4-The Nightmare Is Over
    The closet door opened, reveling my dad’s angry face. He yanked me and Frank out of the closet.

    “And who the f**k are you? Get out of my house!†he screamed at Frank.

    “Don’t yell at him!†I said.

    “You do not tell me what do!†he said. Then he pushed me on the ground and began taking off his belt. What happened next came as a total shock for me. Frank tackled my dad to the ground! He punched him repeatedly in the face until my dad was knocked out.

    “Come on! Lets go before he wakes up!†Frank said. I grabbed my suit case and followed him outside and we ran to his house. We entered the home breathing heavily. Mrs. Iero saw Frank’s bloody hand and demanded an explanation.

    “This is Emily, mom, she can’t stay home. Her father beats her. He just came home from work early and he started beating her so I jumped on him and-and…â€

    “Oh honey, you’re welcome to stay here as long as you need.†she said. “There’s a guest room you can sleep in. Frank, go show her where it is.†Frank took my hand and led me to a nice sized room with a dresser and a queen sized bed in it.

    “Well, here’s your new room.†he said. I smiled and hugged him. He hugged back.

    “Thank you so much. You totally saved my life.â€

    “No problem.†he said as I gazed into his beautiful eyes.


    Later that day, I heard someone knock on the door. Mrs. Iero had gone shopping and Frank was taking a shower, so I was the only one who could answer it. I got up off of the couch I was sitting on and walked towards the door. Wait…maybe I shouldn’t answer it. It could be dad. No, no it couldn’t. There’s no way he could know where I am. He was out cold when I left. So I opened the door to see Gerard, Mikey, and Ray. Just then, Frank walked in wearing a towel around his waist.

    “Oh, hi guys.†he said. They came in. “I’ll be right back out, I’m going to go get dressed.â€

    “So, I guess you and Frank are pretty close. You’re even over here more than us.â€

    “Yeah, actually, I live here!†They all giggled.

    “No, really…I live here.†They all looked at me weird.

    “Yeah…I was having…problems at home…so Mrs. Iero took me in.â€

    “Wow, what kind of problems?†Gerard asked. Mikey gave him a dirty look.
    “What did I do wrong?†he asked.

    “She might not want to talk about it.†he growled.

    “No, it’s okay.†I reassured them. Instead of telling them, I just pulled up the back of my shirt. Showing was easier than telling for me. There were bruises all over my back.

    “I just couldn’t live with my father anymore.†I explained.

    “Oh my god…you should call the police.†Ray said.

    “No, he’d just get out of jail, and if he found me…he might…I don’t know. He could do something really bad. I know he’s capable of it.†Gerard walked over to me and put his arm around my shoulders.

    “I’m sorry something like that ever happened to you.†he said. “It was real nice of Mrs. Iero to take you in.

    “Yeah.†I agreed. Then Frank walked in.

    “Hey Gerard, I didn’t know you like Emily that way.†he said. He pulled away from me.

    “Whatever man. I’m just being friendly.†he said.

    “Emily told us she’s gonna be living with you now.†Ray said.

    â€p. So what do you guys want to do?â€

    “Um…lets play Dungeons & Dragons!†Mikey said. Wow, these guys are nerdy.

    “Okay.†everyone agreed. I’ll play D&D and be nerdy with them. It turned out, I actually like playing D&D. I’m so glad the nightmare is finally over.
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    This is so good!!!
    I love it, love it, love it!

    aww, frank is so sweet
    (i wouldn't mind living with

    wow, they are a bit nerdy, but its all good!

    Update soon please!
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    i love it!!
    update soon?
    xx <3
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    Chapter 5-Popping In
    I had another bad dream. This one wasn’t anymore pleasant than the last. The girl was stabbed in the chest by an older man, her father. The worst part was, that she didn’t die immediately. There was a few minutes of pain and struggle.

    “Daddy…why?†she whimpered.

    “You’ve been a bad girl, Anna.†he said. “You don’t deserve to live anymore.â€

    “B-but I can be better, daddy…†those were her last words before she died. Her only friend was the little teddy bear she held onto during her last few moments of life. Her father put her in a garbage bag and drove off with her body in the trunk. I woke up drenched in sweat. If only I had seen where he took her…maybe I would know where her body is. Maybe this little girl is reaching out to me for help from the dead. But why me? Frank ran in my room.

    “Are you okay?!?†he asked.

    “Uh, yeah, why?â€

    “I heard you screaming just a minute ago.â€

    “Yeah, it was just…a bad dream.†I explained.

    “Okay.†he said. “Let me know if you need anything, I’m going back to bed.â€

    “Wait! I’m kind of freaked out…do you think maybe you could stay with me for a little bit?â€

    “Yeah.†he said. He got in bed with me.

    “So, what was your dream about?â€

    “Some guy murdered his daughter.†I told him.

    “I think that might be caused from the traumatic poop your dad has put you through.†he said.

    “Yeah, probably.†I agreed. That made more sense than a ghost trying to get me to solve its murder. But that doesn’t explain why I have her teddy bear. I soon drifted off to sleep thinking about that puzzling question.


    “Hey love birds! Get up and entertain me and Mikey!†I opened my eyes to see Gerard and his brother in the doorway.

    “What time is it?†Frank asked.

    “9:30.†Gerard replied.

    “Why are you up so f**king early? I wanted to sleep in, butthole.â€

    “Yeah…I was bored so I decided to come over here and bother the poop out of you.†Frank threw a pillow at him, but missed.

    “Mikey, help me get them out of bed!†Gerard ordered. Gerard pushed Frank out of bed and Mikey grabbed my arm and pulled on me until I fell on the ground.

    “OW! My butt!†I shrieked. Gerard, Mikey, and Frank were all laughing at me.

    “Well, I’m going to go make some coffee.†Frank said. He headed to the kitchen.

    “So,†Mikey said. “What did you and Frank do last night?â€

    “Nothing! I had a bad dream and I was a little freaked out…so I asked him to stay with me.â€

    “Whatever.†Gerard said. “I’m going to let you get dressed now.†The annoying Way brothers exited my room. I closed the door (forgetting to lock it) and began to get undressed. I was in my bra and underwear when Frank suddenly opened the door.

    “Hey Emily, do you want some coff-†he shut the door. “f**k! I’m so sorry…I didn’t know you were getting dressed!†and with that said, he ran back away. I heard Gerard and Mikey’s laughter coming from the kitchen.

    “Dude! There’s a reason her door was closed! Haha! You dumb f**k!†Gerard said. I got done getting dressed and I made my way to the kitchen. Frank looked up at me and blushed.

    “It†okay…you didn’t know.†I said. Mikey and Gerard started laughing again. Coffee sprayed out of their mouths all over me and Frank.

    “Shut up you annoying f**kers.†Frank said. I ended up laughing myself at Frank’s seriousness. I love these guys.
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    Would anyone like to be in this story? I need more characters.
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    WOW!! me!! i would love to be in the story!! you're a really good writer!!
    xx <3
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    Thank you! What's your name and who do you want to be? Example: Ray's girlfriend.
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    my name is erin and can i be gerard's girlfriend?
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    omg please!!!!!!
    my name is Georgia but i prefer to be called george or Texas, lol some random name my mate came up with and it stuck lol
    erm and emily's best friend? or like mikey's girlfriend or somthing!!! please!! i love this its f**king awesome it rocks!
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    okay, so erin is gerard's girlfriend and texas is mikey's girlfriend...sound okay?
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    *does happy dance*
    yay!! thank you!!
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