The Ghost of You [sequel]

Discussion in 'Completed Fan Fictions' started by BellaxMuerte, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    no fair leaving us in suspense!
  2. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member

    Well its lunchtime so here you go:


    i g2g back to class.
    and no more pokes, missy.
  3. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member

    And Mikey.
    Not as a couple though
    But i had an idea for this one, where there's four main charries [bob and mikey being two of them], and then everyone in the band and everything.
    For right now though its a MAYBE.
  4. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    can i convince that maybe to become a definately? i promise not to poke u anymore.....
  5. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member could. But I've come to a decision and i dont mind. Hahaha i get poked by at least someone everyday.
    I'll try working on it, and see if my writing flows.
    If not, it's a no.
    If it does...its a yes!
    I already wrote a little bit.
    And ya know what?
    So flows.
  6. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    yippie! hey do u have MSN or AIM or anything?
  7. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member

    I do.
    I have MSN
    just not on my laptop, which I'm on right now.
    i'm usually on MSN on the weekends alot.
    i take it u have both?
  8. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    yea but lately i've been on MSN more.
  9. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member

    Yeah, i used to have AIM but my computer crashed and then we got MSN.
    want my email or whatever?
    even though i'm not on right now?
    for future usage?
  10. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    nope...i was just taking a survey.....duh....nerd.
  11. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member

    i'm ashamed to admit that your sarcasm just flew completely over my head.

    [email protected]

    my friend made it, and idk how to change it.
    because all year in seventh grade we were obsessed with sailor moon, and dressed up like them every week.
  12. lithangel

    lithangel New Member

    sorry...i'm a very sarcastic person. i forget sometimes that people don't know that about me.
  13. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member

    oh no, i do know it.
    its just with all the idiots around here...
    i guess some of it rubs off on me.
    besides, i'm usually being sarcastic to them, so i guess its hard to tell for me when someone does it to me.
  14. lithangel

    lithangel New Member's much easy for me to be sarcastic when i'm face to face with someone. my facial expressions r different i'm told. so how's the new story coming?
  15. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member

    pretty good.
    i only wrote the beginning because i had loads of homework, but i still have the idea in my brain.
    so its all good, so far.
  16. Heart_Broken

    Heart_Broken New Member

    ugghhh.. i havent been here in a few days!!
    f**king school :(


    Just amazing.

    Im gonna miss this fanfic, It's one of the best...EVERRR!!
    Loved every bit of it!

    As usual.. cant wait for the next fanfic, it'll be fantastic, since you are a beautiful writer.
    I cant imagine not reading your fanfics.. thanks for giving me something incredible to read :D
  17. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member

    your welcome
    and thank you for the lovely comment
    I'll be posting another one probably...thursday.
  18. Vanessa x

    Vanessa x Guest

    That's all i can say...

    Great ending and i will definitely be reading your next fanfic.
  19. BellaxMuerte

    BellaxMuerte New Member

    thank you!
  20. Alicia-Way-

    Alicia-Way- Guest

    i've been reading your storoies for a while, but i knew i'd never finish it on the computer so I've printed EVERY chapter out :D
    im about to ptrint 21 to the end.
    jeez this story is AMAZING

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