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Discussion in 'General Rock Discussion' started by Zeya_McR, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Zeya_McR

    Zeya_McR New Member

    well i thin the best ones are helena and ghost of you they are so cool tell what do you think about it? :?: :?:
  2. HeyKids

    HeyKids New Member

    My favoprite is I'm Not Okay. Just because it's so fun to watch. I love the idea, and you can actually see them doing all those things in high school.

    Then Honey, This Mirror... because I love Asian girls killing people, and cause Gerard looks cwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaay.
  3. Zeya_McR

    Zeya_McR New Member

    *lol* yeah tis so cool i love the part were Gerard has faid te exam and he is hit *lol* :p :p
  4. HeyKids

    HeyKids New Member

    Oh! i know! I love it.

    my favorite part is when they run and beat down the school mascot, and then Mikey just walks by and kicks him...

    too awesome.
  5. Zeya_McR

    Zeya_McR New Member

    OH yes thatis so cool have you seen the I´m not okay makink video? that part while they were filming them was so cool and funny!! also the lasta part the face of gerarg when he saw for fist time the last last prt was so funny!!! :lol:
  6. to me the best video is ghost of you.
    the movie that it's kind of created from [saving private ryan] is one of my favorite movies.
    and i really like the 40's 50's time era it's always just fascinated me & so has world war II so yeah.


    Mhmm. But for me, the ghost of you is first.
    and then honey.
    the girl in honey looks like me.
    well no.
    not really. x]
  8. Tom

    Tom New Member

    my fav video is a sims 2 version of helena (search mcr sims on youtube) :D there are afue tho, but my fav ends with gerard driving the taxi :p
  9. theblackparader

    theblackparader New Member

    I cannot say what my fave is because I love them all - each has their own beauty and mastery (is that a word??) - and for this reason, i find it hard to pick

    Im not Okay - its fun, its high school - its a great song.... and because Ray looks hot with that crayon

    Helena - the emotion of it, the fact we know what the song is about, and then watching these guys honour that memory.... its unbelievable

    Ghost of You - one of the most powerful clips ever - Mikey, mikey mikey... NOOOO, i still go NOOOO (lol , although i sometimes laugh at his run, because its funny.... slow-mo it ppl!!)

    Yeah - I fault Honey as I have this thing about needles, and it makes me sick... Lol, but other than that its a great small budget clip

    Vampires - is just plain hot!!
  10. ThePinkParade

    ThePinkParade New Member

    helena is my favorite, just because i love the choreography and the colors and just the whole concept.

    but the ghost of you video is awesome as well. gerard is a GREAT actor.

    and i can watch i'm not okay like 10000000000000 times and never get sick of it. it's just so funny. i love everything about it, especially when frank jumps out of the locker xD

    all their videos are awesome, but i do think helena is my fav.
  11. ThePinkParade

    ThePinkParade New Member

    i agree with eveything you just wrote :D
  12. RabidAngelWings

    RabidAngelWings New Member

    i remember seeing that!!! it's so cool :)

    yeah, i think Helena has to be my fave. its such a moving vid.. i love the whole style of it. if you get me (like the dancers)
  13. HeyKids

    HeyKids New Member

    I second that motion.
  14. theblackparader

    theblackparader New Member

    ha ha - good too see that others have the same addiction/view of the videos that I do!! :lol:
  15. Pirate_Monkey101

    Pirate_Monkey101 New Member

    so far i like Ghost of You because the end made me cry...

    :cry: WHY? WHY?
  16. CheshireCat

    CheshireCat New Member

    i love The Ghost of You and I'm Not Okay videos. The Ghost of You was the first MCR video i saw.. i loved it.

    and yeah I'm Not Okay is very entertaining :lol:

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