The Best Of 'Enemies' (Harry Potter Slash [Draco/Harry]

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    my word woman!!!! ur an update tease!!
  2. Chapter Twelve: Love Potion

    Hey you guys. Merry Christmas to all. I'm writing this one Christmas Eve and I'm a little on the tired side so please forgive any mistakes I make. Just point them out to me and I'll come back and fix them in the next few days. I am so so so so soooo sorry that its taken me so long to update this story. First I was uninspired and then I got caught up in schoolwork that I had to do, then I was uninspired agaiin. And then the other night when I tried to update again, the internet crashed and I lost what I had. :swear2: Stupid internet! But anyways here's the long awaited Chapter Twelve. Just for an update on what happened in Chapter Eleven if you guys forgot: Draco was told he had to kill Harry to become a Death Eater. So enjoy this chapter!! Read it and :lol: And thanks so much for your patience. I love you guys. :wub: :rockon:

    Draco stared in shock.
    Voldemort was glaring down at him in such a menacing manner that Draco backed away a few steps so as not to feel so small and helpless. He could not believe that Voldemort wanted him to kill Harry.
    "Well?" Demanded the Dark lord, looming once again over Draco who flinched at the harshness of his tone.
    "I -I -I -I can't do it!" He blurted out.
    The room fell once again under a shocked silence and everyone turned to stare in horror at Draco. Even before he looked at everyone's stunned faces, he knew he had just said one of the worst things a person could say to an evil dark wizard like Voldemort. But he found himself not caring as Voldemort once again broke the silence.
    "Why not?"
    "Because he's my... friend! And if you don't like that, go ahead and kill me! I don't care. At least I'll die knowing I was protecting Harry."
    "He's your friend?!" Bellowed a displeased Voldemort.
    "Yeah. Yeah he is. And I'm not going to become a bloody Death Eater either. Damn. Have you seen yourselves? You're pathetic! You're ugly! You're stupid! You work for an assylum escapee! You don't have any real friends! People are only polite to you because they're scared of you! And you only like each other cause you all have one thing in common: Killing random people if they so much as breathe within ten feet of you! You're all cowards! You don't deserve me! I wouldn't fit in anyways. Seeing as I have real friends at Hogwarts who actually want the real me! Not the me that Voldemort seems to think is the real me! There's not even a thought of mine that even slightly resembles what he thinks I am!" Draco turned to Voldemort. "So you can just forget about putting that ugly mark on me. You can get out of my house and leave my family alone! Or that part of me that you seem to think exsists, will become real and I'll attack you until you're dead! I swear my life on that!"
    Draco turned away from the gaping crowd around him and stalked out of the room, not looking back once. He stormed up the spiral stairs to his bedroom where he grabbed his trunk and began stuffing in all his belongings.
    About half way through packing his trunk, his owl flew through the open window and dropped a letter on his pillow. He picked it up and looked at the front. It was from Hermione.
    He grinned as he opened the envelope eagerly and pulled the letter out, unfolding the paper to read the message.

    Dear Draco,
    How are things going at your place with Voldemort. I do so hope you said no to his offer. Draco its very dangerous what he's asking you to do, and jsut think of the consequences. You could never have Harry back.
    Anyway. I won't harp on about that right now. I just wanted to send this with Gandie to see how you were and when you were coming back to school.
    Love and miss you,

    Draco smiled at her concern. Hermione was always worried about something or other. He picked up his quil from the bedside table and scrawled an untidy reply.

    I just got your letter. Thanks for your concern. I don't want to say anything in this letter incase it is intercepted, so I'll just say that I'm returning to Hogwarts tonight and if you wish to meet me in the front entrance hall at around one thirty in the morning, you are more then welcome to. If not, I'll see you at breakfast.
    Love Draco

    Draco put the letter in Gandies beak and told him to take it back to Hermione at Hogwarts. Then he finished throwing his belongings into his trunk, before slamming it shut and flipping the latches closed.
    "Draco! Over here!" He heard a hiss from the far side of the entrance hall and in the dim moonlight, made out the shape of Hermione, beckoning for him to join her. He tiptoed over, not wanting anyone to hear them. Hermione pulled him into a tight, breathtaking hug. He gasped.
    "Her-Mi-Nee. I can't ...Breathe!" He pulled away. "Bloody hell Hermione. What's gotten into you?"
    She shrugged, squeezing his right forearm between her thumb and forefinger. "I don't know. I was just so worried about you. I thought you were going to say yes."
    "Hermioneeee!" Draco groaned. "I'm not an idiot. I knwo when I should say no and when I should say yes! And this was one of those times when a loud 'no' was needed. So I used it."
    "Oh thank god!" She let out a long sigh. "I was so worried that you were mad enough at Harry to accept."
    "Harry could never get me mad enough to make me kill him. Don't worry." Draco rubbed his hands together. "Now. Come with me. I need to talk to ol' Sluggie."
    "Wha-! At this time of night? Draco are you mad?"
    He whirled to face her.
    "I am anything but mad Hermione." He assured her.
    "Well then what do you need Professor Slughorn for so urgently that it can't wait until the morning?"
    Draco grinned.
    "That, Hermione. Is for me to know, and you to find out!"
    He proceeded down the hall at a fast pace in the direction of Professor Slughorns office. Hermione stood staring confusedly at him for a few seconds before hurrying after him saying, "Wait up, Draco. I'll come with you. You look like you need some company."
    "Hermione. His office is like, five seconds away from here." He reminded her, laughing.
    "Oh... Right. Well... You... Oh whatever!" She huffed impatiently as they reached the bolted door of Slughorns office and Draco knocked on the door.
    There was huffing and groaning and "one moment please!"ing as they waited for Slughorn to come to the door. After two minutes and seven "one moment please"'s had passed, Hermione tugged on Draco's jacket sleeve.
    "Come on Draco. He's obviously not -Oh!"
    "What in the blazes are you two doing here at this ridiculous hour? Is there an emergency? Am I needed in the Great Hall? What is it?" Slughorn's voice seemed to climb about three octaves as he became quite hysterical that there may be some crisis happening.
    "No. Professor. I just wanted to ask you a favor... Well actually I was hoping you could give me something."
    Slughorn looked slightly put out that there was no emergency that he was needed for and he sighed a sad sort of sigh and looked down at Draco.
    "Yes m'boy! Whatever you want."
    "Love Potion!" Draco said enthusiastically.
    "What?" Hermione and Slughorn burst out at the same time.
    "I. Want. A. Love. Potion." Draco spoke slowly and clearly, rolling his eyes at their surprise.
    "Whatever for? You're good looking. You can get any girl you want with just a smile." Slughorn patted Draco on the shoulder and started to close the door. "Goodni -!"
    Draco jammed his foot in the door. "Thats all fine and good, but the potion isn't for a girl. Its for Harry."
    "What?" Slughorn flung the door open again and the three of the cringed as it hit against the wall, crashing loudly off the stone walls of the hallway.
    Draco nodded. "Yeah. I want it for -"
    Slughorn thrust a bottle into Draco's hand. "Take it. I don't want t hear about it or what you did with it. I have no part in this. Just take it and go." He closed the door in their faces before Draco had a chance to say thank you. He turned to Hermione.
    "Ohh no! I'm not having a part in this either!"
    "C'mon! Its small. I just need you to put this in some chocolates and give them to Harry."
    Hermione hesitated. "Oka-ay." She finally agreed.
    Draco hugged her.
    The next morning at breakfast as Draco was entering the Great Hall, Ron came up and gave him a hug and made to kiss him.
    Draco shoved him away. "What is wrong with you Ron?" He demanded, disgusted.
    "I love you, Draco. I wanted to say thanks in a special way." He grabbed Draco's shoulders. "What say you we go meet up in the mens lavatory in oh, an hour? If I can wait that long."
    Draco sneered at Ron and took his hands off his shoulders. "First off Ron. I don't know why you'd want to thank me. Second of all, I don't meet random guys in bathrooms. And thirdly, I am not interested in you at all." He threw Ron's hands back to his sides and stalked off, glancing over his shoulder, still unsure of what had gotten into Ron. Two days ago, he was hating on Draco and now, he was in love with him? What was with that.
    "Hey Hermione." Draco beckoned her over. "Whats with Ron? He seemed..."
    "Taken with you?"
    "Only a little bit!" Draco rolled his eyes at Hermione who shrugged.
    "I have no idea whats with him. He was hating on you yesterday."
    "Naturally. Say. Did you get the chocolates to Harry?"
    "Yes. And when I went to check in the morning they were all go -Oh god. Harry's still mad at you... Ron's in love with you. That can only mean one thing..." She put her head in her hands.
    "Ron ate the chocolates?" Draco squeaked.
    Hermione nodded.
    Draco felt his shoulders fall. Bloody hell, He thought. I'm doomed!

    Hope you liked it. And just FYI, I made up a name for Draco's owl cause he doesn't actually have a name in the books. :wub:
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    OMG OMG OMG!!! you finally posted!!! i totally love it love it love it!!!

    so cute how you still made Ron eat the love potion chocolates!! i love it love it love it!!!

    more when you can!!!

    i think this is my favorite slash ever!!!
  4. aww. thanks!!! :) i'm soo glad you like it
    yeah when i read the part about ron eating them i just HAD to twist it around so he fell for draco. ;) cause i'm just eeeeeeevil like that!!! :D

    yeah for sure! i'll update asap!!
    and thankieees
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    woman, where are you...i miss you and your stories, i'm so about to make up my own chapters to this....i need to know what happenes!!

    im dying here...please COME BACK!!
  6. Oh my. I honesty gotta admit that i totally forgot about this until recently when i saw something on twitter about harry potter. Lol. I'mma update right now. sorry for the dissappearance. :wub:
  7. Chapter Thirteen: Getting Out Of Loving Him

    Gahhh! You guys I am SO SORRY!!! I forgot that I'd been posting on here until recently. :oops: But heres the long awaited Chapter Thirteen. Enjoy and don't be tooo mad at me. **Update from Ch. 12 for those of you who forgot, Ron ate the chocolates with the love potion from Draco, who really wanted them to go to Harry, who is having a thing with Ginny and Ron's in love with Draco and Draco's really freaked out cause him and Ron don't exactly get along all the time.** :D :wub:
    Title: Getting Out Of Loving Him
    Rating: 15+ - warning(s): violence, swearing, kissing
    Genre: Action/Romance
    Characters: Draco/Harry, Ron, Hermione, Snape, Lucius, Voldemort
    Summary: Draco has to come up with a plan to get Ron to un-fall in love with him, while trying to get Harry back from Ginny [that witch :swear2:].

    Draco was hiding in the mens lavatory for two hours before someone came in. He peered around the door to see who it was, and make sure it wasn't Ron, come to try and get with him again. He couldn't see the persons face, but right away Draco knew it wasn't Ron. The hair was black and shaggy. He gasped. It was Harry. Finally he had Harry alone. Now was the best time to confront him about the breakup and the Ginny thing. He stepped out of the stall and cleared his throat.
    "Hi Harry," He said as casually as he could.
    Harry jumped and spun around.
    "Oh.. Hi Dr - Malfoy," He said grudgingly. "What're you doing in here?"
    Draco sighed. "Harry, please. Call me Draco. I hate it when you call me Malfoy. It makes me feel like you don't want anything to do with me. And I'm hiding from Ron."
    "Well I don't want anything to do with you, thats why I call you Malfoy."
    "And why are you hiding from Ron?"
    Draco bit back a snide remark, driven to insult Harry to cover the hurt of his comment about not wanting anything to do with Draco anymore.
    "Because I-I tried to give you chocolates with love potion in them to get you back because I miss you and I feel like I'm walking around with half of me missing ever since you're not here. So I got a love potion from Slughorn and put it in some chocolates that were supposed to go to you, but instead Ron got them and now he's madly in love with me, instead of you being in love with me, and I don't even know how long the potion takes to wear off. He's following me everywhere. He just wants to - What?"
    Harry was laughing. "I'm sorry Draco. But that is the funniest image I've had in a long time. Ron in love with you? Now that is what I call strange and unnatural."
    Draco smirked.
    "Thaanks Harry."
    They were silent for a few seconds before Harry burst out.
    "You actually tried to get me back by giving me love potion?"
    "Yeah... Pretty bad huh?" Draco smiled sheepishly at Harry, flushing.
    "A little... But I think its cute that you'd go to that much effort. Really though, all you had to do was try to talk to me. The thing with Ginny was all an act. Honestly, that girl drives me mental." Harry chuckled. "But really, why didn't you come to me before? I was only with Ginny to piss you off and make you jealous. Apparently it worked."
    Draco instantly felt like the worlds biggest fool. Bloody Hell! What've I done? He thought. He'd been going behind Harry's back with Voldemort to scheme about him joining the Death Eaters to get even. But really, all he'd had to do the whole time was take Hermione's previous advice about "talking to him."
    "Draco? You okay?"
    He shook his head. "No. Harry I have a confession. You'll probably kill me though. I... I um... I actually thought you dumped me for Ginny so I was really hurt and pissed off so I went and tried to join Voldemort. But I got a task before he actually let me join the Death Eaters and it was to kill you. I'm not going to though, because I still love you and I don't want you do be dead. And if you were only with Ginny as an act to make me mad then I don't think I want to be part of the Death Eaters, not that I did before..." Draco trailed off at the look on Harry's face.
    "You did what?!"
    "Yeah I know. Its bad. But I'm really sorry. And I won't join him. I'll tell him I don't want to. And besides, he told me I could only be a Death Eater if I killed you and I'm not going to so I can't."
    Harry was getting an evil look on his face.
    "I'll meet you in the Entrance Hall in twenty minutes."
    "What for?"
    "Just meet me there. I've got something I need to take care of."
    Harry pushed Draco to the door, but not before pressing his mouth to Draco's and kissing him hard.
    They pulled away and grinned at each other.
    "Now," Said Harry. "I've got an obnoxious girl to break up with."
    He winked at Draco and trotted off, a slight bounce in his step.
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    OhMyGOddd! This is so frickin' adorable!!!!! :D more soon pweeshe??
  9. Awe thanks. you're a doll. Yeppp more is on the way soon. :) next couple days probably. :)
  10. Okay - I haven't been on here for over a year, due to work, family things and things like that, ect.
    But, this was an amazing fic to be welcomed back with, and I've litterally just read it all.

    So, please write more. Or I may have to kill you. ;D.

  11. Awe. Thanks! I haven't been on here in a year either. i just updated this a week ago. i'm really glad you like it though. I'mma right more tomorrow probably. so you won't have to kill me. ;) :wub:
  12. Hey guys. sorry its been a while. a long while. I seem to have lost you all... I hope you guys come back and read more of this.. :) cause it's gonna be over in a few chapters I think. Just saying. Unless I get sudden ispiration to go farther. but I need the last two books.... So yeah. I'm working on it.
    Love you guys
  13. Chapter Fourteen

    Wow, so uh, sorry about the wait guys. I'm going on a fic updating rampage cause I can't sleep

    Draco wandered away from the hustle and bustle of the schools hallways, and back to his common room, hoping to get a little peace and quiet for a few minutes before going to the entrance hall to meet Harry.

    He still couldn't figure out for the life of him what Harry ever saw in Ginny. She was so stuck up and snooty. She was the only Weasley that Draco didn't like. Fred and George were always a great source of entertainment, where Ron was a good friend, even though he had recently scared the owl crap out of Draco when he'd eaten the chocolates with the love potion in them. Bill and Charley were also fairly cool in Draco's books, as were Mr. and Mrs. Weasley who welcomed Draco like their own son. But Ginny... No one seemed to like her ever since her and Harry got together. Although it was beyond Draco's conception why they even liked her before. She was just such a witch to everyone who didn't give her exactly what she wanted. Sure, she was pretty, but no one in their right mind would date a complete witch.

    Draco threw himself on one of the smooth leather couches in his common room and closed his eyes. But before he could give a sigh of relief for the rare peace and quiet, Pansy was sitting right beside him, leaning in towards him.

    "Dracooo..." She cooed, trying to be seductive. "I miss you so much. Why do I never get to spend any time with you anymore?"

    He turned and glared at her, making her inch back.

    "Because you're an annoying witch and I hate you." He replied bluntly. Better to tell the truth to someone then to talk about it behind their back and have them hear it from someone else.

    He smirked meanly as she flinched at his harsh words.

    "Why whould you say that? I've been nothing but nice to you."

    "Thats total bullshit and we both know it." Draco sneered.

    He pushed himself up from the sofa and started up the stairs to the common room door before turning back to her.

    "I also forgot to mention that you're a sl*t." And with that he spun on his heel and stalked out of the common room towards the entrance hall, thoroughly satisfied after finally telling Pansy off. Hopefully now she would leave him alone.

    When he reached the entrance hall, there wasn't a single sign that it had been buzzing with people not 15 minutes before hand. Everyone had cleared out, Draco assumed, to have lunch. As hungry as he was, he didn't follow the smell of delicious food, but instead, leaned against the wall by the doors and waited for Harry to show up.

    Within 30 seconds of Draco arriving, Harry came running around the corner, and screeched to a halt in front of Draco.

    "Sorry I'm late." He gasped, bending down to catch his breath, hands on his knees. "Ron had to bug me about the homework for Potions. Ugh. Snape is so evil. 20 inch essay, my butt." Harry's brow furrowed into a slight worried frown.

    Draco grinned. Harry was so cute when he looked worried.

    "You're adorable." Draco giggled into Harry's ear as he pulled him close. "I missed you."

    Harry pressed his mouth to Draco's, his tongue sliding between Draco's teeth. He moaned into the kiss before pulling away and murmuring, "I missed you too," against Draco's neck.
  14. OMFG I LOVE THIS! Draco and harry =) More soon?
  15. Why did i only JUST discover this?!?!?! i never would have imagined Draco and Harry...TOGETHER?!?!?!?!? I always imagined him as a total homophobe....this is soo hot. i love it, i really do ;)

    Lucius was acting odd when he was comforting Draco, he seemed....fatherly. weird. i love this but i must admit, i will never see these two boys the same again :3

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