The Best Of 'Enemies' (Harry Potter Slash [Draco/Harry]

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  1. woo 101 haha you were no.100 :p

    Can I have a skittle?
  2. Claire.

    Claire. Photographic Disorder.

    -le gasp-
    HE CAN'T KILL HARRY!! ...even if harry is cheating bastard, a two faced git, etc...BUT HE LOVES HIM, HE KNOWS HE DOES!!!
  3. MCR_Jerk

    MCR_Jerk New Member

    Oh my god!
    He can't kill Harry!
    That so came as a shock O_O
    Whoo, looking forward to read more! :O
  4. HEHE. oops. i diddn' realize i was 100. lol. my bad.
    yes you can have a skittle. *hands skittle*

    hehe. that was the ideaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! ;) it is all a cliff hanger. ;)
    more laters!
  5. yum skittle :D

    I think skittles must be made of rainbows :)
    I will do a happy dance for you!
    *happy dances* :D
  6. yay. they totally are. :)
    *happy dances with you*
  7. Everybody happy dance!

    "lets dance to joy division"
  8. *dances to joy division*

  9. "And celebrate the irony,
    Everything is going wrong,
    But we're so happy,
    Let's dance to joy division,
    And raise our glass to the ceiling,
    'Cos this could all go so wrong,
    But we're so happy,
    Yeah we're so happy."

    Love that song :D

    Happy Birthday Mikey! (just a tad late :p)
  10. haha. thanks rach. hey guys. i am so sorry that i havn't updated in like forever. but school started and i got homework. i'll work on it i promise
  11. Oh I understand that, 2morrows the first day of the last week of term and I can tell you it can't come any sooner :p
  12. o_O i'm so sorry guys. i promise on my week off in november i'll update this thang. :)
  13. Randi*Ranae

    Randi*Ranae New Member

    omhd! i think this is the best slash story on here!
    i laugh so hard! i cried so hard!

    and this is just the most amazing thing ever!
    you are a talented writer, keep it up!

  14. aWWWWWWW... thankyouuuu!!! hehe

    I'm so glad you like it. and i'ma update it super soon cause i'm off school for a week! yay!
    but thanksss! :wub:
  15. Randi*Ranae

    Randi*Ranae New Member

    i do so hope you mean this week:)
  16. yes i mean this week. :) in the next day or two :)
  17. Randi*Ranae

    Randi*Ranae New Member

    im so crushed! :'(
  18. i am so fricking sorry. *huggles* i tried, but i wrote a page and it failed
  19. Randi*Ranae

    Randi*Ranae New Member

    thats okay...try again soonish???:S
  20. yes i'm trying my best. i go on xmas break soon and i have a few weeks off so yeah. :)

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