The Best Of 'Enemies' (Harry Potter Slash [Draco/Harry]

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    -New reader-
    I always loved HP/DM slashes! This is one of the bests I read!
    I like it very much a lot!!
    But geez, Harry's so stupid! How can he treat Draco that way?? He's so cute! :<
    Draco Malfoy is the sexiest thing alive, I'd never dump him, dude..
    Update when you can!

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    I LOL'd at that.
    But agree.
    Somehow, evil makes sexy :)
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    ^He's the sexiest bad guy ever -drools-
    And it is SO obvious that Harry and Draco love each other, like, for real, you can just see it in the movies, they so want each other!
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    ^ rofl we know Draco didn't stomp Harry's face in film 6, it was all a cover up for them having sexy time on the Hogwarts Express v.v
  5. bahaha. oh my god. i love you! hahahaaaaa

    and to frerard777: i love you also. because i totally agree that draco malfoy is the sexiest bad guy alive. !!!!! :)

    i'll update really soon. i promise
  6. Chapter Ten: Betrayal and Revenge

    I am so sorry it took so long to update this. :oops: Hope you like it.

    Title: Betrayal and Revenge
    Rating: PG 13
    Genre: Revenge
    Main Charactors: Draco, Harry, Lucius, Narcissa, Bellatrix, Ginny, Voldemort
    Summery: Draco joins Voldemort when he catches Harry kissing Ginny. He feels that getting even by joining Voldemort would be the thing that hurt Harry the most. But can he handle the stress of always listening to Voldemort and doing exactly as he wants?

    "Draco. We need to see you in my office. Now." Lucius' soft voice broke through Draco's misty thoughts of Harry and he looked up.
    "I don't feel up to it today father," He said turning back to stare at the wall behind the headboard of his bed.
    "You don't have a choice Draco. This is important. It cannot wait until tomorrow." The mattress dipped as Lucius sat down on the edge of it and pulled a section of Draco's blond locks out of his eyes. "I know it hurts to have your heart broken Draco. But one day you'll meet someone who you were meant to be with and when you look in their eyes you'll know that they are the one."
    Draco felt tears stinging the back of his eyes. "But th-thats what I f-felt like when - the fi-first time I s-saw Ha-H-Harry."
    Lucius' hand slid up and down Draco's back gently. "I know Draco. I know."
    Draco bit back the question that was nagging at the back of his brain and rolled into a sitting position. "Who's here?" He could smell the sweet smell of blackberry pie cooking in the kitchen and he knew it must be someone important. "Is it the Minister?"
    Lucius shook his head. "No Draco. It is not the Minister. Be in my office in five minutes. That gives you time to tidy up a bit." He left, closing the door without a sound. Draco listened to his footsteps echoing down the hall getting quieter and quieter until he the only sound he could hear was his own breathing.
    He ran down to the kitchen where he found his mother seated at the table looking destraught.
    "Mother? Whats wrong?" He seated himself at the table opposite her and reached for her hand.
    She shook her head. "Just go to the study Draco. Your father is waiting."
    Draco hesitated, wondering why nobody was telling him anything. Then he pushed himself to his feet and left for his father's office. He paused outside the door and took a breath. Then he pushed the door open and gasped.
    "Hello Draco."
    "H-hello Aunt Bella."
    "Please sit Draco. We would like to get started so we can be gone before dawn." The cold voice from the chair in the corner facing away from the door startled Draco.
    "Father? Why-"
    "Sit down Draco!" Voldemort snapped at him.
    Draco sat.
    "Good. Now. I am here to discuss your future." Voldemort spun the chair around to Draco who gasped. He knew what Voldemort looked like, but it was still a shock seeing him in his father's study.
    "M-my future?"
    "Draco-" His father motioned for him to be quiet and let Voldemort talk. He obliged.
    "Now. I am giving you the oportunity to join my Death Eaters. It is a simple job. But you must be loyal or you will meet a death so horrible you wish you'd never been born." Draco gulped. "It requires you recieving the Dark Mark on your fore arm. You must be very sure you want to do this though. So I am giving you until the summer holidays to decide. If you make up your mind sooner, then you may contact me through your father by means of a letter."
    Voldemort rose from the chair, grabbed Bellatrix by the arm and dissaparated from the vacinity leaving an awkward silence in the study. Draco looked at his father.
    "This was your idea wasn't it?" He snapped. "You didn't want me with Harry so you planned...this!"
    "Draco. I didn't plan this. I-"
    "Forget it! I'm just going to go back to Hogwarts!"


    When Draco arrived back at Hogwarts, he was greeted by Pansy, Crabbe and Goyle who said hello and helped him with his things, obviously wanting to know why his father had summoned him home on such short notice. But he didn't want them to know. He didn't feel they were worthy of knowing why he had gone home. So he just shook off their comments and questions and unpacked the one bag he had brought home.
    The next day he went back to classes as usual, acting as though he had never left in the first place. Everyone questioned him but he never gave them the answers they wanted so eventually they all left him alone.
    Voldemort's offer was nagging the back of his brain constantly. He could never get it out of his mind. So he took to pacing the halls between classes and during breaks, ignoring everyone and thinking only of what he should do. He would be stupid to accept the offer. But he knew he would be shunned from his family if he did not accept it.
    One warm summer day found him pacing the charms corridor, muttering under his breath and getting weird looks from the other students around him. But as usual, he ignored them all.
    As he passed an empty classroom, a farmiliar form caught the corner of his eye and he glanced in through the crack in the door. It was Harry. But he was not alone. He was with the Weasley girl. Ginny. And they looked rather cosy. He did a double take as their lips met and Harry wrapped his arms around her.
    Once again, tears stung the back of his eyes and he turned away.


    Weeks passed and Draco watched Harry and Ginny get closer and closer.
    It hurt so bad. And Draco got more angry every time he saw them together so he took to carefully avoiding them and eating when he knew they wouldn't be in the Great Hall.
    But they seemed to know he was in pain watching them so they started changing their own schedules to make sure he saw them together. But Draco knew they were doing this and that they were doing it to provoke him. But what they didn't know was that every time he saw them, he got more angry with Harry and more tempted to join Voldemort to get even with Harry.
    One day when he saw them snogging in the library he snapped and ran out and back to the Slytherin common room where he grabbed a quill and a roll of fresh parchment.

    Dear Father.
    I have thought about Voldemorts offer and I would like to accept it. Although I want to request that he does not mark me right away. I need some time to think and make certain that it is the life path that I really want to chose.

    He then set off to the owlery where he grabbed the nearest owl, tied the parchment to his leg and let it fly out the window.
    Draco watched it set off towards the mountains, into the sunset and stared fixedly out the window until he could no longer see it.
    Then he turned to leave and let out a squeak and jumped.
    Harry was standing by the door to the owlery just watching Draco. But he could tell he wanted to talk.
    Draco gasped as Harry walked towards him.
    He wanted Draco back.
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    What can I say.
    f**k Harry.
    He's a cheating two-faced bastard.

    Great update <3
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    Eeep! Eeep! Eeep! Eeep!
    Twists and turns!
    I love it!

    P.S: f**k Harry.
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    Harry doesn't deserve Draco back!! Cheating bastard! More when you can hun.
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    I love this!
    Harry's such a git, wanting Draco back after kissing Ginny...

    And also good of Draco to not decide straight away to get the Dark Mark.

    I love this story so much! Great update :)
  11. aww. thanks guys. hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa.
    yeah draco's gunna screw up bad though...dun dun duuuun! ;)

    more soon! i promise!
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    That made me LOL.
  13. heheeeeeeeeeee.
  14. Aww poor Draco. :(

    Thanks for the update :) I loved it like always.
  15. thanks so much! :) glad you "loved it like always" ;)
  16. Chapter Eleven: The Task

    Title: The Task
    Rating: PG
    Genre: Action
    Main Charactors: Draco, Voldemort, Lucius, Bellatrix, Harry, Narcissa
    Summary: Voldemort tells Draco that to prove his loyalty and readiness, he must perform a task set to him by the Dark Lord himself. If he can complete the task by the end of the school year, then he is granted the Dark Mark. But when Draco hears what the task is, he isn't sure he can go through with it.

    The wind was beating against the windows of the silent Transfiguration classroom. Draco was trying his best to turn his rabbit into a teacup but he couldn't concentrate. He was waiting for his fathers reply to his letter. It should have got to him by now. He had sent it weeks ago. But it seemed to him as thought only days had gone by. Days that had passed in a blur after what had happened in the owlery. He shuddered. He had almost given in to Harry. Almost taken him back. But then he had remembered him kissing Ginny in the empty classroom and he had left without so much as looking back at a pitiful Harry.
    "Mr. Malfoy. Pay attention!"
    Draco snapped back from his memory when Professor McGonagall snapped at him from the front of the classroom.
    "Sorry Professor." He mumbled.
    She shook her head and continued talking to the class.
    "Hey Malfoy!"
    Draco turned to his left and saw Ron.
    "I heard you're joining the Death Eaters. Harry told me he saw you sending the letter. How about I make everyone scared of you huh?"
    "I'm not joining the Death Eaters! The Dark Lord requested that I think about it. My father told me to send him a letter when I knew whether I wanted to join or not. I was sending the letter to tell him I didn't want to!"
    "Mr. Malfoy! Stop talking!"
    He glared at Ron. "Sorry."
    "I don't believe you." Ron was hissing at him again.
    "Shut up Weasley!" Draco hissed back.
    "Draco? How long ago were you asked this?" Hermione had butted into the conversation.
    "Why do you guys care so much?"
    "Because we're your friends."
    "No Hermione," corrected Ron. "You're his friend. I want nothing more to do with him. He keeps screwing up our lives. I'm surprised you care."
    Hermione glared at Ron for a minute.
    "Guys. If you're going to fight, please do it elsewhere." Draco snapped at them.
    "Shut up Malfoy!"
    "MR. WEASLEY!"
    Ron jumped.
    Draco smirked.
    "If you two don't mind," said McGonagall, her nostrils flaring. "I am trying to teach a class. So if its alright with you. I would like to interrupt your little chat session to finish."
    "Yes Professor." Said Ron, flushing.
    "Sissy." Muttered Draco.


    Two weeks later Draco went back home to see his father.
    "Draco. Are you sure about this? Absolutely positive?"
    Draco paused, totally unsure. "I'm sure father. This is what I want. I need to get away from my old life. This is a perfect opportunity. I want it."
    "Alright. If you're sure. He is in the parlor."
    Draco nodded.
    "Thank you father."
    He walked quickly down the halls towards the parlor. As he went, his steps slowed, and he became more and more unsure about his desision. But before he could change his mind and turn around to tell his father, he was outside the parlor door.
    He took a deep breath and pushed it open, stepping into the warm room.
    Draco relaxed slightly as he settled into a soft chair and saw that it was not just him and Voldemort alone in the room. Aunt Bella and his mother were both there. He breathed a sigh of relief.
    At least he wouldn't have to face this on his own.
    "Hello Draco."
    He inclined his head, unsure of what to call Voldemort to his face. "Hello."
    "Now. You have accepted my offer, no?"
    "Good. But before I give you the Dark Mark, you must complete a task."
    "The task I am assigning you is to test your power and potential. If you can succeed, then you will be welcomed. If you fail however..." Draco got his hint.
    "So what's the task?"
    "You will be killing someone."
    Draco gasped. "K-killing someone?"
    "Yes Draco. And if you feel now that you know you will fail, then tell me and I will leave you alone."
    Draco shook his head. "No. No I can do this."
    There was a moment of silence.
    "This is very important to me. I have been trying to accomplish this for years. But I have failed. As you know him better then I, I figured maybe you knew of some weak spot."
    Draco arched an eyebrow. "Who-"
    "Harry Potter."
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    Great update. :)
  18. :eek: I know right? He totally cant!

    but the question of the hour is: WILL HE. JUST TO GET EVEN!? you'll never know until the next update. hehe. i did the cliff hanger so you guys would be more curious.

    glad you like it! :)

    more soon. promise! :)

    oh and to the person who leaves the 100th comment. let me know. i wanna do a happy dance with you. :)
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    Whaaaaaaaaat!?! Kill Harry!??! BAH! More!!! Pwease? *offers cookies and skittles*
  20. yeah he has to kill harry. *dies* lol.
    *accepts cookies and skittles.*
    i'll write more tomorrow!

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