The Best Of 'Enemies' (Harry Potter Slash [Draco/Harry]

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  1. The Best Of 'Enemies' (Harry Potter Slash [Draco/Harry])

    Because we all know that Draco and Harry are in love.​

    **Note: I twisted this around so it is told from Draco Malfoy's point of veiw, but in the third person. I am going to take a piece or two from all the books that involve Draco and Harry that I will twist into slash. I don't know how many chapters there will be yet as I do not know how many there parts will be from the fourth book up as they are thicker, but there will be one or more from every book. I will post them as I find and write them so please be patient. Some of these chapters are from the movies, but most are from the books. Some are both. I also changed them a lot. Also for those of you who are going to start reading this and are too young to continue by the fifth or sixth book chapters that I write, I am sorry, but thats the way life is. I am going to put the title, rating, genre, main charactors, and summary at the beginning of every chapter. I'll only put one disclaimer for the whole story at the beginning of the first chapter. I have written three chapters so far so I will post them all now and then work on the fourth. Enjoy. And leave lots of comments about how much you love it! ;)

    Chapter One: The Forbidden Forest

    Title: The Forbidden Forest
    Rating: PG
    Genre: Action/Suspence/Adventure
    Main Charactors: Draco/Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hargid
    Summary: First Year. That scene from the first movie when Harry, Draco, Ron and Hermione serve detention with Hagrid in the Forbidden Forest.
    Disclaimer: This is not meant to insult anyone and I do not take any credit for any of the charactors created by J.K. Rowling. I'm just having fun fictionizing fiction. :)

    Draco Malfoy could not believe he had a detention. And that was not the worst. The worst was that he had to serve it with Weasley and Granger. Of course he didn't really mind serving it with Harry there. He had always fancied Harry. Ever since he first laid eyes on him in Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. But everyone thought Draco hated Harry because he treated him so badly. But the truth was that he had become so fond of Harry that he did not know how to act around him or how to treat him. So he just acted like he hated him. Harry, of course, did not know Draco's true feelings for him either. Draco himself wasn't even sure what it really was. But it definitly was not hate like everyone thought. He just couldn't put his finger on it.

    But anyway, the four of them were led down the front steps of the school, away from the entrance hall and towards that oaf, Hagrid's cabin by the caretaker, Argus Filch.

    Draco was trailing slightly behind the rest of the group who did not seem to notice this, and if they did, they certainly did not care. His heart jumped when Harry stopped. But when he bent down to retie his shoe and then ran off towards Weasley and Granger, ignoring Draco still, Draco's heart and shoulders sank in disappointment. He had thought Harry was coming to talk to him. Why did he still hope that would happen? He had been so mean to Harry because of his feelings for him, that Harry never talked to him anymore. Not that he ever did. At least not very nicely.
    As they came down the last stretch of ground before Hagrid's cabin, Draco overheard a piece of Harry's conversation with Weasley and Granger.
    "... I mean look at him, the blond git, he even looks mean. No wonder he has no friends. Crabbe and Goyle are either paid really well by Malfoy's parents to be his 'friends' or they're just too stupid to realize that hanging out with Malfoy gives them a bad name. Except to the Slytherins who seem to worship the bloody ground he walks on. I mean he's not that great." Harry was saying, his voice full of hatered.
    "And then," He continued. "He has to strutt around the castle like he owns the bloody place, with that arogant look on his face."
    Ron shuddered.
    Draco fell farther behind, not wanting to hear anymore of the conversation.
    They reached Hagrids cabin a few minutes later. Draco was relieved to hear Harry had stopped badmouthing him to say hello to Hagrid.
    "All righ' everyone. We'll be goin' inter the Forbidd'n Fores' tonigh'. We gotter find an 'urt unicorn. Summat's out there tha's tryin' ter kill 'em. So our job tonigh' is to find tha' unicorn and wha'ever it is tha's tryin' to kill it."
    Draco froze.
    "I'm not going in there," He stated loudly, casting a clance to his left, glad to see that he was not the only one who was scared to go into the forest. Harry, Weasley and Granger all looked terrified by the thought of it too.
    "I've heard there's ... werewolves and other monsters in there. Does the school really want their four best students dead just because they were up out of bed at one o'clock in the morning?"
    Draco could hear Granger whispering loudly, clearly in shock at what he had said, to Weasley and Harry.
    "Did he just say ... four best students?" She hissed at them.
    Draco smirked.
    "And besides," He continued. "How will us getting killed by ... something ... whatever's in there will teach us not to be out of bed after hours?"
    "He's got a point, y'know, Hagrid," A clearly petrified Weasley muttered.
    "Ron, don' lis'en ter a git like Malfoy. He doe'n't know wha' he's talkin' 'bout. He doe'n't know nuthin'! Now," Hagrid turned to the rest of the group. "We're goin' ter split inter two groups. Ron, Hermione, you two come wi'h me. Harry, you go wi'h ... Malfoy."
    "We want Fang then," Draco spoke up.
    "All righ'. Fine. Bu' I warn yeh, he's a coward."
    Draco's shoulders tensed in fear. He was not likeing the way things were turning out. Even if he did have Harry and they were going to be alone. It wasn't exactly what Draco had pictured. He didn't like it one bit.
    The four of them set off into the forest. When they reached a fork in the path, Hagrid sent Draco and Harry to the right, while he, Weasley and Granger stuck to the left.
    Draco walked slowly beside Harry. They both stepped carefully and quietly, folowing the drops of silvery unicorn blood that Hagrid had pointed out to them.
    About a mile down the trail, Harry put his arm in front of Draco to stop him. Draco chanced a quick glance at him before letting his eyes wander to where Harry was pointing to the ground about twenty feet in front of them.
    "Well," Draco barely heard Harry speak. "Looks like we found Hagrid's unicorn."
    They were both silent for a moment. Then Draco heard it. The slithering sound he'd heard following them all night.
    "Ha-Harry ... D-d'you hear th-tha-that?"
    Harry looked at Draco who slowly turned towards him.
    "Do you, Harry?" Draco pressed.
    But Harry was clearly not listening, as he was staring in horror back in the direction of the unicorns broken body.
    Draco turned back to see what Harry was staring at, and he was so horrified that he jumped about a foot in the air, and then was too scared to move.
    Bent over the dead unicorn, was a ... well something that was drinking its blood. It must have senced them there, or heard Draco jump, because next thing they knew, it was sweeping down on them and they were laying flat on their backs on the forest floor.
    Draco screamed and crawled over to Harry who was struggling to his feet.
    As a last attempt to get away from the beast, Draco jumped up and ran for the nearest tree which Harry happened to be leaning against, breathing hard.
    The beast slowly slithered around the tree and made another attempt at attacking them. Draco was too petrified to scream, but Harry wasn't. Draco just jumped away from whatever it was that was attacking them, and grabbed Harry's arm.
    They slowly backed away from the beast and up to another tree. Draco let his hand slide down Harry's arm until he found his sweaty hand and clutched it tightly in his own.
    As they continued to back away from the beast, Harry tightened his grip on Draco's hand, pulling him behind a thick tree and out of the gaze of the beast. They slid down the tree trunk to the soft forest floor and breathed heavily.
    Draco watched as Harry pulled his wand out and sent up the red help sparks for Hagrid and the others to see. They both knew it would take a while to get to them, so they leaned back against the tree, still holding each others hands tightly, and waited.
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    I've always fancied interesting HP/DM stories. It's a whim of mine.

    So, you've got yourself a reader.
  3. Chapter Two: At Flourish And Blotts

    Title: At Flourish And Blotts
    Rating: PG
    Genre: Action
    Main Charactors: Draco/Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Lockhart
    Summary: Second Year. Draco runs into Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione at Flourish and Blotts bookstore. While Hermione and Ginny are trying to keep Ron off Draco, he pulls Harry aside and to the empty upstairs room of the store.

    Draco observed the scene below him, smiling. This was working better then he had hoped. Harry had been spotted in the line-up for school-books by Gilderoy Lockhart and was getting his picture repeatedly taken by the photographer for the wizard newspaper. Harry was clearly not enjoying all the publicity.
    Draco desperatly wanted to go and help Harry out of the awkward situation he was in, but if he did, people would know there was something going on that shouldn't be. He would just have to wait for the perfect moment. And until then he would have to play it cool and wait. And when he approached Harry, he knew he would be with Weasley and Granger, so he would have to play it safe and pretend he hated him. Just like always. Until he could talk to him alone.
    Finally, after what was too long for Draco's liking, Harry wiggled his way away from Lockhart and towards the door out. But he got caught in the crowd with Weasley and his little sister and Granger, so they had to wait until the crowd thinned out.
    Draco took the opportunity quickly and sautered down the stairs and over to where Harry and his friends were standing, pushing people out of his way as he went.
    "Bet you loved that, didn't you, Potter? Famous Harry Potter can't even go into a bookshop without making the front page,"
    He sneered nastily and Weasley lunged at him, furious.
    "Ron! Don't!" Hermione held Weasley back and gave Draco a dirty look. "He's not worth it!"
    Harry looked confused and hurt. He should be used to the way Draco treated him after the 'incident' in the forest last year. But it was only an act that Draco put on in front of other people. Draco tried to tell Harry this with his eyes, but Harry didn't seem to get it.
    Weasley was still trying to get at Draco and his sister had to help Granger to hold him back.
    While Weasley was wrestling to get free, no longer paying attention to anyone except his sister and Granger, Draco took full advantage of Harry being ignored for once in his life, and grabbed his wrist.
    He led him away from the crowd and up the stairs to the empty room. He shut the door and then turned back to Harry. Draco pushed him gently against the wall and looked straight into his pright green eyes.
    "Harry, I need you to know that the way I act in front of other people towards you does not mean anything. I only do it because everyone thinks we're the worst enemies ever and that we hate each other. And if they find out that we're friends ... more then friends ... they'll never leave us alone about it.
    "I also need you to know that what happened in the forest was not an accident ispired by fear," He pushed a now thoroughly confused Harry back towards the door.
    "Go! Ron, Ginny and Hermione are looking for you. If they ask, it was Lockhart again, alright? Now go. I'll see you at school next week."

    Sorry that one was kinda short guys.
  4. yay! reader! i posted chapter two. gunna do chapter three now! :D thats all i've got though... i always liked the thought of them together too...what do you think about it so far?
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    I liked chapter two and the fact that it isn't so sexually driven. It was cute, actually. Don't worry, take your time.

    Oh, and yeah, I've always liked the idea of them having a relationship. Their encounters were always so passionate, even in a spiteful manner - they just seemed to strike up an ambiguous relationship.

    P.S: Please do use proper English, which also involves capitalizing the 'i'. Furthermore, do not double post - it's against the rules.
    Thank you.
  6. Chapter Three: The Dementor

    Title: The Dementor
    Rating: PG - warning(s): gay kiss
    Genre: Action/Suspence/Slight Romance
    Main Charactors: Draco/Harry, Ron, Hermione
    Summary: Third Year. After the dementor attack on the train at the school just after they've arrived, Draco finds Harry alone outside the school. They kiss for the first time. ;)

    It was the beginning of another school year at Hogwarts. Lately things had been interesting for thirteen-year-old Draco Malfoy. But on the train ride to the castle, they had gotten even more interesting when a dementor, one of the guards of the Wizard Prison, Azkaban, had shown up on the train and frightened everyone. Yet no one really knew why it had come.
    Draco was getting out of a carriage outside the castle gates when he saw Harry, who had fallen behind Weasley and Granger to pick something up off the ground, pause and look over his shoulder as if looking or waiting for someone. Draco took full advantage of the fact that he had been the last one to arrive at the school from the train station, and Harry seemed to be looking for him.
    Know ing his luggage was already up in his dormatory, Draco grabbed his jacket from the seat beside him and took off across the lawn towards Harry.
    "Harry!" He called.
    Harry turned around and Draco saw a smile stretch across his adorable face.
    "Draco. How are you? How was your summer? Wh-"
    Draco cut him off by pushing him against the wall and pressing his lips to Harry's.
    Harry was obviously shocked by this because it took hiim a minute before he started kissing Draco back. Then Draco felt one of Harry's hands slide around his waist, while the other tangled in his hair.
    Draco reluctantly pulled away from Harry when he heard someone yelling just inside the entrance hall. He could just barely make out what they were saying.
    His heart dropped into his stomach.
    "Hermione! C'mere! Its Malfoy! He's kissing someone! Malfoy! Kissing someone!!"
    It was Weasley.
    "I'm sorry, Harry. You gotta get outta here. Ron's coming and he can't know we're this close. Go wait around the corner. Try and get inside, and I'll get rid of Ron. Go!"
    As Harry ran off, Draco straightened his clothes.
    "Honestly, Ronald," Hermione was saying, "Why is is so importand to you that Draco is kissing someone? ... You're not ... Jealous ... Are you Ron?"
    Draco smirked.
    "Jealous? Are you mad?! Why the bloody hell would I be jealous of a git like - Oh, hello ... Malfoy."
    Ron cut himself off as they stepped outside and right into Draco.
    "Evening Ron, Hermione."
    Ron gawked at his politeness. Hermione just looked suspicious.
    "Evening," She said, warily.
    Draco arched an eyebrow.
    "Whats the matter? Shouldn't you two be off watching the sorting?"
    "We could ask you the same question, Malfoy."
    "My carriage ... Sorry ... The carriage I was in broke a wheel so I was late," He arched his eyebrow again. "Whats your excuse?"
    "Ronald seemed to think it would be funny to show up for dinner late. So he tricked me into believing it was starting half an hour late. We got kicked out of the Great Hall because Ronald laughed so hystarically when we burst in in the middle of the sorting and - why are you being so nice to us, Draco?" Hermione interrupted herself, suddenly needing to know why Draco was being so nice to two people whom he had always been mean to.
    Draco shrugged.
    "Does a mean person need a reason to be nice? Really? And if so, I am being nice because I feel guilty and somewhat responsible for the death of your very dear friend, Harry Potter."
    Draco ducked and ran, Ron and Hermione chasing after him as they realized he was joking. He laughed as he turned to face them, coming to a stop. He grinned at them. They were both out of breath and laughing.
    "So where is Harry, anyway?" Ron asked.
    Draco pointed across the lawn behind them. Harry had started towards them. Draco's grin slid off his face as he lifted his arm and pointed skywards, stuttering.
    "W-wha-wh-what is tha-th-that?"
    Hermione screamed and Ron reached for his wand.
    "Thats a dementor, that is. We better get inside. Those things are horrible."
    Draco took off towards the castle, Ron and Hermione in close persute. They figured Harry had enough sence to run away as well, and thought he was right behind him until they heard the dementor screech.
    They whirled around to see Harry collapse on the lawn.
    "Ron! Go get Dumbledore!" Hermione screamed as she ran after Draco towards Harry.
    Ron just stood there.

    Hehe. I love the way I write that second sentence 'Lately things had been interesting for thirteen-year-old Draco Malfoy'. Its like the beginning of a whole new story. ;)
  7. what do you mean double post? like i'm not allowed to say the same thing in more then one post?
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    ^ Not only that, but that you can't post once and immediately post again like you just did. You'll get warned by a Staff member if you continue.
  9. oh...why can't you do that? i didn't know... and also, the only reason i used impropber english is for Hargid, cause he doens't talk properly, lol
    thanks for letting me know though...oh and will they lock my storry for posting more then once like i did?
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    Ohhh my God, this made my day.
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    I like this, HP/DM is something I adore, if written well.
    But, you should be careful of double posting.

    I look forward to more.
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    ^ ^ ^ Well, you can't do that because it's against the rules. Now why is it against the rules, I have no idea. Don't worry they won't lock it - just don't do it again or they will.

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    I always suspected there was something going on between those two =D
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    I love this =)
    It's really cute and I really like how you're using scenes from the books and films, it makes it more realistic, like we're reading what went on "behind the scenes", the scenes Rowling wanted to write but didn't in concern of Harrys and Dracos images x]
  15. i'm glad you guys like it. rain bow bangs: i know exactly what you mean. cause there is NO way that draco is even if she wants us to think he is. ;)
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    This just made me day.
    As Issabella said.
    This is rad!
    More soon?
  17. plz write more..kinda perverted but wtf I like it
  18. haha. i'll post more later. cause i'm going away right now...but i'll post the next chapter as soon as i get back. and yah...i now its totally perverted...but c' gotta admit that there soo is something going on between them...^^ even if rowling didn't want us to know...she made it a bit obvious..hahah. she is a great inspiration to my weird story. lol
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    8D Ever since I saw the latest movie, I'm all :wub: with Draco and Harry. *sighs*
    Fabulous story, m'love.
    I dunno if anyone's done this, but:
    *claims number one fan spot*
  20. omg i know wht you mean! i'm all :wub: with draco...never cared much for harry...but draco.............ohhhhh yah! :DDDD

    awwh thank you...
    yah a couple people have...but i say eveyone who wants to can be in the#1 fanspot! :D

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